The Annex Hotel

by Harlonterry

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Brook was working three assignments at the same time, he didn't complain; he asked for two of them. He was steward to guests in room 221, two bears who spit roasted him as soon as he set down their luggage. Knowing he's not allowed to touch his dick unless instructed, he became  horny as hell before he was excused until later; the  bears told him to get fucked as many times as possible and keep the cum in his ass. He was told to use a plug if necessary. And to not cum!!

"Fuckers, assholes. I'll be hard and dripping all day." 

Brook was on his knees in the slave/sub position to greet the afternoon assignment of sex slave. This room was a dungeon suite equipped with two slings, a st Andrew's cross and a fucking table. Brook was nervous but excited, his first assignment to a dungeon equipped room. Brook knocked. 

"Don't talk. Not a sound while you're here regardless of what I decide to do to you. Hands and knees, slave, to the cross."

Laying horizontally, the cross was positioned for fucking. Brooke inwardly smiled. He needed this. Maybe he'll be jerked while the man fucked him. Brook’s  excitement grew. 

Wrists and ankles secured, with bands across his torso, the boys movement was completely restricted. 

Blindfolded and gagged with a strip of duct tape, Brooke was surprised to feel clips being clamped on his nipples. Next was a cage for his balls; most alarming was a carefully inserted metal sounding rod into his dick. 

The man did not speak. He patted the  boy, stroked the erect penis, then inserted a metal dildo/plug into his ass. 

With a push of a remote control button  the dildo began a mild vibration. Brook found this prostate stimulation ironically stimulating. 

The first electro shock made Brook stiffen and moan into the tape on his mouth. Thankfully this jolt of electricity was short lived. The boy was shocked repeatedly, his body stiffening, the dildo and the sounding rod attacking his prostate. Masterfully adjusting the dildo to continue vibrating and probing, the man moved the sounding rod up and down. 

Brook felt his prostate respond to the stimulation and was threatening  to eject its contents. The closer that moment came the more terrified the boy became. He knew he could not ejaculate with the metal rod in his urethra. 

Brook couldn't control it, it was going to happen. 

The high powered electro shock stopped whatever his groin had planned. The man began the dual stimulation once more. Within seconds , it seemed, another orgasm was on the way. Again thwarted by a  chick of the remote  to only Brook's balls. Yelling through the tape his body stiffened and this time it felt like it wasn't going to stop.
The cum was coming and coming fast, Brook had no control, he knew what was coming would be torture; the cum began its rapid journey, Brook was terrified. The man quickly removed the rod just before the boys load was shot all over his torso. 

The excruciating moments of pain as the rod was pulled out was shadowed by the strongest orgasm Brook could recall ever having. He lay in unexpected bliss until the after orgasm torture began.

Alex lay in bed with Lyric and Huntr, the boys knew they were in for a serious dressing down. 

"If either one of you display yourself in the round window I'll break the damn thing myself. " Alex then rolled over to spoon with his two "sons". 

Alex's dick hardened when it rubbed against Lyric's butt crack, the boys dick followed his "daddy's " example. This was routine, ritual almost; the evenings in bed were sacrosanct: no hotel business, just the three of them. 

Huntr snuggled close to Alex, his hard dick pressed against his daddy's bottom. 

"An intern told me something interesting today."

"I thought we were t supposed to talk about the hotel when we're alone here" Lyric knew what Huntr was talking about and actually agreed that what the intern experienced was indeed noteworthy 

"The intern was a new recruit who we talked to this morning after the indoctrination. He was assigned a guest but had time to take on a couple short gigs. The first one was a pretty standard dungeon scene but the second one was inspirational. He was to meet five friends in the cafe, on the patio. The five put on a great show of being blown by the steward under the table  They plugged him with a "vibrator from hell"  until he shot his load  over their dessert  

"We should offer that as an option in the cafe. Limit it to patio tables and have all the interns participate in the decorating. Like a "cum cafe".

"Ok so far I like it but save it for tomorrow, I just want to feel your warm bodies tonight” Alex declared  

Lyric loved the feel of Alex's dick against his butt. His daddy knew this and rubbed the head up and down the crack. Wrapping his arm around the boy Alex gently pinched Lyric's sensitive nipples. The boy responded with a low groan and added his hand to Alex's to increase the pressure. 

Huntr, being the big spoon, didn't want foreplay tonight, he reached between Alex's thighs and grabbed his balls. With a little squeeze his daddy's leg rose; the boys fingers found the asshole and not so gently pushed them inside. Wiggling a little, he found the prostate and let his finger tips massage it.

Alex moved his dick to the boy's hole.Lyric  had been busy that day, his ass opened easily and received his daddy's dick with a sigh and a clench. 

Not fond of three person fucks, Huntr was too horny to quibble, removing his fingers he slid his dick into Alex's hole. Not gently. Huntr was used to being the small spoon. Alex took the lead and shoved his ass back into Huntr  while his dick began sliding in and out of Lyric. All three boys were sighing and began giggling at the fact they were engaged in a position they all eschewed. Oddly, all three were feeling the warmth and tingle that precedes orgasms. Huntr, the horniest and closest was slamming into Alex, his hand between Lyric and Alex, feeling daddy’s dick slam into his brother’s hole and the wetness growing there. Huntr couldn't hold back, his load was released deep in his daddy's ass. 

Recovering quickly he moved to take his brother's dick in his mouth. The thought of tasting Lyric's cum began an unanticipated  warmth  again growing in his groin.

Tyler was assigned to the patio cafe, and was told he wasn't needed as a server or kitchen help. He was told to wait for a guest to request his service. 

Tyler hadn't paid much attention during the orientation, he mind wandering to the naked boys in the room with him. His dick had hardened as soon as he saw other boys walk into the room before him. 

Now he was afraid he'd be drooling precum. The other dicks and ass cheeks made him shiver, he knew if he touched himself he'd shoot right away. Tyler was listening to the tutorial but not really hearing. 

The atmosphere in the room changed. The instructor had left the room and the boys were talking, touching, almost all with hard-ons. 

The two boys seated in front of Tyler were fondling each other, then kissing. Another boy was on his knees giving service to a seated  steward who was also servicing a boy's erection. 

Tyler realized he hadn't heard a word of the orientation tutorial. At this point he didn't care, a blond haired boy was on his knees taking Tyler's dick into a smiling mouth. 

The cafe was busy, he figured he was a busboy or something so he stood off to the side and waited for an empty table to bus. While standing and waiting Tyler noticed legs sticking out from under a number of tables. He knew what his assignment was. Beaming in expectation he waited for someone to require his service. 

It only took a minute for the boy to be beckoned to a table of five. With a wide grin he slid under to see five cocks ready for his eager mouth. He wasted no time. 

The first cock was thin but long. He guessed because of the lack of girth was the reason it glided into his throat so smoothly . The cock powered in and out, a hand holding Tyler's head to the man's pubis. The boy was in heaven (or was it hell) and his dick rose to validate how much he had been looking forward to this moment. A cock in his throat, his hand on the next seated man's cock and his left hand on his dick. 

The owner of the cock he was sucking pulled him up by the hair and repositioned his mouth on the man's ballsack. Fingers forcing Tyler's mouth open, he soon tasted the musky flavor of the man's sweat. Tyler  stopped  jerking his dick, not wanting to cum yet. Not until he had tasted all five cocks. 

The man was jerking his skinny cock furiously, , then brought Tyler's mouth back to swallow the long beast into his throat. As the cum began shooting into the boy's throat, the cock was withdrawn to deposit the cum on Tyler's tongue. The boy sucked out the last few drops, licked the shaft clean then gleefully moved to the next. 

The man would not release his cock to Tyler. So the boy began a slow ball massage, licking the woody flavored  body wash brought shivers and a throbbing to his hard dick. Once both balls had been sucked into his mouth, Tyler began a tongue massage, tugging lightly on the ball sack he felt his cheek indent as he sucked. The woody smell would alone bring to orgasm if he allowed it. But this assignment was the blue ribbon, Tyler was indeed in heavenly hell. 

The man released his cock and even in the dim light below the table Tyler saw the beer can thick hard six inches. The man kept his hand on the boys head to keep him where he was, rubbing the uncut penis across his face. 

'God if I could only touch my dick. I know we're to refrain from it when with guests, but shit!! No one can see me here'

Tyler cupped his own balls and felt the lightning shoot up his spine. He let go, knowing he'd cum if he did that any more. 

Tylers mouth spread wide to accommodate the thick cock, his tongue exploring the massive amount of foreskin, finally finding the slit. Which was wet!! The  precum threatened to make Tyler cum hands-free. The sweet taste  mixing with the woody smell of the man's skin, sent pre-cum to his own hardness. Scooping some onto his finger he surreptitiously added the taste of his own cum with the sweet elixir the thick cock was oozing  

The man had managed to push Tyler's head to his groin; the boy swearing to himself not to gag. The man fucked Tyler's mouth and throat until the mouth was filled with more cum than Tyler ever had in his mouth at one time. The ropes kept shooting into the back of his mouth. He fought to swallow the feast as his hands-free orgasm consumed him. His groan was surely audible to the guests at the table. 

"Good boy! Be sure to clean it up before you go on" A deep sexy voice said from above.

Tyler followed the guests orders and went on to two more more guests at the table. Tyler had remained hard during the entire time his mouth, tongue and throat were being used. He’d never been so happy. The third and fourth guests were brought to orgasm a little quicker than the first two due to no deliberate fault of the boy servicing. His actions below the table were evident above, the first two guests serviced reacted so enthralled by his performance they helped get the other three hot. 

The fifth guest stopped Tyler cold. No ball sack and no cock. Two fingers spread open a vagina while another hand was rubbing a nub above the stream-open hole. The boys first vagina. Tyler was confused for a moment by the hairy body and legs  

Hesitant, He simply watched. One of the fingers beckoned him to approach. 

Tyler flicked his tongue against the nub and tasted strawberry. That's all it took; tongue flicking moved to sucking with two of his fingers alternating between  vaginal opening and ass hole. The guest was groaning, then stiffened and held Tyler’s  head to the clitoris. The fifth guest had their orgasm.  

Tyler was disappointed there were no more guests to service. Standing, the five at the table gave the boy smiles and thanks. Seeing Tyler's stiff and dribbling dick, "Son, why don't you jerk us a sweet load on our dessert? "

The grinning boy was more than happy to comply.

by Harlonterry

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