After a nice swim team practice, Jordan and his teammates headed to the locker rooms. Because they were the best swimmers of the entire high school, they were well built. Just like with all boys, there were the usual sex-related jokes, dirty talks, boxer vs. brief discussions, and etc.

Some hit the showers early since, that night, there was a party at a popular guys house. But, Jordan and some of his closest friends decided not to go to the party for a few reasons. First, they had their own plans of hanging out. Second, it was almost the end of their senior year and they weren't sure if they would find time to ever hang out together.

After changing, Jordan and his friends left. His friends were Matt, around 5'8'', black hair, Caucasian, with dark green eyes. He had extremely wide shoulders since he, before, aspired to be part of the football team. But, because of his years of swimming training, he found no time for football. There was Jason, blond, pale, extremely tall with a reasonable build. Then there was Tim, African American, 5 feet and a half, black and curled hair, and had a good chest build. Jordan was around 5'7'' and had strong forearms and a well defined chest.

All 4 went to Matt's huge house (his parents were traveling) and drank a few beers and watched some TV. At around 8 PM, Matt asked if they wanted to go rent a movie. All four agreed and went to a Video Rental Store nearby his house. There, they tried selecting some movies but none really sparked their interest. Then Matt asked them if they wanted to rent porn instead. The question didn't feel awkward since the 4 were really close and had already jerked off together before. After renting some porn, the friends went to Matt's house and started watching it. They undressed to their boxers and started jerking off through the fly of their underwears.

Jordan was at the corner of one of the sofa's and through the corner of his eye saw that Matt hadn't rented only one porn video. He also noticed through the cover of the other video that that was gay porn. Jordan didn't say anything about it. Then, the lights went out. The 4 friends stayed there in the dark for a few seconds until Matt's generator turned on. They found out that the DVD's power outlet was burned because of the sudden electrical shortage.

Disappointed, the friends decided to jerk off without porn. After a while, Matt reached for Jordan's cock and started stroking it. It wasn't strange since they had done that before and Jordan did the same for Matt. Tim and Jason also stroked each other's cocks. Fully hard, Jordan noticed all of his friends dicks. All of them had dicks around 7 inches.

After a while, Matt went down to his knees in front of Jordan and started licking his balls. Jordan, in a bit of shock and pleasure, didn't say anything. Instead, he followed his instincts and started licking Jason's cock, who then did the same to Tim. Jordan felt his entire cock inside Matt's mouth. Jordan ceased to suck Jason's cock and started moaning with pleasure and stroked Matt's head and pushed his deeper towards his cock.

After a while of pleasure, Jordan, in complete ecstasy moaned asking to be fucked. Tim, got up, grabbed a condom from a drawer. Before putting on the condom, Tim lifted Jordan's legs up and stuck his face between his ass and started rimming him. The pleasure almost made Jordan cum but, Tim stopped right before. Then Jordan, felt a deep pain as the head of Tim's cock entered his asshole. Jordan looked beside him and saw Matt already fucking Jason slowly. After a while, Tim did the same and started to pick up speed. After a while, they changed positions so Jordan fucked Matt and Jason fucked Tim. Jordan started slow put then started fucking Matt's asshole with incredible speed. Slowing down so he wouldn't cum inside Matt's ass, Jordan took his cock out and cummed on Matt's sweaty chest. Jason was fucking Tim doggy style and eventually cummed on Tim's back. Jordan and Jason both cleaned it up with their tongues and it was time for Matt and Tim to cum. Tim came towards Jordan again, sat down and told him to sit on his cock. Jordan complied and moved up and down, each time Tim's cock hitting the walls of his ass. Tim had forgotten to put the condom by on after taking it out. After some time, Matt cummed on Jason's chest as they both fell side by side exhausted and kissed a bit.

Tim, then screamed that he was going to cum, but since he was fucking Jordan with so much passion and speed, there was no time to take his cock out of his ass and cummed in there. Jordan felt Tim's man fluid hit the walls of his ass and moaned with pleasure. Getting up, cum started dripping out of Jordan's ass. Since Tim sat there panting, Jason got up and licked Jordan's ass and licked Tim's cock until it was clean. The four friends didn't say anything the whole night and started watching the other porn video Matt had rented.



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