I suspect that it was some sort of weird midlife crisis. I had been married to the same woman for twenty years and it looked like we were good for another twenty. I was in my mid forties and I had been happily heterosexual all of my life.

So far, anyway.

I was at the point in my life when some men went nuts, divorced their wives, bought sports cars and married their twenty year old mistresses. I never really liked sports cars and did not have a twenty year old mistress stashed away somewhere. As a matter of fact, I had never 'cheated' on my wife once in all of our years of marriage.

Oh, we had both had our little 'flings'. We had an open relationship from the very beginning. Over the years we had both found outside dalliances on occasion. Usually it was with other like-minded couples. I guess you could call us 'Swingers' if you like the label.

My point is, why cheat when you have permission? That's all I'm saying.

But all of the other people I had ever played with in bed had always been women. Sure, sometimes there were other men there, too. Husbands and boyfriends and the like. I never really paid them much mind. To me, they were there for my wife to enjoy and as long as we were all having fun, then it was just having fun. I had no problem looking over and seeing my bride making love to another man. Hell, I even enjoyed watching sometimes. Especially when at those times I had an equally willing woman under or on top of or beside me who was joining in the fun. It made it more exciting.

And to make it even more exciting, my wife Sandy had discovered early on in our marriage that she was bisexual. So I got to experience every mans dream of having two women in bed with him at the same time. Two women who were into me just as much as they were into each other.

Ahhh... those were the days.

So what led me to my present situation? I couldn't tell you. Some sort of weird wiring in my head. Some deep psychological condition. Or maybe just the simple fact that I had really been attracted to men all along but had knuckled under to societal pressure and convinced myself that homosexuality was weird and deviant.

Because that is what society at large thinks of that sort of thing. Just in case you were wondering. I had no problem at all when my wife declared that she was bisexual. Me, I wrestled with it for several months before I could work up the nerve to tell her how I was feeling. She had no problem at all with my revelation and hinted that she had suspected something like that for quite some time. That was a bit startling.

At any rate, this sudden attraction to men had my mind in a muddle. I hadn't done anything about it, yet. It was still just a feeling. But it was a very powerful feeling. My urges started coloring everything I did or saw. I found myself looking at every man I encountered and sizing them up. As a side effect of my new perceptions I also discovered that I made a lot of the men that I encountered very uncomfortable. That tickled me.

I also discovered that there weren't very many attractive men in this area.

Havenwood, Kansas is a pretty small town, comparatively. There were three other small towns a short distance away: Farmwoods, Trinity and Derry. The towns were all so close together that they were all pretty much the same place. I could see in a few more tens of years if any more growth happened that they would all end up growing into one good sized town. Not a city, by any stretch of the imagination, but a large town.

So here I was, with these new yearnings burning in my breast (and other places) and no good place to vent them. I took to spending a lot of time in front of the computer, reading stories and looking at internet porn. It was a poor substitute for the real thing, but it was as close as I could get for the time being.

I discovered that my attraction to men ran towards younger types. Younger men, not boys. Teenagers and the like held no attraction whatsoever. But younger men, say twenties to thirties, were the ones that caught my eye the most. I guess it was a midlife crisis thing, just flipped gender-wise. I guess in my mind I was trying to recapture my lost youth and make up for the time I had missed by not recognizing how I felt deep down inside.

Or something shrinky and Freudian like that.

I had been working nights in a factory over in Derry as a night watchman for almost ten years now. Since it was just the wife and I at home, my hours and days off didn't really matter all that much. We got to spend time together when we wanted to and got time to ourselves when we needed it. I whiled away the hours at the factory reading books and doing puzzles and walking around and around the factory grounds. The factory where I worked turned out metal fittings for submarines that were being built over on the east coast. There was nothing secret or classified about what we did and since there wasn't a submarine within seven or eight hundred miles of the place, nobody ever bothered trying to break in.

In short, I had a lot of time on my hands to think.

That's not always a good thing. My imagination often ran away with me.

My hours and my days off left me with days and weekends free. When I didn't have projects (home improvement or otherwise) going, I liked to just drive around and take in the sights. After all this time, there weren't many places in the four towns I hadn't been. And believe me, there weren't that many exciting places here in the middle of Kansas.

One of my home improvement projects early one fall included cleaning out the attic. We had ten years of accumulated crap up there, most of which we hadn't seen or touched in all of that time. I began hauling down boxes and bags and crates and going through them one at a time. I ended up with one good truckload of junk to get rid of. Most of it went to the local Salvation Army thrift store. Five cartons of books I took and donated to the college library. One box full of wooden puzzles I had made over a winter of boredom went down to the day care center down the street. That left me two boxes I was unsure of where to get rid of.

When my brother Eric had been younger, he was a rabid Start Wars fan. He collected all of the models and figurines and trading cards and the like that he could get his hands on. And he kept his collection all of his life. When he was killed in a car accident three years ago up in Saugerties, New York, he left his collection to me in his will. The boxes had arrived on my doorstep one day with a note from his attorney, saying that was what I got. I suspect it was Eric's last joke on me.

He had a sense of humor like that.

I kept the collection for three years up in the attic, but decided that now was the time to find it a good home. But where? That was the question. I didn't want to sell it on EBay or just give it to some kid. I wanted to find a place where the stuff would be appreciated.

So I sat on the two boxes for a couple of weeks and pondered.

Well, not literally.

One morning I was up at the local used computer joint (where some, but not all of the geekier crowd hung out), looking for a new computer game to play. They had a pretty good selection and I probably got something new from there two or three times a year. They helped while away the hours. I overheard a couple of young gamers talking about a place over in Derry run by a young couple. It was a place strictly for gamers, where they could gather and play and trade stuff. The owners apparently had a large collection of TV and movie memorabilia and lots of sci-fi and fantasy stuff that they bought and sold. One kid said he was saving his money to buy one of the Lord of the Rings swords they had there.

In my opinion, a bunch of young gamers cranked up on energy drinks and playing fantasy games was not a good thing to mix with a bunch of swords and other medieval weapons, but hey, I wasn't paying their insurance.

So one weekend I loaded the boxes into my truck and drove into Derry. I found the place without too much trouble. As a matter of fact, it was in an old store building that used to be the barber shop where I got my hair cut. The barber had died a couple of years ago and the place had been vacant for awhile. Now a fairly well hand painted sign hung out from that just said 'Gamers'.

Short and to the point. I liked that.

I think I made an impression when I walked in. There were maybe thirty people in the place. Mostly guys, but two or three girls. The youngest was maybe sixteen, but there were a few that were well into their twenties. I know for a fact that there wasn't a single person in there that was anywhere near thirty. I was wearing a long sleeved black shirt, blue jeans and boots. I had my trusty old black fedora covering my graying hair and a well worn black leather duster over the top of it all to keep out the fall chill.

When I opened the door and walked in with the first box on my shoulder everybody in the place stopped and just looked at me. It made me uncomfortable for a second or two. I found out later that they thought I was Harry Dresden. Once I had that explained to me, I got a pretty good laugh out of it.

Walking up to the counter, I set the box carefully down on the glass and said 'Here, watch this. I'll go get the other one.' As I went out for the other box, I could hear a small buzz of conversation starting back up again. Moments later I set the second carton on the counter and started opening them up. The young couple who ran the place just stood there and looked at me. But when I pulled out the Luke Skywalker action figure and set it down, their eyes went wide and they both started scrabbling in the boxes, exclaiming with each new find.

Linda, the co-owner, looked at me and said 'Are you wanting to sell this stuff, mister?' I hated being called 'mister'. It made me feel old. But I shrugged and said 'Sure. Let me know what you think it's worth.' and stepped back to look around the place some.

It was kind of a cool place. Two rooms filled with tables and chairs. The walls were covered with movie posters and shelves and glass display cases full of weird odds and ends. Swords and figurines and comic books and trading cards. I had a sneaking suspicion that if I had a den at home, the walls would look an awful lot like this. There was one case that had a replica of the gun from the Hellboy movies. I frowned at the 'not for sale' sticker on the front of the glass.

Most of the young people had abandoned their tables and were gathered around the front counter as the two owners unpacked my boxes. I could hear some of them already offering to buy or trade for some of those old toys. I figured their enthusiasm was driving the price up. I didn't really care about the money. If I had thought they were hurting, I would have given them the stuff for free. But it was entertaining.

It took me a few moments to realize that one of the young guys was standing right at my elbow, watching me. At first look, he was maybe eighteen or nineteen. Not a bad looking young man. He had a round pleasant looking face, kind of longish black hair down around his shoulders and a short wispy little goatee. Maybe five six or seven. He wore baggy khaki pants and a over large hawaiian print shirt that made him look kind of stocky.

I said 'So, what do you guys do here?'

The kid said 'Mostly we play LOW.'

I just raised an eyebrow and looked at him.

Astonished at my naiveté, he said 'Lords Of Warworld.'

I, of course, had no idea what that was. He beckoned me over to a table and said 'Come.... Sit...' in a somewhat ceremonious tone, as if he were initiating me into the Masons or something. I figured it wouldn't hurt to humor him for awhile.

After all, I had nothing better to do.

This young man, who it turned out bore the unlikely name Raven Reilly, spent the next half an hour instructing me in the intricacies of Lords Of Warworld. How they developed characters and kept records of their accomplishments, how they used the trading cards and the dice. How they formed alliances and broke them. Their game sessions went from small team raids that lasted hours to all out wars that took them days and sometimes weeks to finish.

It was all pretty complicated. I congratulated him on his vast knowledge of the game and the way he kept all those facts in his head. He smiled and blushed a little, as mollified as if I had just awarded him an 'A' in calculus.

Mostly I just sat and watched and listened. Raven was obviously proud of the occasion to teach this old guy something. Especially since I didn't belittle his hobby as a waste of time or just a game. I suspected that he didn't get a lot of encouragement from the older crowd.

He sat in the chair next to mine and I noticed that he would reach out to touch my arm when he wanted to make a point or make sure I was paying attention. And he made a point several times of leaning over the table to reach for something, making sure to lean surreptitiously up against me as he did so. When he would look me in the eye he would blush and quickly look away.

It very slowly dawned on me that this kid was flirting with me. Hey, you only have to hit me on the head with a shovel two or three times before I get it.

Holy crap, I was at least twice this guy's age. Maybe three times. I had no idea how old he was. When he was excited about the game, he looked like a teenager. When he talked about teaching the younger players and his years of experience not only playing but helping develop the game, my estimation went up.

So what to do? Of course my options were wide open. I could just get up, get my money from the owners and walk out without saying anything. I could tell him quietly that he was too young for me and continue on with option A. I could take him somewhere a little more private and let him down easily.

Or, provided he was really old enough, I could take the plunge and bring him home and fuck him silly.

When that thought crossed my mind, I felt my cock twitch in my pants.

While I was weighing my options and looking at Ravens profile, I felt a tap on my shoulder and hear a voice say 'Mister?'. I turned to look and it was Larry, Linda's husband and the stores co-owner. The rest of the young people in the place were still clustered around the counter, babbling like a group of old Chinese men around a mah-jongg table.

He looked a little embarrassed. He said 'Linda and I figured up what we thought that stuff was worth. We figured it was around four hundred dollars.'

Wow. That was a hell of a lot more than I figured. My eyebrows went up.

Larry still looked a little embarrassed. He hesitated. I looked at him and said 'Okay. So?'

He looked down at the floor and said 'We only had two hundred dollars in the till.' He bucked up and looked at me and said 'I could write you a check for the difference or if you wanted to come back Monday I could give it to you in cash. We're good for it, I promise..' I held up a hand and stopped him.

'Don't worry about it. You say you have two hundred in cash?' He nodded. I said 'Let me have that and we'll call it even. It's more than I expected, anyway. Use the rest of it and have a pizza night for the kids here some night. Then we'll be square.' Larry smiled and handed me a small pile of rumpled bills. He said 'Thanks, mister!' Then he went back to the crowd gathered around the counter.

I stuck the money in my pocket and looked back at the young man at my elbow. He had a hopeful look in his eyes. He was so cute I couldn't just walk out on him. I decided to got with one of my other options, depending on the outcome.

'Raven?' I said. 'There's a pretty good place a few blocks up the street. You want to go get something to eat? You can tell me more about this game of yours. Besides,' I added 'I want to know more about you anyway.' I patted my pocket. 'It's on me.' He jumped up so fast he almost knocked his chair over. I took that to mean he was either hungry or something else.

Or maybe both. I figured I would find out sooner or later.

Raven rode with me up the street to the little restaurant. It was one of those 24 hour breakfast places that seem to pop up everywhere. As it was well after the lunch hour, we managed to get a booth in the back to ourselves. When the waitress came I ordered coffee, steak and eggs and a side of biscuits and gravy. When she looked at Raven he hesitated, looking at me uncertainly and I told him to get whatever he wanted. He smiled, then ordered the same. I suspected from the look on his face that the young man wasn't really much of a coffee drinker when he took the first sip. He probably ordered it just to impress me. That made me smile.

We talked while we ate. The food was fairly good and plentiful.

I learned that Raven was older than he looked. He was twenty two, single and working as a software designer over at Memetech over in the industrial park in Trinity. Just last month he had worked up the nerve to move out of his parents place over in Farmwoods and get his own apartment. He still went back over there at least twice a week for dinner and to do his laundry.

While he talked I just looked at him and took it all in. He was young, true. Maybe too young for me. I'm sure he probably was. We would have very little in common when it came right down to it. Out of bed I just couldn't imagine us doing anything together. There was no way I could see myself sitting in Gamers playing LOW. And I couldn't really imagine him out in my woodshop getting covered in sawdust, turning table legs on the lathe or building furniture.

On the other hand, he was really cute. I could have done without the trendy little goatee, though. It was hard to tell what his body was like under those baggy clothes, but I was no Charles Atlas myself. I found that I was getting pretty aroused just thinking about taking him into my bed.

I decided to take the bull by the horns, so to speak. I looked around to make sure nobody else in the place was close enough to overhear, then leaned closer to Raven and said 'I need to ask you something fairly important.' I looked him steadily in the eye and said 'And I need you to be completely honest with me.'

The young man looked at me and I saw his adams apple bounce once or twice in his throat and he licked his lips nervously. He nodded and said 'Sure, Alex.'

I kept my gaze locked with his and said 'I had the feeling over there at Gamers that you were hitting on me. Were you?'

His face flushed a bright scarlet and he dropped his gaze to his empty plate and didn't say anything.


Still staring at his plate, he nodded his head, then looked up at me with a guilty look on his face. He murmured 'I'm sorry, Alex.' I reached out and gently placed a hand on his cheek and then patted it. He almost flinched away from my hand, then leaned his cheek gently into my palm.

'Don't be sorry, Raven. Don't ever be sorry about something like that. I'm not upset about it. What I want to know is: why?'

He gave me another one of those incredulous looks like he did when I asked what LOW was. He just kind of gestured at me in a vague way and said 'How could I not be? You're tall and good looking... that steely grey hair and those ice blue eyes. You look like you have been everywhere and seen everything. Confident and sure of yourself. Plus you dress really cool. That hat and duster were like right out of my favorite daydreams! When you walked into Gamers I almost creamed my pants. It was like you walked out of my dreams.'

That was a bit startling. I'd had that hat and duster for almost twenty years. They were both worn and a bit raggedy. Kind of like myself. But they were my favorite cold weather gear. And I just thought I looked old. Vanity isn't a real vice with me.

I reached under the table where no one could see and took his hand in mine and squeezed it. 'So' I said quietly 'When you look at me, what do you think about?' Ravens face flushed deep scarlet again and he turned away and muttered something I couldn't quite hear. I reached out and put a finger on his chin and turned his face towards me. I repeated 'What do you think about?'

His adams apple bobbed up and down a few more times. His mouth opened and closed a few times then he whispered 'Being in bed with you.'

'Having sex with me?'

He nodded. His mouth worked a few times with nothing coming out. Then he hung his head a little and half closed his eyes, as if remembering a distant dream. 'I think about us laying in bed naked together. I imagine myself sucking your cock and wonder how it would feel to have you in my mouth. I think about being face down on the bed with you on top of me....'

Woof. I suddenly had to shift in my seat to ease the pressure on my prick, which was inching it's way down my leg. And I couldn't be sure due to those baggy pants, but it looked like Raven had a pretty substantial hardon going in his lap as well. I guess that settled the question of mutual attraction.

'Have you had sex with many other men?'

He shook his head quickly. 'No. None, really. I've never had the nerve to say anything before. You know, they're not really very tolerant of that sort of thing around here.'

'Never?' He shook his head again. 'How about girls?'

Raven shrugged. 'A few.' He shrugged again. 'I could take it or leave it.'

'You have a girlfriend right now?' I asked.

'No. I broke it off with the last one right before I moved out of my folks place.'

I squeezed his hand one more time, then released it and turned in the booth until I was facing him. My leg went up on the seat between us and I just looked at him for a moment. Damn, he was cute. And my new position helped un-cramp my prick in my pants.

'Okay, Raven.' I said 'Let me tell you something about myself. I'm twice your age. And I'm married.' When I said that his eyes went wide and he got a real tragic look. I waved my hand. 'Don't worry about it. My wife is bisexual and she knows about me and doesn't mind. We've been married for over twenty years. She understands.' I continued. 'I work as a night watchman. So I'm only available early in the day during the week and on weekends. I spend most of my free time either reading or down in my shop building things. Furniture and stuff. I don't live an exciting life. About the most exciting thing I do anymore is go off camping by myself about once a month.'

I paused and took another long look at him then decided to lay my cards on the table.

'I've never been with a man before either. But....' I put my knuckle under his chin, tipped it up and looked him in the eyes. 'I think you are very cute and incredibly sexy and I really want to take you to bed with me and see what happens.'

Raven gasped so hard I thought he was having a heart attack. Finally he managed to say 'Yes, Alex! I want that too!'

After I paid the check I drove Raven back to Gamers to collect his stuff and get his car. He came back out to the parking lot all smiles and said 'They are still going nuts over that Star Wars stuff in there!'

He tossed a knapsack full of gaming stuff in the backseat of a battered blue Volkswagen beetle. Then he climbed behind the wheel and coaxed it into life. I drove to the house slowly so as not to lose him. I found that my hands were shaking on the wheel and I kept checking the rear view mirror, expecting to see him peel off and drive away. If he was anywhere as nervous as I was, I was willing to bet the option was running through his mind. And I kept having to shift around in the seat and cursed wearing tight pants.

Our place set back off the road on a little over twenty acres that were pretty heavily wooded. That kind of property was fairly rare in Kansas and I paid a pretty penny for it, even ten years ago before the values all went through the roof. But it was worth it. We valued our privacy. And I could indulge my yearnings to be in the great outdoors and never leave my property. I had a favorite camping spot down by a small creek less than a hundred yards from my back door. I could spend a weekend down there and fool myself into believing I was a hundred miles from civilization.

I pulled down the driveway and up to the house. The wife's car was gone. I figured she was either shopping or out on some business emergency. She represented a nationally known chain of crafting supply stores and got called away on business a lot. I knew there would be a note on my desk when I got inside.

The house wasn't all that much, really. But we enjoyed it. A single level, two bedrooms with a two car garage we had converted into Sandy's combination hobby room and office. There was an old Quonset hut barn out back that was my workshop.

Raven pulled up behind my truck and his motor clattered and stilled. He stepped out of the little car and said 'Wow! Is this your place? It's pretty cool!'

Yeah, I guess it was.

I had been leaning against the bed of the truck as he approached and without even thinking, I held out one arm to him. Raven walked up and ducked under my arm and snuggled into my chest as my arm just fell naturally around his shoulders. It took a second for both of us to realize what we'd just done. Then I looked down at Raven and he turned his head up to look at me. We hesitated for just a second or two (but it seemed like an eternity) then our mouths moved together and we kissed for the very first time. His lips were warm and sweet and he made little noises in the back of his throat when my tongue slipped into his mouth. One of my hands was in the small of his back, pulling his body against mine and the other went to the back of his neck, holding him gently. Ravens arms went around my ribs and I could feel his hands inside my duster running up and down my spine. My cock was pressing against his belly and I could feel the little cold wet spot from the precome leaking from the tip. I hadn't been that turned on in quite some time.

We kissed for long moments and when we finally broke away, I held his chin in my hand and looked into his eyes, my face only inches away from his. My voice was almost a growl of desire when I said 'I want to fuck you, Raven.'

He made a little gasping moan and said 'I want you to fuck me, Alex.'

I'm glad we got that out of the way quickly. I untangled myself from his arms and, taking him by the hand, led him into the house. I hung my hat and duster on the coat rack in the hallway and stepped into the corner of the living room where my desk was hidden. I'd partitioned off one corner with bookshelves and made a little private nook for my computer and chair. It wasn't much, but it was a place for my stuff, if you know what I mean. Taped to my monitor was a note that read:

'Alex- Had to fly to Atlanta. Problems with the convention. I'll probably be there all week. Be home next Sunday at the latest. There's plenty of food in the fridge and the freezer. Don't forget to eat! Have fun and enjoy the solitude. Love and miss you. -S'

Well! That was unexpected. I was kind of hoping to introduce the two of them to each other and see how they reacted. Even if Raven didn't seem to like girls all that much, I'm willing to bet he would have liked Sandy. Hell, everybody did.

On the plus side, I now had all weekend free. I was seriously hoping to spend most of the rest of it in bed and very little of it sleeping. While I was reading the note, Raven was eyeballing my computer setup. It was fairly old, but I didn't use it all that much. Just email and first person shooter games. A little porn now and then. I could see that Computer Geek look in his eyes, like he was mentally upgrading my system. I knew I had to act fast or I'd lose him for hours. Reaching around behind him, I grabbed one of his ass cheeks in my hand and squeezed it. It was nice and firm and warm. Raven gasped and jumped a little and as he turned I kissed him again, then murmured into his lips 'We have the house all to ourselves for a few days.' With that I took him by the hand and led him down to our bedroom.

I have to admit that our bedroom was a little intimidating at first glance. It's a fairly big room so I built big furniture to fill the space. The bed is a California king and I built a four poster frame to hold it up with a huge headboard with built-in reading lights and bookshelves. The posts at the corners were made from 8x8's turned and carved to look like coiled rope. There were storage drawers under the box spring and the bed was high enough that when I sat on the edge, my feet were two inches off of the floor. And the rest of the furniture in the room was built big and in that style. I'm not a great carpenter by any means, but once in awhile I do something that I am really proud of. Our bedroom was my masterpiece.

Raven stared around the room in wonder as I sat on the edge of the bed and unlaced my boots and tossed them into the corner. My socks quickly followed them. Then I slid my shirt up over my head and tossed it into the hamper.

I stood up with my arms folded over my chest and just waited until Ravens eyes traversed the room and settled on me again. Then they went a little wide. Like I said, I'm no Charles Atlas. I do try to keep in shape, but I'm no fitness fanatic. My shoulders are fairly broad and they make my waist look narrower than it really is. My chest and stomach are fairly flat, and I have a fuzzy pelt of mostly grey hair from just below my neck pointing down towards my crotch. And I have an old tattoo of a dragon that goes from my right shoulder and curls all the way down my arm to my wrist. I learned early in life it was not a smart thing to get drunk with a bunch of fellow soldiers in downtown Tokyo. Hey, at least it was something tasteful.

So far I had figured out that he needed someone to kind of take charge. I didn't mind doing that. I spread my hands out to my sides and said 'Let me see you, Raven. All of you.'

His eyes locked onto mine like he was in a trance, Ravens hands went to his chest and started unbuttoning his shirt. When he slipped it off, I was pleasantly surprised. Even though his baggy clothes made him look stocky, even a bit chubby, Raven had a nicely muscled taut body. It certainly didn't look like someone who sat in front of a computer all day long! He was no body builder, just physically fit. And he had just a hint of a layer of fat over his muscles that made him look soft and inviting. I believe 'cuddly' was the term I was looking for. As I was musing, Raven had kicked off his shoes and socks. He opened his pants and slid them and his boxers to his ankles and stepped out of them.

Oh my. My mouth practically watered. Without my urging, he slowly turned in a circle in front of me. His back was smooth and well muscled and his cute little buns were full and firm. I couldn't wait to get my hands (and other things) on them again! Ravens cock was big and stiff as a board, standing proudly out in front of him like a flagpole. It was a good six inches long and nice and thick. I wondered what it would feel like in my hand. And in my mouth. And in my ass. I wondered, since I had never been fucked there, what that would feel like. I'd had anal sex before, although never as the recipient, but having a nice tight ass to sink my prick into was one of my favorite pastimes. I couldn't wait to fuck him hard and long. My mind flashed back to him saying 'I think about being face down on the bed with you on top of me....' and I felt my blood pressure rise about ten points.

Raven gave me a shy smile and said 'Do I look okay?'

The first thing that came to my mind was 'Prime rib and grilled shrimp.'

Raven just blinked and said 'What?'

I smiled. 'My favorite meal.' I stepped forward and took him in my arms. Right before my lips came down on his I said 'I could eat you for dinner every night.'

I kissed him and held his naked body tight against mine. My hands roamed up and down his back until they reached the full cheeks of his ass. I took a cheek in each palm and pressed his body into mine, my fingers squeezing his warm firm flesh. Raven moaned into my mouth and he bucked his hips against me.

When I pulled my mouth away from his, I leaned down and slipped an arm behind his knees and lifted him in my arms. Raven put an arm behind my neck for support and I turned and carried him to the bed. As laid him down on the mattress, Raven turned and reached for the fly of my jeans. He said 'I want to see you, too.' As his fingers unbuttoned my jeans he looked up at me and said 'All of you.' He rapidly opened my jeans and slid down the zipper. I hooked a thumb in either side of my pants and started sliding them down my hips. As my pants dropped, my prick flipped out, hanging right in front of Ravens face. His eyes went wide and he gasped. He said 'Oh my god! It's huge!'

I frowned a little and said 'Don't be silly. It's not that much bigger than yours, if any at all. It's just right in front of your face.' I backed up a little as his hand came towards my crotch. I stepped away and slid my pants down and off, then crawled up onto the bed and over him. As I slid over the top of his body, our hard pricks bumped together briefly. That was an interesting sensation.

I slid my left arm under his head so that it was resting in the crook of my elbow and put my right hand flat on his chest, just below the notch of his collar bone. I could feel his heart beating a little hard in his chest and Ravens breathing was a bit rapid. Hell, mine was too! My hard prick was laying on his thigh and I was acutely aware of the soft skin and how warm he felt. Ravens own cock was standing straight up and twitching.

I thought it might be a good idea to slow things down a little. Make certain that we were both going into this thing with our eyes wide open. I was supposed to be the mature one and here I had practically dragged him straight into my bed! Mentally, I chided myself. I'd known this young man for what? Two hours now? And already we were naked in bed together. That had never happened to me before. Well, not really.

I reached up and ran my thumb along Ravens cheek and over his lips. His free hand came up on my bicep and the one beneath me was wandering up and down my back.

'So' I said 'The first part came true. We're laying naked in bed together. Is it what you thought it would be?'

Raven kind of nodded and shook his head at the same time. 'Yes.... And no.' he said. I raised an eyebrow. He continued. 'I'd dreamed about it... At first it was just any man. Then I met you and I imagined what it would be like..... And I never really thought that it would happen. It was just a daydream... a fantasy.' He looked up into my eyes. 'And now here I am, laying naked next to you. It all happened so fast I 'm not sure how I feel or what to do..... I'm excited and horny and more than just a little nervous... I've never done this before and I don't know what to do. I want to touch you and make love to you and I want you to touch me and I'm afraid if you do I'll just pop right then and there like some over excited kid... and that would be embarrassing, to say the least...'

I leaned down and kissed his lips quickly, then leaned my forehead against his, our noses almost touching. My hand cupped the side of his face in my palm.

'Sssshhhh' I said calmly, my fingers stroking the smooth skin of his cheek. 'Ssshhh..... It's okay, Raven. I understand. I feel the same way.' I drew back a little and looked at him. 'I feel exactly the same way.' I put my hand on my own chest and said 'This is mostly my fault. I rushed us and I shouldn't have. I'm supposed to be the mature and careful one, but I let my own feelings run away with me. When I realized that you were interested in me I got so excited that I let my emotions overwhelm my good sense. You're just so cute and hot I couldn't help myself. This shouldn't.... really....have happened. At least not this fast.' I laid my hand back over his heart. The fast hammering had slowed down a little. Not much, but a little. That was a good sign.

'I don't have any experience with this, either. Not with a man anyway. I don't want you to be nervous or scared or uncomfortable. And any time you want to stop, you just let me know.'

Raven shook his head. 'I don't want to stop, Alex. I've dreamed about this forever. This feels right, like being in bed with you is where I am meant to be. But I am nervous. I can't help it.' His fingers wandered up and down my arm, tracing the lines of the dragon on my skin. 'I want to make love to you and I want it to feel good. But I'm not sure exactly what to do. I don't want you to be disappointed.' I started to say something but he put his fingers over my mouth. He said 'Let me finish.' I nodded and kissed his fingers as they rested on my lips.

'I want to make love to you and I want to make you happy. That always figured largely in my dreams. My lover happy and content and smiling. And the warm feeling that I made him that happy with my body. That has always been important to me. And I want you to make love to me. I want to give myself to you in.....every way possible. I told you about my fantasy.. Me lying face down on the bed and you on top of me..' His face flushed again, the color spreading down to his chest. I could feel my prick twitch against his thigh.

'I want that so bad, Alex. I want so bad for you to take me like that. I want to feel you inside of me. But I'm also afraid.... Afraid that it will hurt, because I have heard that it does, some. Afraid that it will be uncomfortable or I won't really like it after all, even after all of my dreams. And I'm afraid that you won't like it either. That I'll be so clumsy and inexperienced that you won't want me anymore....'

I took his hand in mine and kissed the palm, then leaned down and pressed my lips to his and kissed him hard and deep, my arm going around his back and pulling him hard into my body. I ravished his mouth with mine and practically raped him with my tongue. I put all of my passion and desire into that long kiss. When we finally broke apart we were both panting slightly.

'First of all, Raven Reilly,' I said 'You are an intelligent, thoughtful, sensitive, passionate and incredibly hot young man.' I ran my hand down across his broad chest and down to his belly. 'There's no way in the world that you or this incredibly sexy body of yours could ever disappoint me.' I leaned down and ran my tongue over one of his nipples, then sucked it into my mouth and nipped at it with my teeth gently. Raven gasped slightly and gave a little groan, his hand tightening on my bicep. 'Secondly' I said as I raised my head, 'I have never been to bed with a man before either. But I do know what a man likes and what feels good. And so do you, if you think about it. You know what feels good to you, so why wouldn't it feel good to me? Thirdly...' I continued. 'You feel my cock laying against your leg? You feel how hard I am?' I made my prick twitch against his thigh again and Raven nodded, his eyes a little wide as he looked down at my hard cock laying on top of his thigh. I said 'You make me that hard just laying here next to you. You didn't have to touch me or anything to get me that hard. You excite me just by being you.' I leaned in and kissed him quickly.

'And finally, for the moment, as to your lack of experience, I think we are going to take care of that right now.' I slid my hand down his taut belly and through his dense patch of curly pubic hair and wrapped my hand around the shaft of his thick hard cock. Raven moaned and he lifted his hips a little involuntarily. 'Part of it, anyway.'

I slid my body sideways on the bed, then rolled and planted my right elbow between his thighs so that I was looking up at him and he could see me clearly. I wrapped my hand back around the shaft of his cock and stroked it a few times while he moaned.

I had never really had the opportunity to study other men's equipment before, other than internet porn. And never from this close. Ravens cock was beautiful and I told him so. A bit over six inches long or so and quite thick. My fingers were just a bit shy of being able to wrap all the way around it. He was uncut, as I was, and the skin on his prick slid up and down easily, covering and exposing the large purplish head. I could see the precome oozing out of the slit at the top, lubricating him in expectation. I leaned forward, the scent of him filling my sinuses with an intoxicating aroma.

'Have you had your cock sucked before?' I asked.

Raven moaned and nodded.

'Did they ever let you come in their mouth?'

He groaned aloud and his hips churned. 'No. Never.'

I smiled. 'Then you are in for a treat. I know how good that feels. Let me know what you think.'

He just said 'Oh god.'

I ran my tongue up and down his shaft a few times, then pulled back his foreskin all the way and sucked the head of his cock into my mouth. Never having done this kind of thing before, I was a bit surprised. Both at myself and how it felt. The head of Ravens cock felt like a billiard ball in my mouth, he filled it so completely. I kept my jaws wide open so as not to scratch him with my teeth and breathed through my nose. I rubbed the head against the roof of my mouth and ran my tongue around and around the best I could.

I worked out sort of a rhythm, bobbing my mouth on him a few times, then taking it out and running my tongue around the head. Then I would make my lips as tight as I could and suck him back into my mouth. All the while my hand was stroking up and down his shaft. My other hand was between his thighs, cupping his balls in my palm and squeezing them gently.

Raven just moaned and said 'Oh god... oh god...' over and over and his hands clenched the sheets so hard his knuckles were white. His hips rolled and thrust up into my mouth. I kept my hand tight on his shaft to keep him from choking me. I was obviously no porn star. No way in hell I would ever be able to get his entire length into my mouth!

In reality, it probably only took a minute or two. Subjectively, it was one of those timeless moments. I was so concentrated on giving my lover as much pleasure as I could that it felt like I had been sucking his cock forever. And not in a negative sense. I had slipped away into a zone and all I wanted to do was make him come. That was all that mattered in the world at that moment.

So an eternity or a few moments later, Raven began thrashing about, his legs stiff as boards. He pulled at the bunched up sheets with both hands and he cried out and bucked his hips upwards and came in my mouth. I held him tight with my hand on his shaft and my lips sealed around his head as he squirted and squirted stream after stream of come into my throat. I hesitated for just a fraction of a second, then started swallowing his come down just as fast as he spewed it into my mouth. Raven trembled and shook and cried out again and again as he came.

Holding him tight in my mouth, I held still until the flow of his jism had stopped. I ran my tongue around the head of his cock one more time which made him twitch and moan then pulled him slowly from my lips, releasing him with a little pop. I planted one more kiss on the head of his prick then let it flop back down on his belly while he lay there and panted. Stopping for a moment, I savored the aftertaste of his come on my tongue. It was a bit salty, as I had heard, but the look on his face and the ferocity of his orgasm made it also taste very sweet.

I though that went well. Both for my first time and his. I turned around and crawled back up alongside Ravens body. He turned and put a hand on my chest so I laid on my back and he snuggled into my shoulder and laid his head on my chest. I slid my arm around his back and could feel his ribs moving as he still tried to catch his breath. My arms around him, I held him and patted him until his breathing slowed a little, then lowered my head and kissed the top of his head as it lay on my chest.

'You okay?' He nodded.

'Was that all right?' Raven almost purred and stretched like a cat and kissed my chest lightly.

'That was awesome.' he murmured. He lifted his head and looked up at me. 'I never knew that could feel so good. It never did before. Can I do that to you, too?'

I leaned down and kissed him and said 'You can if you want to, Raven. And I sure wouldn't tell you no. After all, you said you wanted to know what it felt like...'

He nodded and said 'I do! I've wondered about that for a long time... what it would be like. How another man's cock in my mouth would feel. Making love to him with my mouth...' He looked up at me again and said 'Was that your first time?' I nodded and he asked 'What did it feel like?'

I pondered for a moment and said 'At first, it felt like I was giving you a gift. Like I was giving you some part of me that was just for you, and nobody else. Then I started to really enjoy the fact that it was giving you so much pleasure. In the end, even if I didn't come, it felt like I enjoyed it just as much as you seemed to.' I leaned down and kissed him again and said 'And I plan on doing it again as many times as I can in the future. Does that answer your question?'

The young man nodded and brushed his lips against my chest again, then looked up at me and said 'Alex? Can I suck your cock?'

A thousand replies to that question burst to the front of my mind, but none of them seemed suitable. I just nodded.

Raven slid his body down until his head was laying on my lower belly, just above my prick. My hardon had subsided a bit and it lay flat on my belly. But as I felt his fingers running lightly over the skin of my shaft, the blood rushed in and in no time it was standing tall and erect again. I felt his warm fingers wrap around the shaft and he stroked me gently. I groaned.

Still holding my prick in his hand he exclaimed 'My god! It's so big!' He looked at me and said 'Are you sure it will fit in my mouth?'

'I'm sure it will fit. It's not as big as you think.'

'You have a beautiful cock, Alex.' He laid his head back down on my belly again as he stroked me softly. 'It's beautiful and frightening at the same time.' He brought his lips down and ran them up and down my shaft, his hot little tongue darting out, feeling like a candle flame on my skin. I groaned again at the sensation and my hand roamed up and down his fine strong back. He said 'Mmmm..' in the back of his throat as he licked up and down my shaft, getting closer and closer to the tip each time. Then I felt his hand pulling down on my foreskin, exposing the head of my prick. He said 'Mmmm..' again and I could feel his hot tongue lashing the sensitive head all over.

I groaned again and said 'That feels really good, Raven.'

He slid his arm across my hips and raised himself up on his elbow and I could see his head lower and felt him take the head of my cock into his mouth.

I reached up and bunched the pillow up under my head so I could see better. At first, all I could see was Ravens strong back and the top of his head as it bobbed up and down in my lap. Then I glanced up and looked in the mirror on Sandy's dresser. It was in the perfect position and I could see everything. The combination of the two views of this hot young man sucking my cock was very erotic.

What can I say about that first time? I'm not really sure, but I'll give it my best shot. I can say, without trying to sound like I'm bragging, that I have gotten a lot of blowjobs in my life. Not as many as some, but more than the average man, I'd say. In my youth while in the armed services I'd been many places and been with many women. I'd gotten head from brown skinned tiny southeast asian girls and the pale and dark eyed japanese girls. I tripped around Australia, Germany, the Netherlands and England and even once to Scotland where there was this fiery little redhead..... Hmmmm.....

And years later when I met and married Sandy the tally just kept piling up. She had the warmest mouth and the most talented lips of any woman I had ever met. Just thinking about her going down on me made me want to pop. And the other women we met and took to our bed together... it was quite a collection to compare with.

But that first time with Raven was like it was the first time all over again. As soon as I felt his lips close around my prick and felt his hot tongue chasing around in there I had to fight to keep from coming almost immediately. He made little noises in the back of his throat as he sucked on me and the extra vibration sent little chills all the way down to my toes.

One of my hands went to the back of his head, not pushing or controlling his pace, just caressing him gently with my fingers entwined in his hair. My other hand slid down his back, feeling the muscles ripple until it settled on his fine firm ass. I cupped one of his buttocks in my palm and squeezed it gently. At my touch on his ass Raven moaned around his mouthful of cock and the sensation made my hair stand on end. I broke out in goose bumps all over.

Raven glanced up and could see me watching him in the mirror. He took my cock out of his mouth and ran his lips and tongue all the way up from the base to the head. He kissed the tip of my prick and, still looking at me in the mirror, asked 'Am I doing it right?'

I groaned and said 'Oh god, yes. That feels wonderful, Raven. Mmmmm!' I moaned as he sucked me back into his mouth. I said 'It feels so good it's all I can do to fight coming in your mouth right now.' My cock popped out his mouth again and he looked up at me in the mirror, his hand still stroking up and down the shaft. He said 'Don't fight it. I want you to come in my mouth, Alex. Let me taste your come..' and he took me back deep in his mouth and sucked my prick with abandon.

There's only one way to respond to that sort of statement.

I lay back on the pillow and surrendered to the pleasure. His soft warm hand tightened on my shaft as it moved up and down and his mouth moved faster and faster. My pelvis was undulating beneath him, bucking my cock up into his hot sucking mouth. I found that my hand was clenched in his hair and with an effort I released it and moved it down to his shoulder. My other hand was gripping his warm ass cheek so hard I thought I might leave bruises from my fingers.

Very quickly I lost all track of what the rest of my body was doing. My whole existence centered around the head of my cock slipping in and out of his wonderful mouth and his warm strong hand gripping my shaft in his fist. My vision grayed out a little and I thought I might pass out as little stars started popping before my eyes. I could hear someone moaning aloud and realized it was me.

Finally I couldn't hold back any longer. I cried out, lifted my hips up into his mouth and came. Raven gave a little squeak as the first salvo of my come jetted into his mouth, then I felt his lips tighten as he started swallowing my come. The increased suction made me feel like my whole body was on fire and I came again and again into his sweet sucking mouth.

I cried out and moaned and my body twisted back and forth. Raven held on like a rodeo rider, his lips never leaving my cock as he sucked and swallowed.

A seeming eternity later the flow of my come trickled to a stop. Raven kept moving his lips up and down my prick, making little electric shocks run up and down my spine. Finally I twined my fingers in his hair and pulled him gently away, saying 'Oh shit. Stop. You're going to give me a heart attack if you keep that up.' He released my cock from his mouth with one last kiss on the tip and a warm squeeze from his hand that made me shiver.

He climbed off of my body and lay on his belly next to me, up on his elbows. He kissed my ribs gently, making me break out in goose bumps all over again. I panted and wheezed like the old man that I was. I could feel sweat trickling down through my hair and I shivered, partly with the chill and mostly with post coital pleasure.

'Was that okay?'

I will have to admit that that was just about the silliest question I had ever been asked in my life up to that moment.

I rolled over and grabbed his ears in both of my hands and kissed him hard. I had a fleeting thought of the fact that I had just come in his mouth and he in mine. I growled against his lips and kissed him harder. Raven moaned into my mouth and I could see his hips roll lazily against the mattress.

As I released him I said 'Does that answer your question?'

We lay there for a few minutes quietly until I felt myself starting to doze off. Sandy had always given me a hard time about falling asleep after sex. It was just a natural reaction to the release of tension. She never bought my explanation and still gave me a good natured ribbing about it. But I noticed that at least half of the time she was the first one to drift off....

I leaned over and kissed Ravens forehead as he lay next to me. I could taste the sweat on his brow on my lips. I reached down and swatted him playfully on the ass and said 'We're both all sweaty. Let's jump in the shower.'

I had ulterior motives. I always did. Playing in the shower with my partner was always one of my favorites. It was just so much fun getting soapy and rinsing off and squirming around together. Actually having sex in the shower was difficult and a little bit dangerous and sometimes nearly impossible unless you were both the same height. But as foreplay or after play or even in between play it was a lot of fun. To that end I had installed a large garden tub big enough to fit three people in a pinch and screened it for use with the shower. It had one of those big rain box type shower heads that put out a wide spray of water. The whole project was pretty expensive, but it had been well worth it in the end.

I stepped into the tub and got the water going. Raven came in and slid the door shut behind him and stepped into my arms under the warm spray. His head rested against my chest as I held him and I turned us around and around until we were wetted down thoroughly. Then I turned him until his back was against my chest. Flipping his longish hair to the side, I brought my mouth down on the side of his neck and nibbled the soft flesh there. Raven put a hand to the side of my head and moaned and shivered. For the first time since I was a teenager I thought about leaving a hickey on somebody's neck. But I decided that it probably wouldn't be a good idea. I smiled as I imagined him trying to explain to Mom and Dad where that one came from!

I grabbed the shampoo bottle and lathered him up and rinsed his hair out thoroughly. Then I took the liquid soap and worked up a good lather in a washcloth and started methodically scrubbing his entire body. It was all I could do to keep his hands off of me while I worked. He kept distracting me. And working over that sweet body was distraction enough. I lathered him up from his chin all the way down to the soles of his feet. I washed his balls and between the cheeks of his ass (which made him gasp a little) and pulled back his foreskin and washed his beautiful cock, which quickly got hard in my hands. Then I turned him and just as methodically rinsed all of the soap off of his body. I moved him back and forth and around until he was squeaky clean again.

Turning the knob, I made the spray just a little bit hotter and moved us both underneath it. From behind him, I grabbed both of Ravens hands and placed them flat against the wall of the shower. Flipping his hair to the side again, I planted my lips on the back of his neck and kissed him. I could feel him shiver just a little. I kissed him slowly down his spine, my hands moving down his sides until they rested on his hips and I was on my knees behind him, with my chin just above the crack in his cute little butt.

I slid my hands around to his ass cheeks and parted them and started running my tongue up and down the crack of his tight ass. I moved lower and lower until I was running my tongue right over his little virgin rosebud. I licked around and around it, then pressed the tip of my tongue right to his opening.

Raven said 'Ah!' then 'Oh! What are you...' then Oooohhh..' again as my tongue slipped into his ass.

It couldn't go very far in, just a little past the opening, but it served to give him a gentle introduction to anal sex. Just enough to open him up a little and get used to the idea of being penetrated. I'd done this before to girls that I had been to bed with. Some had liked it, some hadn't.

You just never knew until you tried.

I moved my tongue in and out of his tight little pucker until I could feel his hips start moving on their own. He was gently pressing back into me as I entered him. I could hear him making little sounds of pleasure.

Seeing that it was going well, I passed a hand between his thighs and took hold of his prick in my hand. He was hard as a rock and standing tall and stiff. Holding his ass cheek in one hand and his prick in the other I started stroking his meat in time with my tongue entering his sweet backside.

Ravens hips twitched and his moans increased in tempo and volume. He started bucking his hips back and forth between my tongue in his ass and my hand stroking his hard prick. One of his hands went to the back of my head and I felt his ass cheeks start tightening up, almost cutting off my air supply. I squeezed him tighter and drove up into him as far as I could and all of the sudden Raven cried out and shook all over and I could feel his warm sticky come dribbling down my fingers.

I held him with my hands as he sagged a little. Then I kissed my way back up his spine and ended with another long warm kiss on the back of his neck. He shivered again at the feeling of my lips on his neck.

He just stood there for a moment saying 'Oh my god... oh my god...' over and over again. I got him turned and sat him down on the edge of the tub while I stepped under the spray and washed off.

When I was clean again, I turned off the water and got us large fluffy towels and started drying him off. I said 'Was that okay?'

He looked at me and said 'Is that what it feels like?'

I nodded and shrugged. 'Kind of like that. Different but the same, if you know what I mean. But it does tell me one important thing...'

'What's that?'

'That even if it does hurt a little bit the first time, you are going to end up liking it. So you don't have to worry about that any more.'

I grabbed another towel out of the stack and pulled him back into the bedroom. When we reached the bed, I folded back the comforter and the top sheet and slid them to the other side of the bed and spread the towel out on the mattress. I patted the towel and said 'You. Right there. Face down.' Raven looked a little dubious, but he crawled up on the bed and lay down.

I slid open the drawer of my night stand and dug around. We always kept a good supply of different lubes and massage oils on hand. Even when we weren't having sex, a nice long backrub was always appreciated. I thought it would be fun and relaxing to give this hot young man a good long massage. And maybe, if I got lucky, I'd need the lube, too! I could feel my cock twitch as I thought about fucking him.

Woof! I was turned on. I knew some of it was just the thrill of having a new partner in my bed. Variety was always a turn on. And the other part was that he was not only sexy and incredibly hot but a virgin in the anal sex department as well. Well, practically a virgin, anyway. As I straightened with the stuff in my hand to fetch a cup of hot water to warm them up in, I looked down at Ravens hot little body as he lay face down on the bed.

Those strong legs and thighs. The nice plump curve of his ass sticking up there. That nice well muscled back. The strong arms that pillowed his head.

And the fact that he was stone asleep. Ravens mouth was slightly open and he was snoring gently. I guess that was partly my fault. The excitement of the day added to the two orgasms in about twenty minutes must have left him pretty drained, so to speak. Ah, well.

I set the lubricant and the massage oil down next to the sink. Hopefully we would want them later. I reached over him and pulled the covers over his body so he wouldn't get cold. He murmured sleepily and said 'Alex... that feels so good...' I smiled and kissed his temple and let him sleep.

I slipped into my sweat pants and a t-shirt and padded down the hall to my computer nook. Opening my email program, I started composing a letter to Sandy. I knew she always had her laptop with her when she traveled. Looking at the time, I figured she was already in Atlanta and probably either eating dinner or resting in her hotel room right about now.

Sandy- Remember what I said about those new urges I had been feeling? Well, it seems that I found someone to try them out with. Completely by accident. I guess you could call it serendipity. I did, anyway. He's rather young. But completely legal sized, if you get my drift. But young enough to make me feel like a dirty old man. You have got to meet him. I think you will like him a lot. I know I do. Very intelligent and a hottie to the nth degree. Letting him sleep it off a bit right now.

Just thought I'd let you know that I'm not just sitting home alone with nothing to do. Think this weekend anyway will be something to tell you about when you get home. I'll enjoy giving you all the details.

Enjoy the convention and don't work too hard. I'll blow you a kiss every night.

All my love, -Alex

I hit the send button and sat there for a minute cleaning out the junk mail from my inbox, then trolled around the internet for a bit. A few minutes later the little chime sounded that announced I had new mail. There was a reply from Sandy in my inbox!

Dear Alex- You are a dirty old man and I love you for it. Make sure you take plenty of notes. Maybe even a picture or two? I will want to hear all of the details. Every last one of them. I feel better knowing that you have someone to share your time with while I'm gone. Remember to pace yourself. And make sure you both get something to eat. And I mean food! I'll be blowing kisses for both of you back every night.

Missing and loving you, -S

Can you see why I love her so much?

Pictures, hmmm? Yeah, I could do that. If Raven was into it, anyway. We had both a digital camera and a digital video cam with a huge memory card in it. The thing would hold almost two hours of video. It was a fairly new acquisition and we hadn't used it much. I got the card out and made sure it was empty and the batteries were charged in both cameras.

I could think of a special event that I would love to have a film of.....

About two hours later I was still sitting there, just doing nothing in particular. I had gone to a couple of my favorite porn sites but with that gorgeous naked young man sleeping in my bed a few yards away, the men on those sites looked..... artificial. I had a feeling I wouldn't be going back to those sites anymore. Not if things worked out the way I hoped they would.

I heard a noise behind me and a pair of warm strong arms came around my shoulders from behind and I felt a kiss on the top of my head. I kissed ravens bicep as it lay next to my cheek, then pulled on his arm so he came around. I slid my chair back and he climbed into my lap, his arms around my neck and his head resting on my shoulder. Raven was dressed in his boxers with his shirt on but unbuttoned. I'd have to dig him out something to wear. I patted his back as he snuggled into my lap.

'Sorry I fell asleep on you, Alex.'

I patted him and said 'No worries. I probably should have taken a nap, too. It's been a busy afternoon.'

'When I first woke up, I thought it had just been another dream. I was so disappointed.... Then when I realized that I was laying naked in your bed...' His hips squirmed a little against my crotch. 'I remembered what we did in there... how good it felt.' He shivered a little and lifted his head and looked at me. 'I almost laid in there and jerked off, just thinking about it.'

I kissed him and said 'You could have if you wanted to, Raven. But it sure would have been a waste. I'd hate to think of you coming without me.' His mouth came down on mine and we kissed and just reveled in the feeling of each other's bodies for a few minutes. Raven was still sleep-warm and his hair had that 'I just got fucked' messiness to it that was so sexy. My own hair was only about a quarter inch long and didn't give away any such telltale signs. It was so much easier to keep up that way.

When he finally managed to pull his lips away from mine, Raven looked at me and said 'I.... I thought you.....' His face went red again and he ducked down and buried his face in my neck again.

I patted his back gently. 'You thought what?' I suspected I knew what he was trying to say.

'I thought we.... I mean you..... were....' he stuttered. I squeezed him in my arms and patted his back again.

'You thought I was going to fuck you?' He nodded against my neck and I could feel another little tremble run through his body.

'That had been my plan but you fell asleep.' He lifted his head from my shoulder and started to say 'I'm s...' but I put a finger against his lips. 'It's okay. Don't worry about it.' I looked at him and said 'Do you have to be anywhere today or tonight or even tomorrow?'

Raven shook his head after a moment. He looked down at himself and said 'I probably should get some clean clothes and maybe my toothbrush, but other than that, no. I don't have to be anywhere until Monday morning.'

I laid my hand against his warm chest and said 'You can go get stuff if you really want to. As long as you promise to come back, anyway.' His eyebrows went up and he nodded and nodded. I held up a finger and said 'But I am more than happy to let you wear some of my clothes. I have plenty. And think about this for a moment... Just a couple of hours ago you had your cock in my mouth and mine was in yours.' I slipped a hand inside his shirt and pinched his nipple with my fingers and he shivered again. 'And not long after that I stuck my tongue in your ass.' Raven moaned lightly and his face flushed.

'Do you think I'm going to worry about you using my toothbrush?'

He looked at me for a second with his mouth hanging open then he burst out laughing. I joined him.

When we had both calmed down a little, I turned him in my lap and showed him both the email I had sent to Sandy and her reply. He read and told me 'She sounds like a great woman. I can't wait to meet her. I sure hope she likes me.' Then he read her reply again and said 'Pictures?'

I shrugged. 'If you're up to it. I'd love to send her a pic of who I'm spending my time with. I think she'll be jealous.' I waved a hand. 'Nothing racy if you don't feel up to that. Just a shot of your face if you want. Or maybe that hot sexy body of yours....' My hand slid down over his belly and cupped his prick in my palm. He started getting hard immediately. 'Or maybe a close-up of that awesome hard cock...' Raven moaned and his hand went down on top of mine.

'You can take all the pictures you want, Alex.' he husked. 'Anything you want....'

I just held my hand still and squeezed his prick gently. I didn't want things to get out of hand (so to speak) just yet.

'On that note, I have a proposition for you.'

'Anything you want, Alex.'

'You told me that you had never been to bed with a man before.'

'No, never.'

'And you have never been fucked by a man before.'

He moaned and shivered. 'No, never.'

'How would you like to leave here with a video of your first time?' Raven moaned louder and shivered again and his prick jumped around in my hand. He turned in my arms, making my hand slip away from his prick. Right before his lips came down on mine again he whispered 'Anything you want, Alex.'

And that settled that.

Deciding that it would be a good idea to slow things back down a little, I pulled Raven into the kitchen and put is together some dinner. Being as it was a cool fall evening, I ended up making us grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. It was a good chilly weather meal. While we ate Raven told me about his job with Memetech and how much money he was making there. I was startled. It didn't seem to matter that much to him, but from the sound of it I was sleeping with the next internet millionaire. I suspect that he was so young that the amount of money he was making didn't really make that much sense to him.

With a small twinge of regret, I imagined that it wouldn't be too much longer before Raven decided to shake the dust of rural Kansas off of his shoes and head for sunnier climes. With his talent, I figured he would be moving on and up in the world soon. But I was determined to enjoy our time together. I would be happy to see him be a huge success, but I would sure regret him leaving!

After supper Raven brushed out his hair and I took a few closeup pics of his face. Then we went down to the bedroom and, under my directions, he posed laying on his side with his shirt half open, then all the way off. After the first few pictures he kind of got into it and started posing just for me. He slid his boxers off a bit at a time teasingly, to show me his fine hard prick and his naked body. He rolled this way and that, making little comments while I snapped picture after picture. Finally he rolled over on his stomach with his legs slightly spread. He looked over his shoulder at me and said 'This is just like in my dream. Would you like me like this, Alex?' Then he rose up on his knees. With his head and shoulders down on the mattress, Raven spread his legs wide, with his ass and hard prick showing clearly and said 'Or would you prefer taking me this way?'

I had to stop before I started drooling on myself. My cock was so hard I thought it might snap off. I set the camera down and stepped up to the side of the bed. Raven rolled on his side and reached out for the bulge in the front of my sweats. He squeezed my hard prick and said 'I could help you with that.'

I said 'Do you want me to come in your mouth?' Raven nodded and started pulling at the waistband of my pants and he inched closer on the bed.

'Or would you prefer that I came in your ass?' He froze for a second and I could see the flush spread from his face down to his chest and his nipples went rock hard. Ravens mouth came open and a small moan escaped. His ass cheeks were clenched up hard.

'Oh god, Alex.' he panted. 'You get me so hard. How do you do that?' He looked up into my eyes, his hand still wrapped around my prick through the thin material of my sweats. 'I want you to fuck me, Alex. I want you to fuck me in my ass.' He flushed an even deeper red as the words left his mouth. 'I've wanted it for so long....'

A few minutes later Raven was back face down on the towel in the middle of the bed and I was slowly massaging warm oil into his skin. I just loved doing that. It was sensual and it slowed things down and a relaxed and happy partner is always preferable to one who isn't. And I knew from first hand experience that you just couldn't have anal sex with an uptight partner. Not willingly, anyway. It was no fun for anybody. Especially not the first time.

So I pushed and pulled and kneaded on his muscles, rubbing oil onto his skin until he was as limp as a dishrag. I complimented each part of his body as I got to it and made him blush several times. I don't think he was used to that sort of thing. I kept up a conversation about his body and how I wanted him to relax, taking his mind off of what we were about to do. I knew the back of his mind was still quite aware that I was going to fuck him when I was done, but I kept the front of it busy so his body could relax.

My nightstand was now pulled out by the side of the bed with a cup of warm water for the oil and lube and the video camera whirring away recording the event. The insatiably greedy part of my mind wished I had multiple cameras pointed in different angles. That would certainly be something!

Once I had Raven nice and relaxed I moved down his body until I was straddling his knees and began concentrating solely on his firm taut buttocks. I squeezed and rolled them in my hands, parting them and blowing a stream of cool air in between them and on his sensitive asshole. He sighed and rolled his hips at my touch. I slid my fingers up and down the crack of his butt, never lingering at his entrance but just gliding over it now and then. Slowly getting him used to the idea of me touching him there.

Finally I decided that he was ready for his first (well, second) anal penetration. I got a good sized dollop of the warm lube and smeared it in between his cheeks, making smaller and smaller circles around his wrinkled brown eye until my finger came to rest at his opening. I held still for just a moment, then gently pressed forward, burying my finger in him only up to the first knuckle.

Ravens tight ring of muscle guarding his anus spasmed around my finger and he said 'Oh! Ah! Oh!' then 'Aaaahhh....' as the muscles relaxed slightly and my finger slid all the way into his ass. I moved it around and Raven sighed and cooed and wiggled his hips.

'Feel okay?'

He sighed and pushed back against me and said 'Feels wonderful! Ooohhh.... Better than I thought it would. Aaaaahhh... Is that just your finger? It doesn't hurt at all..... Ooooo...'

'Hold still. I'm going to slide in another finger, then.' I slid two fingers slowly up his wiggling butt and he moaned deep in his chest.

'Oh god, Alex...' he panted. 'That feels so good. Ooohhhh...' I slipped the two fingers all the way up inside of him and turned them around and moved them to open him up and get the muscles used to the intrusion. Raven panted and moaned and ground his pelvis against the mattress.

After a few moments of that he looked over his shoulder and panted 'I want you to fuck me, Alex.'

I rose up on my knees behind him, my hard cock standing out from my crotch like a flagpole. I said 'Are you sure?'

As he saw my erect prick, hard and waiting to take his ass he moaned again and got an almost panicked look in his eyes. His sphincter tightened up hard around my fingers, then relaxed again. He said 'Yes. And no. Maybe. God, I don't know. I want you inside me so bad.... But you're so big I'm afraid you'll split me open. I don't know. I've dreamed about getting fucked for so long...... I want it but I'm afraid....'

I stroked his thigh with my free hand and said 'I won't hurt you, Raven. Not intentionally, anyway. I want this just as bad as you do, believe me! I want it to feel good and I want to do it again and again...' I patted his hip and said 'Get up on your knees. That will help some.'

With my fingers still buried in his ass, Raven got up onto his knees with his legs spread and his face still down on the mattress. Just like he had posed for me a few minutes ago.

Very nice.

The new position eased some of the pressure and let him open up a little easier. I knelt up behind his ass and smeared a generous dose of the lube on my prick as it quivered in the air just inches away. I slipped my fingers part of the way out and put some more lube on them and slid them back inside, making sure he was as slippery inside and out as possible. Then I slipped my fingers out of his hole and pressed the head of my cock quickly into the opening before he could tighten up again. I slid in about half an inch before encountering resistance and I slowly gently pressed forward while he gasped and moaned beneath me. After a couple of agonizingly slow moments, the head of my cock slipped past the ring of muscle and into his ass. Raven gasped and cried out and he froze. I held still, my hands on his hip bones and just waited.

As his body started to relax to the intrusion, I slowly slid deeper and deeper into his ass. Raven groaned and shivered. When I was about halfway in, I laid a hand on his back and asked 'You okay?' He nodded weakly and said 'It hurts... some. But it's not too bad. Oh my god, you're so big! It feels like you are tearing me apart back there..... I don't think I can take all of you inside me...' As he was talking I was pushing forward slowly, feeding more and more of my prick into his backside until his warm soft ass cheeks pressed into my belly. I pulled back on his hips and slid the last half an inch up into him and said 'There! I'm all the way inside of you. Whoo!'

The feeling of having my cock inside his ass was making me sweat. It was so tight and so hot in there. The muscles inside his channel rippled up and down the length of my prick. I didn't think I had ever felt anything before that was that good. I had to bite my lip to keep from shooting off inside him right then and there.

I held my hips still and my thumbs rubbed the small of his back, helping him to relax. I could see his ribs moving in and out and the muscles of his back flexing as he panted and made little sounds of mixed pain and pleasure.

I said 'Now both of our dreams have come true, Raven. You're getting fucked by another man and I'm fucking one. And it feels better than I had ever hoped or dreamed it would be.'

Slowly, I slid back out of him about an inch then slipped back in. Raven grunted softly and pressed his ass back into me. I kept the pace slow, pulling out just a little more each time before sliding back in until I was stroking almost my whole length in and out of his tight clenching asshole. As I slid back into him, Raven would push back into me, each time grunting a little as I slid all the way home.

When the sounds he was making turned more to pleasure I suddenly stopped and held him in place. Raven wiggled his butt against me and before he could say anything I leaned over and said 'That was my dream. Now it's time for yours.' I leaned against his hips and pressed down on his back until he slid down and lay on his belly on the mattress and I came down on top of him, my prick still planted deep in his backside. Ravens ass was like a warm soft pillow beneath me. I pressed his legs together with my feet and pushed up into him as far as I could go.

I lay my body down on top of his, resting some of my weight on my elbows and buried my lips in the back of his neck. When I kissed him there Raven shivered and moaned beneath me. His ass rippled on my impaling cock like a hungry mouth.

'Is this as good as your fantasy was?' I whispered into his ear. 'If you could just see this the way I do. It's just the way you described it to me. You are naked, laying face down on my bed. And I am laying on top of you, my cock buried all the way up your sweet tight little ass.... ' With that I rotated my hips and moved in and out of him just a little. Raven moaned and churned his ass back up into my thrusts. 'I'm fucking you in your ass, Raven Reilly. Is it as good as you dreamed it would be?'

Raven moaned again and said 'Yes.' Then he pushed back up into me again and said 'Yes! Oh god, Alex. It's better than I had hoped. Oh my god....' He began pushing his ass up into my cock harder. He said 'Oh shit. It feels like my ass is on fire. Ooohh god, I'm so full of your cock! And my cock is so hard it feels like it's going to burst....'

He grabbed my hand and pulled it up under his face and began kissing the palm and rubbing his cheek on it. His other hand was clenched tight in the sheet and he was pressing back into me harder and harder. He cried 'Oh shit! Fuck me, Alex! Fuck me fuck me fuck me!'

I dug into the mattress with my knees and elbows and started thrusting into his ass just as hard and as fast as I could. My own orgasm was rapidly approaching, I could feel the come rushing up my cock like a high speed train through a tunnel. Ravens hand clutched mine hard enough to hurt and he was hammering himself back into my thrusts and crying out, just one long cry of pleasure. Our movements got shorter and shorter and faster and faster until I felt his whole body tighten up beneath mine. Ravens ass cheeks and his already tight hole clamped down on my prick, trapping me deep inside of him as he shivered and cried out over and over again.

The increased pressure and his cries of ecstasy sent me right over the edge and I pushed into him as hard as I could and roared with delight and filled his wiggling ass with my come. I came so hard and spewed so much jism inside of him it felt like I might never stop. Like I would just keep coming inside of him until he burst.

Finally though, the flow of come trickled down and stopped. Ravens ass still rippled and spasmed around my impaling prick and made little shivers run up and down my body.

We were so tightly locked together it was like we had become one body laying there. Our lungs were laboring for breath in unison and we both panted so hard the bed was shaking. My ribs and chest were aching from the effort that I worried briefly and then thought 'What the hell. If it's my time, I can't think of a better way to go.'

But it wasn't my time, just yet. I'm pretty happy about that.

We lay there together until my prick softened and slipped back out of his ass. Raven squeaked and shivered again and his ass cheeks clutched at my prick like they were trying to keep me inside him.

Slowly, I levered myself up off of the young mans back. We were stuck together with sweat and other bodily fluids. I rolled over and flopped down beside him on the bed. Raven still lay face down with his head on his arms.

I laid my head up next to him and said 'You okay?'

Raven nodded, his face still hidden in his arms and said 'Mmmmm-hmmm..' Then he muttered something I couldn't hear. When I asked to repeat it he lifted his head and looked at me with a half smile half grimace on his lips and said 'I think you broke my ass.' And he half lifted himself off the bed and looked down at his belly and said 'If I don't move, I'm going to end up glued to this towel.' There was a huge puddle of come on the towel where he had lain and all in his pubic hair and smeared all over his belly. And obviously it wasn't all mine.

Groaning and squeaking like a much older man, Raven made his way to the bathroom and sat on the toilet while I got the shower running again. What the hell, we had an eighty gallon hot water tank so there was plenty. He sat there on the toilet and shivered and moaned a couple of times and said 'Oh my god. How much come is in there? It's going to be leaking out of me for a week!' I told him not to exaggerate.

By the time Raven stepped into the shower I had already cleaned myself up so I started on him again. Once again I washed him all over, being very careful of his sore and tender ass. And once we were clean and dry, we slipped into bed and covered up. Raven curled up under my arm, his damp hair spread across my chest.

He snuggled into me and kissed my chest lightly and said 'Thank you, Alex.'

'For what?'

'For making my dreams come true.'

And with that we drifted off to sleep.

Sunday morning I woke up after having a particularly erotic dream. I had the usual morning hardon with a little something extra. It took a moment for me to figure out what was going on. Raven was spooned up against my back with his hand wrapped around my cock.

Oh my... that felt good. But I really needed to pee. I disengaged his hand with a little smile of regret and slid out from under the covers. Raven grumbled sleepily and cuddled into the warm spot I had just vacated.

When I got back out of the bathroom I pulled my sweats on again and, as it was a little cool, added socks and a sweatshirt. I dug around in my dresser and got out another set of old comfy sweats and a t-shirt and socks and laid them on the bed for when my sleepy little lover decided to wake up.

I just looked at him sleeping there for a minute, then leaned over and kissed him gently on the temple. Raven stirred and grabbed my hand and kissed it. Still asleep and apparently dreaming, he murmured 'Love you, Alex.'

Somewhat startled, I just looked at him for a minute, then kissed him again softly and whispered 'Love you too, Raven.' He sighed happily and cuddled back down into the covers.

In the kitchen I brewed a pot of coffee then took a cup and went out to my computer.

There was an email from Sandy titled 'Status report, Mr. Sulu!' I grinned. The email said:

So???? How is it going?

I hit the reply button and wrote:

Having a wonderful time. Wish you were here. Really really wish you were here. On the other hand, the two of you together might drive me into an early grave. Here's some pics that you might want to open privately. His name is Raven, of all things. And when you come home I have a video that you definitely must see. Probably more than one by then.

Still loving and missing you- A

I attached a dozen of the better pictures to the email and sent it on it's way. Then I slipped quietly back into the bedroom and retrieved the video camera and slid the memory card into my computer to download the file. The sound and picture quality was excellent. I sat there and watched it all happen again with my mouth open slightly. I watched it up to the point where I said 'There! I'm all the way inside of you. Whoo!' then I had to stop. My prick was rock hard in my lap and I could feel myself almost starting to sweat.

I had a feeling that was going to become one of my favorite videos.

Before I got up from the computer I started a disk burning to make good my promise of giving Raven a copy. I wondered which one of us would watch it more.

Deciding a good breakfast was in order, I went into the kitchen and started things cooking. I made pretty awesome French toast (even if I did say so myself) and I set a package of sausage links to frying in a skillet. I debated on how much to make. I was pretty hungry after burning up all of that energy last night and I figured a young man like Raven still had a pretty healthy appetite so I cooked up the whole loaf of texas toast in the batter. As the batches were getting done, I was sliding them onto a cookie sheet in the oven to keep them warm.

I was just about to start the last batch and was thinking I should go roust my lover out of bed when I heard the toilet flush in the bedroom. A few moments later Raven walked into the kitchen, blinking sleepily and dressed in my clothes. He sniffed the aroma with a smile and said 'That smells great!' then he slipped under my arm as I cooked and gave me a warm kiss. I flipped the last bit of toast on the griddle, then reached down and cupped one ass cheek in my hand and gave it a squeeze as I kissed him back. I said 'Good morning, love.' Then I patted him on the ass and said 'Go sit down. Breakfast is almost ready.'

We both had a pretty good appetite, it seemed. We came close to finishing off all of the food I had made. Raven made several comments about my cooking, which made me quietly proud.

While we ate I told him about the email I had gotten from Sandy demanding details and the reply I had sent her with the pictures attached. He blushed a little when I mentioned the pictures.

'Did you send her all of the pictures we took?'

'No, not all of them.' I said, then grinned. 'But I did send her the best ones.'

Raven blushed a little more.

I couldn't help but add 'And I watched some of the video..'

He stopped with a bit of sausage halfway to his mouth and his eyes went wide. 'Oh my god! I forgot about that! You didn't send....'

I laughed and waved my hand. 'No, I didn't send her that. Too big to send in an email, anyway. But I did burn you a copy....'

After we finished eating Raven helped me clean up the mess. We were as giddy as newlyweds together. It took twice as long to clean up because we couldn't either one of us resist taking just a moment here and there to kiss or squeeze or fondle one another. I thought a couple of times we were going to end up screwing right there on the kitchen floor, but we managed, with difficulty, to restrain ourselves.

One of the things that saved us (or interrupted us, anyway) was the little chime that announced that I had new email. I rinsed off the last few dishes and stacked them in the drainer and all that was left was to wipe down the counters and the table. I told Raven to go check and see if that was a reply from my wife. When he said it was I said 'Tell me what she said!'

There was a few moments of silence, then I heard him say 'Uh....... Umm... Uh....' then he said 'Maybe you better come read this.' I was a little concerned as I wiped my hands and walked into the living room. Raven was sitting in my chair blushing furiously. I leaned over the back of my chair with my hands on his shoulders and read Sandy's reply.

OMG!!! He is so hot! And so young and pretty, too! I am so freaking jealous! O.... M..... G.... When I opened those pictures I had to stop and go take care of a little business, if you know what I mean. ;-p Too bad you didn't get any pics of the two of you together. I would love to see some of those. But if I did I'd probably jump on a plane and fly home right now. And you had better save that video for me!

I really really hope he likes girls too. Even just a little bit. Show him your 'special' file and let me know what he thinks!

Try your best to save some of your strength for next weekend. Just thinking about the two of you in bed is making me incredibly horny and I'm going to need a little help with that when I get back home. I can't wait to meet Raven and, if it works out that way, try him on for size myself. Tell him I think he's beautiful and hot and tell him I said thank you for making my husband so happy. See you in one week, love.

Loving you and a bit frustrated, -S

I kissed Raven on the top of his head and said 'I think she likes you.' I noticed that the CD drive was hanging open with the disk laying in the drawer. I took the disk out and pushed the drive shut. Grabbing a marker out of the coffee cup full of pens, I marked the disk 'R-1st time' and slipped it into a CD envelope. I laid it down on the keyboard in front of him and said 'This is your copy.'

Raven ran a finger over the disk envelope and said 'What 'special' file?'

That was one that I kept saved on my external hard drive. In case of a fire or some other disaster, I'd grab that drive and would have copies of the files I wanted more than anything else in the house. Reaching over Ravens shoulder, I grabbed the mouse and opened up the drive and navigated to that file. It held several hundred pictures, almost all solely of Sandy. The first dozen or so were pure vanilla. Just closeups of her face and pics of her on our wedding day and sitting on the porch, etc.

Raven flipped through the pictures. He said 'Wow. She's gorgeous!' He looked up at me and said 'You're a lucky guy.' I leaned down and kissed him and said 'I'm twice lucky. You're as hot as she is.' Raven blushed again and flipped through some more pictures. They got racier the further along you went. Sandy in her bikini. Then in some skimpy negligee'. Then completely naked. Some in motel rooms and some outside the house in the woods and some of her laying naked in the bed that Raven and I had just made love in a few hours ago.

I could see the front of Ravens sweats poking up as he started getting a hardon.

Yeah, she did that to me, too. I said 'Keep going.'

On and on they went. Pics of her little hand wrapped around my hard cock. Pics of her going down on me. Pics of her in bed with other women. Pics of her tied to the bed in various positions. Those were among my favorites. Sandy in handcuffs on her knees sucking my cock. Tied down to the bed and getting penetrated with toys in all of her holes. Pics of her with my cock in her mouth and in her pussy and in her ass. Raven kept whispering 'Oh my god!' The front of his pants was twitching as his prick jumped around.

When he got to the end of the pictures then there were the video files. I only had a couple of Sandy and me because we hadn't had the video camera very long. But they were just as hot, if not hotter than the pictures. In my opinion, anyway. While we watched Ravens breathing got a little ragged and he squirmed around in the chair. I ran my hands down his chest and took hold of his prick through the material of his sweats. It jumped around in my grip and Raven moaned, then grabbed my wrist. He said 'If you do that, I'm going to come in my pants.... Er... your pants.' So I pulled the chair back from the desk a little bit and came around and slid to my knees in between the chair and the desk. Reaching up under his ass, I pulled his pants down around his ankles, leaned in and took his hard cock in my mouth.

While Raven watched me fucking my wife I sucked his hard beautiful cock. And it didn't take him very long at all to spurt his come into my throat.

Afterward we went and arranged ourselves on the couch. I sat at one end and Raven lay with his head in my lap. He was still a bit out of breath and flushed from watching the videos and...other things. I laid one hand on his chest and the other one ran idly through his hair.

I said 'So, what do you think of Sandy?'

'She is extremely hot, Alex.' He glanced up at me and said 'I don't know why you are messing with me when you have her around.'

I grabbed him by the ear and tugged on it and said 'Because you are extremely hot too, young man. And I'm greedy and want all of the extremely hot people all to myself. Or at least,' I added 'One of each.' Raven chuckled lightly, then took my hand in his and kissed it.

I said 'You know if you hang around here, at least until next weekend, she's going to want to sleep with you. Are you okay with that?'

He nodded and looked up at me again. 'I think so, anyway. Are you okay with that?'

'Oh hell yeah. We've done threesomes before, but it's always been with another woman. Never with another man. Of course.... I don't know.... Maybe it isn't such a good idea...'

Raven looked a bit stricken and said 'What? Why?'

'Maybe if you get a taste of what it's like with a woman who really knows how, you won't be so interested in me anymore. You'll turn away from the dick and just be into pussy from now on.'

Raven cried 'No!' and spun around and wrapped his arms around my neck and buried his face in my shoulder. He said 'I wouldn't do that! Never!' He hugged me tight and I wrapped my arms around his back and held him to me. Raven muttered something unintelligible into the side of my neck. When I said 'What?' he muttered it again. I took hold of either side of his head and pulled him back until I could look into his eyes.

'One more time.'

'I.... I .. I love you, Alex.' he said softly.

I gathered his head back against my chest and held him tight.

'Love you too, sweet boy.' I whispered.

Well, I just had to stop and mull that one around a little bit. Did I love him? Was I in love with him or was I just in lust with him? Hell, I wasn't sure. The lust part was definite. All I had to do was think about Raven and I got an instant erection. Picturing in my minds eye that sweet face and that strong firm young body.... His soft skin and hot mouth and that awesome cock.... Those firm little buns and that tight willing and so hot ass..... Oh yeah. The lust part was solid.

But love? I wasn't sure. After all, I'd only really known him for about a day so far. Heck, it wasn't even lunch time yet! Not even twenty four hours. I guess, being older and more 'experienced' I approached love more cautiously than someone as young as Raven. Sure, I cared about him. I'd formed a strong attachment. His well being and happiness meant a lot to me already. I wanted him to have a good and full and happy life and I would help him do that all I could. The pragmatic part of my mind reminded me that some day he was going to move up and out into the world and probably leave me behind. He was, after all, pretty successful in his field and making money hand over fist. Why wouldn't he want to better himself?

That thought made me a little sad. But I knew that when and if the time came I would wish him well on his way.

Even though I still had Sandy in my life, I thought that it would be just a little emptier a world without Raven in it. Or my part of it, anyway.

Love him? Yeah. I guess I did.



After lunch we went for a short walk around the property. I showed Raven my workshop and he was awed at all the tools and equipment I had in there. His father, he told me, was a banker and had, as far back as he could remember, never made anything with his hands. But he was a good father, none the less.

Just the mention of Ravens parents made me a little uncomfortable. I knew in the back of my mind that if this turned into anything more than just a weekend fling, that eventually they would find out about me and start asking questions. They had to be at least close to my age. And from what he said they had no idea about their son's sexual preferences.

Oooo... that could get ugly. Especially in a small town like this. I wasn't looking forward to that confrontation.

I guess we would cross that bridge when we came to it.

We walked out to the back of the property and I showed him my favorite camping spot. A small stream ran through one corner of the property and I had claimed a spot alongside it in a little grove of trees. With my truck and a lot of muscle, I had hauled a small steel storage shed out there and set it up in the clearing, but concealed from casual view. The thing had a sturdy padlock on it and was sealed up and water tight, so it kept my stuff secure and dry. I had stashed a couple of different sized tents, some folding chairs, a propane stove, fishing poles and other gear, along with a case of those military MRE's that I got at an army surplus place in Chanute. All I had to bring was food, pretty much.

I hauled out a couple of chairs and we just sat and listened to the trickle of the stream for a little while.

After a couple of minutes in silence, Raven nodded his head and said 'This is really nice out here.'

I agreed. 'Calm, peaceful.'


'A good place to clear your mind.'

He looked up through the trees and said 'I'll bet you can see a bazillion stars at night.' I just nodded.

Raven reached out and took my hand. 'Can I come out here with you some time?'

I squeezed his fingers. 'Sure.' Then I looked at him and asked 'Have you ever made love outside under the stars?' His strong fingers clamped down on mine and he gasped a little and said 'Let's do that! Tonight! Can we?'

I was always startled by the impetuousness of youth. He lived his life so spontaneously, whereas I always planned ahead and did very little without reasoning it to death. Except for that first time taking him into my bed, of course. I hadn't planned for that at all.

I looked at Raven and said 'Are you sure you are ready for that again? You said you were a little sore this morning. We don't want to overdo it and I sure don't want to hurt you.'

Raven got up and stood in front of me with his hands on his hips and said 'Alex Summers, I have to go to work tomorrow morning. And I am not leaving here until you fuck me again. So if I'm late for work or just don't show up at all and get fired, it's going to be your fault!'

So that night we lay on a sleeping bag outside and looked at the stars. And as Raven lay on his back with his feet on my shoulders and the stars in his eyes, I drove my cock into his soft tight ass over and over again until his toes curled up tight and we came together with a combined cry of ecstasy.

It turned out that Raven and Sandy got along just fine. And it was a good thing that I had her as backup or that young man would have screwed me into the ground. Not that I would have minded that so much, you understand. It was a real good thing we bought that extra big bed when we did.

Right before Christmas Raven let the lease go on his apartment and moved the rest of his stuff in our house. His parents didn't take the news very well at first, as I had predicted. But he was persistent and eventually they came to realize that we had only his best interests at heart and what we all wanted was for Raven to be happy. It took some time, but they came to accept us along with his sexuality.

And, despite that almost obscene amount of money he was making as a software designer, Raven decided to stay right here in Kansas. We all still live in the same two bedroom house (although just a little more crowded with computer equipment now) but we purchased all the properties around us and replanted them with trees so we have much more room and much more privacy.

Our little camping spot still gets used at least once a month, when the weather is nice. We added a telescope to the gear stored out there. It seems Raven has taken an interest in Astronomy. He's always wanting to go stargazing.....



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