As I returned to my apartment building early one Sunday morning after being out at the clubs, I as suddenly confronted by a young muscular male and shoved against the wall of the parking garage. When I tried to resist, he brought up his right hand which held a pistol and slammed it a against my head, knocking me out.

When I awoke, I was on the floor near the elevator, my wallet and watch missing. I fumbled for my cell phone and dialed 9-1-1. After making the initial report, I stumbled into the elevator and up to my apartment.

Moments later, paramedics arrived as well as a young muscular police officer. As the paramedics treated the mi or cuts on my head, I began giving the officer my information.

Soon the paramedics left and I was alone with the officer. When we met, he said he was Patrolman Jim Clark. He appeared to be in his mid to late twenties. He took the initial report, seeming to stay longer than necessary, and frequently looking me over.

"Mr. Rivers, frequently when they take a wallet they take out what they want and immediately get rid of it. I'm going to take a look around your garage and see if anything turns up. While I'm gone, try to remember as much as possible about what he looked like. I'll be back shortly."

He left and and I began remembering back to the event. When he had first started interviewing me he simply asked where I had been. All I had said was out to a few clubs, not mentioning that they were gay clubs.

He returned about half hour later saying, "Hopefully I have good news. I found your wallet and I'd like you to see exactly what's missing." He handed me my wallet and I went through it and soon told him that everything was there except around seventy dollars in cash and a spare key to my apartment.

"Well, that's good and bad. He might try and come back to see what you have in the apartment."

"If he does, I'll be ready with my own gun in hand."

He asked if it was licensed and I told him it was and that I had a permit to carry. 

"Now, where exactly had you been tonight?"

I knew I had to tell him and was curious as to what his reaction would be.

"Officer Clark, I was at several bars tonight before returning home."

"Please, call me Jim,and which bars were they?"

After telling him to call me Mark, I gave him the names of the bars, watching his reaction. All I noticed was a very slight smile. I knew that he knew that they were gay bars.

"Do you remember seeing him in any of those establishments?"

"Not that I can remember," I replied.

"Okay, what did he look like?"

"He appeared to be in his early to mid twenties, about six foot to six-two, one ninety or so, and muscular. He wore jeans and a grey tee shirt that was snug fitting. He had a moustache and goatee that were dark, and he wore a ball cap."

"Very good," he said.

"Mark, I'll pass this on to the detective section and probably Detective Carl Sims will be contacting you and will go over everything that you have told me. Here is my card. I patrol this area and if you should remember anything else or have any trouble, feel free to call me. I put my cell number on the back. Feel free to call me anytime."

I thanked him and wondered if he gave me his personal cell number for a reason. As we walked to the door,he put his left arm around my shoulders and said, Remember, Mark, call me if you need to." 

"Thanks, Jim, I will."

He left and I realized that my cock had become half hard from having his arm around my shoulders. I wondered if he had noticed, because when I go out, I always go commando, since it makes it so much easier to play in the dark corners of the bars.

The next morning about ten, Detective Sims knocked on my door. After checking his ID, I let him in and we began going over everything I had told Jim.

When he began asking about the bars I had been to he also had a slight smiles on his face. I wondered if he thought it amusing that a gay man had been robbed.

Detective Sims was in his mid thirties and like Jim, was damn good looking and also muscular. His white shirt fit snugly and revealed a nice set of pecs and firm nipples.

"May I call you mark?" he asked.

"Of course," I replied. 

"Great. Let's keep this casual. Please call me Carl."

"Sure thing."

"Now, Mark, you told Jim that you didn't remember seeing the guy in any of the bars."

"That's right," I said.

"What about outside the bars or around here at any time?"

"Not that I remember."

"I see. You gave a damn good description and he fits the same description that others in the area have given. We think it's the same guy."

"I hope you catch him because if I see him first, you might be arresting me for assault."

"Let's hope not, even though he'd deserve anything he got."

We concluded out interview and he, like Jim, gave me his card as well as his cell number.

A week passed and everything was normal. I called both Jim and Carl asking if there were any leads. Carl said that they were following up n a few and I might be called in to view a line-up if they arrested anyone.

Jim had said that he had been off Tuesday and Wednesday nights but other nights had been patrolling around my place several times a night.

Another week passed. When I went out to the bars, it was usually after nine when the crowds were beginning.

That Friday, as I pulled out of my garage, I got a glimpse of a man in the shadows on the street that resembled my assailant. I immediately called Jim. He said he would check it out and for me to call him when I headed home and he would meet me.

I did and there was no sign of the man. Jim called in saying he was taking a break and came up to my apartment with me. He had a soda while I had another beer. 

"Mark, I've been switched to the detective section, so I won't be patrolling the area any longer,but if you see anything, I still want you to call me."

"I will,and hanks for your concern."

"Hey, no problem."

When I went to bed, after turning out my lights, I had started looking out the drapes of my fifth floor apartment windows, checking the area. I had requested that my door lock be changed but so far maintenance hadn't done it.

Then, on two nights in a row, I saw a figure resembling the man standing in shadows near the corner. I called Jim and had him meet me for lunch. 

I told him what I had seen and he said it appeared that the guy was watching to see either when I went to bed or if I was home.

"Mark, can you take a weeks vacation?"

"Sure, why?"

"I have a plan and I'm sure Carl will approve it. I'll pack a bag and move in here. You will take an empty suitcase and leave in a taxi. Once down the street a ways, you'll get out and I'll give you a disguise to wear. Walk back to the building and come in,but do not turn on any lights. Hopefully he'll be watching and think you're out of town and will make a move."

"When do you want to start?"

"Tomorrow night. I'll arrive about six and we'll go over everything."

"See you then," I said.

The next day, I stopped by a thrift shop and bought an old suitcase I could leave in an alley after the cab ride.

Just after six, Jim arrived and handed me a disguise. It was a grey wig, grey moustache and beard, glasses with clear lens, and a cane.

"Once your out of the cab, slip into an alley and put this on, then walk back like an old man using your cane. I want you here to identify him should he decide to pay us a visit. Of course, every night we'll be in darkness, except for one small light you will leave on in the living room. The drapes will remain closed."

"Got it," I said. "I'm glad I just went to the store and stocked up on groceries."

I left the apartment around nine and after a few blocks, i got out of the cab and after putting on the disguise, I walked back to my building.

I went in and got out of the disguise and changed into just a pair of shorts, no shirt. I noticed Jim checking me out. Soon, he went to shower and returned in just shorts also.

As we sat watching TV, I decided to find out how he felt about gays.

"Jim, can I ask you a question?"


"Well, knowing what bars I was at the night of the assault, I'm sure you know I'm gay. Does it make you uncomfortable being here alone with me?"

"Hell no. Look, what goes on in private between either a man and woman, two women, or two men, is their business, as long as they are both consenting. Now, if it goes on in public or involves a minor in any way, that I have a problem with. I have some very close friends that are gay. I've visited their homes and even at times seen them engage in sex with other guys while I was there. Sex is sex."

"Damn, I wish more people felt that way."

"They should. The chief knows sex goes on in the bars you were at, and doesn't care. We've been instructed not to raid them. He prefers that they have sex there and not out in a park or other public place."

"Interesting," I said.

Then later, I said, "I wish I had a second bedroom. I hate the thought of you sleeping out here on the sofa."

"I've slept on worse things than a sofa."

"Well, I have a king bed and if the sofa gets too bad for you, you're welcome to use the other half of the bed."

"Thanks, I appreciate the offer. Let's see how things go."

Later, I got him some sheets, blanket and pillow for the sofa. "If you need anything else,just let me know. I'm going on to bed."

"Sure thing," he replied.

I went to my room leaving the door open. I removed my shorts and pulled back the covers and lay down totally nude. A few moments later, Jim stepped to the door.

"Mark, you mind if I make some coffee," he asked, before realizing that I was totally nude.

"No, help yourself."

"Fuck, man, I'm sorry for barging in. You sleep nude?"

"Oh yea. I have for years."

"So do I, normally."

"Look, feel free to do it here if you'd be more comfortable. Usually when I'm home, I stay nude. It's so much more comfortable."

"I know, I do the same thing at my place," he said. "Well, have a good night."

"You, too," I replied.

I was soon asleep and awoke at my usual time for work. Slipping on my shorts, I eased through the living room toward the kitchen to start a pot of coffee. There on he sofa, uncovered, was Jim, sleeping soundly, totally nude. His long slim cock laying over on his right thigh. My cock quickly began stiffening.

In the kitchen, as I started the coffee, Jim suddenly appeared still nude, gun in hand.

"Glad to see it's just you, and not the other guy," he said.

"Well, if it had been him, it would have been interesting to see his reaction when he was arrested by a naked cop."

"I'm sure you would have sworn that I was fully clothed if it had been him."

"Hell, man, we would have both been fully clothed," I said. 

"I like you,"he said. 

"I feel the same way about you. And since we both prefer going nude, I see no reason why we shouldn't do it here. Neither of us is going out in public."

"You sure you don't mind?"

"Not at all, I told him, quickly dropping my shorts and exposing my half hard cock. His eyes immediately went to it.

We stayed nude and were soon in the living room having coffee. After coffee, I suggested we fix breakfast. We went to the kitchen and prepared breakfast and after eating we started cleaning up. As we did, we were side by side at the counter. The thought of him being so close maid my cock stir again. It began stiffening and I couldn't stop it. I noticed that his cock was stiffening rapidly. 

We looked into each others eyes and it happened. I quickly leaned toward him and pressed my lips to his. he immediately put one hand around my head and held out mouths together as we both parted out lips and began a hot wet tongue kiss.

As we kissed, our free hands quickly found each other's cock and began fondling it.

Moments later, we broke the kiss and Jim quickly dropped to his knees and began sucking my cock. I moaned in pleasure as this hot young cop swallowed my cock over and over, repeatedly deep throating it.

Before long, my climax neared and my cock exploded, sending rope after rope of thick cum into his mouth. He collected it all before hungrily swallowing. he stood and we kissed again after which he said, "I've wanted to do that since the night I took the report from you."

"Now it's my turn. I've wanted you also."

I dropped and swallowed his cock and sucked like mad, eager for the taste of his hot load. i soon got it and eagerly swallowed every delicious drop.

After another kiss, I said, "I hope our man waits a few days before showing up. I want more sex with you."

"Same here, but who says it has to end after he's arrested?"

"I like the way you think," I said.

We watched TV that morning cuddled together on the sofa, kissing frequently, our hands exploring each others body. After a while he stood and took my hand and led me to my bed, saying, "Fuck me!"

Within seconds, I was sliding my hard cock deep into his ass as he moaned in pleasure. We kissed as I fucked his hot firm ass, soon sending a load deep into his guts. Moments later, I was receiving the same pleasure as this hot stud cop fucked my hungry hole.

All day and night we had sex, with him leaving the sofa to share my bed at night. The next day, after a hot sixty-nine mid morning, he asked, "Do you like three ways?"

"Fuck, I love them. I love having two cocks to suck."

"I can make a call and we can have one," he said.

"Do it," I said.

He got his cell phone and stepped away from me as he talked. Moments later, he said, "It's all set. He should be here shortly."

Twenty minutes later there was a knock at the door. Jim went to the door and after looking through the viewer, opened the door.

I was shocked when Carl stepped into the room seeing us both totally nude.

Carl smiled and immediately began stripping as I said, "Holy shit! Another sud cop I was wanting."

Once Carl was nude, he came over and kissed Jim first them me, sending his tongue deep into my throat. When the kiss ended,I looked at him and said, "Man with a tongue like that, I'd love to see what it could do with my ass."

Smiling, Carl turned me around and dropped to the floor. As I bent over, Jim shoved his cock in my face. I immediately began sucking his as Carl began eating my ass then sending his long hard tongue deep into my hole. I was in fucking heaven.

I got Jim off and Carl turned me around saying, "You've had him. Now he's mine."

After another hot kiss, Carl and i began a hot wet sixty-nine, soon feeding each other our hot thick loads.

Afterward, I asked how long they had known about each other. Carl said it had been about three years and that they found out about each other one weekend that they were both off. By shear chance, they had gone out of town for sex and had ended up at the same adult video store. After sucking each other through a glory hole, Carl said he wrote a note asking if the other guy would like to meet him at his room. The guy wrote back yes and was given the motel and room number.

"You can imagine how shocked we both were to see each other when Carl opened the door," Jim said.

"We had one hell of a weekend in that room," Carl added.

Before long I was feeling Carl's long thick cock pumping my ass and it was awesome. He filled me with his hot thick load then had me fuck his hot ass.

We spent several hours together daily having hot raunchy sex. 

On the sixth night Jim was there, we were on in bed, making out, when we herd a key in the door. We both immediately jumped out of bed and put on shirts and shorts. Jim grabbed his gun and stood by the door with me behind him.

The intruder entered the bedroom and as he did, Jim placed his gun against the back if the mans head saying, "Move and you're dead."

The man froze and I turned on a lamp as Jim ut the man in handcuffs.

Looking over at me, he said, "Is this the man?"

"Yes, that's him."

Jim called for a squad car and the man was taken away. After things quieted down, I told Jim that I would miss him.

"Mark, I'll be here every night if you want me to be. Carl and I both would love to continue our activities."

"I want you to have a key so you can come by anytime you want. Jim, In the short time you've been here, I've fallen in love with you."

"I love you, too, stud. I want you with me forever. No one had fucked me the way you do and I love it."

We kissed, passionately. 

The next day, Jim called and asked if I knew a Brad Fuller. I said I did and asked why.

"Who is he?" Jim asked.

"My boss's son. Why?"

"Well the beard and goatee the guy was wearing was fake. All the other guys that were assaulted were gay also. He'd watch the gay bars and follow the guys home and rob them. He had this belief that gays carried lots of cash on them. You were his sixth victim."

"Damn! My bosses son. I wonder if I'll still have a job once my boss finds out I'm gay."

"Time will tell," he said.

I returned to work and a few days later I was called into the boss's office. Once the door was shut, Mr. Fuller began apologizing profusely for his son.

"Mark, I don't care if you're gay. You never showed it here at work and always were very outstanding in your work. I just wish there was some way I could make it up to you."

"Mr. Fuller, it's not your fault. You had no idea what Brad was doing. I'm just sorry that i have to testify."

"You do what you have to do. I totally understand."

On my next check as a nice pay increase.

Jim, Carl, and I put our sexual activities on hold until after the trial. Brad got six years for his actions.

Once the trial was over, Jim asked me to move in with him and we became lovers, known only to Carl. All the other officers thought we were just close friends with lots in common.

Jim and I love each other dearly and would give our lives for each other. Carl visits once or twice a month and we have sex, but Jim and I are totally content just having sex with each other.





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