I wasn't sure what I wanted to study when I returned to college. Miguel suggested art history and art appreciation. I'd shown an interest in his library and the art works in his apartment. We had visited area art museums and exhibits many times. He thought I might consider teaching when I graduated.

I have several classes behind me, now. Part of my studies involve assisting in teaching classes. I also act as one of my professor's office assistants.

One of my professors, Trevor (yes, really, Trevor!) has me assist him with freshman classes. Trevor is about my height, fairly round, with graying hair and twinkling gray eyes. I enjoy working with him and being around him. He is bisexual, and says he is always sexual! He didn't screw any of the students, but he often pursues different faculty members and staff. He has never come onto me, though. I'm still his student.

One day, I took some papers that needed his attention into his office. When I knocked, I thought I heard him say come in. I opened the door and saw one of the professors from the math department bent over his desk, Trevor fucking her from behind. I excused myself and returned to my desk. Soon she came racing out, really disheveled. Trevor stood naked in front of his desk and shrugged. I didn't realize he had a nice seven inch cock! I closed the door behind me, locking it quietly.

Trevor was still at attention, not seeming to mind me seeing him naked. 

"I didn't even come, yet!" He exclaimed. He was looking around for something to clean up.

I turned around, raised my skirt and bent over his desk. "May I be of assistance?" I purred.

He lined his cock against my asshole, grabbed my hips and rammed all the way in! I gasped in pain. He didn't bother lubing his cock. He fucked me with quick strokes. After he came, he knelt behind me and started eating his cum from my ass. His tongue felt wonderful as he licked around my hole.

He sat on his office couch and said," I didn't realize you were a tranny! Would you mind undressing and letting me look at you?"

I stripped and turned around. I could tell he liked what he saw. I have a small cock and no balls. I've been told I looked more like a woman than many trannies did.

Trevor had me lean back against his desk. He knelt before me and asked, "May I?"

I smiled and he proceeded to suck my cock. He would deep throat it and run his tongue underneath. I exploded into his hungry mouth. He swallowed it all.

Thus began a regular routine. I would come into his office, raise my skirt and let him fuck and suck me. Sometimes I would be naked. He preferred fucking me bent over his desk. He would often discuss class and lesson plans while ramming his cock deep into me. I also discovered he liked to be caught in the act. He enjoyed his reputation as a lecherous old goat.

Trevor was quirky and playful. One morning, he jacked me off into his mug saying he wanted some "cream" in his coffee! He took one swig, grimaced and poured it into the sink.

"I think I like my cream better this way," he said and took me into his mouth. He spent a couple of hours sucking me to several orgasms.

Once a week, I would come in early, strip, and lay face down on his couch. He would eat my ass for a while, fuck me, then eat his cum from my ass. On one such morning, he had his tongue buried in my ass.

"What do you think you're doing?!" An indignant voice complained.

"My dear, since you won't let me eat your ass, I'm eating hers!" He told the woman. I found out later it was his wife.

"She keeps walking in on me, but she never leaves me!" Then he resumed eating me. "You are damned delicious!"

One day, while fucking me he mentioned a student from another class that needed tutoring. This student was going to meet me after class.


Matt was in one of my classes. I arranged to meet him for coffee after class. We were discussing his paper. He had some interesting ideas on transsexuals in ancient Greek and Roman art. While we we talking, my "sister" Nina came by and made arrangements to meet me for lunch later. She kept looking at Matt. He is tall, red headed, and slender, with piercing green eyes.

Nina walked away, saucily swaying her hips. Matt stared at her as she walked away. He looked at me and apologized for staring at her like that.

"I could watch her walk all day, especially when she's walking away. She has such a delicious looking ass!" I said.

Matt looked shocked! "But she's your sister!" I explained we weren't really sisters, even if we were as close as sisters.

I saw Matt sketching something in class one day. Since his grades were good and he still paid attention, I didn't call him on it.

Later, at coffee, I asked what he was sketching. It was of me! I was impressed and asked what else he had sketched. He asked if I wanted to come to his studio and see more. It sounded like a clumsy attempt to seduce me, but I was willing. I had been thinking of ways to get him in my bed.

His studio was large, very well lit, with several pieces of his work displayed. I saw beautiful still lifes and portraits.I saw sketches of Trevor, one of the other assistants , and two or three very lovely ones of Nina. I could tell he was a serious artist!

I noticed he had no nudes displayed and commented on it. He replied he was nervous to ask someone to model. I reminded him many students modeled for a slight fee to make a little extra cash. He looked down at his feet and said he only had enough money to pay for school and to live on.

"So why don't you ask Nina? I'm sure she would enjoy modeling. She seemed interested in you! And she doesn't need the money."

Matt replied, "She's very beautiful, but, I think would really like to sketch you." I agreed and arranged a time to come model.

That Saturday, Matt nervously greeted me. He showed me were I could undress and provided a light robe. I brought one of Miguel's shirts. I can out in the shirt and removed it. His eyes widened when he saw my cock. I turned around for him. He led me to a bed where I would pose so he could sketch me from the rear. I was a little nervous, I had posed seductively and wantonly, but never artistically!

He sketched me for an hour and then told me to take a break. When I looked at the sketch, I saw very little drawn. I looked at him questioningly.

He looked down and muttered, "You’re so beautiful, all I could think of was how much I wanted to make love to you."

I pulled his face to mine and just him. I leaned close, inviting him to touch me, to put his arms around me. I stepped back and removed his shirt, running my hands across his chest. I unbuttoned his pants and slid them down his legs and over his feet. He had a nice medium sized cock. I wanted to take him in my mouth, but I didn't want to rush him.

I pulled him to the bed and lay on my back. I had grabbed the lube from my bag and worked a little into my asshole. He hesitated, and seemed nervous.

"I've never been with anyone, before," he said sheepishly.

"Don't worry, I'll guide you," I replied. I was stunned! Matt was a virgin! I needed to move slowly.

I drew him to me, letting him kiss and explore my body at his leisure. When he seemed ready, I arched my bottom up and guided his cock into my waiting ass. I wrapped my legs around him as he slid into me. I wrapped my arms around him, encouraging him to kiss me. He managed to fuck me a few strokes before he emptied into me. I held on and ground my hips beneath him. Soon he was hard again and started fucking me with rapid strokes. He lasted several minutes this time before he came.

He rolled off and reached for his pants.

"Wouldn't you like to fuck me again?" I purred. "Let me help you get hard again!"

I lay him on his back and moved lower to take him into my mouth. I slowly sucked him until he was hard again. I straddled him and lowered my ass onto his cock. I rocked and rode him. He put his hands on my breasts and gently fondled them. I leaned over and kissed him. He wrapped his arms around me and held me tight. He felt good against me.

Matt soon started bucking beneath me. He filled my ass with his warm juices. I rolled off Matt and leaned over to suck him clean.

We showered and went to grab a bite to eat. I had planned on saying goodnight, but he implored me to come back up.

Back in the studio, he asked, "What about you?"

I must have appeared confused. I wasn't sure what he was asking.

"I mean, would you....Do you want to fuck me?"

"The first time can be very painful," I replied. "Are you sure? I'm fine if you don't want to."

He answered by undressing. He removed my top and spent many minutes sucking my nipples. He moved lower and tongued my navel. I purred encouragingly. He moved lower and removed my skirt. He stared at my cock, then took me in his mouth. He sucked like a vacuum cleaner, but I gave him an A++++ for enthusiasm.

He lay on his back and raised his legs. I lubed my cock and worked into his tight virgin ass. He gasped in pain, but held me close. I slowly slid all the way in. I fucked him slowly and soon felt him relaxing. I took my time, enjoying his tight channel. While I still get hard,  don't get as hard as I was when I still had my balls. I came way too soon, and filled his bottom.

I pulled out and lay beside him. He smiled brightly and held me tight.

"Thank you! That was fantastic!" He exclaimed!

"I enjoyed it, too!" I replied. "We can do this again sometime soon, if you want!"

His eyes brightened and his smile got wider. "I'd really like that!"

I'm looking forward to more "tutoring" sessions!


The semester was coming to a close. Classes had ended and finals were around the corner.

Trevor and I were grading papers. He finished his pile and pulled me to his desk. He slipped my dress over my head and dropped it on the floor. I was soon bent over his desk.

"It's time for your final examination. It's rather lengthy, and it may take the rest of the day!"

I smiled and said, "I'm ready!"

Trevor knelt behind me, kissing and licking the back of my thighs. I reached behind me spreading my cheeks, inviting his tongue or his cock, or both. What ever it took to pass!

His tongue lightly rimmed my asshole. He would stop and kiss it, then resume licking around the hole. He stuck his tongue inside and wiggled it around. Trevor has a very long tongue. He can get a couple of inches inside me. He spread his lips and bit the rim of my hole. I could felt flushed down to my nipples! I tried to push back against his mouth. I felt a familiar tightening in my cock and came over his desk!

He stopped for a moment and said, "I expect you to clean that up before you leave!" He then proceeded to eat me again!

He stood behind me and placed his cock head against my quivering hole.

"Well, what should i do next?"

"Maybe you should grab my waist and ram it all the way in. Use me roughly, fuck me hard! I want an "A"

He laughed and thrust in hard. He fucked me fast and deep. I was being slammed against the desk. His grip was going to leave bruises! On of his grad students heard the noise and stuck his head in. His eyes went wide and he exited rapidly!

"Maybe I should get him to fuck you for extra credit, " he laughed.

He pulled d out, but didn't lick me as he usually did.

"Go down to the lounge and get us some coffee," he ordered. I started to dress. "No, my dear! Just your high heels. Walk slowly and sensually. I'll be watching!"

I could feel his cum running down my thighs as I walked down the hall. There were only a few grad students in the building. A couple followed me to the lounge and chatted with me while I prepared the coffee maker. Both were in the class I taught.

"Would you like a blow job while the coffee's making?" I asked.

Both of them unzipped, presenting medium sized cocks. I knelt and sucked them quickly. I wiped the cum that leaked out mouth and sucked my fingers clean.

"Come by later this afternoon, if you want extra credit," I suggested seductively.

I walked back to the office with a little more sway in my walk than when I left. Trevor's cock was coming to attention as he watched me come closer. He took the cups from me and bent me over the desk again. He started fucking me while he drank his coffee.

"Good coffee!" He remarked. "And even better ass!"

He fucked me a few more strokes while he finished his coffee. He emptied into me and immediately started licking his cum from my thighs and from my ass. I was able to drink my coffee then. I told him about the activities in the lounge.

After he finished licking me, I sat on the desk, letting him suck me. He gave some of the best blow jobs I ever received! He then had me kneel and proceeded to face fuck me. I would rather suck, but he was insistent. I gagged a lot, but managed to swallow his load when he finally came.

Trevor sat back on the couch. He dug fifty dollars from his wallet and told me to find the two students I sucked earlier.

"Ask them to run get a couple of pizzas and some beer. They can join us for lunch!" He suggested.

I walked seductively to their office. Fortunately, everyone else had already left. I posed wantonly, and licked my lips as I passed on Trevor's suggestion. They practically ran to their car. They returned to find me bent over the desk with Trevor giving me a hard butt bucking. We stopped to eat. The guys were trying not to stare at my naked body. I spilled a little sauce on a nipple and asked one of them to lick it off. He didn't want to stop sucking. I finally had to pull back.

"How would you like to earn extra credit?" Trevor asked. " I want to watch each of you fuck her. When you come, move around to her face and let her suck you hard again. You get points for every time you come on her."

The guys stripped quickly. I lay on my back on the desk with me legs pulled up and my head hanging over the edge. Both had nice cocks, though smaller than Trevor's. We spent the next couple of hours fucking. When one would finish, he would move to my mouth and the other would slid into my ass.

"Fuck her hard!" Trevor ordered.

The guys fucked me as hard as they could. Whoever was in my mouth would face fuck me while waiting for the one in my ass to finish! One fucked me three times before he finally sat down by Trevor. Trevor had him jack him off. Trevor had his arm around him while the student stroked his cock.

The second student fucked me a couple more times before he, too, was spent. They thanked me an left, locking the building. Trevor lifted my legs to his shoulder and proceeded to fuck me again. He managed to fuck me to a half an hour before dumping his last load in me.

"Well, I think you earned an "A", he said. Maybe you should come in tomorrow and work on that A+. I think I can find two or three more students who want "extra credit"."

The next day had more action. I had to come in a third day to handle all the extra credit Trevor promised.

I glad this wasn't the middle of the semester!


Angie K


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