An actor is up for a featured role in a new movie. But an unscrupulous casting agent has a different, special role for him.

It was noon on Monday and Greg Vaughan had just returned from a weekend in Big Bear. He had unloaded his Toyota Land Cruiser before hopping into the shower. While drying off he noticed the message light blinking on his answering machine and, wrapping the towel around his waist he pressed the button and listened. It was a message from Brian Palmer, his agent. Another audition. Feature film. Hmmm... but this one sounded promising. The producers had actually expressed an interest in him and had asked specifically that he read for a part. This was great news.

Greg was in his mid-twenties, 6' and weighed about 175 pounds. He had green eyes and sandy blond hair that came down to his collar and frequently fell in his eyes. He had grown up in Dallas, Texas and had moved to Europe soon after high school to pursue a modeling career. He had some good success, too, but he had always wanted to be an actor and had moved to Los Angeles about four years earlier to pursue his dream. He had landed several national commercials and several guest roles in series. He had even been a semi-regular on a popular show the year before, but had been written out by the end of the season. Now he was starting all over again.

He looked at the clock on his nightstand. Shoot. They wanted him there at one o'clock and he was running late. No time to shave. He looked into the mirror. Hmmm... the day old stubble didn't look too bad. In fact, he usually looked better with a little facial hair. He towel dried his hair, ran some gel through it, and put on some deodorant. He went to his dresser and grabbed the first pair of clean socks and underwear he could find. He jumped into the loose faded jeans he had been wearing and, still pulling them up, hobbled over to his closet to find a shirt. He decided on drab olive, long-sleeved button down. He threw it on, dug out his black Doc Martens and glanced at his watch again. He would just make it. He grabbed his portfolio and ran out the front door.

When Greg arrived at the audition there were about 12 other guys in the room. Some of them looked familiar, but he couldn't be sure. He'd gone on so many auditions in the past couple of months that everyone was beginning to look familiar. Greg handed his photo and resume to the man at the window and the man handed him a packet. He went to take a seat, but instead started pacing the floor as he read through the various scenes he had been given. There was a group of five of the guys in one corner who kept looking over at him, laughing quietly from time to time and whispering. He had seen people do this before and figured there were just trying to psyche him out. A few more guys came in. Every few minutes a door would open and a young woman would come out and call a name or two. Thirty minutes later a man came out and looked around the room. Greg's name was called. The five guys in the corner snickered when they heard Greg's name. 'Have fun!' one of them yelled out. Greg looked back at the guys and smiled smugly, nodding his head toward them. He went through the open door where a man was waiting. He extended his hand. 'I'm Greg, nice to meet you.'

'I'm Steve,' the man replied, giving Greg a quick once-over. 'I'm the casting agent. It's nice to meet you, too. Go ahead and go to the second room on the right and have a seat,' he said, pointing Greg toward a door down the hall. 'I'll be there in a minute.'

'Sure. Thanks,' Greg said as he walked down the hall and into the room.

Steve Murphy watched as Greg walked down the long hallway. His ass looked nice in those jeans and Steve couldn't wait to see what the rest of him looked liked. He was excited. This guy was a god and he had some great plans for him. He was exactly what he and the director were looking for. Steve was familiar with some of the modeling work Greg had done and had seen him in several commercials as well as a few of his television appearances on the WB Network.

As he walked into the room Greg, already seated, turned his head and stood up. 'No, no,' Steve said, motioning for Greg to sit back down. 'Just make yourself comfortable. Please.' He sat down at the desk and opened Greg's portfolio.

'Have you had a chance to read over the plot synopsis and the scenes?' he asked.

'Yeah, a little. I got here a little late. I just got the message about an hour ago. I was out of town.'

Steve continued, pretending to only half-listen to what Greg was saying. He didn't want to appear too eager. 'The leads have already been cast, but today we're trying to fill in some of the key supporting players. The director would like you to read for the role of Bruce Winters.'

Greg flipped through the papers he was holding. 'Uh... Bruce Winters,' he said out loud. 'He's the rookie cop whose sister dies of a drug overdose so he goes undercover at a male strip club to bust the drug ring.' He smiled, running his hand through his hair. It sounded like a great part!

'That's right. The director and producers think you have the right look for the part and they want you to read for it.'

'Okay, that's great? What's the set-up?'

'It's scene number 6 in your packet. In the precinct just a few days after the funeral and you're trying to convince the brass that you can do the job,' Steve explained.

Greg nodded.

Steve continued. 'But your supervisors don't think you can do it. They think you're too close to the situation and that you're too young and inexperienced. But you're stubborn. And, to prove to them that you can do it, you decide to do a strip tease for them.' He put down his notes. 'Now, the question is, do you think you can do it?'

Greg ran his hand through his hair, nodding. 'Yeah, I do,' he said. 'I mean, I'm kind of nervous about the whole thing, but... well... I'm just a little nervous.'

Steve laughed good-naturedly. 'Don't worry about it, man. You should've seen some of the other guys who read for it. A couple even walked out when I told 'em they had to strip down in front of a bunch of guys.'

'Really?' Greg said. He looked a little uneasy. 'How many guys are they looking at?'

'Everybody out there,' Steve said, jerking his thumb toward the full waiting room. 'Plus about a half dozen guys who read yesterday.' Actually, Steve was lying. They were only interested in one guy: Greg. And they had a special audition lined up for him.

Greg sighed. 'Wow. I guess I've got my work cut out for me.'

'So,' Steve said matter-of-factly, 'what's it gonna be? You up for it or are you gonna bail?'

Greg's face lit up and he sat forward in his chair. 'No, I'm there. I'm up for anything. I think.' He sank back into his chair.

'Ah, you'll be fine,' Steve said smiling, slapping his hand across the top of his desk. Actually he was smiling because little did Greg know, the unsuspecting stud was about to become a star. But a whole different kind of star than he had ever imagined. 'Well,' he said gathering up Greg's picture and bio and standing up, 'we've got a room full of suits waiting for your audition.'

'Um, just one thing,' Greg said, blushing. 'I'm wearing briefs...'

'Is that going to be a problem?' Steve asked. 'I mean, they're not dirty are they?' He looked perplexed, but secretly he was pleased. While he would love to see this stud in any kind of underwear, he had a big thing for briefs. He only hoped they were white.

Greg shook his head and chuckled, 'no.'

'What then? Are you wearing a thong or something?' He laughed.

'No,' he stammered. 'It's just... well, they're tightie whities.' He leaned forward and looked Steve right in the eyes and tried to explain. Steve was trying to hide his glee. 'I was running late and they were the first thing I grabbed...'

Steve sighed. 'Well, I guess they'll have to do.'

Greg frowned. 'That's what I was afraid of. Look, I'm not too thrilled by the idea of pulling a 'Risky Business' in front of a bunch of guys. But if that's what I have to do get this part...'

'Sorry,' Steve said, shrugging his shoulders.

'Yeah,' Greg said, frowning. He took a deep breath and exhaled.

'How about a drink first?' Steve offered, opening a cabinet door to reveal a nicely stocked bar. Fuck! Inside he was ready to burst! This was going better than he had hoped. He hoped Greg would take the bait.

'Oh, yeah!' Greg said, visibly relieved. 'Man, if I'm gonna strip down in a room full of guys you can bet your ass I'm gonna have a drink first!'

Steve laughed. 'Well put! What do you want?' He couldn't believe this guy was playing right into his hands. This hot naïve stud's not going to know what hit him.

Greg pursed his lips and thought for a second. 'How about a vodka tonic.'

'You got it.'

'Could you make it a double?'

'No problem, man,' Steve replied, dropping ice cubes into a glass. He poured two big shots of Vox vodka into the glass and topped it off with the tonic water. He poured himself a glass of club soda. He looked over his shoulder and, seeing that Greg wasn't paying attention to him, reached into his pocket and withdrew a small vial of pills. Moving quickly he dropped three of the pills into Greg's drink and gave it a stir. They dissolved almost instantly.

'Here you go,' he said, handing the blond actor his drink. 'Cheers!'

'Cheers,' Greg replied and took a drink. He coughed and sputtered. 'Sorry,' he said, wiping his mouth.

'No, it's my bad,' Steve said apologetically. 'I have a heavy hand when I pour. Do you want me to make you another one? A little weaker maybe?' he offered.

'No,' Greg said, taking another sip, 'this is fine. Really. I have a feeling I'm gonna need it!'

The phone rang and Steve picked it up, listening for a few moments. He went to the other side of the room and spoke lowly so Greg couldn't overhear him. 'No, get rid of them. Yeah, all of them.' He glanced back at Greg, who was busy reading through the scenes. 'He's almost ready. Give us a few more minutes.' He mumbled something else and hung up. He turned to Greg. 'It looks like it'll be a few minutes before they're ready for us. They're still with the last guy. They'll call us.'

For the next few minutes Steve just made small talk as he waited for the drugs to kick in. The pills he'd slipped in the drink was something he had got from a dentist he knew. It was normally used to relax a patient, but in the dosage Steve had used in would not only relax Greg, but also lower his inhibitions, and make him open to suggestions. In addition, it would cloud his judgment and weaken him sufficiently so that he would be unable to resist or fight back.

After about twenty minutes Steve noticed a change in Greg. The blond stud looked a little more relaxed and his eyes were drooping. 'Whew, it's a little warm in here,' he said, his voice slurred.

'Ah, it's this building. You know, they call it a 'historical landmark,' but that just translates into 'old.' The air conditioner has a mind of it's own. I'll turn it up,' Steve said, but instead he turned the heat up a few degrees.

'Mmmm...' By now Greg had finished his drink and his movements had slowed down noticeably. He smiled and looked up at Steve. 'I feel weird,' he said, shaking his head. 'Warm...'

'You're just nervous,' Steve said. 'How about I give you a shoulder massage? You look like you could use one.'

Normally Greg would've declined a guy offering to massage him, but for some reason a shoulder massage sounded really good right now. He nodded slowly and Steve said, 'go ahead and take off your shirt.'

Greg stood up and wobbled. He gripped the back of the chair to regain his balance and then unbuttoned his shirt, fumbling with the buttons. The shirt slid off his broad shoulders and onto the floor. It was obvious that Greg spent time in the gym. He had a great six-pack and nice bulging pecs. His chest was tanned and smooth and his brown nipples jutted out. About two inches of his underwear was visible over the waist of his loose jeans and Steve could make out the 'Hanes' lettering on the waistband. He licked his lips.

'Do you shave your chest, Greg?' he asked, picking up the shirt and laying it on the desk.

'Yeah, I started shaving when I began modeling. It's sort of a habit now.'

Steve looked into Greg's soft green eyes. They were glazed. His lips were slightly parted and he was breathing slowly. He was just at the point of being out of it, Steve thought. He put one arm around Greg's shoulder and began running his other hand slowly and firmly over the dazed stud's naked chest, making sure to pay special attention to the pecs and nipples.

'Uunnhh...' Greg moaned lowly.

'Sorry,' Steve said, playing along.

'Mmmm... it's okay,' Greg slurred. 'I guess I must have sensitive nipples.' His face screwed up slightly. Why had he said that?

Greg's knees buckled slightly as Steve continued to trace his fingers around his nipples and he eased him back down into the chair. 'Here, man, why don't you sit down.' He went around the back of the chair and reached both hands over Greg. With the way Greg was sitting, Steve could see a few inches down the front of his loose jeans. Judging by the way his briefs were beginning to expand it looked like Greg was enjoying himself. Steve started at Greg's mid-section and slowly worked his hands up the pecs and to the jutting nipples. He rolled each between his thumb and forefinger.

Greg hissed lowly and threw his head back up, his eyes closed. When he opened them, he saw Steve gazing down at him and he blushed. 'Sorry... my head's buzzing from that drink. I guess I should've had some lunch before I came.'

'Don't worry about it,' Steve said softly, continuing to massage his pecs. He bent down and put his lips to Greg's ears and whispered, 'you know, you still look hot. Why don't you take your pants off? I think you'll feel better.'

'Okay,' Greg sighed, struggling to stand up again. It was obvious the drugs were doing kicking in because he didn't even think twice about taking his pants off. Steve helped him up and noticed the bulge in his crotch. Greg was oblivious.

'Here, let me give you a hand,' Steve said, reaching around and unbuttoning the jeans. Greg made no move to resist so Steve continued. He unzipped the pants and looked up at Greg. The dizzy stud's eyes were half closed. Steve began lowering the pants and then let them drop to the floor. Greg's white briefs were stretched tautly across his nicely shaped butt and stood out starkly against his tanned skin. Steve bent down to take off Greg's shoes and then helped the drugged man to remove the jeans.

Steve watched as the dazed stud wavered back and forth, his hands gripping the back of his chair for balance. The white full cut briefs really showed off his nice ass and impressive bulge. Steve copped a quick feel. Wow! It was quite a handful. Steve looked at Greg's face again. His half-open eyes were unfocused and Steve knew the blond hottie wasn't seeing much of anything at this point. He helped him walk over to a long wide wooden bench and sat him down. The bench was upholstered in a soft fabric and had thick cushions. He let Greg's body slump against his, his head lolling on his shoulders. Steve sat next to him, put his arm around his waist, and cupped his bulge. He squeezed slightly and ran his fingers over the stiffening shaft. Greg took a deep breath.

'What are you doing?' he asked, pulling away.

Steve held him firm. 'Just making you feel better. Don't you like this?' he whispered in his ear, his tongue licking at Greg's ear lobes. He continued the crotch massage. 'Doesn't it feel good?'

'Yessss...' Greg murmured. His head was buzzing and the room was spinning. The soft hands on his body felt really good, but something was wrong. He stood to his feet and wobbled unsteadily until he backed into the wall. 'Sorry, man,' he slurred, holding his hands out, 'I'm not gay.'

'It's okay,' Steve said, as he stood in front of him. He pinned Greg against the wall with his arm and let the fingers of that hand lazily rub his chest, the thumb grazing back and forth over his now erect nipple, while he traced the index finger of his other hand across the dazed stud's lower lip. 'You want the part, don't you?'

Greg blinked slowly and licked his lips. 'Yesss... but...'

'So just go with it,' Steve said softly, interrupting. 'You want to, don't you?' His hand moved down from Greg's lips to his crotch, slipped into his briefs and began to slowly jerk his dick. Greg closed his eyes and exhaled slowly.

'Mmmmm...' Greg opened his eyes slowly and shook his head. He looked down in surprise at Steve's hand. He hadn't even realized he'd been getting a hand job. All he knew was that he felt great. 'Unnhhh... what's wrong...? I feel so... weird...'

'Shh... you were nervous so I gave you a little something to take the edge off.'

Steve said, reaching around with his other hand to caress Greg's ass, pulling him close.

Greg's eyes widened and he looked frightened. 'Ohhh... mmm...' He took a step to leave and stumbled, falling to his knees. He struggled to stand again but found he couldn't. He began to crawl toward the door, but he kept stumbling.

'Uh oh,' Steve said, walking toward the disoriented stud. He watched as the helpless young man, clad only in his socks and white briefs, tried to make his way across the floor, his sexy tight ass swinging from side to side. He patted his ass. 'I think someone's had too much to drink. Here, let me give you a hand.' He reached down and grabbed Greg under the arms, hoisting him to his feet. 'You're not in any condition to go anywhere,' he whispered in his ear.

Greg tried to struggle but he was too weak. Steve sat him down in him the chair by the desk and knelt down in front of him. Greg's briefs were slightly tented and he reached out a finger, rubbing it over the tip of his cock through the cotton material. Greg hissed softly and his head pitched forward, his dark blond hair falling in his eyes. He lifted a heavy hand and tried to push Steve's fingers away, but Steve grasped both his wrists with one hand and held them while he continued to finger his cock.

'Unnnhhh...nnnnhhhh...' Greg moaned, throwing his head back. His cock was twitching in his briefs. Steve looked up at his face; his eyes were rolled back. Steve released his wrists and let them fall to his sides. He continued to massage his cock but Greg made no move to resist. In fact, he was slowly thrusting his hips, pushing his crotch into Steve's hand. Steve moved closer and muzzled his face against the handsome actor's bulge. He could feel the heat from Greg's hard throbbing dick through the thin material of his briefs.

He smiled. He knew Greg was as straight as they came, but he also knew that Greg was a guy, and like most guys he was probably hard and horny 95 per cent of the time. And, if Greg was also like most guys, once you got a few drinks in them... well, all bets were off. Add a little something special to the drink and the odds are suddenly very much in your favor.

He gave Greg's crotch another squeeze. 'Oh, yeah, Greg. This is your lucky day.'

Steve stood up, picked up the phone and punched the intercom button. 'Yeah,' he said, 'come on in.' The door opened and the director walked in, a big smile on his face. He was about 6'4' and easily weighed 225 pounds. He wore cowboy boots and a cowboy hat.

'Just in time!' Steve said as the man entered the room. 'This little peach is ripe for the picking!'

The look on Greg's face was priceless when he heard this and realized the director was in on it. His jaw dropped.

Paul Walker looked at the handsome drugged stud sprawled in the chair. Head tossed back, nipples erect, white briefs full, and legs spread sexily. He traced a rough finger from Greg's lower lip down to his crotch. He gave his balls a squeeze. Greg began to whimper softly. He cupped Greg's chin in his palm and thumbed his lower lip again. Then he inserted his index finger into Greg's mouth and slowly slipped it back and forth. He turned Greg's face upward and looked down into his bleary eyes. 'Hey buddy, you're not here to model underwear. You're here to dance for us.' He pulled the waistband of Greg's Hanes out a few inches and peered in at his dick, which was leaking a bit of pre-cum down the shaft and into the dark bush. 'But if you're gonna dance, you have to shave that. Your ass, too.'

'Guys...' Greg slurred. 'Please let me go.'

Steve leaned in. 'Listen to me, Greg,' he said, thumbing his prick tip again and smiling as Greg caught his breath. 'If you want this part, and I know you want it, you gotta shave first. And since you're in no shape, how about we give you a hand?'

Before Greg could answer he found himself being led back to the bench.

'Guys?' Greg said weakly. 'I don't know about this.'

While Steve laid Greg out on the bench, Paul went to a closet and took out two video cameras. He set up one so it was directly facing the bench and he moved the other so it would give a side view. He joined Steve and the two men began to run their hands all over Greg's hunky body from the tip of his nose to his feet, peeling off his socks. Greg tried to slap their hands away but his arms felt too heavy to move. Paul's hand crept up his chest and started to twist and flick his nipples, slowly pulling and tweaking them. Until that night Greg had never realized just how sensitive his nipples were. No girl he'd ever been with had played with his nipples before and now... Wow! These guys knew exactly just what to do to get him off. He couldn't get enough. He couldn't believe how hot it made him feel. Oh, yeah! He pushed his chest up toward the invading fingers, inviting them. Suddenly, against his will, he found himself moaning out loud. Shit! He was acting like some fag, even throwing a bone, but he didn't care. It all felt so good. His cock was hard and straining against his briefs. He had to get more. A part of him knew he shouldn't be enjoying this, but he was.

Steve and Paul knew this, too. They knew from experience that as long as you kept a guy horny and distracted you could do just about anything you wanted with him, and there was a lot they wanted to do with Greg! Steve began working at Greg's crotch again, first lightly tickling his nuts and then slowly jerking him off through his briefs.

'Uhhnnn...' Greg moaned as his cock went completely erect. Ohhhh... he couldn't believe he had a hard on. He couldn't believe he was moaning like a cheerleader getting finger-fucked by the quarterback behind the bleachers. It all felt so good. 'Unnnn....' Steve's one hand was softly kneading his cum-filled balls while the fingers of his other hand were tracing their way up and down his rock hard shaft. Every now and then a finger would scrub over the tip of his dick, causing shivers to run up and down his spine.

'I think he's liking this,' Steve said, looking up at Paul. Paul was now nibbling on Greg's erect nipples, sucking one while tweaking the other with his thumb and forefinger. They had Greg right where they wanted him. Horny and off-balance. Steve reached his hand between Greg's legs and through the leg hole of his briefs. After a few seconds of probing he found his mark. Steve tickled and scratched at Greg's ass pucker. Greg sucked his breath in sharply. 'No... no!'

'Hey, hey! Shhh....' he whispered, patting Greg's hair and softly running his hand over his cheek, 'it's okay, just relax.' He placed his hand over the struggling actor's mouth. He nodded to Paul.

Paul unscrewed the cap from a small brown bottle of Ecstasy Pop. He lifted Greg's head off the bench a few inches and stuck the bottle to his nose. He held his thumb over Greg's other nostril. 'Here, take a deep breath... it'll relax you.'

Greg's air supply was cut off and, needing air, he took a breath and then another. The bottle was quickly switched to his other nostril and a voice coaxed him to take another breath, this time slower, which he did. He knew what poppers were and had heard what they could do, but had never tried them before. Within moments he felt a rush sweep through his head and his body went slack. He felt euphoric and began to giggle. The guys looked at each other and then at Greg, all giddy from the poppers.

'I have an idea,' Steve said, lifting Greg's limp body off the bench. 'This is something I've wanted to do ever since I saw his first commercial!' He hoisted the drugged out stud onto his knee. Paul took his cowboy hat and placed it on Greg's head and then he gave him another big hit of the poppers which the dazed stud readily inhaled. Steve began bouncing his knee up and down while the giddy former model flopped around like a rider on a bucking bronco.

'Hey, take a few pictures,' Steve said. 'I've got a camera in my bag.'

Paul found it and began snapping off shots of Greg, wearing only tightie whities, a cowboy hat and a big smile. Steve dosed him with another hit of poppers and the actor continued to grin broadly, no idea of what was happening to him, and obviously not caring. His perfect white teeth were gleaming and his white briefs were tented. The day old stubble gave him a sexy look.

They laid him back down on the bench and waited while the poppers slowly wore off, watching as his breathing slowed back to normal. Paul laid Greg's head in his crotch and began to rub his nipples again. Greg arched his back and Steve took this opportunity to slowly lower his briefs.

Greg's erect cock was about eight inches long. He had a large nut sack and his whole pubic area was covered with a light coating of brown hair. Steve spread his legs apart and lathered up the pubic area and balls with shaving cream. He fondled the balls and felt their heft. Then he grasped the hard shaft and slid his hand up and down.


'Yeah, I think you're liking this,' Steve said, feeling Greg's body twitch, 'but you gotta hold still, man. I don't want to slip and make you a eunuch!' He chuckled.

While Paul held down Greg's body Steve stretched his nut sack out and scraped the hair off with the razor. He took his time, teasing the tip of the hard cock with his tongue from time to time. When he was finished with the scrotum, he shaved Greg's entire pubic region. He reached his finger between Greg's ass cheeks and pressed it lightly against his ass pucker.

'Guys, please,' Greg whimpered. 'Please don't do this.'

'Shhhh....' Steve said. 'It's okay... it's okay. I need you to turn over so I can finish shaving you.'

'No,' Greg protested weakly as he tried to sit up, but Paul was pinning him down. 'Please don't. Just let me up.'

'Sorry, man,' Steve said, 'but I've gotta shave it, otherwise you won't get the part.'

With Paul's help Steve flipped Greg over and lifted him to his hands and knees. His fat nut sack was swinging like a pendulum and Paul started to poke it gently. Then he grabbed his cock and gave it a few jerks. Greg hunched his body at the sensations. 'Uunnhhh.... please...'

'Oh, yeah, you'll be begging for it before you know it, buddy. Just hold still now.'

Steve quickly lathered Greg's ass and began shaving. When he finished, he spread the actor's ass cheeks and rubbed some baby oil over his tight pink pucker. Greg gasped and moaned again.

He sat up on his knees and looked down at his cock and balls. They were shaved bare.

'How do you feel, Pretty Boy?' Paul asked as Steve reached between under his sack, between his legs and slipped his finger into the slicked hole. Greg moaned again.

'How does that feel?'

'Please, man,' Greg said. 'Let me go, please.'

'Oh, oh, poor baby,' Paul said. He took the bottle of poppers and put them under Greg's nose again. 'Here, have some more of this. Come on, take a nice deep breath.'

As Greg inhaled the aroma, Paul sat on the bench next to him and pulled his limp body against him. He began flicking at his nipples again and Steve started playing with his nut sack, moving it from side to side.

'Unhhhnn... ooohhh...' Greg cooed, his head full of the vapor.

'Yeah, feels good, doesn't it?' Steve said. He grasped Greg's hard cock and scrubbed the pad of his thumb over the sensitive head. Greg gasped and began to move his hips up and down, trying to fuck Steve's hand. His dick was leaking pre-cum and Steve smeared it over Greg's lips. Then he suddenly removed his hand from Greg's dick. The spaced out young man lifted his head slowly and gazed at him. There was a look of horny lust in his glassy eyes. Oh yeah, there was no turning back now!

Steve grabbed Greg's hips and maneuvered his body until his ass was just at the edge of the bench. Then, with Paul still pinning his arms back, he spread Greg's legs apart. He moved his face closer and ducked it under the bench to where Greg's pink virgin ass pucker was fully exposed. He flicked his tongue over it, rimming him.

Greg gasped loudly. 'Ohhhh!!!! Shitttt!!!' His hips were rocking and Steve had to grasp them to keep them from bucking. He began probing with his tongue. Greg's ass was tight so Steve worked nice and slowly to do his best to loosen it up. He worked it like a champ, at times softly swirling his tongue and at others jamming it dead center. Little by little he could feel it giving way.

'Yeahh... oh, yeahh... that's it... oooohhh....' Greg was moaning.

Steve smiled. He pulled his head away and called up to Paul: 'Don't touch his dick or tits, and don't let him touch them either.' Then he dove back down and continued tonguing Greg's hole.

Greg was going crazy! He needed to get off so badly! His hard dick was bouncing up and down looking for a fist to pound into and his raw nipples craved attention. He was moaning and whimpering as Steve continued to work his tongue further and further into his gradually loosening ass hole, sucking away with abandon.

'Oooohhh.... pleeeeaassseeee...' he begged, twisting his body back and forth. He wasn't aware of what he was saying any longer. He was only aware that he needed more. He couldn't take it any longer!

Steve's tongue had sufficiently loosened up the virgin hole and it was now wet and sloppy. He inserted first one finger and then another. He looked up and into Greg's eyes. They were wild with lust and he was nodding. 'Ohh... yesss... yes...'

Steve smiled again. This big straight dazed stud had just gone over the edge and was now his personal whore. With two fingers buried up Greg's hot ass probing and nudging his sensitive prostate, Steve slipped his hot mouth over Greg's leaking, throbbing prick. Greg whimpered again and Steve began to bob up and down in earnest on the stud's cock and balled his fat nut sack with his hand. Within moments Greg began to breathe faster and Steve could feel the balls begin to constrict. He pulled his mouth off the primed dick and let the big balls go.

'Ahhh!!!' Greg screamed! 'Ooohhh.... noooo... oooooohhh....!' He was so horny and delirious that he would've fucked a snake.

'Do you want me to?' Steve asked, pushing his finger further up Greg's ass. Greg nodded furiously.

'I can't hear you,' Steve taunted, pulling his finger out partway. 'Do you want me to?'

Greg's eyes were pleading and he was breathing heavily. He nodded again. ''Unnhhh.... yessss... please... pleaaasseeee!!!!'

That was good enough for Steve. He pulled his fingers out of Greg's ass and shucked down his pants and briefs. The front panel was almost soaked through with pre-cum. He stroked his throbbing dick. He tore open a condom, rolled it onto his fat hard prick and lubed it up with a generous glob of Greg's pre-cum. Paul was still holding Greg's arms over his head as Steve grabbed his legs and spread them. He wrapped them around his waist and plunged his dick into Greg's waiting ass hole. He rocked his hips back and forth, thrusting in and out. Greg was moaning and groaning. Paul was flicking at his nipples again, keeping the big stud off balance. Steve reached down and wrapped his hand around Greg's hard dick. He began to quickly jerk it off. Within seconds Greg cried out in ecstasy as he climaxed and began to shoot his load. Stream after stream of pent up swill burst from his twitching, bobbing cock. Paul reached down and grabbed the spurting dick from Steve's hand and aimed it toward Greg's head. Cum shot up his chest, onto his cheek, and even into his open mouth. Paul jacked every last drop from it. Even after the orgasm subsided, he kept jerking it and roiled his palm over the tip. Greg tried to hunch his body and bat his hand away, but Paul held him back, continuing to stroke him while Steve continued to thrust his hips into his ass. Greg's whole body was bucking and he was screaming, part pleasure and part pain. He wanted them to stop, but at the same time it felt so fucking good! Paul put his hand over Greg's mouth to gag him, sticking his fingers in his mouth instead. Soon Greg didn't know where the sensations were coming from. Steve was fucking him senseless while Paul was working his cock, roiling his fist over the super sensitive tip. Oh... oh... oh...!!! He couldn't take it any longer! He began to moan and grunt and he sucked on Paul's fingers. His body kept tightening, and suddenly, without warning, his dick erupted again. Thick ropes of cum flew from his raging cock. Finally his orgasm subsided. But at that very moment Steve's body began to quiver and with a loud moan he began to cum. His knees buckled as he shot his load. After what seemed like an eternity his orgasm subsided and he slumped onto the bench, pulling his dick from Greg's tight ass. Greg's whole body went slack.

Steve looked down at the straight stud he had just ravaged. Greg's eyes were vacant and there was just a trace of a smile on his lips. His breathing was slowing down and he looked like he was about to fall asleep. Steve got a glass of water from the bar and opened his desk drawer, taking out a bottle of mild sedatives. Lifting Greg's head up from the bench he slapped his cheeks lightly until the dazed stud opened his eyes. 'Here, drink this,' he said, sticking the pill into Greg's mouth. He put the glass to Greg's mouth and tipped it up, allowing him to take a long drink. He sat with Greg's head in his lap, softly running his fingers through his hair and stroking his chest until he fell asleep. Then he turned to Paul. 'Okay, he said, let's clean him up and get these tapes to editing.'

It was after midnight when Greg finally came to. He was seat-belted in the front seat of his Toyota Land Cruiser with the seat reclined all the way back. His mouth was dry and tasted funny and his head was pounding. He unhitched the seat belt and sat up. He looked around him and realized he was in the parking garage of his apartment building. Slowly he began to remember where he had been and what had happened and he suddenly felt like throwing up. He opened the door of his SUV and vomited onto the pavement. There was a dinging sound and he realized it was the warning sound indicating the keys were still in the ignition. He wiped his mouth and grabbed the keys and was about to crawl out of the SUV when he saw a package and an envelope sitting on the dashboard in front of him. He reached for them. There was a note taped to the envelope, which was filled with pictures and a video cassette. He read the note.

'Dear Greg,

Before you say anything about what happened today, I would take a look at these pictures and video. Of course, they're only copies. We wouldn't want the originals to fall into the wrong hands now, would we?'

Greg pulled the pictures from the envelope and flipped through them. He couldn't believe what he was looking at and was shocked to see that in every picture he had a smile on his face. He could only imagine what was on the video.

He trudged slowly to his apartment and went inside. He locked the door and went straight to his room. He tossed the envelope onto his dresser, stripped off his clothes and took a long, hot shower. He pulled on a pair of flannel boxer shorts and crawled into his bed. He rolled over to switch off the lamp on the nightstand when he noticed the message light blinking on his answering machine. He pushed the button, apprehensive.

'Hi Greg!' a cheerful voice rang out. It was Brian, his agent. 'It's 8:30. I just got a call from Steve Murphy. I don't know what you did in that audition, but they loved you! You got the part!'



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