Two weeks before the wedding, I went to stay with Maddie. I stayed there, overnight, whenever Walt was away on business. I saw Walt every day, but wasn't going to sleep with him until our wedding night. I wanted us to be so horny we'd fuck all night! (Of course, I'm horny most the time!)

Stephanie, Nina, Mia, and Maddie, my boss, decided to throw a bachelorette party for me. They decided I wouldn't need a lingerie shower, or even lingerie!

Nobody could decide on what to do. Nina suggested a male stripper, but finding one with a bigger cock than Walt's might be difficult!

Maddie offered to let us use her house.

The big night, we went to eat at a nice restaurant, then returned to Maddie's for drinks. We sat around complaining about no naked men being around. Maddie jokingly  reminded us two of us had cocks! Stephanie and I were soon naked, and Nina and Mia soon followed suit. Maddie hung back, a little nervous.

I whispered in her ear, "I find you very attractive, and very sexy! Go ahead!"

She shrugged, and soon was naked, too. The others went and hugged her, Nina kissed her, and soon Maddie relaxed.

Maddie put on some slow music and we danced with each other. Nina and Maddie hit it off quite well. I noticed Maddie was definitely interested in her. Mia and Stephanie were turned on by each other. Mia had her arms around Steph's neck, kissing her, while Steph's hands were on her bottom pulling her close.

When I danced with Maddie, I soon had an erection. (I don't get these very often since I had my balls removed.) I could see she was interested.

"After the party," she whispered.

We'd had several glasses of wine when Stephanie announced a game.

"We're going to play 'Pin the Tail on the Donkey'. with Angie being the donkey!" She produced a blindfold, some earmuffs, and a harness with a small cock. "It's the same size as mine. Each of us will fuck her a couple of minutes. Angie has to guess correctly who fucked her. If she guesses correctly, that person will suck her a couple of minutes. If she guesses wrong, we move to the next person. We all will have chances to fuck her!"

This was going to be hard! Stephanie fucks me regularly, but hadn't in several weeks. I was hoping to guess Mia: she's a really talented cocksucker.

They all fucked me several times before I guessed Maddie correctly. She got on her knees to take me into her mouth. Before she did, she gasped. Nina had slid between her legs and started licking her pussy.

"I forgot to mention," Stephanie added, "some of us were going to eat whoever was sucking your cock!" She then buried her tongue in Maddie's voluptuous ass. This was almost too much for Maddie! She'd never been in a threesome, much less a small orgy! She was nearly overwhelmed by all the attention those two mouths were giving. She forgot all about sucking me!

I guided her mouth back to my cock. She sucked, but couldn't focus as she came. Mia suggested the others might want to trade places with Maddie. Stephanie, Nina, and Mia switched places several times while Maddie watched. No one, however, sucked me enough to make me come!

"New game!" Stephanie cried out. "Angie has to eat each of us till we come while she's getting fucked!"

I ate Nina first while Stephanie fucked me. Nina locked her legs around my head while I lapped her juices. Maddie fucked me with the strap-on until Stephanie filled my mouth with her salty load. Mia fucked me while I ate Maddie, Then Nina fucked me while I ate Mia. I really love Mia's pungent taste! I could eat her for hours!

Mia wanted to fuck me again while I sucked Stephanie to another orgasm. My reward was another mouthful of salty goodness! Steph held my head close until I had swallowed all of it.

We noticed Nina and Maddie in the floor, eating each other's pussy. Maddie turned bright red from the top of her head to the top of her very full breasts when she saw us watching and grinning!

The girls needed to get home, even though Maddie offered the use of her guest rooms. We kissed goodnight and I thanked them for the wonderful party!

I offered to help Maddie clean up, but she said later. she then led me back to the sofa.

"I noticed you never came!" she said. "Let me take care of that," she smiled.

Maddie got on her knees and took me into her mouth. She has a generous mouth, wider than mine. I wondered if she could take Walt in her mouth. She slowly and lightly sucked. I came all to quickly. She climbed up to kiss me, sharing my load with me, then moved back down and started again.

This time, she kissed and licked the head, nibbling down the shaft. She kissed and licked between my cock and asshole. She slid her tongue up my shaft like she was licking an ice cream cone. When I emptied my second load, she sucked me like she was drinking a milkshake through a straw!

After a moment, she stroked the skin between my cock and balls, then suddenly stuck a finger into my asshole. She tickled the right spot and I immediately stiffened.

"My husband used to love it when I did this," she said, before she resumed sucking. Between the stroking and sucking, I dumped one last load, which covered her face.

I kissed and licked her face until every last drop was gone. We kissed for a while, then finally went to bed.


The next morning, I woke to Maddie's smiling face. She was gently stroking my cock.

"Feel like fucking me?" she asked.

I smiled and crawled on top of her. She guided my cock into her wet pussy. She moaned with pleasure as I slowly thrust into her. I could feel her pussy muscles milking me. I soon came.

I rolled off and allowed her to straddle my face. I licked and nibbled until she came. She ground her pussy onto my mouth,telling me to keep licking her. A second orgasm quickly followed the first.

Maddie turned around so she could suck my cock while I ate her. All I needed was Walt's eleven inches in my ass and I would be in paradise! She came two or three more times before I emptied into her hungry mouth.


 "I heard Stephanie say you often lick her ass. She seems to greatly enjoy it," Maddie commented.

"Walt licks mine, since I don't have a pussy. I REALLY enjoy it when he licks mine!" I responded.

"Would you......would you lick mine?" she tentatively asked.

I smiled and rolled her onto her stomach. I spread her cheeks and licked and nibbled around her asshole. I worked my tongue inside: she was very tight. She soon started moaning and pushing back against my mouth. I found most the women and Trannies I've licked really enjoy having their asses rimmed. The few men I rimmed treated it like I was in submission to them. They just wanted to dominate me. Walt was just uncomfortable with me doing it to him. He'd rather do me! And I'm willing to let him anytime he wants!

"This feels nice," Maddie said.

"It will feel better if you play with yourself at the same time!" I replied.

She arched her hips up as she reached between her legs. I buried my face between her ample cheeks. I could her cries as she reached another orgasm, this one the strongest yet! She collapsed onto the bed.

I nibbled and kissed my way up her back until my face was beside hers and my cock was riding her crack. I could feel her tense slightly.  I slowly fucked her crack as I nibble and kissed her ears. Fucking my boss was one thing: fucking her in her ass might have been to much! The sensation of just the bottom of my shaft rubbing against her felt wonderful and I soon came. I rolled off slightly and rubbed my cum into her bottom as if it were a lotion.

She smiled and purred as I caressed her bottom. I'd made the right move.


Later that day - "Nina left this package for you. Said you'd understand what to do with it," Maddie said and handed over a box. The tag on top read "For Practice!" inside was a seven inch dildo about 1-1/2 inches thick. It also had a smaller cock angled up to fit inside a pussy. Maddie looked confused.

"This is to help me loosen up for Walt! I think you are supposed to fuck me with this." I explained. "Probably an hour a day should do it!"

I got on all fours and wriggled my ass enticingly. Maddie smiled and put on the harness then worked the cock in. As she fucked me, the smaller cock was stroking inside her. I could see her flushed face as she fucked me. She went much longer than an hour! After a brief rest, I asked her to do it again!

"Aren't you sore?" she asked.

"If I'm not sore, you're not fucking me hard enough"

She smiled wickedly and fucked me again. She was more than willing to fuck my ass over and over. Maddie really liked this. She fucked me a couple of times daily until the wedding.

She handed me the dildo as I was packing but I said, "Keep it here, for when I stay over. I'm sure Nina and Mia both have one of their own! You might even ask Nina over to play!"

Maddie laughed and smiled brightly. That cock will definitely get regular use!






Angie K


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