Someone once said that in order to be the most bangin' top that sometimes it's necessary for that top to toot that root and take some dick every once in awhile. So last week I thought I would test that theory out for the first time with a dude named Ernesto I had been chatting with for the past couple of months. Like I said, I first started talking to this dude online, but not for some sex or anything. Rather, I was getting some info from someone who lived down in Puerto Rico that could give me and my boys some lines to some of the hottest spots down there for the Memorial Day weekend. Especially with the hotels since I heard that a whole bunch of them were shitty. He agreed, specifically those in our price range, and proceeded to invite me and the fellas to crash with him for the weekend. Now I'm not the type to simply say okay. I was more that skeptical about accepting that kind of invitation from a stranger, not knowing his full intentions. But after he stated that he wasn't expecting anything sexual and that he simply preferred the company. I agreed, based on the fact that I was going with my boys and that we had a backup reservation if the shit hit the fan.

Once we got down there, Ernesto picked us up from the airport and gave us a quick tour of San Juan before taking us to his two bedroom house about a mile away from the ocean. I can't lie, Ernesto wasn't the most handsomest older papi any of us laid eyes on with his black hair and beard sprinkled with gray and his goatee the color of a dingy white, but being that he was the embodiment of strong and manly with his sizable thick muscular frame more than compensated for his unusually small beady eyes. (The very thing, in my book, that really messed up his looks.) Anyway, our long weekend there wasn't bad. Ernesto cooked for us every day, whether we were there to eat or not, and even let us borrow his second car to hit a few late nightspots along the way.

On our last night there, out of a show of respect, me and the fellas treated Ernesto out to one of his favorite restaurants to show our appreciation. Dinner went without a hitch, though most of us agreed that his cooking was better. What I saw at the time (but didn't at the same time) was my boy Petey kind of flirting with Ernesto. The reason I didn't put two and two together at the time was because Petey only went after pa that were on the verge of collecting his pension or just filed for Social Security. And, though, Ernesto spotted us a good twenty years or more, I knew for certain that he wasn't old enough to call it quits. So when we got back to the house, everybody had gone to bed except for me, who was taking a shower. I had just got out of the shower with nothing more than my boxers on when I passed Ernesto's room, where through the crack of the door, I saw him standing naked. I had been starting to get sleepy from all that partying, but my eyes perked up then and there. Man, Ernesto had some dick. I mean, his dick was enormously fat and juicy (made me instantly think of a joke that his dick was so thick because it was water-logged by all those cocksuckers) wrapped neatly in an overstuffed coffee-colored foreskin. For me to pay attention to some dick was saying something. Considering that for the most part, I was mostly a booty man, and the fact that I was noted in my 'hood to have one of the biggest pieces around. But even I had to admit that older Puerto Rican papi had something more to offer, and my boy Petey on his knees in front of him agreed, giving that big monster some fiery head. What amazed me, though, in watching this was that Petey nursed his entire length to the hilt, and worked it over a good long while before Ernesto told him he was about to cum, giving Petey the opportunity to pull away.

"I'm about to cum," Ernesto said in a loud whisper.

Still, Petey hadn't moved an inch, sucking the nectar out of like his life depended on it. And with one big grunt, Ernesto pulled off of Petey and shot his load which flew magically into Petey's open mouth. After the bulk of it was spilled, Petey got back on that dick and started to let it just rest in his mouth.

Before I could get caught watching all of this, me and my dick went back over to the sleeping bag, and jacked off thinking about that dick.

The next morning, Ernesto took us back to the airport. Still, though, the days that followed my mind was on that dick. At first, I was thinking about putting it in my mouth, and sucking it bone dry. Then, I started thinking about what it would feel like to get fucked by it, which was totally unusually for me since nobody had ever had the opportunity to turn me out. But the more I thought about that smooth fleshy dick, the more I jacked off and the more I jacked off the more I thought about that dick in me. So I innocently started rubbing the spot just between my hole and dick before rubbing my hole and then fully fingering it.

Of course, all of this is going on all the while I was still having online conversations with Ernesto. He was constantly taking about all the fun he had while we was down there, and that he hoped that we returned soon. I agreed to it try to make it happen, at least for next year since the bulk of us was worked on a limited income. It wasn't like we could fly down to Puerto Rico anytime.

Then, one Friday, I was on my way home from work when I got a phone call. Like any other Friday, I expected to be one of my friends telling me what time I should be ready to head out to the club, but on the caller id it was an unknown named followed by an unrecognizable area code.

"Hello," I answered.

"You would never guess where I'm at?" A voice with a heavy accent said.

"Who is this?"

"Maybe I should have type it to you," he said. "Who the fuck do you think it is?"

In how he said it, I knew it was Ernesto. "Where are you?"

"In Atlanta, at the airport," he said.

After I asked a thousand and one questions about him being in town, he told me that he came to town briefly for work and was at the airport hoping to exchange his ticket for the following Monday to get some sightseeing in. He also said that if I wasn't busy for the weekend that maybe he could get another look at me.

I said sure.

I invited him to crash with me and even offered to pick him up at the airport, if he was able to exchange his ticket for a later date. After an hour, he said he did, and I was out at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport picking him up.

On my way to pick him up, I found myself getting excited. Shit, my dick was hard and my ass was wet and pulsating. I had to keep reminding myself that he probably wasn't feeling me like that after having a sample of my boy.

"'sup," I said, popping open the door for him and popping the trunk open so he can throw his luggage in the back.

He got in after putting his luggage away, telling me that he really appreciated me picking him up. Though, putting him up wasn't necessary, telling me that he didn't want to put me out. I unintentionally told him that if he didn't mind sharing a king-size bed with me that we were good. He laughed nervously as we headed back to the apartment.

Once we got there, the first thing he wanted to do was lay down and get some sleep. He said that he was tired, so I let him sleep, and got a quick nap on the sofa (nice for napping, but not idea for sleeping.) I woke up first, playing video games for about an hour before he woke up, and told me that he thought it would be best for him to stay at a hotel.

"Why? The bed don't sleep comfortable?" I asked.

"No," he said, turning his head away from me, and mumbled "temptation."


"Yeah," he said, "I kinda sort of had a thing for you."

"Really," I smiled.

"Yeah, but your friend Petey told me that you were a strict top...and I'm a strict top, so I didn't see how that was going to work." He said, and then telling me how Petey had sucked him off, and his no-secrets confession to me.

"I knew about it." I told him

"He told you?"

"Nah," I said. "I saw the two of you. And ever since then, I've been thinking about you and your piece."

I then went on to tell him that I wasn't a strict top by choice. Instead, it was because I never met anyone man enough or caring enough that I wanted on my back. He laughed; he said that he became a celebrity top after spending his younger years bottoming for the beautiful tops in his native Puerto Rico. After he mastered the art of taking dick, knowing what he liked and didn't, he thought he would treat others to the same pleasures he had experienced for years.

"So would you consider it?" He asked.

"What?" I said with my mind on something else.

"Taking this dick," he said, unbuckling his belt and unzipping his shorts.

My mouth dropped.

"It ain't like you ain't never seen it before." He laughed.

I turned away as to not to stare at the very piece of meat that had been on my mind for weeks. "I don't know."

"Why not?"

"The problem is I'm a virgin back there. And I don't think that I can take something that big in me."

"I'm big???" He said without laughter as if this was the first time he had ever heard it

"Yeah, you," I ranted.

He smiled. I don't know whether he was pulling my leg or whether he was enjoying the compliment. Usually, whenever someone ask me how big I am, I always tell them that I haven't had any complaints, which was true.

"I can start you off with a pinky finger...." He said, trailing off into a story of his first time, taking a sizable dick without any lube except for the spit his suitor left in his crack. He cried that it hurt the first time, and vowed never to do it again. But after a couple of days, he was all but 'hoping on the broom', according to him. Later on that same year, Ernesto was introduced to oral sex after one of his many suitor complained that he was tired of coming up with excuses to give his family of why he always returned home hot and sweaty. (To avoid the slums, he said, most families including stayed in the same house). When Ernesto gave in and tried this, then he had to explain to his family why there were dried white ropes streaked across his face. The whorish ones in the family understood, he laughed. The rest were still clueless, even to this day believing that he was messing around in spider webs.

It was obvious that Ernesto was trying to arouse me just to put me at ease. That he knew what it was like to be on the other end of the stick (pun intended). And to some degree it worked, getting me to look at all that flesh that made up his massive girth.

"What more can I say except that we can start by me giving you a blowjob? That way I can at least thank you for letting me crash at your place."

I laughed.

"What about this?" I said, getting up off the sofa and walking over to grab his dick. "How about I give it a blow, and see where it goes from there."

At that time, I hadn't made up my mind on how far I would go, but yet, I was more than happy to hold his silky dick in my hand.

"I can't promise you that you won't become addicted," he smiled just before I got on my knees in front of him.

His dick was nice and beautiful up close, given that the foreskin still covered a nice bit of his erection. But the surprise was pulling out his balls that were still in his shorts. Not only were those suckers long but they were big and heavy.

"Shit." I said, playing with his balls.

Without saying another word, I stuck my tongue out the head, fooling around with the piss slit. I licked the piss slit and under the head and eventually up and down the entire length like it was my favorite popsicle stick.

"You're sure you're not experience?" Ernesto encouraged, and then adding after awhile. "Now that I know you can lick, what about some sucking."

I was a little nervous about putting it in my mouth, fearing that once he got it in my mouth he might decide to choke the living daylights out of me. But I got around to taking him anyway, nursing the head of his dick in my mouth before daring to suck him off with like I saw Petey do that night in Puerto Rico.

"Damn," Ernesto panted. His broad brown chest was heaving and he had lifted up his shirt to tug on his left nipple. "Shit, if you don't stop..."

I didn't. I wanted to see what would happened if I didn't, and when I kept on going at it with a nice little rhythm, I eventually tapped out the salty precum.

"My turn," I said after taking a long slurp of his dick and getting off of my knees and into my bedroom.

It was in there that I took off my clothes and got on the bed.

Ernesto followed, taking off his clothes to show me his great dick still standing at attention. But instead of just going ahead and giving me some head, he climbed on the bed and mounted my face. Once he felt comfortable about laying over me without loosing his grip, he started sucking me off. When I was too far in the zone of getting my dick sucked, he stuck his finger in his mouth to get it wet and then went back to sucking me. About a second later, I felt him sticking his finger up in me, pulling it in and out so quickly that I didn't have much time to complain.

Then, with my dick in my mouth, he spun himself over to the edge of the bed, sucking me off and then pulled off of my dick just to slowly lick from the tip of my dick right down to the hairs covering my asshole. His tongue was feeling so good down there that I almost pulled his head into my hole.

"Aw, shit that feels good," I said.

He laughed, lifting my legs around his shoulders and tweaking my nipples.

I moaned like a mofo, listening to him tell the room that he knew that my nipples were sensitive. "Oh, fuck me," rolled off my tongue.

He laughed some more. I figured that he was use to that kind of reaction as he kept on tonguing my hole and having me twitch every which way but loose. Man, I was in the zone, throwing my ass in his face to get some more crack time.

"Shit," I panted, "if I let you fuck me will it feel this good?"

"Yeah...but it is going to hurt before it feels like this though. But I promise to go slow and deep with ya."

"Cool," I said.

Like a bolt of lighting, I thought about all the dudes I fucked over the years from the 'I can't take it' to the 'Fuck me harder, Pa' and how each one took my dick with the going slogan of my fucks being "It hurt real good."

By the time I got my bearings, Ernesto was behind me slapping on a black condom and some lube from my night stand and I was lying on my side. He lifted my cheek and playfully rubbed my opening before my puckered hole opened up just enough to take in the air tip of the condom. From there, he started to push in. Because I was new at this, it seemed like forever trying to get his dick in me. Once he got it in me though, I felt so full and the heat behind his pipe (once I got comfortable with it inside me) made feel like a million bucks. True to his word, once he got in me he took his time delivering me slow and deep thrusts.

We went for being on our sides to him getting at me doggie style. Where I didn't feel the pain before, I felt it then with his entire unadulterated length in me. But at the same time, I was feeling quite lovely especially after he picked up the pace, forgetting at times that he was in the middle of popping my cherry.

"Yo fuck me harder, Pa." I requested.

"On your back," he said, maneuvering me on my back with my legs wrapped around his waist.

On my back, his strokes became harder and deeper without loosing the sensitivity of the slow trust and I had a chance to grab my own dick.

We fucked like this for awhile, and surprisingly I found that I was enjoying the hell out of every minute of it, eventually getting enough nerve to throw my ass back into him. And before he even warned me about coming, I felt his dick swell up inside me as he started to fuck me harder to the point sweat was flying off his thick hairy body like a torrential downpour.

"I about to bust this nut," he grunted. "I'm about to bust this nut."

But instead of him coming, I beat him to the punch with my nut spraying all over our torsos. This was all he needed because he gave one more powerful grunt, and I felt his hot juices load up in my ass before he finally collapsed.

When I woke up later on that night, Ernesto was already awake playing with his new stiff dick. He told me that in order for me to be the most bangin' top that sometimes it's necessary for me to toot up my ass and take some dick every once in awhile. And though, I had already had one lesson in a few hours earlier, Ernesto told me I was more than ready for the next lesson, as I naturally climbed on top of him and rode him like the rodeo for about an hour, milking out our second loads .

While I am still a booty man for the most part, I know now that if I truly appreciate the booty that feels so good to this dick that I sometimes I have toot up my booty to make another dick feel good. A show of respect to the game.



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