I woke to morning sunlight through the tall windows facing south. Soft snoring reminded me I had a guest. I took a peek over the railing, into the main living space. The sight that met my eyes had me scrambling into sweats, and scurrying down the stairs.

Grabbing a sketch pad, colored pencils, I settled myself on the floor.

Sometime, during the early morning, Earl had shucked off his tee and was now totally naked. He was asleep face down on the futon, no covers, beautiful ass facing south.

The morning sun, coming in through the tall windows on the south wall, illuminated him like a spotlight.

Every golden blonde hair was glowing, except where cross pieces of the window painted shadow. The light picked out the sheen of his skin, gilding the architecture of his muscles. An arm obscured most of his face, allowing the end of one blonde eyebrow to peak out. His short blonde hair was a vivid contrast to the golden tan of his arm and neck.

I sketched fast and furious, praying he wasn't a restless sleeper, prone to moving about. And that he wouldn't wake too soon. He cooperated for over an hour. I sketched him from three diffrent angles. From the top of his head, down the slope of his back, to the white rise of his ass. Alongside, showing the full length of his body. And from near his feet, looking up between his slightly spread legs, into the valley of his ass, over a peek of fat round balls.

As I worked on that last view, memories of the night before had me tenting my sweats.(Oh Lord, What a Night!)

" I hate to interupt art in progress, but I really need to piss!"

My head snapped up, to see one amused ( and slightly bloodshot) blue eye peering at me over the bulge of a bicep.

" Uh .... Sure.... Okay" I stammered.

Earl stood up, stretched, totally unselfconcious, scratched his belly and leveled a look at the sketch pad in my lap. " Don't you ever quit?" Then he sauntered into the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

(No), I thought, (Not when something so worthwhile to draw comes my way).

Earl came back out, still naked and plopped down on the couch, drawing a blanket over his lap.

We sat there awkardly for a while, kind of avoiding each others eyes. Honestly, I was apprehensive. What if the big bad Marine, decided to beat up the man, who got him high, then stuck a dick, ( Not to mention some silicone toys) up his ass.

Earl cleared his throat. " About last night."

Okay, here it comes, the whole I was so high and drunk, I can't rembember a thing, or You took advantage of me and I have to teach you a lesson scenarios.

" Don't worry, I won't tell anyone what happened." I blurted.

" I appreciate that, but that's not really what's on my mind." Earl paused a moment, sighed, " What happened last night, was I had a man's dick in my ass and mouth!"

" Um.....Yeah, I guess you did?"

" No guessing about it, because my asshole is feeling very sore this morning. It most definitely happened."

I nodded, not quite on the same train track as Earl.

" I guess what I'm asking is......Does this make me a queer?"

"What!? No! I don't think so! I don't know!" I sputtered, completely thrown by the conversation. " Why do you ask that?"

Earl hanging his head a little, said quietly. " I liked it."

I was speechless. This was so not on my list of scenarios for the morning.

I took a deep breath trying to gather my thoughts. " Let's look at last night, objectively, Okay?"

Earl shrugged. " Go ahead?"

" When you say you liked it, did you mean you liked a guys dick in your ass? Or you liked something stuffed in your ass?" Earl looked perplexed. " I mean, if it had been a woman sticking her toy in your ass, would you have liked it just as much?"

Earl looked thoughtful. " Well right this moment, I kind of wish you were a girl and not a guy.....Not that a girl shoving a plastic dick in me doesn't seem super wierd too!"

"So was it me turning you on last night, or the movie and ...um... the roleplaying, I guess is a good way to put it?"

Earl frowned. " I honestly don't know Rusty! Last night has me all kinds of fucked up right now! "

I decided to take a leap. " So if I asked you if you wanted me to fuck you right now, no video, just a guy's dick in your ass, would you want that?"

Earl grimaced, but i continued, " Or if that nurse walked in right now, and wanted to drill your butt, would you want that?"

Earl frowned at that. Sighed. " Maybe, I just don't know.......Until I saw that video, I didn't even know people did those things. I don't know if I was just so high and drunk, and , yeah really horny, that I let things get away from me....or what!" " And?" I prompted. Another big sigh. " All I know was it was the hottest thing I ever did in my life, and having something shoved in my ass felt incredible!"

I thought quietly, while Earl stared at me with all of the intensity of a puppy, who had just piddled on the floor, and was waiting to be thumped with a newspaper.

" Well, I'm no big expert, but supposedly all of those guys in the video claim to be straight......They just like to be dominated by women....and have things shoved in their ass. I have heard that many straight men get off on masturbating with toys in their ass. So maybe you aren't gay......Maybe you have just found a new fetish."

Earl seemed to drink in my words, like a plant dying for water. " So.... I'm not gay? Just kinky?" I held up a hand. " Maybe you are actually bisexual." Earl ran a hand through his short blonde hair, drawing my attention to his muscular bicep and forearm. I sighed, " Personally I am biased.....You are really an incredibly sexy man!" Earl blushed, and pensively looked down at his sheet covered lap. " Even with my tiny dick?" I waved his comment away, " Number one, your dick isn't tiny, I think it's within the realm of a normal size, I just think your ex may have been a size queen. Two, not to embarrass you, but from the perspective of a gay man, you have a gorgeous body.....and for my taste a gorgeous ass!"

That last seemed to bug Earl, but I tend to be blunt. Then another thought occurred to me. " I just might know someone who could help you figure this out." " Really? Who?" Earl looked up eagerly. " I just happen to know someone who is a lot like the woman in the video. If you'd like to talk to her, I could call her later?"

Earl frowned again. " I'd like to talk to her, but my bus leaves later this morning... Maybe I could get her number?" I shook my head, " Nope, can't give out her number without permission, and it's way to early to call her. She keeps really late hours, and would not be happy if I called before noon." Earl's shoulders slumped.

I had another thought. " Earl, don't you have a couple more days of leave?" " Yeah, so? Not much reason to stick around with all the girl friend drama." " Why don't you spend another day here, I'll call Nicole for advice, and you can crash here for the night."

Earl perked up at that, then shook his head. " I've already imposed enough on you, besides I can't make it up to you. Short on money you know?" I waved that off and pointed to my sketches. " I think those are worth a day or two of room and board, if you really want to get to the bottom of this new....interest?" Then another inspiration came to me. " I also know how you can make some fast cash!"

Earl looked alarmed at that. I jumped in to explain myself before he got the wrong idea. " My art school is always looking for models for live figure drawing. Depending on how little clothes you are willing to wear, they will pay from twenty to a hundred dollars a session." At the question in his eyes I clarified. " Twenty for clothes on, one hundred for total nude!"

Now Earl looked thoughtful. " I guess I could do mostly nude, probably not all of the way, maybe down to underwear?" I thought some more. " How about a g-string?" " Moot point dude, don't got one!" Earl chuckled. I grinned, " I did mention I stripped in a gay bar on the weekends, I think I got that covered! If you want to give it a try?"

Once again,Earl ran fingers through his hair, giving me another treat of flexing muscle. " I suppose I could try? And you'll call this Nicole?" " Yeah later after my morning classes." " Is she hot like the movie chick?" " Ummm......Well she's not ugly, but more I don't know.....Handsome rather than pretty. and.....umm.....she's a bit more hardcore than that chick!" " Hardcore? What's that supposed to mean." " I mean she's a hardcore dominatrix, goes way beyond simple strapon fucking. But, she's the only woman I know who's even remotely into this brand of kinky!"

Earl looked really disturbed. I sighed. " Look, Earl, I'm not suggesting you have a session with her, just talk with her. Besides, she gets paid for her expertise as a dominatrix, and frankly you can't afford her!"

"Maybe I can't afford to talk to her either!" " Oh I think she'll talk to you, if I ask her. She owes me a couple of favors." " Oh and what will I owe you for these favors?" " Oh I think last night was totally worth it from my end!" I glanced up at the clock. " Shit....Look think about it. I got to hit the shower and get ready for class......If you decide you want to stay and try the model thing, you can shower after me and come with me to the school, I'll drop you off at human resources, before class."

To speed the story up, Earl decided to stay, try modeling, and I dropped him off at the human resource office. As I thought, they jumped at the chance to have him model. ( Most of our nude models, were not something most folks want to see naked. Overly fat girls, and one old wrinkled saggy male nudist, not at all inspiring.) When most of the teachers found out he was well muscled, they cancelled their lesson plans for the day, to give their students a chance to draw him. By the time I was done for the day, Earl had posed for four classes in my g-string at seventy dollars a class. Not bad for a days work.

I called Nicole and related the whole story of Earl's discovery about himself. She agreed to talk to him, but since she was off that night, wanted to talk to him in person. I had to work that night, but offered my place for their meeting, but Nicole wouldn't go for that and suggested they meet at the bar where I worked. It took some convincing to get Earl in a gay bar, but in the end his need to know was greater than his fear of gay men. Besides, I pointed out Nicole would be more than capable of protecting him from the ravening homosexuals.

After I was done for the night, I found Earl and Nicole, curious to see what the prognosis was. Nicole was convinced Earl was a closet bisexual, and had a plan for finding out. A plan that required my apartment, my weed, and the attendance of all three of us. I was surprised, she usually got big bucks for a night like she was suggesting, but I guess the whole situation had her intrigued. And did I mention my secret fetish of seeing strong men dominated and fucked by women? Earl was convinced to try, Nicole was excited and frankly so was I. So we ended back at my apartment.

Things could have been really awkward, but Nicole just took over and began directing Earl and I. Before I knew it all three of us were smoking my weed and Nicole had us all down to our skivvies.

" So Earl, we need to set some ground rules here." Nicole drawled lazily. " LIke what?" Earl asked, a tiny hint of apprehension in his voice. " Well, to start with, you need to choose a safe word." " A safe word?" Earl repeated, confused. " Yeah, if things progress beyond your comfort level, you say your safe word, and the scene stops, or moves in another direction." " You mean No I don't want to do this is not enough?" " How can I explain this?... I'm used to working with guys who need to feel like they are being forced to do what they consider depraved sex acts. I guess they feel it absolves them of the guilt for the pleasure they feel. So I require a safe word, one they won't normally blurt out during a session."

Earl scrunched his face up in thought. Then he looked at me. " Is Rusty going to be part of this?" " Only if you wish him to, other than the fact I wish you to allow him to watch." Earl opened his mouth, maybe to protest my presence , but Nicole held up her finger, for silence. " Non-negotiable, we are in his space, smoking his weed and hopefully drinking a bit of his booze?" She grinned cheekily at me. " Rusty did some great erotic artwork for me, that my customers love to look at to get themselves in the mood. And I know he likes to watch strong men under the rule of women and smaller men. So he gets to watch, or I can head for home."

Earl seemed shocked by her attitude. Nicole shrugged. " You want to see if you are into being dominated, or just like things in your ass. Right?" Earl nodded. " That brings us to the next rule." " What's that?"

Earl asked. " Simply put, I'm the boss, you do what I tell you to do. You allow me to do what I want to to your body, unless you use the safe word. Is that clear?" Nicole intructed with a hint of steel in her voice.

Earl looked sheepish, but the sudden pup tent in his shorts, seemed to make up his mind for him. " Yes Ma'am!' he softly agreed. Nicole smiled indulgently. " Next rule, for this session I and Rusty will refer to you as Straight Boy, and you will refer to us as Sir or Ma'am. Understood?" " Yes, Ma'am!" Earl agreed. " Safe word?" " Sarge?" Earl offered " Agreed, use it only if things go beyond where you want to go,understood?" " Yes Ma'am."

Nicole smiled, reached down to heft her mega size purse and smiled at me. " May I use your bathroom, I have a little change of costume in here that just might be up Earl's alley." She grinned at Earl, " Pun intended!" At my nod, she sauntered into the bathroom. Nicole doesn't just walk, her moves, are panther-like, confident and look just a bit dangerous.

At the door, she turned, and grinned at me. " You might want to bring your duffle bag of toys down too." At my stunned look, she laughed. She indicated Earl. " Straight Boy has a big mouth, shares a lot!"

As Earl sputtered I went to the closet, where I'd stashed my toy bag. She leveled a look at Earl. " Straight Boy, move that coffee table, then stand on the rug facing the bathroom." With that she disappeared into the bathroom.

I deposited the bag by the couch and sat myself down. Earl's back was to me. As I packed another pipe of weed, I took the oppurtunity to stare at his body again. Just seeing those broad shoulders, muscled back and bubble butt clad in nothing but tightie whities, caused my already half hard dick to go harder. As Earl watched the door for Nicole, I could see a slight tremor race through his body. Nerves? Anticipation? I got up and circled around to his front. I lit and handed him the pipe. He inhaled like it was his very last one. When he expelled his toke, I indicated he should take another hit.

I got him to a third toke when I heard the door behind me open. Earl's eyes widened dramatically. I turned to see Nicole lounging in the door way.

How had she manged to cram a leather bustier, leather thong, fishnet stockings and stiletto pumps into that bag I don't know. Not to mention a proudly jutting realistic six inch plastic cock. She posed there for a moment, looking like a female invitation to sin. Then she sauntered over to sit on the couch, brushing close to Earl, stopping him as he turned to follow her.

On the couch, she patted the seat next to her, indicating I should come sit. She held out her hand for the pipe and lighter. She took a couple tokes and passed it back to me. I refilled it and set it to the side.

Meanwhile, Earl was almost rigidly at attention, waiting for her next move.

" Straight Boy, I think you are wearing too much clothing. I want you to slowly pull down your panties, and stay bent over until I order you to move!" " Yes Ma'am," Earl whispered. He slid his hands into the waist of his briefs, and slowly peeled them down to his ankles. He remained bent over, treating us to a fine view of his muscled ass.

" Now I want you to toss away your panties, then bend back down and spread your legs wide, grabbing your ankles!" Nicole intstructed. Earl hesitated, " Now!" Nicole barked, causing both Earl and I to jump a little.

When Earl had followed orders, NIcole sat back crossing her legs, her strapon dick waving in the air obscenely. " Now, slowly slide your hands up your legs to your ass cheeks and spread then apart for us,"

Earl took a deep shuddering breath, but slowly slid his hands to his butt. He hesitated, but I guess that was allowed, Nicole didn't push him. Then, he pulled his cheeks apart. Not much, but apart.

Not enough for Nicole. " Straight Boy, I want you to pull those cheeks apart as far as you can. I want to see that pretty Straight Boy pussy, you're hiding in there!" Earl complied, his big hands leaving white pressure points in the skin of his ass.

Ncole nudged me. " Isn't that just a pretty little pink hole Rusty?" Inviting me to comment. " Yeah, Nicole, it's a very pretty hole!" " Wouldn't you like to see it closer?" " Yeah, I woiuld!"

" Straight Boy, I want you to stay bent over, cheeks spread, and back up until you feel my shoe on your leg." Nicole ordered in a soft, sexy voice. Earl shuffled backwards until he met up with Nicole's spiked heel.

"Straight Boy! I want you to touch your asshole with your finger." Earl hesitated a moment, then his big index finger felt for the rim of his hole. " Rub your hole Straight Boy. I want you to tell me how it feels to have your finger rubbing your asshole!" Earl began to rub his finger over his hole. " Feels wierd Ma'am, but feels.....good too." " Would you like me to touch your asshole, Straight Boy?" " Yes Ma'am I would like that very much!"

NIcole reached out and brought the tip of her finger to bear on Earl's now quivering hole. She gently traced her finger around the edge of his opening. Earl quivered, and a low moan slipped from his lips. " Feels good Sraight Boy?" " Yes Ma'am!" " I want Rusty to touch your hole too. Can you handle that?" Earl hesitated, then reluctantly agreed. " I guess so?" He waffled. Nicole withdrew her finger.

" No guess so's, Straight Boy. I want you to ask Rusty to play with your man hole! You make up your mind, Yes or No, we'll abide by your choice!"

Again Earl hesitated, I could almost see the thoughts rushing through his head.

" Choose!" Nicole snapped startling us both.

" Please, Rusty, will you touch my hole?" Earl whispered. I was actually surprised. I didn't really think Earl'd be on board with me actually touching him. Maybe Nicole was right and our big Marine was really bisexual.

My hesitation must have worried him, thinking the game was off. Earl begged again. " Please touch me Rusty!"

I raised my index finger to massage the edges of his slit. I could feel tremors snaking through his body.

" Does it feel good, Straight Boy?" " Yes Ma'am." " Would you like to feel it sliding inside you?" " Yes Ma'am!" he groaned. " Okay stand up and turn around.

Earl complied and presented us with his fat four inch cock jutting hard and dribbling precum. Nicole grinned at me, and stated. " Looks like Straight Boy has a nice tasty cock, huh Rusty?" " Yeah, I think so Nicole!"

" I feel like tasting your cock, Straight Boy." She leaned forward wetting her lips with her tongue. " Come closer, Straight Boy, let me suck on your candy stick, a bit!" she ordered. Earl thrust his hips forward. Nicole opened her lips and took him in to his balls, all at once. Earl made as if to clutch her head, but an upward glare had him clenching his fist to his sides.

I couldn't resist rubbing my dick through my shorts, as I watched Nicole slurp on his " Candy Stick". I fetched a bottle of aroma from the side table and took a deep sniff. Nicole reached for the bottle and pulled off Earl long enough for a sniff, then handed it back to me. No poppers for Earl apparently.

" I bet Rusty would like a taste of your cock, Straight Boy!" Nicole purred. " Do you want to feel his mouth around your dick, Straight Boy?" Earl's face screwed up in consternation. I could tell he was battling his fears of man on man sex. On the other hand, his dick showed no signs of wilting.

I decided to give him a break. " Remember. ultimately you have the final choice. We respect the word NO."

Earl hung his head, red creeping across his neck. " No, Rusty, I'm just embarrassed because I think I would like to feel your mouth on me.", he whispered softly.

Without further ado, Nicole, nudged him over, and his fat hard was pointed in my direction. I began licking his shaft, paying close attention to his frenum. Earl began squirming a little. I know from experience that the frenum is usually very sensitive. As I licked at the divide in his dick, I also paid close attention to the little slit of his pee hole, flicking at the sensitive bit, just inside. Earl began moaning, and bucking his hips just slightly.

Nicole leaned in close to my face to watch my tongue. Could it be possible I was teaching the pro a trick? Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her hand creep down to massage her crotch,under her fake cock.

Earl was oozing precum out of his piss slit. It tasted sweet and salty at the same time. Finally I opened up and let him slip slowly into my mouth. I tried to keep my mouth firm, yet loose enough to slip him in comfortably. I paused, enjoying the feel of hot man dick, filling my mouth. He was just wide enough to cause a hint of jaw pain, but not enough to really crack my jaw. Then I slowly began to bob on his dick. Not really sucking, just making a warm wet cave for his cock.

After a few minutes, Nicole, ordered Earl to pull out. When he hesitated, she smacked him on one of his meaty thighs. He yanked out of my mouth fast. " Enough!" she said. She pointed at Earl's disappointed face. " You don't get to come yet!" " Now get down on your knees, Straight Boy!"

Earl complied, eyes on Nicole. She waggled her fake dick at him. " Let's see what you learned from Rusty and me." She stroked her dildo a couple of times.

"I want you to suck my cock , Straight Boy!" She leaned back spreading her legs wide. " Let's see that pretty mouth of yours around this big cock of mine!"

Earl hesitated just a heartbeat, then crept between Nicole's legs. He lowered his head until the glans of her silicone penis, nudged his lips.

"Kiss it first!" she ordered. Earl placed a tenative kiss on the tip. " Now lick the piss slit." ( It was a very realistic looking dong.) " Good Boy!" Nicole purred. " Now lick it all over!"

Earl began to lick, timidly at first, but then with more vigor.

As I watched, Earl work the fake cock, I reached over to grab my pipe. ( Yeah, Yeah, I know, I smoke a lot of weed! That, poppers and alcohol are my only drugs. Oh and well ,does sex count as a drug?) I lit up and passed the pipe to NIcole. She took a deep huff and held it in. She pulled Earl's face off her dildo, and up to her face. She put her mouth over his and forced her drag into his mouth, her breath forcing the smoke deep in his lungs. She did this a couple of times, then handed the pipe back to me.

I could see the glaze begin to form in Earl's eyes, as the weed moved through his system to his brain, NIcole must have been watching for this. She pushed his head back down, over her jutting toy. " Open up, Pretty Boy! I want to see your mouth around my dick!"

Earl lowered his head and opened his mouth. Nicole didn't give him a chance to take her in. She arched her hips, driving the knob into his mouth.

Earl jerked back in surprise, but found Nicole's hands on his head, holding him in place.

Nicole began to move her silicone dick in and out of his mouth just a little. Gently face fucking him. I saw Earl's hand leave her leg, to creep down to his dick. Nicole must have seen it too, because see smacked him on the shoulder. " You don't get to touch your self until I say! Is that CLEAR!"

Earl's hand snapped back up to rest on her thigh, as he tried to nod and mumble " Yes Ma'am!" around the obstruction in his mouth. " Good Boy!"

" Now Straight Boy, I want to see how much of my dick you can cram into your face!" Earl peered up at her face, then never taking his eyes away, began to take the toy into his mouth. When about half of it was in, I could see his eyes began to tear. His adam's apple began to work, the beginnings of a gag. He lifted his mouth up a little, trying to get a breath.

" Pitiful" Nicole sneered. " If you want this dick in your ass, you sure as Hell better get more down than that."

Once again, I took pity on Earl. ( Nicole and I had unconciously assumed good guy, bad girl roles.) " Take it slow Earl, concentrate on relaxing your throat. Ease it in." Earl sighed around the head of the invader in his mouth. And tried again. He managed to get most of it inside, before his gag reflex kicked in.

" Better! Now suck it for me Boy!" Earl began to bob on her dick, uncertainly at first, but seemed to improve quickly.

I toked up again and watched avidly, starting to stroke my hard on through my underwear. I caught Earl watching my hand from the corner of his eyes. I looked him straight in the eye, then fished my cock out of my underwear.

Earl started bobbing on Nicole's fake cock with more energy. Nicole smirked a knowing look my way. Funny, how he seemed to get more excited at seeing my big fat uncut dick out in the open air.

" Rusty, maybe Straight Boy here isn't so Straight!" Nicole said in a very nasty tone. " Sure did perk up when you pulled that big ole' cock out!"

I shrugged, wondering where she was going to go with this. Earl had stilled, plastic cock still in his mouth. " What about it, Straight Boy!" She snarled. " Don't you want to put Rusty's hard fat, warm cock in your mouth? Taste that warm skin with your tongue?" Earl shook his head in denial, yet he never took his eyes off my cock, or his mouth off the dildo.

" Oh I think you really do!" Earl shook his head no a little more vigorously. " Maybe, you just aren't high enough yet." Nicole sniffed. " Rusty, why don't you make up another toke or two on the pipe. Let's get Straight Boy here a little more relaxed. I want to see him suck a real dick!"

I was almost painfully hard, as I packed up the pipe. Nicole took it from me, pulled Earl's face up and made him take three or four tokes, before pushing him down on her dick again.

NIcole and I enjoyed a couple more pulls, the settled back to watching Earl bob on the toy. HIgh , my gaze drifted down to stare at his magnificent hairy butt. From my angle, I could just see where they swelled out from his back. I licked my lips, fantasizing about burying my face in his hairy cleft.

I glanced at Nicole to see her watching my face. She smiled knowingly. " Okay, Straight Boy. I'm gonna give you a break from sucking Rusty's dick. But, I still think you should let Rusty have a little something out of this, after all he's tried to do for you!" Earl was looking at her with a small hint of panic in his eyes.

Nicole smiled just a bit cruelly. " Tell me Straight Boy? Have you ever had someone eat out that pretty hole of yours?" Earl shook his head no.

" Well. you want to get fucked by this don't you?" she indicated the silicone toy in his mouth. He nodded yes. " Well, we'll need to get you all nice and relaxed and opened up a little, or it might hurt like a bitch! Why don't you let Rusty eat out that pretty ass of yours!"

Earl closed his eyes, I could almost see the denials running through his head. Would letting a man eat out his ass, make him less of a man? Then I could see him imagining a tongue at his hole. A shudder ran through him and I could see his cock twitch. He opened his eyes again to look at me, sitting there, a questioning look in my eyes. Then his eyes dropped to my hand slowly pumping the foreskin on my dick. He let out a sigh, looked up and to my surprise and delight, nodded yes to Nicole.

I scrambled off the couch to kneel behind Earl. I put my hands on the firm globes of his ass, ready to part the valley for the treasure buried inside.

Nicole caught my attention, raising a finger indicating I wait. She reached over to grab the popper bottle I'd left on the side table. Opening it, she held it under Earl's nose, pushing one nostril closed with her finger. Already familiar with poppers from the night before, and the effect they can have, Earl inhaled deeply. Nicole slid a finger over the opening, waiting for the signs it was hitting his system. Then urged more on him. And nodded the go ahead to me.

Gently I parted those wonderful full cheeks, and let the air in to tickle his pinkish wrinkled pucker. I leaned in to sniff. Clean man sweat, maybe a hint of musk. Nicole, pushed Earl's head down, indicating, he was to continue his mouth work on her strapon dick.

I extended my tongue, focusing on that tiny looking little slit. As my tongue touched Earl's skin, he bucked and a loud gasp, made it out along side the invader in his mouth. He actually pushed back against my probing tongue. This Marine definitely liked his ass played with.

I pushed his cheeks further apart, causing his hole to gape open a tad. Then I began to lick and tongue all around thim rim of his hole. Earl begain moaning, gasping and groaning around the toy in his mouth, his head bobbing furiously. Then I began to concentrate on the hole itself, pulling his cheeks to widen the little gape.

Earl began to push back against my tongue, I could feel his hole opening and closing under my tongue. Nicole had moved his big hands up her thighs, and Earl was massaging his thumbs under her thong, playing with her, underneath. Nicole began to talk dirty to Earl.

" Yeah, Straight Boy, you love getting your ass eaten out don't you?" Earl just groaned, and bobbed hard on her strapon dick. " I bet you'd love to see how far Rusty can cram his tongue up your hole, wouldn't you?" Earl muttered around the silicone cock, "Yeah, Yeah, Please Rusty shove your tongue in me!"

I heard a long inhale, and the smell of poppers hit my nose. I edged my fingers to his hole, opening it wider, then jammed my tongue in as far as I could get it. Not far, after all this was almost a virgin butt, but it was enough to have Earl wriggling his ass, trying to get more tongue in his hole.

" Hmmm, Rusty." Nicole pondered. " I don't think your tongue is enough for our Straight Boy here!' Then she addressed Earl. " Well Straight Boy?

How would you like Rusty to slip you a finger or two?" " Yes Please!" Earl grunted. She pulled his face up off her strapon. " Why don't you beg him to finger your Man Cunt, like the little bitch you are?" Earl looked shocked at her words. " Aw Rusty, I don't think Straight Boy likes being called a little bitch!" Earl shook his head no, then hissed as I inserted the tip of my index finger into his spit wet hole, " Aw Rusty I want him to beg!" I grinned at Nicole. " Bitch you are not the Boss of me, if he wants my finger all he has to push back and it'll be in him." Nicole looked scandalized for a moment. ( I assume she's not used to men sassing her when she's doing a scene. Well fuck that, I'm not one of her little bitch slaves!) Then she threw back her head and laughed. She grinned down at Earl. " Well Straight Boy! You heard him. Your choice. All you have to do is push back that pretty little butt and Rusty's finger with be all up in your business!"

She held up the poppers again, and Earl nodded. She gave him a good inhale. It didn't take long, and Earl's hot ass was swallowing my finger.

He began to fuck himself on my finger. Head dropped in Nicole's lap, he was gasping and panting. Nicole was leaning forward over his back. her eyes glittering with pleasure, as she watched my finger disappear and reappear from Earl's ass.

Earl began to massage under her thong again. NIcole didn't correct him, instead she begged me to throw another finger inside Earl. Earl didn't miss a beat when I spat at his hole and lined up another finger. He sank back hard on them both, and wriggled around, trying to get them deeper. That's when I curled them up and found his prostate. Earl's whole body jolted.

" Please don't make him come yet, Rusty! I still want to fuck his pretty boy hole!" Nicole gasped out. She was bucking her hips, her fake cock sliding across Earl's face as he massaged her pussy.

I pulled my fingers out, somewhat reluntanly, but couldn't resist sticking my tongue inside his now relaxed hole. Earl jolted and gasped again. Nicole shot me a glare, and I shot her a what ya gonna do about it Bitch smirk.

Nicole pushed Earl back until he was kneeling straight up. She beckoned to me and patted the futon next to her. I got up and sat, drooling hard dick still sticking out of my underwear. " She leaned over and kissed m on the cheek, and whispered. " Cunt!" I just grinned.

She then reached for her bag and pulled out an industrial strength bottle of lube. I eyed that bag dubiously, how the Hell was she getting all that in there! It remonded me of a Magician with a rabbit hat!

She sqirted a big glob on her fake dick and began to slowly coat it. She handed the bottle to Earl, who looked at it confused. She laughed. " Straight Boy, you better slick up your hole, or this might hurt more than you'd like. Quickly, Earl slathered up his fingers and began coating his hole. It was obvious he was fingering himself a bit more than necessary, so Nicole barked at him. " Enough Straight Boy, now turn around. "

Earl did and she tuggged on his hips as she slid her legs between his, spreading his thighs apart. One of his legs was up against mine, but he didn't shy away. She reached around him to hand him the poppers.

" I want you to feel free to use these as much as you want!" She offerred. " Now, I'm gonna let you go at your own pace, but I want you to sit down on my cock,until you get the whole thing in, Clear?"

' Yes Ma"am." Earl whispered. I was glad that Nicole was letting Earl set the pace. I guess she really knew how to break in a virgin.

Earl took a deep hit of poppers, while slowly lowering himself down. He wobbled a little on the descent,and I reached out to steady him with a hand to his side. He didn't object, so I continued to steady him as his ass came up against the strapon. Nicole, put her hands on his cheeks, so we could see the pink head resting against his slightly gaping pucker.

Earl wiggled around a bit, until the tip began to stretch the lips of his asshole.

He took another huge snort of poppers. Shortly he began to bear down the toy. I caught my breath, enthralled by the beauty of watching him stretch to take in the head. Then with almost a pop, the head was in! Earl gasped, unsteady, and one of his big hands came down to steady himself on my leg, brushing my hard drooling prick in the process. I don't think he even noticed, so focused on the sensation in his ass at that moment. His other hand used the poppers again.

Soon he was slowly but steadily sinking onto the impaling shaft stretching him open. He grunted and grimaced a couple of times, but didn't stop, until the ring of his stretched out hole was against the fake balls.

Nicole was still holding his cheeks spread so we could see his hole pulsing, and clutching at the unusual thing it encountered.

Sweat began to bead up on Earl's skin as he sat there panting. Nicole let go of his cheeks and put her hands on his waist. Gently she said, " Okay, Straight Boy, when you feel ready you should move up and down a little. Let your gut adjust, then ride my dick. I promise it will start to feel good!"

Another hit of poppers and Earl began to wriggle his ass, feeling the dildo move inside him. Timidly he began to lift up. The dildo must have slid against his prostate, because he kind of yelped, and sat back down hard. It must have popped him again, because his eyes widen, and his mouth went into an oh, as his breath escaped him. He moved again. sliding the toy about halfway out, gasping all of the while before sitting slowly back down.

I couldn't ignore my aching dick anymore. I fisted it and to slowly jack myself. I was so incredibly turned on by watching this hot Marine, fucking himself on her strapon. Nicole must have been too, because she was whispering encouragement. Asking Earl how it felt to fuck himself on her dick. Earl was gasping and agreeing and speeding up. His four inch fattie was bobbing up and down, his balls flopping around under.

Nicole stopped his movement, by controlling his hips, and began to arch up inside of Earl. She drove into him hard and deep, taking control away from him. This was nearly all it took. As she rabbit punched his hole, he began to pant and cry out little yelps. As he began to cum, Nicole jabbed up hard one last time, upsetting his balance and he came crashing down on top of me. As the sweat slick skin of his side and back slid across my dick, I found myself yipping and coming all over him. Earl just laid there gasping, cum shooting, still half impaled by Nicole's strapon. I was still coming on his back, jerking under him, when Nicole practically screamed as she went into an orgasm of her own. Her movements caused her to thrust into Earl, causing him to slide over my still hard dick..

Finally we all quieted down. Earl resting his head against my shoulder, chest heaving. It seemed only natural to work my arms around his chest and hold him. Nicole eased out of his ass, and pulled his legs into her lap, massaging them gently. I dared a quick kiss to the crown of sweat soaked short curls on his head. No protest.

We all lay still for a while getting our wind back. NIcole pulled out her phone and called for a cab, knowing I was too high to drive her home. Before the cab got there she kissed Earl gently on the lips and thank him for a good time. Earl somewhat sheepishly assured her the pleasure was all his. She laughed as the doorberll rang, waved goodnight and headed into the night. Leaving me and Earl to deal with a possibly awkward aftermath.

We sat silently for a few minutes, when Earl shifted awkwardly on the futon.

This seems like a good time to stop. Part Four, coming soon, will take over from here. Thanks for putting up with my long stories!

Love Rusty




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