The Moon nestled on Her throne in the Heavens, looking as pure as the most priceless diamond while Her pristine bluish white rays descended onto Earth. The stars twinkled in the moonlight, as though doing a dance to entertain Her as well as everyone else on Earth. I watched the entire performance play out across the night sky. It left me feeling breathless and awestruck at the beauty that is Mother Nature. As if on cue, the clouds rolled in and slowly stole the performance away, just like the curtains of a theatre dropping on stage to signify the end of a stunning performance. At the same time, the world was slowly being pushed into the Darkness, just as the winter wind came in, bringing with it the cold as it tickled my cheeks and howled in my ears. I took a deep breath of the night air and sighed, it was so clear that it could have sparkled. What a perfect night, I thought, as I eyed the snowflakes that slowly drifted to the ground, turning my surroundings into a frozen winter wonderland. Thick blankets of snow covered the ground as well as the thin sloping branches of trees while everything was covered in icy blue and pure white. On some nights, communing with Mother Nature herself would have been the lone thought in my mind, but I had other plans on that night.

I leaned my back against the rough bark of a tree and got comfortable. I figured it would be a long wait, but I did not mind it at all. Good things come to those who wait, right? I slowed my breathing down to a slow steady rhythm before merging it with the regular steadfast beat of my heart to form a concordant melody that centred my inner being as I felt my body fill up the contours of the rough bark. When it was dark enough, I jumped off the branch and landed my feet softly on the snow like a cat, my black combat boots barely making a sound. I jammed my black leather gloved hands into the pockets of my black jeans and lowered my head into my soft black turtleneck. And just like that, I became a nonentity of the night, just a guy out on the streets reflecting on his life, or so it seems.

I took my time walking towards my targeted house, not rushing into it, being patient. As I walked, I could see more puffs of white before me and I realized my breathing had gone deeper as well as harder. Gone was the slow steady breathing rhythm I had earlier. Aah, adrenaline, we can never escape from it, now, can we? I could feel my heart thump my adrenaline-laced blood wildly in my ears as though fulfilling a lifetime’s worth of beats as it rushed through my system. I could feel my muscles tensing up for the night ahead and before long, I was standing before the front door of my target. In the depths of the dark shadows, I took out my lock picking kit and worked on the lock deftly. There was a soft click and the door opened noiselessly.

I smiled as lustful thoughts bubbled vigorously in my mind, like a dormant volcano just waiting for its' explosive eruption, as I felt my jeans grow tighter in certain areas. I pocketed my lock picking kit and put on my black mirrored wraparound sunglasses before slipping a black ski mask over my head, morphing myself into the dark fabric of time. I closed the door behind me and pocketed the kit before walking calmly towards the room. And I saw him. He was asleep on his stomach on the bed and seeing him in his natural form just worsened the pain in my groin to the point that it was painful as I heard his soft breathing. But who said I was complaining?

"You'll have your fill," I thought as I rubbed my groin lovingly, an attempt to negate the insatiable hunger within me. I slipped the soft black turtleneck off my body and dropped it onto the floor in a soft thud of cotton. He stirred in his sleep and I instantly froze as possible scenarios of being caught red-handed flashed through my mind like a bad rerun on television. He drifted off to sleep and I let out a sigh of relief. I had to be more careful. Any sound I made could lead to my downfall. I slid out of my black jeans in a rustle of denim and that was when everything changed for the worse. My element of surprise disappeared within a matter of seconds and I felt the rising panic within me.

"Who's there?" he asked groggily as he sat himself up. Immediately, I jumped onto his bed and sat on his back, pinning his elbows down with my knees as I held the side of his face down onto the bed with a black leather gloved hand.

"What...? Get off!" he managed a shout as he struggled under me but I was stronger and I leaned more of my weight down towards him as I leaned my masked face close to his ear.

"Shhh..." I whispered huskily. He ignored me and continued his struggle as he squirmed around like a slippery eel under me.

"I wonder," I began, not paying attention to his futile resistance. "Where is your mate?" Instantly, he stopped struggling under me and laid still. I felt his body stiffen as I stroked his hair, teasing his helplessness.

"Oh, that's right!" I told him cheerfully. "He's in the middle of the woods, all alone, with nothing but his own blood splattered all over him." That seemed to anger him and he started struggling under me again with more vigor. I held him down, pushing the side of his face deeper into the bed as his breathing grew ragged from his struggle.

"You lay a finger on Tyler and I will rip your body to shreds, asshole!" he shouted under me, his voice was as sharp and cold as ice.

"My, my, feisty, I see," I purred lazily. "You know, he put up quite a fight with me, but I won." I could feel my cock growing hard and erect in my boxers and I know he did too because every time I thrusted myself into him, he moaned back with pleasure in response. I pulled my black Calvin Klein boxers off, letting the head of my stiff cock trail along his back as I heard a soft moan escape his lips. I kicked my black combat boots off and got off him, standing on the side of his bed. I grabbed a fistful of his hair in my black leather gloved hand and I heard him wince as I pulled him up. I shoved his face towards my cock and held his jaws open with my black leather gloved hand as I slid my cock in. Immediately, he spat it out in disgust. How dare he!

I backhanded him with my black leather gloved hand and it sent him back crashing onto the bed. Nobody spits out my cock. Nobody. I crawled back onto the bed and he cowered away, but I was faster. I grabbed him by the neck with my black leather gloved hand and held him up. Contrary to popular belief, strangling does not require every part of the hand. Pressure is Force per unit Area, right? Therefore, the most pressure is delivered when a force is applied to the smallest area, and that was exactly what I did. I pinched my thumb and forefinger, just enough to compress the airway as well as interfere with the flow of blood in the neck. I saw the frightening sensation of air hunger build up in his eyes as he tried to pry my fingers off his neck, but I was stronger and held on, watching him struggle violently before me as his body begged for air.

I loosened my grip and he gasped out, taking in lungful after lungful of air as he breathed hard. He held onto my black leather gloved hand for support and I saw that his cheek had turned a bright scarlet from where I had hit him. I lowered my face close to him and he pulled himself away. I kissed his cheek through my ski mask and he shivered at the feel of my soft ski mask over his skin.

"You're going to cooperate, right?" I asked sweetly, as though nothing had happened. He glared at me for what seemed like eternity and I saw the defeat build up in his eyes before he nodded, just a slight inclination of his head. I smiled under my ski mask. I grabbed him by the hair, pulling him up as I sat up before shoving his face towards my cock. It stood out before him, proudly erect and rock hard, all eight inches of it as it gleamed with my precum. I held him by his nape as he leaned in and I felt him kiss my inner thighs softly, his lips leaving behind a burning mark of desire on my skin as it tingled with passion from his electrifying touch.

At that time, my cock was dripping with my precum and I thought I saw a flash of hunger in his eyes at the sight of it. He gladly took the entire length into his mouth and I found myself spiralling into a dark abyss of concupiscence as I was lost to the rhythm of his suction as well as the hot wetness of his tongue. I felt him wrapping his long tongue slowly along the length of my shaft, letting us unite into a single lecherous entity, before he slowly slid in and out of me, drawing long moans of pleasure from me as he serviced me with great finesse. I felt thin rivulets of my precum sliding down the length of my shaft before being swiftly licked by the soft mass that was his tongue, brushing lightly against the skin of my cock as he licked eagerly. I slid myself into him, heading for the tight constriction at the back of his throat. He gagged slightly when I touched it with the head of my cock and he slid back out to regain his rhythm.

"Come on, stud, try again," I called, my voice growing gravelly from the intense intimacy that we had built up within a short time. He returned to my cock and I could feel the determination within him to conquer me as I touched the back of his throat. He gagged slightly and I could feel him fighting his natural gag reflex, but it did not seem to bother him. I slid myself into his throat and I could feel his tonsils working hard, trying to milk me off my juices as he sucked on me ardently, making me grow harder than I was ever before. I gasped out at the pain but he was oblivious to it. If anything, he increased his pace, sucking on me keenly. And then, the inevitable happened.

I exploded into him and I felt hot spurts of my own white gold enter his mouth as he swallowed avidly, slurping up every single drop of it into his system as he treasured them like precious jewels. He licked me clean and slid out. He wiped his lips with the back of his hand and I realized I was panting from his service. I sat up and raised my hand. He immediately cringed in fear at the thought of another slap, but all I did was run the back of my black leather gloved hand down the side of his face before cradling his face in mine.

"You're good, stud," I told him, and I meant it. His abilities were amazing. He looked up at me in bewilderment and I could see the ghost of a smile flicker across his lips. He averted his eyes away.

"You're sweet," he replied softly. I could not help but smile, he was warming up to me. He lay before me on his stomach, exposing his hole to me as I took off my black leather gloves. I inserted my finger into him and he inhaled sharply as he flinched at the pain. I slowly slid my finger in and out of him, turning his gasps of torments into moans of delectation. I slowly inserted more of my fingers into him and when I had an entire fist in him, I asked, "You holding up?"

"It still hurts," he replied softly in between his moans as he grabbed the sheets in his fists. I slid out and heard him sigh out in relief. I smirked. He actually thought I would let him get away so easily? Immediately, I shoved my rock hard dick into him in one quick move. He screamed out in agony and I instantly clamped a hand over his mouth, stifling his scream as his breaths came out hard.

"Shh..." I whispered into him. With my cock still within him, we flipped over so that I was lying with my back on the bed and he was above me. I thrusted myself into him and I could feel him working his butt muscles to milk me again. I nuzzled my masked face against his neck and his body rocked with lewd energy as I kissed his neck through my mask. It seemed to give him newfound energy because soon after, he was sliding himself in and out of me. He wanted me, I knew he did. As he slid himself, I let him suck on my forefinger and middle finger, his tongue working indefatigably while he moaned out in joy. I whispered into his ear, "You want me, right?"

"Yes!" he gasped out hungrily and I felt my cock grow rock hard within him as his butt muscles worked unflaggingly. I sat up and bent him over the bed. My cock was glistening with my precum and it was throbbing with wild prurient energy as it entered him. I drilled him, long and hard, as I heard my thighs slam against his butt.

"Ah... Yeah, come on," he begged and I felt it build up within me, a warm sensation that spread throughout my system like how a dragon unfurled its' wings in all of its' majestic glory. I exploded into him and he moaned rapturously as I felt his butt muscles milking me off my juices that he so yearned for. I slid out and left him panting on the bed as he curled up into a fetal position. I turned my back, wanting to leave him, but it was the wrong move. It came as swift as the wind and just as silent.

The tackle came without warning and it caught me totally by surprise. I stood up to regain myself but I immediately fell back to the floor in a loud thud. I realized that he had a strong hold on my ankle and had pulled me back down. Pretty soon, he had pinned me down just as I did before. He was sitting on my chest and held my elbows down with his knees.

"Not so fun when the tables are turned, right, asswipe?" he sneered. His cock lay before me and it was impressive. It was at least ten inches long and it shone with his precum. I could feel it pulsate with lascivious energy against my chest and I knew it was capable of greatness. He grabbed my ski mask and rolled it up, just enough to expose my mouth.

"Listen..." I began but he immediately shoved his cock into my mouth. My God, not only was he long, but he was thick as well. What a treat! I could feel my mouth stretching wide open to accommodate him as he slid into me. I wrapped my tongue along the length of his shaft before sliding in and out of him, licking up all of his sweet precum before swallowing it zealously as the skin of his cock and my tongue melted into a single being that seemed to renew us with energy. He was sweet and the feel of his precum sliding down my throat pushed me on to have a taste of him. I sucked on him fervently and I could feel him stiffening within my mouth as he gasped out at the pain.

"Yeah, suck it good, ass." My rhythm did not falter and I increased my pace gradually. Then, he exploded into me. I felt a river of white hot precious cum enter my mouth and it was one of the most magical moments I had ever experienced. He was sweeter than honey and sugar combined, stronger than the caffeine of coffee as well as more delicious than any dish I had ever tried. I swallowed without hesitation, feeling the thick creamy wad slide down my throat and it felt amazing, feeling it slowly slide down, tingling every spot it touched as it sent countless waves of pleasure down my spine. I cleaned him up and slid out.

He flipped me onto my stomach and before I knew it, I felt a sudden explosion of pain within me as though my innards were being shredded into fine pieces. I screamed out in agony as he shoved his entire cock into me. He made no attempt to stifle my scream as he slowly slid in and out of me.

"You picked the wrong guy to jump, asshole," he snarled. He grabbed onto my shoulders and I felt his thumbs digging into my shoulder blades as he drilled me hard. He was thick, as I had mentioned before, and I could feel my sphincter muscles scream out in pain as they stretched to their fullest extent to adapt to him. But, it was the most wonderful feeling I had ever experienced and I could feel the anguish slowly ebbing away, only to be replaced by moans of enjoyment. I winced at the feel of him digging his nails into me as I worked my butt muscles to milk him, squeezing his cock against my butt cheeks as he slapped them repeatedly. I could feel them turning a bright scarlet, just as how I had backhanded him earlier, as pinpricks of ache burst onto them. I felt him stiffen within me and I knew he was about to explode, fuelling me on to feel his juice shoot through my system, touching every erogenous spots within me. But it did not happen.

Surprisingly, he slid back out and pulled me up. He sat me up against the bed roughly as he stroked his cock, his eyes gleaming with sheer delight. He grabbed my mask and pulled it off, just as I felt a warm river of his white goodness stream onto me, feeling it dribble all over my face and onto my lips as he emptied his load onto me. We both sighed in unison and I looked up at Zul's face. He leaned down into me and our lips mated as we danced in each other's mouths. He was as graceful as ever, swiftly evading each and every one of my attempt to capture him with my tongue as we chased each other, like an action-packed swordfight. I thought I had managed to catch him when he rounded the corner of my mouth, but he was somehow able to wrap my tongue with his, sucking on it tenderly, drawing out moans of longing from me. He held me up lovingly as I melted into him. We parted and I could see that his lips were swollen from the kiss as we eyed each other, like a predator stalking a prey. The question was, who was whom?

He made his move and held my chin up as he slobbered all over me, licking up all of his precious cum as I felt his soft swift tongue track all over me, leaving behind trails of blazing inferno like how a trail of rocket fuel was ignited by the spark of a match. I sighed into him and draped my arms around his neck, holding his nape up towards me as he drivelled all over me. We rolled over one another as we danced to each other's beat. Spent and exhausted, we lay on the floor with the moonlight filtering through the window. I looked up at him.

He had mismatched yellow-gold eyes, just like I had, and his showed a deep depth of knowledge as well as experience which was only a preview to the vast infinite knowledge that he had embossed in his mind. There was a hard edge to them, and rightly so, because he had went through a lot of things that made him who he was today, a headstrong guy that had the steel determination to overcome all of life's upcoming endeavors. At that time, they were amorous and full of affection as he stared at me lovingly. He had jet black hair that seemed to glow with their own radiance and it made the moonlight pale in comparison, if that was ever possible. He had an aristocratic nose, one that shows a glimpse of his persona, an infectious enthusiasm as well as a special charisma that I could never put a finger on, but whatever it was, it made him the epitome of aristocracy. He had soft sensual lips that would burst into the most devilish grin or a lopsided smile that would melt your heart within seconds, like how ice melts on a hot summer's day. He had warm caramel skin that had neither hint nor blemish of imperfection, making him look as though he had been a bronze statue in ancient times that had life breathed into him by a talented artisan. Sharp high cheekbones and an angular jaw framed his finely drawn sensitive face, making his face a priceless work of art that was remarkably beautiful. It was an honor to bask in his confidence that radiated from his very core. What was humbling was to be able to call him my partner, my mate, my better half.

He ran the back of his hand down the side of my face and I shivered in response as I cuddled closer towards his huge pectoral muscles that had always provided me with comfort as well as security. He wrapped me in his strong arms that had muscles the size of baseballs, blanketing me with care and fondness.

"What gave me away?" I asked. He leaned down and planted a kiss on my forehead. Just the feel of his lips upon my skin was enough to draw a moan from me. That was the power Zul had on me.

"Nothing," he replied casually as he stroked my hair affectionately. "I just had a feeling you were near me, not somewhere in the middle of the woods, all alone, with nothing but your own blood splattered all over you," he added jokingly as he quoted my act earlier. I rolled my eyes and punched him amatively. He laughed, "That was a nice touch, by the way."

He leaned close to me, "But, I'm serious, Tyler, I felt your presence and knew I would be alright."

"Did you really mean it when you said you would rip anybody to shreds if they laid a finger on me?" I asked. I was curious about it.

"Yeah. I love you so much, Tyler. I won't forgive myself if anything happened to you. You know that, right?" he replied.

I smiled up at him, "I love you so much, Zul."

He smiled his devilish grin, "Forever and always." Bathed in the pristine bluish white rays of the Moon, we leaned close into each other and sealed the night with a passionate kiss that was built entirely out of our love for one another.




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