The Assignment

'So, do we all understand the assignment?' Miss Redman asked.

'What if an impromptu actor refuses to play the part?' someone asked.

'He doesn't get a grade,' the teacher said. 'And need I remind you that this project counts for half of your semester grade. Remember, no collaborating or rehearsing. The actor is not to know anything about the part he is to play prior to the performance here in class, otherwise it will not be impromptu.'

'Can I request two impromptu actors?' I asked.

Miss Redman smiled. 'It sounds as if you already have an idea for your play.'

'Yes, I do.'

'All right, two. But no more. Since you are so eager, you may choose your actors first.'

'I would like to have Dan Smith and Kevin Colby.' I took note of Colby's reaction to my choosing him. He didn't seem upset or put off by it.

I caught up with him after class. 'I hope you're not too disappointed. You were probably hoping to be picked to play a passionate love scene.'

'Your play isn't going to have any passionate love scenes?' he asked jokingly.


'Well, write one.' Then he laughed. 'No, really, I'm not disappointed. It's an assignment. I'll play whatever part you write for me. But make it a good one. I intend to win the academy award for best actor.

'We're a long way from Hollywood,' I joked.

'Didn't you hear? Celia is having her dad order statues for an awards ceremony.'

'No, I didn't know that.'

'Yeah, best actor and actress, best supporting, best screenplay and costumes......'

'I'll write a play that will sweep the Oscars,' I said.

I was excited about my idea for a play but now I was nervous. The gods had smiled on me and I had Kevin Colby as my leading man and he seemed seriously excited about doing it. I couldn't disappoint him. I just wasn't sure how he would accept the part that I had in mind for him. He would do it; his grade depended on it, too. But I didn't want him angry with me over it.

I worked on the play every night. I had only two weeks to write it and gather up the props. More pages landed in the waste basket than were left on my desk. It was exasperating because I had such great ideas but only a limited amount of time to have it performed, like ten minutes or so. I had to keep cutting things out. Finally, I thought I had it.

The costumes were the easy part. I borrowed my uncle's and my older brother's Marine uniforms, and they had both brought home various items of military gear. My brother was able to borrow a cot from the armory and he had army blankets in his own stuff. I rented two very real looking rifles from a costume place. I was also able to rent some camouflage material. All the rest, I had from my uncle and my brother; web belts with all kinds of pouches, canteens, helmets, mess kits, even some dummy hand grenades, and their black boots. I also had one of their foot lockers, and a duffle bag. I picked up green camo T-shirts from an army surplus store. While I was there I saw a display of OD green boxer shorts and bought those as well. I would have to make some slight adjustments in the screen play, but the shorts just grabbed me and gave me new ideas. Finally, I gathered up some large chunks from a fallen tree along the road.

The day finally came. I loaded everything into my pickup and enlisted some help unloading it when I got to school. We set it all outside the classroom.

Dan and Kevin were both excited about playing marines. We drew lots in class to decide the order the plays would be presented. I was third.

The first two plays gave me encouragement. They were both pretty much bombs. One had no costumes and neither had props. And in my opinion the plots were weak and not very well written. I was glad I had devoted the time and effort to my play.

My turn came and the Miss Redman told me that due to the time I could have the rest of the period, which was way more than the allotted ten minutes. I enlisted some other boys to carry in the cot and foot locker, duffle bag and other props and gave Dan and Kevin the uniforms to change into out in the hallway; including the army green boxer shorts.

While they were changing I went into the classroom to set up the props. I pulled two chairs up by the cot and covered them with the camo material to hide the cot and the foot locker. This wasn't a barracks, it was a battle scene. I set the duffle bag off to the side, for effect. The finishing touch was the chunks of wood and the tall, live plant I borrowed from my Mom. Then I brought my two 'marines' in and gave them the script with scene one, and announced the scene.

'Scene one; a battlefield somewhere in Vietnam.'

Dan glanced at his script then took up his position that was called for, sprawled out in on the camo material in a death stance, with the plant and wood as the backdrop. I positioned his helmet toppled over close by his head and I squirted some fake blood on his head. Kevin, reading his part, knelt down beside him as I set about bandaging Dan's head.

Kevin yelled over his shoulder at the class, 'Medic! Medic! Where the hell is the medic? Where're the damned medivacs!' He took Dan's hand and said to me, 'I don't feel a pulse.'

I yelled angrily, 'He's not dead! He's not going to die!' I patted Dan's face. 'If you can hear me, buddy, you're not gonna die. I'm not gonna let you die, dammit! They're coming for you, just hang in there.'

Kevin felt the side of his neck. 'I don't feel a pulse,' he said again.

'Shut the fuck up! He's gonna make it!'

There was a hush over the classroom at the outburst and the use of the word fuck. I cringed a little inside, half expecting Miss Redman to pull the plug on me, but she said nothing. I worked frantically then finally, I straightened up, my shoulders slumped in defeat, and even managed to work up a few tears that rolled down my face. 'Goddamit!' I swore angrily. Then I looked at Kevin. 'I did everything I could,' I said.

I was surprised that Kevin had worked up some tears himself that were rolling down his handsome face. He glanced at his script. 'And he always worried about getting his balls blown off. He won't have to worry about that now,' he said. He knelt beside Dan, took off his helmet and bowed his head. Suddenly he started sobbing. I was amazed. I couldn't tell if it was for real or not.

I reached over and squeezed his shoulder.

'It should've been me,' he said.

I tried not to look surprised. I hadn't written that; he was adlibbing.

'No, it shouldn't! You don't get to make those decisions!' I barked.

'Well, he's in a better place than us,' he said.

I went back to the script. I looked all around us and said, 'Well, it's just two of us now.'

We waited a moment before I stood and took a bow, signaling the end of scene one. Kevin, wiping the tears off his face, put his hand down to pull Dan to his feet and they took their bows.

We quickly set up for scene two. The plant and the wood were removed and I uncovered the cot and the foot locker, changing the scene from the jungle to a hooch. I dumped the duffle bag out on the cot and as a final touch, draped a 'blood soaked' T-shirt over the foot of the cot. I situated Dan sitting off to the side with his head still bandaged, out of the scene, sort of watching over us after his death. I hoped the class got the drama of it. Then I took Kevin out in the hall way and gave him scene two. He had asked before why he had to wear the army green boxer shorts since nobody would see them. I told him I wanted him to feel authentic. Now he would know different. He looked at the page and then at me, his eyes wide.

'You want me to appear in just my shorts?'

'That's the way it's written,' I said. 'We're in a hooch, it's hot in Vietnam.'

'Are you going to be in your shorts?' he asked.

'Just my shirt off. You've got more to show off than I have. What's the big deal? Everybody's seen you in your gym shorts.'

'Yes, but with a jockstrap underneath.'

'A jockstrap would give you crotch rot in Vietnam. I read that someplace,' I joked.

Kevin reluctantly took off the uniform, down to the boxer shorts and combat boots. He looked terrific.

'These are pretty brief,' he said, looking down at himself.

'Yeah, brief and full,' I joked.

'They fit awfully snug. I'm showing everything.'

'They alone will get you the Oscar,' I joked. 'You ready?' I asked, holding the rifle out to him. I didn't want to give him time to think and back out.

'I guess.' He shouldered the rifle.

Godd, he looked so studly. We walked into the classroom, me without my shirt and Kevin in nothing but boxer shorts and boots. There were hushed 'ohhs' and gasps when we walked in. I didn't even look at the teacher, and she didn't say anything. I sat on the floor beside the cot and began sorting through the Dan's stuff on the bed. Kevin stood at the head of the cot, rifle still on his shoulder, muscles bulging.

I said, 'I never thought I would be doing this.'

'Nobody ever thinks he's going to be doing it,' Kevin said.

I handed him the shaving bag. 'Here, you wanta go through his shaving kit and be sure there's nothing in there that we shouldn't be sending home to his mother.'

'Like what?' He put down the rifle and dumped the kit. 'Oh, I see what you mean.' He held up a packet of two condoms. 'Guess we shouldn't send these home.' He smiled. 'Hey, don't these come in packages of three?' he quipped.

'Guess he got lucky,' I said.

'And he didn't tell us.' He glanced at the script. 'Hey, I know they write a letter to his parents, but are you going to write to his girl friend?'

'I don't know. Probably not right away. I think his mother should tell his girlfriend. I'm sure not going to tell her about those,' I said, nodding to the condoms.

'It's okay, they weren't engaged or anything,' he said. He glanced at the script again then stared down at the stuff on the cot. 'I'll tell you one thing, I'm never going to get that close to anyone again over here.'

'Dan was hard not to get close to,' I said. I paused then went into my private dialogue, facing more to the class, revealing my private thoughts out loud. 'I'm dying inside. My heart is breaking. Don't mean nothing....those words are supposed to take care of everything. But we all know it's a lie. Don't mean nothing?'s just a way of saying it means everything. Dan and I, we go back to basic training....but it was Kevin who.....' I let my voice trail off...a very purposeful pause....then I resumed. 'What if it was Kevin's stuff I'm sorting through to send to his mother? He would be dead and he would never know.....' Another pause, gazing out over the class, then I looked over at Kevin, with a longing look. I was surprised to hear someone say, 'uh-ohh' very softly; someone had apparently caught on to where the story was going. I put a determined look on my face and stood.

'Kevin.' My voice seemed unsteady; I hadn't intended it but it had the right effect.

He looked up at me then stood. I didn't think he had a clue where the next page of the script was taking him.

'There's something you need to know, Kev...something I have to tell you before...before it's too late.'

'What?' he asked.

I swallowed hard and I know I must've looked scared because I was. I moved to the head of the cot and stood in front of him. I reached to his chest and took his dog tags in my hand. I held them tight. 'Life's too short, man.....' When I said that line I dropped the script on the cot. I knew the rest by heart. Hell, I had written it.

I had purposely written it so Kevin would have to go to the next page right at this point to see where it was taking us. I saw his eyes widen and he looked at me with panic in his eyes. Panic, but that was all. I didn't think he was going to freak out and drop the scene.

'Life's too short, man,' I said again as I put my hands on his shoulder and one arm. I squeezed his bicep, held onto it seconds longer than needed, then slid both hands up to his face. He whispered, 'No, man......' and his neck stiffened and now I wasn't sure he was going to play the scene. There was another 'uh-oh' from somewhere in the room.

I pulled his face to me and pressed my mouth to his. He resisted at first, as it was written, his eyes wide with disbelief, with his arms flung out helplessly. Then slowly, as I brought one arm down around his waist he put his hand on my hip, then slipped his arm around my waist and much to my surprise, he was kissing me back; really kissing me back!

The kiss was, I have to say, a grand success in the theatrical sense. It was that and more in the real sense. He was playing it to the hilt. I felt the tip of his tongue, and his lips parted. So did mine, and suddenly we were playing tongue tag. I was stunned. I had not written this--how to kiss--because I didn't know myself; I had never kissed a guy before, and I wasn't at all sure Kevin would go through with it. It was all happening naturally. We were devouring each other. I felt a strong surge against my loins and panic with it. He was getting hard! I would not be far behind. I certainly had not written this.

I had to break. He was supposed to break away from me, and turn his head away, but I had to break it off.

'Shit!' he swore--that was written--and he turned his head away as was written

'Yeah,' I said.

He looked back at me. 'That what you wanted to tell me?' His facial expression, the look in his eyes were absolutely perfect and authentic to the scene. It was hard to tell he was even acting. Maybe he wasn't.

'Yeah,' I said.

He looked all around, a scared look. 'I gotta go for a walk.' That wasn't written. It was his exit, and it was too soon. He grabbed up the rifle and strode out of the room, leaving me alone to face the audience. I had to wing it on my own.

I hoped my face wasn't as flushed as it felt. I went ahead and spoke the rest of my lines. I looked at the open door. 'I love you, Kevin. That's what I wanted to tell you. Godd, I've loved you for so long.....' He wasn't there to finish his lines-- 'Damnit, what're you doing? What're WE doing?' That's what I had written. But then he appeared at the door. Not inside, but just at the open door, shadowed by the dark hallway. He didn't say anything; just stood there, looking incredibly handsome and macho soldier like in his brief Army green boxers and combat boots, and the rifle shouldered. It was a perfect stance; a perfect close. I couldn't have written it better.

As I picked up the condoms and stuffed them in my pocket, he backed out of the doorway and was seen no more. I could feel the breathless tension in the classroom. I began stuffing everything else back into the duffle bag. Part way through it, I stopped looked over at Dan. He was sitting there with a stunned look on his face. I said, 'And the curtain falls' as I slowly stood and bowed.

The room erupted in applause as I exited the room. I even heard Miss Redman applauding, and several guys were whistling. I didn't look at Kevin and I didn't linger. I went back in the room and motioned for Dan to stand and join me. We both bowed then I went out to get Kevin. He had put his pants on and was about to put on his T-shirt.

'Leave it off. Come take your bows,' I said.

He looked at me. I couldn't read his look, but he came into the room and took his bows to thunderous applause. We all bowed together, as they do in the theater, then exited the room. Just then the bell rang and the class was dismissed.

'We will review these performances tomorrow,' I heard Miss Redman say.

I was getting congratulations from nearly everyone as they came out of the classroom and Kevin and Dan were accepting their kudos. Dan was all smiles. Kevin kept a straight, serious face.

'That was a hell of a scene,' someone said to me.

'That was a hell of a job acting it,' another told Kevin.

'Hey, you play dead pretty good too,' someone told Dan.

The boys who had helped bring in the props started to pitch in again as they came out of the room, but Kevin said, 'That's okay, guys, we'll get it.' He sounded rather curt. His words seemed to also excuse Dan--at least Dan thought so--and he left with the others.

When everyone had left but Kevin and I, he faced me, and I had to face him.

'Dude, did you just come out in that scene?' he asked, in an almost demanding tone.

'It was a play. It was acting,' I said.

'Man, if that was acting, you don't need to ever have to worry about acting school.'

'You got the most applause,' I pointed out.

'I needed the grade,' he said.

'So did I.'

'Sorry I couldn't play it the way you wrote it. I tried, but I just couldn't handle where it was obviously going.'

'I thought you handled it exceptionally well, and there wasn't much left out,' I told him.

'Well, that one part--the kiss--yeah, but then I didn't know where it was going after that,' he said.

'Doesn't matter, you acted the final scene better than I could've written it, the way you came back and stood in the door way, then disappeared at just the right moment. It was perfect. It was true impromptu acting.'

'Well, I just hope we get graded and not kicked out of school,' he said.

'Not a chance,' I said. 'I knew we were okay when I said fuck and Miss Redman didn't stop us. Quite honestly, I think the class would revolt if we get anything less than an A. Hell, I could feel the tension in the room.'

'The kissing scene was pretty tense,' he said.

'Thanks for playing it; I didn't know if you would,' I said.

'Half my semester grade depended on it,' he said.

I didn't say it, but I didn't believe he was even thinking about his semester grade when we did the kiss.

The school was abuzz about my play. I half expected to be called into the principal's office, and Kevin with me, but over the next couple of days we heard nothing except from other kids.

The next day I won best screenplay as well as best costumes and best set design. Kevin won best actor and I won best supporting actor. I got an A-plus for the script. Dan got an A for his part. Kevin got an A-plus. We were all happy about that.

But it wasn't finished; I didn't expect it would be. Not for Kevin. I realized it was gnawing at him when he came up to me in the parking lot.

'Listen, that assignment....that was just acting, right? I mean....that's how you wrote it, that's how it had to be played. In order to get the grade.'

'Yes, and you played it perfectly,' I said, touching his Oscar.

'Yeah...I, uh...I guess I did,' he said with a nervous laugh. 'Hell, guys are asking if we were coming out.'

'Were you?' I asked, jokingly.

'No,' he said emphatically, with a scowl. 'I needed the grade.'

'So did I.'

'But....were you just acting?' he asked. 'I mean, you wrote it, and you picked me to play that part....the character that you would have to kiss.'

'Let me ask you something, Kev. If you had been allowed to read the script beforehand, would you have done it?'

'No, I don't think so,' he replied without hesitation.

'You really got into it.'

'Yeah, I....for a moment there I had to ask myself if I was really acting, or not.' He seemed suddenly nervous.

'Kev, are you okay? I didn't mean to fuck up your head.'

He looked away, out across the football field.

'You're uncomfortable being seen with me,' I said.

'No, nothing like that. It's....I don't know....part of me still's sort of nagging.....' He looked back at me. 'Listen, do you want to go for a ride? It's not because I don't want to be seen with you, just do you wanta go for a ride?'


'Climb in.'

We drove out in the country. I didn't know where we were going, or if he knew, and I didn't ask. I didn't know why either. We talked like two guys will, about sports and he threw in girls, I thought for good measure. As we were turning into the county park he brought up the play.

'I gotta tell you, you did a hell of a job writing that play,' he said.

'You did an outstanding job acting your part,' I said. 'Even the parts I didn't write.'

'Maybe I was a little too outstanding,' he tried to joke.

'You said if you had read the script beforehand you wouldn't have done it. Would you do it again? I mean if that were opening night and we were expected to do more performances, would you stay the course?'

'I don't know, I...okay, I probably would, as an actor in a play. But not in just those shorts, at least not without a jockstrap under them,' he added, laughing.

I laughed softly. He had driven down a short road, back to a shaded, secluded picnic area and he was turning the truck facing out. He turned off the engine and turned in the seat.

'All the confusion in my head....I don't know what I'm even thinking....there's only one way to find out,' he said as he tilted the steering wheel and turned in the seat. 'I would like to do that scene again.'

'Which scene?' I asked. I knew but I wanted to hear him say it.

'You know which scene. The kiss'

I was stunned to hear him say it. I had not expected this.

He moved toward me, his arm raised to go over my shoulder. I moved into his arms and we both twisted around to embrace. He kissed me, but not by much before I was kissing him back. It was a hard, passionate, tongue sucking kiss that quickly took our breath away and began to consume us.

'UUhhnnn,' I moaned softly.

'MMnn....MMnnn...Mnnnn,' Kevin whimpered.

My one hand went instinctively to his chest, as I had done many times when kissing girls. I gripped his muscle-hard shoulder and bicep with my other hand. I felt his hand at my waist, his thumb pressed hard into my stomach. Then suddenly, it was as if we both caught ourselves and moved apart.

'Whew, that was even more than the first time,' I said.

'Yeah, a lot more,' Kevin agreed. He sounded truly surprised. 'Geezuss, am I coming out or what? Did I come out in front of the class?'

'No,' I assured him.

'I was starting to get a hardon.'

'Yeah, I felt a surge down there,' I said. 'That was your body responding, not your head. You were acting the part, that's all.'

'But my head is sitting on the shoulders of a guy. I should've been repulsed. Any guy would've been.'

'You were acting. You needed the grade.' I was sounding lame.

'I know I said that, but....was that a copout? I mean, I gave you my tongue, man. That's wasn't in the script.'

'I didn't think it was necessary to write in how to kiss; I figured we both knew how. I was surprised, though, when you got into it so passionately.'

'I got carried away. Fuck, I even started to get hard,' he said.

'Okay, forget the play. Forget acting. What about now, when we just kissed? That wasn't a rehearsal....we kissed.' I was asking if he was hard but I didn't say it.

'I was feeling it again....I was getting hard again, just now,' he said. He had a pained look on his face, like there was so much inside him that needed to come out. 'Tell me something, were you coming out? Seriously, was that your intent in writing the play?' he asked.

'I wanted to write something controversial.' That sounded lame.

'And what was your intent in choosing me to play the part? The part of the guy you would have to kiss? Why me, out of all the guys in the class?'

I had to pause, not to think of an answer, but whether to answer him at all, because he was bringing my own truth to the surface.

'I don't know,' I said finally, quietly. 'I don't know, Kev, if I was trying to come out or not. If I was, consciously, I don't think I could've done it. But I....I am now.'

'You are what?' he asked.

'Coming out. To you. I'm gay. And I'm attracted to you. That is the reason I chose you to play the part. I didn't know if you would, but if you did, I wanted it to be you that I kissed. I've been attracted to you long before I admitted I was gay.'

He took hold of the steering wheel and stared straight ahead. 'And what about me?' he asked. 'Where does that leave me?'

'What do you mean?'

'Fuck, man, I kissed you. In the reruns in my head, I think I kissed you before you kissed me. I kissed a guy in front of the entire class; I even started getting a hardon. And now, the guy I kissed turns out to be gay.' He stared straight ahead for a moment longer; long enough that I got worried. I didn't know if he was going to explode with emotions, get angry or what. Then he turned to me.

'Have you ever done anything gay?'

'No, I'm a total virgin to guy stuff.'

'Do you want to?' he asked. 'Do you have the desire? I mean, you said you're attracted to me....if I asked you.....'

'You don't have to ask me, Kevin,' I cut in.

'I don't?'

'No. But if you are asking, the answer is yes. I would've been happy to be doing you since freshman year.'

'Doing me?'

'Giving you head. Sucking your cock. Whatever you wanta call it. Anything you're up for. Yeah, since freshman year.'

'You're getting me really boned up, talking like this,' he said, almost as a warning.

'Show me,' I said boldly. 'I can do something about it.'

He was hesitant and I wasn't sure he was going to go for it, but then he reached for his belt. 'You better be sure you're gay,' he said. He had his jeans and shorts shoved down to his thighs in no time. He was going for it in a big way.

'There,' he said with his cock standing up between his legs. I gaped. 'I told you I was getting boned up.'

'Holy shit! I've seen you in the showers, and I felt it when we kissed on stage, but I never dreamed you would be that big!'

'Not too big I hope. I'd hate to think we drove all the way out here just to jack off.'

'No. Well, I don't know, I never did this before, but.....' My hand was shaking when I reached for his cock. It was warm and hard and alive. And so big. My fingers barely touched around it. 'You don't ever have to jack off again, Kev,' I said as I stroked it up and down. As I leaned over him he said, 'Oh, shit!' even before I had him in my mouth. Then when I did there was a long, low guttural moan of pure, surprised pleasure. I thought it was him; it could've been me, or him, or both of us. I began sucking him.

'Ohh, fuck! Ohh, Godd, I don't believe this. Nothing can feel this good, I'm fuckin' dreaming,' he moaned.

I was a little surprised how I took to having a cock in my mouth for the first time. It was a revelation of sorts, as if a bright light of knowledge and realization had come on. I knew I was gay since the eighth grade, when I started noticing other boys in what was considered a strange and forbidden way, and day dreaming about doing forbidden things with them. Now, suddenly, I knew what it meant to be gay and it wasn't so strange after all; this big, hot cock was pumping that knowledge and realization into me with every throb and every stroke. I knew for certain now, and I didn't ever want to be anything but gay. This was my destiny being fulfilled. This was where I belonged, between another boy's legs with his cock in my mouth. But no, it wasn't quite right, at least with Kevin. I belonged.....

I slid off the seat onto my knees on the floor of the truck. This is where I belonged, on my knees, worshipping his body, with no reward expected. But I got my reward; the first of many, when he put his hands on my head and shoulders and whispered, 'Godd, that is so good.'

Tears came to my eyes. I was in heaven, floating off into one of the many wonderfully erotic dreams I'd had. His soft moans of pleasure, and yes, approval, were music to my ears.

I sucked him reverently, even worshipfully. He was my god at that moment and I was at his altar, paying him homage.

'Listen, I'm not close yet, but when I get ready to cum.....' His voice was a hoarse whisper.

'I want it,' I said, raising my head.

'You want it....yeah....where?'

'In my mouth...on my face....I just want it.'

'Man, all right! Godd, this is so unbelievably hot.'

Oddly, I'd never thought about it; having a guy cum as a result of my efforts, and certainly not unloading in my mouth. Now, with the prospect so vividly before me, I was so excited I was almost trembling. What would it feel like? What would he taste like? Should I swallow it? Could I swallow? Would it freak him out if I did? It seemed right that I should; to spit it out seemed an insult.

I got my second reward when he leaned to one side and reached down and groped the front of my jeans. I was so shocked I jumped, but then I hunkered my crotch up toward his hand.

'Are you all boned up doing this?' he asked as he felt around for my hardon.

Damn right I was boned up, and I was leaking. He found my hardon.

'Fuck, man, you are! You really like doing this, don't you?'

I thought at first that he was trying to undo my jeans but he was only feeling my hard cock. After a few minutes he pulled his hand away and clasped both hands around my head. I felt an urgency in the feel of his hands, his fingers digging into my hair.

'You're getting me close,' he said huskily.

Yesss! I was going to receive my first load of cum! I kept sucking him, giving the head of his cock a lot of tongue.

'Okay!....okay......' His voice was a warning, his breath was coming short.

'Ohh, fuck, man, here it comes! Fuuucckkkk!' He tightened his grip on my head. He didn't have to; I wasn't going anywhere, but it felt good, being sort of forced like that, and knowing I was giving him such intense pleasure. His muscles tensed beautifully as his body trembled, and his cock felt even harder in my mouth. I was breathless with anticipation. Suddenly his cock exploded.

Shooting a load was certainly nothing new to me but somebody else cumming, and shooting it in my mouth, was a revelation. The stuff shot out of his cock with such force that I imagined my head jerked back. My mouth was already full of his cockmeat; he finished filling it with his cum. It was a few seconds before I realized the taste of him. When I did, I squealed and my squeals became whimpers of uncontrollable pleasure. I had wondered if I should or could swallow; suddenly I had no choice. My mouth was full and he was still cumming; I had to swallow or choke....or heaven forbid, spit it out. That would be inexcusable. I was amazed how he just kept cumming. I didn't know anyone could produce so much semen. I began gulping it down. He heard me.

'Oh, fuck, yeah, you're swallowing it! Ohh, Mann, fuck, that is so hot!'

I was vaguely aware that my head was spinning. I was aware that I was coming down from it, warm cum sliding down my throat, a boy's thick cock pulsating across my tongue. We came down together. He heaved a big sigh and pulled in a deep breath of air. I rose up from his cock and realized the source of the intensity of my own pleasure....I had cum in my jeans!

'Godd Damn!' he swore. 'That was awesome. You are awesome!'

I got up and sat on the seat. He pulled his clothes up and slid over under the wheel. It felt like I'd cum about a gallon. Him, too. Fuck, it was thick and I was still swallowing. My shorts were soaked and it was soaking through my jeans.

'Mann, I can't believe you did that for me.'

'Well, I didn't exactly do it just for you,' I said.

'Shit, my legs are shaking,' he said, with a nervous smile as he settled under the wheel.

All the way back to town he kept going on and on about it. Closer to the school parking lot, he said, 'Man, I still can't believe how boned up YOU got from doing it.' He reached over and grabbed my crotch playfully. 'Whoa! What's that?' He drew his hand back, sticky with my cum.

'I didn't just bone up; I went off in my jeans.'

He broke out laughing. 'Mann, you ARE gay.'

His words cut through me and it must have showed, or he realized himself how it sounded.

'Hey, I didn't mean that in a bad way,' he said quickly. 'I mean, it's great that you did get so much out of it. I was thinking how one sided it must be for you. And now I know it wasn't. I'm happy about that.'

That helped a little but he knew he'd said the wrong thing.

'What about you, Kev? You kissed me,' I said. 'What does that say about you?' I wished I hadn't said it; it sounded so accusatory.

'I said I was sorry I said that. I didn't mean it in a bad way; it just came out,' he said. 'Listen, I, uh....I was going to say....what I mean is, I've been thinking about this all the way back to town....I'm not coming out to you or anything like that, but if, wanta stay over sometime, I think I might be pretty easily convinced to try it myself.'

'Try it.....are you saying you wanta give me head?' I asked.

'Try it,' he said. 'That's not saying I'm gay,' he added quickly. 'But you've got me curious. I mean....' He was being hesitant, nervous. 'Aw man, you know it anyway, so I'll admit it, I got boned up kissing you. Then you came in your jeans from sucking me. That was pretty fuckin' hot. There must be something to all of this.'

'There is a LOT to it, but only if you like doing it,' I said.

We were pulling up beside my car; it was one of only three left on the lot. He reached over and gripped my thigh.


'Don't thank me,' I cut in.

'No, thanks for writing that play, and for picking me to play that part.'

'You're welcome for that.'

He didn't let go of my leg right away; like he was keeping me from getting out.

'Listen, this gay being gay and all, and knowing it now....have you ever thought about fucking? Gays do that, don't they?'

'Yeah, they do. And yeah, I've thought about it.'

He nodded and moved his hand from my leg. After a brief pause, I opened the door.

He reached over and grabbed my shoulder. 'When?' he asked. 'When do you want to stay over?'

'Any time you want me to.'

'Tomorrow night,' he said. 'I would say tonight, but I have to do something with my parents.'

'Tomorrow night, then,' I said as I was getting out of the truck. I started to walk away but turned back to the open window. Kevin leaned across the seat. 'By the way when you asked about fucking.... were you asking about me fucking you, or......'

'No, not me,' he cut in quickly. 'Not yet. Probably not ever. If you don't want to......'

'I do,' I cut in. 'I want to try it at least.'

He smiled his cute, mischievous smile. 'Could I hear you say it? I never had anybody come right out and ask me to fuck them.'

'No, I won't ask you,' I said. 'But I'll say it. I want you to fuck me, Kevin. I want you to fuck my brains out.'

He nodded, smiling. 'I can do that.'

The End



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