It was 1984, I had just graduated from T C Williams HS in Alexandria Virginia. I was different from most all of the other graduating guys in the class though. I was gay. I knew it, and most of the guys in the school knew. I had little experience in the sex department as of yet but I was looking forward to changing that.

I was 18 years old and a hot little fag looking to get laid. I knew that once I found the right audience that would be easy. I was the living definition of the word twink. I was 5' 7" tall and weighed 150 lbs. I wore my blonde hair cut long and always got a look from other obviously gay guys. I was cute and infinitely doable.

I went into Washington DC The day after graduation. The drinking age was still 18 and I knew they had a happening scene. I went to a bar called the Eagle. I am not sure that was my scene but there were tons of guys dressed in leather etc there. I had one guy buying me drinks pretty quickly and I wound up sucking face with him, but it went no further.

While I was there I read a gay paper that had a couple of listings for gay sex clubs. They were all located in the section of town where the Nationals baseball stadium is now. It was not the best part of town but my hormones got the best of me so off I went.

I arrived a little after 2 in the morning. The street where the clubs were located were filled with cruising guys, but there was definitely a dangerous feel to the area. I went to the entrance of the club I read about. It advertised a very dark scene filled with glory holes and anonymous sex. Just what I was looking for.

I paid the cover and went inside. I was immediately overcome by the smell of sex. There was a gay porn playing and a bunch of guys were watching that. I walked through the little theatre and into the dark hallways where all the action was taking place. It was dark but you could make out what was going on. There were a few hallways with small booths built in on both sides. I walked around glancing in a few of the booths and saw guys either on their knees sucking cock or with their cocks fed through one of the holes to a guy sucking on the other side. I had arrived!

I was definitely the youngest guy in the place and I gathered a crowd of admirers right away. I went into a booth and locked the door. The doors on both sides of me opened and closed quickly indicating guys in there as well. I stood in the booth when a guys face appeared in one of the holes. He asked to see my cock, so I complied. I dropped my pants and tugged on my hard cock. I heard the guy moan and stickout his tongue so I shoved my 7" cock into his throat. It was awesome. I felt hands rubbing my ass behind me and that kind of freaked me out so I pulled out and told the guy to let me see his goods. He put a dick that was shorter then mine but much thicker. I sucked him for a good 10 minutes till he pulled away and shot his load on my face. I was not expecting that but it was nice. I stuck out my tongue and cleaned off his cum till he pulled away and was gone. I decided I liked this place and went out into the hallway to see what else I could scare up. After walking around for five minutes I decided to have a cigarette. I pulled one out and lit it and leaned against the wall when I saw him. He was in his thirties and dressed in a leather jacket, tight white t shirt, and jeans. He was tall about 6'3" and had closely cropped hair and a goatee. The thing that really caught my attention though was the bulge in his jeans. It looked like he had 2 pairs of socks stuffed in them. I could actually make out his cock running down his right thigh. That was the guy I wanted, but he did not even look my way. He stood there smoking a long thin cigar and seemed oblivious to what was going on around him. There was a parade of guys walking past him and he did not so much as look at one of them. I was having a similar affect on the crowd but for a different reason. He was the Alpha there, his posture and his pants said so. I did everything in my power to get a rise out of him but nothing seemed to work. I decided it was either going to be him or nothing. Finally after 15 minutes of basically stalking him I decided to go for it. I took out another cigarette and went up to him and asked for a light. He gave me a smirk and reached into his pocket and pulled out a flip lighter which he sparked for me and held out. I held his hand and leaned in and used the light. I blew my smoke up towards the dark ceiling and thanked him. He smiled again and said I had the place in a bit of an uproar that night. He said that all the chicken hawks were creaming in their pants over me. I asked what he thought of me and he said I was obviously new to things and while he thought I was hot I was not ready for a guy like him. I stood real close to him and smoked my cig and just soaked up this guy's vibe. There was a dangerous and very sexy feel to him, so I went for broke. I basically told him my gay life story. That I had graduated the day before and I was looking to get laid as a graduation gift to myself. He laughed and said there were plenty of guys there who would be happy to fuck me, so why him. I told him I wanted a memorable first time and he looked like he could provide that. He said and how buddy.

He gently took me by the back of the neck and led me to the biggest booth in the place. I had not gone in there because all that was there was a swing and no holes. He gently pushed me in and locked the door. He pulled me towards him and kissed me, hard. It was my first real deep kiss with a guy and I felt my knees go weak. His fingers found my nipples through my shirt and he gently rubbed them. That quickly turned into a pinch, which got more and more painful. I gasped it hurt so bad. He let go all at once and stepped back. He dove into my neck and started sucking on it. I was surprised at his strength and how forceful he was with me. I was beginning to think I might be in over my head.

He gave me one more deep kiss and went over and sat on the swing. It was attached to the ceiling with chains and looked very intimidating. He took out a thin cigar and lit it, then he told me to get undressed. I took off my shirt and felt how sensitive my nipples were from his earlier mauling. He pulled me over to him and attached his mouth to my right nipple. He started out lightly sucking it, I was in heaven. He ran his rough tongue around the nipple and then he began to bite it. It started gently enough but soon I was in a bit of pain. Just when I thought I would not be able to take it any longer he switched sides. My nipples were on fire. He took his mouth off them and grabbed one with each of his hands. Take off your pants. I undid my belt and dropped my draws. I did not have any underwear on so my rock hard cock popped out with a vengeance. I guess your nipples don't hurt so much do they he snickered. I kicked off my sneakers and removed my pants entirely. He told me to bend over in front of him and grab my ankles. This was a major step for me, I was giving up complete control to this man and he wanted me to know it right then and there. I hesitatingly did what he asked.

I heard the leather creak of the swing as he stood up and spread my ass cheeks. It is worth pointing out at this point that other then a couple of fingers nothing had ever gotten near my hole before. I felt pressure against my ass as he tried to get one of his long fingers in my hole. It was then I heard the first sign of longing from him. My ass was virgin tight and he knew he knew he was going to be the first to fuck me. I heard him spit onto his finger and it started to slide in a bit easier but it was still painful. I then felt my cheeks open wide and felt his tongue on my hole. The feeling was electric and immediate. He got my hole soaked and again started to push his fingers into me. He turned me around and had me support myself on the swing. His finger quickly found my prostate while his tongue circled my asshole. I felt myself cumming like a sink running. My whole body was shaking and it was all I could do to not pass out. I had just gotten myself back together when he started to assault my nipples again. He stood directly in front of me and told me to undo his pants. By now it looked like his cock was about to reach his knee and it's width was terrifying. I undid his belt and started to undo his button flys. The smell that came out of his Levis was sex itself. It was obvious from the smell that this stud had already played that night. The first thing I noticed was his cock ring. It was leather and was riding along the top of what was looking like a monster cock. I leaned in and took a deep inhale of his smell. He laughed at me and asked if I smelled the guy before me, I most certainly did. It smelled like sweat and sex and cum and a bit of piss, but it was definitely not a bad smell. Far from it, I think if you could bottle that smell and make a cologne you would have gay guys fucking in the streets. He put his hand on the back of my head and shoved my nose up against the cock ring. The smell of sex and leather was amazing. The rough leather scraping my nose. I leaned in and took it all in, all the while I moved my hand to the front of his jeans. I let my hand rub up and down the length of his monster as he stood there smoking his cigar. He sat in the swing and told me to take of his shoes, which were combat boots shined to a mirror. I pulled them off and he again stood and said to pull out his cock. As I wrestled it out of his pants I was intimidated to say the least. It was only semi hard and was already a good 8 inches long, and uncut.That was scary enough before you even took it's width into consideration. I could barely touch my fingers around it. I do not have big hands but I had never seen something like that.

He took the cock out of my hand and skinned it back. The smell was there more then ever. This cock had been in some other lucky or unlucky guys ass that night. There was pre cum and other stickiness all over the huge head. I stuck out my tongue and bathed the head. He moved the head around my tongue and let me clean every bit of it. He then gathered his skin together and told me to stick my tongue down there. I was not told twice, the taste was bitter and plentiful. As he squeezed his skin more of the liquid came out and I lapped it up.

He pulled the cock away from my mouth and led me to his massive balls. Hid sack hung low and his nuts were the size of plums. He double grabbed his sack and fed it into my waiting mouth one at a time. Again the smell of his earlier escapades was everywhere. I was drooling like a starving dog as I ran my tongue over his balls. They were soon dripping with my spit, still he stood there hopefully appreciating my efforts.

He pulled me away from his balls and let his cock drop in front of me. It was a monster. It was now hard, with a tiny tip of the head sticking out of his foreskin, and on the tip a drop of precum. He put the tip on my tongue and let the drip sag from his cock to my mouth. He then smacked me in the face with it. I thought I had been hit with a small baseball bat. It was then that he started talking. You like that boy, he asked. I could only mumble as he smacked me all over the face with his cock. I am going to fuck you boy, he said. Do not think for one second that I am not going to fuck you. He pulled me up by the arms and gave me a hard kiss, shoving his tongue in my mouth as I moaned in his arms. He literally picked me up then and put me in the swing so my head was upside down right in front of him. He gently rubbed the head of his cock across my lips and told me to open up. I did as he told me. He pulled back his skin and shoved the head into my mouth, I gagged immediately. He slowed down to let me try to adjust to his cock basically cutting off my air supply. As soon as I got a bit used to it he started to go at it. He was soon slamming as much cock as he could into my throat. I was choking and gagging constantly. I could barely breath but he did not care. My eyes were tearing, my nose was running and it felt like my jaw was going to break. Still he went on. His fingers again found my nipples which by this time were sensitive to a breeze, but again he twisted and pinched till I was in a state of agonized ecstasy. I did not know it at the time but this was a total and complete pleasure experience for me. Although it seemed like I was being abused and hurt he was actually assaulting every sexual nerve I had.

Again he pulled out of my mouth and lowered his balls into my mouth again. I obligingly worked them over till he turned around and lowered his ass onto my face. I was not sure I was ready for this yet but he grabbed the back of my head and crammed my face into his ass. It smelled clean and I soon was working my tongue around it much to my stud's enjoyment. He was lightly bouncing up and down on my face with his ass and I could feel his balls mashing on my chest and his cock bouncing as well. Soon I was pulling his ass cheeks apart so I could get even more of that ass in my mouth. He stood up and leaned down and gave me a very seductive and surprisingly gentle kiss. He told me to stand up and mount the swing so my ass was wide open to him. I looked up at the ceiling and noticed that there were guys looking at us from everywhere. They were standing on benches and peeking in the door, and all of them were speechless as they watched him prepare to fuck me with his telephone pole cock. He reached into his jacket and took out a tube of lube. He again started to play with my nipples as he squirted a glop of it on his fingers on one hand and on my cock another. Again all I could feel was the torture he was perpetrating upon my chest. I barely noticed when he slowly began inserting fingers into my virgin ass. He told me to jerk my again rock hard cock but not to cum till he said. I looked down and saw that he had three fingers up my ass but I was experiencing so many different efforts on his part I barely noticed. He again went into his jacket and took out some poppers. He passed the bottle under my nose and told me to inhale I did as told and went to another level yet again.

He took a hit on the poppers and stepped back. He squeezed a huge glop of lube up and down his rod. He then put another glop on his fingers and shoved them into my loosening ass. He took my legs and placed them in the stirrups of the swing and stepped in. He told me to relax and began to hit my nipples again. Time to get fucked boy he said. He placed the head of his cock against my ass and lowered himself down. The head shoved in and I screamed in pain. He stopped there and put the poppers under my nose again. He sat there for a good 5 minutes till my breathing slowed. He then started to push more in. I was in agony but he no longer cared. He began to more forcefully push into me and it took a while but soon he was in. It did not seem possible. I felt like my insides had been torn out and still he fucked me. Slowly he started to build up his tempo. I could feel his pubes on my balls as he began to fuck me for real. I looked down around my rock hard cock and in between tears of pain I could see his cock slamming in and out of me like a pile driver. I was delirious and then I found myself begging him to fuck me. He was pulling all the way out, his cock noticeably popping out of my hole just before he would slam it all the way in to the hilt again, causing me to scream in pain. He put his hands on my shoulders and flat out railed me till he started screaming that he was going to cum. His cock seemed larger then ever as he took one huge last shove and buried his load far far up my ass. I again came right at that point and may have actually passed out for a moment.

The guys watching the scene started clapping and hooting as he laid on top of me and gave me some very sexy soft kisses, while still pinching my nipples. He pulled out of my ass again with a plop. I could feel air rush in where his cock had just been, and I could also feel his cum dripping out of my ass.

He told me to get up and get on my knees to clean him up. He stood in front of me as I licked away his cum, lube, and everything else his cock had gotten on it. I could feel the cum still dripping out of my ass as I performed this task for this man. He then got dressed but told me to stay on my knees in front of him.I then got another surprise, he stepped back and released a geyser of piss all over me. He peed for a good minute making sure every drop of it hit me. He then shook his cock off and shoved it back into his pants. He wrote something on a piece of paper and dropped it into the piss puddle. He told me not to get dressed for 5 minutes and he walked out. I sat in his piss puddle for 5 minutes with his cum dripping out of my ass. I picked up the paper, on it was his name and phone number. Paul R it said, call me if you want even more. I slowly got dressed, lit a cigarette and with my ass still dripping cum walked out.

So on the day after I graduated from high school I enrolled at the school of cock worship and I think I can say I graduated with honors, because I was the teachers pet for a long long time.



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