Summer is here as I can feel the breeze through the window of my upstairs room, the trees in all of my neighborhood dancing along with it's softness. I spent most of this beautiful day inside my classrooms, finishing up on my senior year and ready to get out into the real world, to enjoy this life outside for the rest of my life.

Today is a prime example of how much I need to leave and enjoy my own personal life since I'm apparently stuck inside my house for the remainder of the weekend and today until my parents come back from their trip. And in that timeframe, I am in charge of selling the old couch on Localist for them and watch over the house until they come back from their trip and hopefully bringing back a new couch to add into our soon to be empty spot in our living room.

There is also an extra chair that matches well with the couch in the room across of mine that is way too big for me to carry down by myself. My father tells me that it will make me tougher and more of a man, apparently he has noticed that I am trying to do the opposite when I buy expensive shorts and other cute clothes along with makeup kits and leggings to make a boy feel complete. I never found myself to be feministic, I just simply like looking cute and I don't think that should ever be sexualized but in his eyes, it's all the same.

So if they wanna keep me inside, stopping me from another coffee adventure, naked yoga meditation at our local hotspring, or my best friends upcoming birthday party or even the cute guy I've been messaging for a week on a dating app, then I have decided to play by their rules while spicing up a bit of my own in the mix. I normally never do this but due to my lately rising stress levels of both finals and now this bullshit, I have decided to put a different ad on the site LocalList! I decided to place a boy shot of me sitting in normal clothes on my couch with the headline, M looking for M, with the subtext- "looking to sell new couch, but also looking for something more, message for details."

Of course the messages flooded in, with some literally too stupid and wanting just the couch, while others were just too obnoxious and saying stuff like can I fuck you without anything else explaining why or anything remotely interesting. I finally clicked a message that intrigued me, that even came with the attachment of a few pictures. I clicked and read eagerly during my lunch, and looked upon the pictures of what appeared to be a 35 year old man, well built, skin tone tan with a nice smile with black slicked to the side hair, he honestly looks a bit like a mobster which made me laugh slightly as I scrolled through the next pics that featured him at a bar, another on a boat, and then the last one of him in a dress shirt, drinking a glass of scotch since there was a bottle next to him of a brand relating to scotch.

His message read- "Nice couch, I'd be interested in buying and I'm even more interested in the body that is sitting on it. I don't like competition, so I have to ask that no else be there or I will not bother with this. You must also be legal and show your ID since it's hard for me to tell in the pic, here is my number if you want to work out a deal"

I eagerly reach into my pocket and text him, telling him my name and how old I am, looking around at the classroom with a guilty look on my face to which no one noticed as they continued on their tests. He texted me right as I sent it, replying with a confirmation of an ID to which I send him a picture of my age, blocking any important details. He texts me back asking if I do this a lot and I tell him no, and that this will be my first time trying to get laid like this and probably won't do this again after today. He tells me what time should he come. I tell him, in two hours after I leave school and right before my parents leave, (giving him extra details on the trip and the couch idea). He agrees and I close my phone and continue through the rest of class with a smile on my face.

Flash forward to now, I am still in my room, listening to music as I watch the timer continue to count down as my parents downstairs are almost ready to take off, bickering amongst each other. I decide to take a shower to kill time as I take my clothes off and start to wash myself, humming the music in the background as I run the water through my long hair.


I hear it from inside the shower, causing my body to almost slip as I pull back the curtains to turn off the water and listen in to make sure I heard what hopefully was not-


The doorbell.....What is he doing here this early! My parents will find out and what if they- oh shit this is so bad.

I proceed to hop out of the shower, drying my body quickly along with my hair as I run out of my shower and into my room, throwing on black underwear with grey shorts along with a soft white shirt that is tight on my body but loose at the end. I scramble my hair, my breath breathing heavily as I exit my room and walk downstairs to the sounds of voices of my parents and a unknown mans voice.

As I creep downstairs, I hear my mother say to the man "Absolutely, 50 is no problem, I understand they don't make 60$ bills" she says with her annoying laugh as I walk downstairs catching all three of their attention.

"Hey, Allen we got a buyer!" My dad says as I stare at the man in my living room.

I can smell his Colonge from all the way from the stairs, his eyes focused on me, his body bigger than my own as he wears a dark red shirt with black slacks. He smiles with his bright white teeth that sends chills to my body.

Hes here for me, he wants to fuck their son, he's not interested in a couch, he wants what's on the couch, something that is worth much more. I think this to myself as I walk down the stairs, trying hard to keep my cool as I walk over to shake his hand.

"Allen" I say shakingly

"Leason" he says to me, shaking my hand firmly, looking at me focused.

"So 50 huh, you like the couch?" I say to him

"Well it's a bit...smaller than I expected, much more younger...but I guess no one wants a older couch right?" He says with a rasp voice that makes both of my parents laugh.

"Well it was our sons but we think it's time for a change, so I guess he will be doing the money handeling" my mom says to him

"Of course, money to the boss" he says to me

"The 'boss' needs to be handeling the shipping as well! He'll carry it for to your black Ford Explorer outside" my dad says to him

"Oh no need, I'll help him a bit" he says to me

"There is a small chair that goes with this one upstairs, make sure that our son brings that to you as well! We really need to go, already late as is, is there anything else you need?" My dad asks him

"nothing at all" Leason says quickly

"Allen, you remember everything? Don't forget the day after tomorrow ok?" My mom asks me

"I won't" I say to her

"Ok well nice to have you come, I hope you enjoy the couch, we gotta go honey" my dad says as they both wave goodbye and head out the door, starting their car and taking off into the street as the glare from their windows shines through the living room as they leave.

We both stand quietly in silence before he finally says "nice big house you have here, it seems to be very family oriented"

"Yeah I guess, it's pretty lame in my opinion" I say with a gentle laugh

"You look like you just got out of the shower" he says to me as he looks down at my skinny legs and then back at me

"Yeah I did, I didn't expect you so soon" I say with a laugh, feeling uneasy and wondering if this was a mistake

"yeah sorry about that" he says in his rasp voice as he rubs his beard stubble

I finally gain the courage and ask in a shaking voice that is probably due to my nervousness and the coldness of the AC.

"Why did you do that, like talk to my parents"

He gives a slight laugh as he reaches over and feels the carpet of the blue couch.

"I'm not a sneaky man, I'm very upfront and don't like games" he says to me, his eyes still focused.

"And that could have gotten me in trouble" I tell him, my eyes glaring at him in return

"Your parents don't know that your into men or even know that you want to screw them as well?" He asks me

"I'm sure they know, but I think they figured I'd grow out of it or least of all not do it at my house" I say to him

"And yet here we are" he says with a laugh

I start to feel a bit angry as I continue down the last steps and walk over to him, holding out my hand and saying-

"I choose who I screw, I may be young but I'm not stupid, so I'll be having that 50 bucks now" I say to him

He smiles and pulls out his wallet, revealing it to be completely full of cash of what appears to be of hundreds and fifties as he pulls out one and sets in my hand.

"I'll do the shipping boss" as he gives a slight smirk and starts to move the couch towards the door. As he reaches the door, he stops and turns to me, catching my glance.

"This is for revenge on your parents huh? You wanna get fucked at your own home while they are away so you feel important or powerful in some way."

I look away, embaressed by how he looked through my plan.

"How many messaged you" he asks me

"why do you care?" I ask him

"If you don't want to tell me then-"

"Thirty Five" I say to him, telling the truth as I look into his eyes as he smirks

"Thirty five, hmm...sounds about right. I'll take this couch and that chair and you can continue your little revenge streak with another man and later regret it, or you can follow a different plan, my plan" he says to me

"And what would that be" I ask him

"You choose" he tells me to which I stay quiet once again and look away as he continues to move the couch and then walking towards me, bringing tension through my body as he brushes against me to walk upstairs to which I follow him quickly, wanting to tell him to not go up their but knowing he has the full right to since he bought the chair as well. He grabs hold of the blue one and starts to move towards the stairs, as I feel my legs become sandbags knowing I won't chase him and that he won't turn around, I decide to add that spice I am not sure I am ready for.

"I want your plan" I tell him

He stops suddenly and turns around to look at me and smirks, and then says "Ok, my plan...My plan is that you are obviously very young, legal, but young. I can assume you have done this maybe a few times with other older guys and maybe some of your own age group. But they havent worked out and you need to have something solid as well as satisfying your revenge streak, am I correct?" He asks me to which I nod my head

"I thought so, so here's the plan. I don't do this ever, just like you, in my sort of business, I don't really say it OUTLOUD, let alone do I have much of anyone to do it to and especially someone as young as you. I'm willing for us to become partners in a mutual benefit." He says to me

"I can try it and see if I want it first though" I tell him

"Of course, only once though, no other trys or maybes" he says to me

"ok" I say quietly

He lets go of the chair and starts to walk over to me, his Colonge becoming more intense as he stands closer to me, bringing his hands softly on my waist. He continues to look at me, his eyes unflinching as he moves his hands down my waist and on my shorts, pulling them gently down as I hear them fall on the floor. He doesn't look down at my naked below and instead reaches around with his hand, caressing around my soft small ass cheek that fills within his hand as he brings his other hand down my leg, brushing up and down its smooth surface.

"Is this your room?" He asks me, turning to the door next to us as I nod my head, my body shaking in his grip to which he lets go and goes into my room without looking back. I pull back my shorts and follow in as he looks around, admiring my massive book collection, at my meditation corner with a hookah and while turning around to walk past my bed and into my walk in closet.

I follow after him, sitting gently on my bed as I watch him look through my clothes. I can't believe this guy just took off my shorts and I let him, I can't even believe I am letting him do this! What is he looking for?

"You have quiet the style of fashion, I admire that. I never had much of my own, I always preferred the less flashy and more dull type tones." He says to me

"Not very many of those were intended for men, had to sneak in the woman's section to grab them and felt embaressed" I tell him

"There's no panties or anything, so your not a cross dresser, but you do have many very tight jeans and it looks like and tons of very colorful shorts. Need them much since your on the track team I assume, along with gymnastics" he tells me

"How did you-"

"Your trophy and plus at your toned legs. It's my job as a living to know what other people do in their lives" he says to me

Maybe he is a mobster..

"I'll get more outfits for you later" he says as he walks out and towards me, standing over me as I shift my legs back.

"Your neighbors might realize that I am in here for a while, I noticed that they kept looking at me before I even came up to your front steps" he says to me

"They won't do anything, I'll probably have to go out and check the mail in case they do get concerned" I say to him

"And your parents?" He asks me

"Three day trip, won't be here for a while at least until Monday" I tell him

"Are you busy tonight?" He asks me

"No, I'll have the house to myself" I tell him, feeling my legs shake a little.

"Your really going to let me have this" he asks me

"I'm not letting you have anything, I want this, I've been wanting this and I'll think about what you said earlier but I'm not looking to date a man or be a fuck buddy, otherwise you'd see some pictures next to those trophies of men I've taken. I'm simply wanting to enjoy something good out of this shitty deal with my parents" I say to him

"It's understandable but only good guys get pictures next to trophies, A good guy, is hard to come by" he tells me

"True, but that's the good thing about time, I can wait" I tell him back

"I'm not a good guy" he says, leaning forward to kiss my waist as I lean back, breathing heavily as I look up at my ceiling.

"I know" I tell him as he flips me over, pulling off my shorts along with my underwear and tossing them aside on the floor as he suddenly grabs hold of both of my small ass cheeks and spanks across them both.

"Oh shit" I say to him that makes him laugh

"You know, I really don't have any fun at all like this, always busy at my work, never have anytime to relax" he says to me

I don't say anything to him to which he proceeds to pull of my shirt, throwing it aside on the floor as well as he grabs hold of my waist, feeling on my body with each touch. He starts to unbuckle his pants, dropping them on the floor as I hear the clink behind me and I feel the warmth of his balls against my asshole as his large cock rests above it. He's defitenly big, much more than I think I've ever encountered, making me wonder if its just my anxiety playing tricks on me to which I turn around to look down, seeing it is indeed very big.

"I know, it's pretty big and this might hurt you, but I think we both know this won't be the first time" he says to me as he moves his cock slowly into my ass, stretching it as I gasp in pain. I bite down hard on my pillow as he continues to slide it deep inside me.

He starts to thrust faster, grabbing onto my small waist as he gets ontop of me, fucking me hard on my bed as I scream into my pillow, as he starts to breath heavily, his sweat falling on my back as he holds onto my shoulders, his balls slapping against my own as he swings back and forth in me, holding me tight as if I was going to run away, which will probably be more like me crawling away after this is over.

I've been in bed with someone else before, around his age and my own, but they have never held me in such of a wantingness as him. He doesn't just enjoy this, he actually likes this, it turns him on harder than anything before in his life and seeing my cute body sprawled out across my bed, makes him feel like this isn't something he should be doing. Of course he shouldn't! I'm legal but still very young, not even out of highschool yet despite me turning 19 here in five months. He knows that fucking another mans son in his house is something that shouldn't ever be done, despite any age.

"My dad won't like this" I say to him as he suddenly stops as I smirk to myself, knowing fully well that probably just turned him on even more.

"I know" he says suddenly as he continues to fuck me, sliding his cock farther and farther, grabbing hold of my legs as I scream out. He pulls out quickly and puts my ass in his face as he licks all around, as I can feel his stubble around my hole as he breaths heavily and then proceeds to fuck me again, holding me firm, bending me over and slamming into me as my little legs shake underneath him as I continue to scream out.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, you feel so damn good, oh you bitch" he yells at me as he continues to slide his cock inside me, pumping away and then pulling out suddenly to cum all over my back as I shake on my bed, trying hard to catch my breath.

"Ahhhg" he yells out as he holds his cock, shooting out his semen all over my back, which continues for almost a good whole minute. He must have not jacked off or even had sex in weeks! I can't believe how much he is shooting on my body!

"I couldn't hold it" he says to me quietly

"I know, you were pretty fast" I say to him, fixing my hair and turning over, barely able to catch my breath

His phone starts to ring as he reaches in his pocket while pulling up his pants, answering it and heading out the door as I watch him leave, holding onto my bed sheets as I feel that soft pain on my back that makes me feel extremely good. I'm too horny to even look to see where he may have went as I raise myself up from my bed, walking over to my closet, my legs still shaking as I limp over to the very end to find a silk white robe to cover myself as I wipe the remaining cum off and walk out of my room to look for him.

"Tell him I'll be there soon, he can wait a little longer" I hear him say on the phone as he walks back and forth in my living room until he notices me to which he mutters something into the phone and disconnects the call.

"Work haha, I'm very sorry for leaving so soon and finishing on you so quick, I thought I would have more time than this" he says to me, crossing his arms.

"No it's ok, I have a lot to do anyways today but that felt pretty good" I say to him, tightening my robes together

"I haven't felt anything like that in a very long time. You have my number, I'll be available tonight if you want more" he says to me as he pulls out his phone and takes a picture of me.

"Why did you take a picture of me" I say to him shocked

"So I can show my friend what I was busy with and what took me so long to visit some of our other....friends" he says to me as he reviews through my picture and smiles to himself

"What?" I ask him

"Your a very cute young man, I'll see you later" he says as he starts to leave out the door and closes it behind him.

I start to walk upstairs, wondering to myself if it was worth it to bring him into my own house when I could have just met with him at a more random and possibly more safe spot. I literally just let him fuck me for no longer than 10 minutes and out the door he goes, I bet he wasn't even really talking to someone and just wanted an excuse and was too embarrassed to be here with me. And what was with him taking that picture, he's probably going to jack off to it later.

I ignore my thoughts and continue up the stairs and into my room, picking up my clothes from the ground and setting them in my clothing hamper, to which I hear a sudden thud. Did I leave my phone in my shorts? No it's sitting on the charger, so what is this?

I reach into the hamper and pull out a wallet not of my own. He must have left it here as I open the wallet up, to find some normal cards belonging to local buisnessness along with what appears to be...

No that can't be right...

I recount the money, not believing what I am holding is 5,000$....

Ok maybe this is a bit too spiced up.....and I kinda like it....

End of part 1




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