Hi! I'm Zef. Born Nov.5,1990. I started crushing on guys when I was about 8 years old. My Mom and Grandma raised me. I never knew my Dad, never seen even a picture of him. I am also an only child. When I was growing up. I was jealous of my friends. Every 'Family Day', all I have was my Mom. I see all my classmates, and all the other kids, with their Dads, and Brothers and Sisters. I asked my Mom, if I could have a Big Brother, she just laughed. I wanted a Dad, since forever. But I don't want MY Dad. I want my Mom to remarry, but, she didn't. She was very conservative, and not into sex. She would practically barf if she hears the word. But there is no doubt she's my Mom. My Grandma gave me everything I need. She was pensioned. My GrandDad, was a US Military officer back in the days of World War II. So my Grandma was really loaded with cash. We weren't rich. But we lived really comfortably. Growing up with two ladies as my guide, led me to the path of homosexuality. I mean, I wasn't really into guy stuff like, sports, bullying, and such. I was very shy, and I didn't have that much friends. Although I always hang out with the girls, talking about boys. It was easy living when I was a kid. No one ever prepared me for the Armageddon.

High School, was a breeze. I didn't even remember most of it. When I reached college, just before finals of my second year. My Grandma died. My Mom was not well, and so she couldn't work. We were just really relying on my Grandmas pension. But the death of a pensioned cuts the rainbow to the pot of gold. My Grandma's bank account was drained by my blood sucking uncles, and they drove us out of our home. They said that we didn't have any rights to be staying there anymore, now that grandma is gone. I decided to stop studying, and apply for work. I just turned 18, and I applied for a call center. I was immediately hired. I was put on a telco account. Sales. pay wasn't good. It was not enough for the bills, and the stress was too much. My manager cusses at me, if I was low on sales. I mean I understand that its her job to make sure I was selling, but it was recession that time, and money was really important for everyone, people wouldn't just buy black berries, nokias, and samsungs if I tell them so. I resigned. It was too much. I found another company, now it was satellite radio, Sirius. Now it's Sirius|XM, they merged. BUT! I was only able to last 15 months with them, cause, I got sick. Now, I'm jobless. My mom can't get a checkup. I am working for my aunt. I'm a maid. But atleast, I get free food, shelter, clothes, electricity, and a computer. I just wish I could give my mother a better life. When I was young, she worked her ass off, selling houses. And because I got ill with dengue, she had to use all the money that she saved to pay for the hospital bills, and to do some house renovations, to make sure that we won't get any mosquitos inside the house.

I am literally selling my soul to anyone who can get me out of the philippines, and into any other country that will give me the chance to earn and give my mom the best life she deserves. My mom doesn't know I'm gay, or at least I haven't admitted it to her yet. But being a mom, I know she knows. I love my mom. And I am willing to sacrifice my life for her.

Well, thanks for reading my dramatic life.

I'm trying to write a story about my highschool crush. I haven't experienced sex yet. But I think I'm a bottom. I know it will sound a little bit weird, but, if anyone wants to have a sex slave at night, get me inside the US, and give me allowance, and let me work in the mornings. Please e-mail me. I am a chub.



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