The other day I got out of bed after a 12-15 hour headache, more like a 24 hour migraine. I decided to go for a walk as a result of being sick, needing fresh air, food and wanting to get out of the house. I wolfed down a beef, bean and cheese burrito, a bag of corn chips, a pint of Gatorade and a Cinnamon Swirl I purchased from 7-11 while on my walk through Portland, Maine.

I then proceeded on a mission: to unwind and get laid. I felt uneasy about going for such a walk knowing I was recovering from drinking too much beer at Charlie's Restaurant and Bar the other night. I needed to heal my body, mind, soul, spirit and astral bodies as a result of getting sick. I knew it was way past my bed time. I did not care. I needed the cool Fall air which would help me to recover from my hangover. I also needed the exercise, even if it was 2:00 o'clock in the morning in Portland, Maine. I also wanted a hot man to fill my ever pressing need to get laid and to feel better about my sexual need for intimacy. I had no condoms, lube or even a cock ring to keep my pumped up cock hard. I was a man on a mission and I usually get what I want. Tonight was no exception. I felt desperate to get laid and even risked going to jail as a result of my proclivities. As I walked away from 7-11 on Brighton Avenue, I thought about sitting down to rest. I was restless after eating my midnight snack. Even the counter clerk from Jamaica looked hot enough to lay. When I neared Congress Street, I took a left and walked past a few strangers, mostly men on Congress Street who had just gotten out of the bar from a hard night of drinking. Some of them were drunk and staggering along on their paths home. None of those guys appealed to me.

I should have approached them for sex and said, 'I'll blow you for $19.99. It is a Special I am running. Like it or not,' and waited for their response. It would not have mattered to me as having sex with a stranger is usually a yes or a no proposition. I don't have time for games. The further I walked up Congress Street, the more people I saw. Two guys were coming towards me and a hot guy with blond hair and a hot body talked to his equally hot male friend about making out with a 50 year old woman. Some guys will do anyone for sex. Some- times I have done guys I was not really interested in but at least I got laid. Sex was on everyone's mind or so it seemed. I walked further up the street. Four teenagers were walking up Congress Street. A fat looking girl with frizzled hair was walking with a 24 pack of beer in her hands was talking to three male friends and then one of them ran away from the pack and jumped in his car drunk and the other friend went after him to try to convince him not to drive home drunk.

I continued walking and finally came up to Longfellow Square and saw a guy by the name of Ben Dover. We made eye contact and he immediately ducked into an alley way as soon as he saw me coming. I followed him. When I got to where he was standing I wondered if this really was Ben. The mysterious guy sat down, hauled out his cock and began playing with it. I unzipped my now raging dick. He immediately started sucking on my dick for all he was worth. It really was Ben. Such a hot cocksucker Ben is. We jerked off briefly and then he got up, turned around and bent over. Ben said, 'Billy, stick your hot dick up my ass and come inside of me.' I shivered and wondered if we would be caught having sex in the alley way by the old ugly queen who lives in one of the buildings on State Street. After Ben sucked me, he got up and I proceeded to suck his fat, thick, uncut cock.

This did not last long. Soon, Ben turned around, bent over and stuck his ass out begging me to stick it in and to fuck him as hard as I possibly could. I still felt sick and being that I had no condoms or lube or even a metal cock ring to keep my pumped up cock hard, I wondered if I could stick my dick up his ass and shoot a hot creamy load inside of it. Ben spit on his hands and lubed up his asshole while I played with my raging hardon. He moaned and begged me to fuck him. I obliged. Ben did not take long to open up to receive my hot, uncut, 7 1/4' dick. I did not think I could do it or that my dick would go in his tight asshole but it did. I felt the moist heat of his volcano begging for my hot meat and shoved it home. I let my now raging hardon sit in his ass- hole for a second or two and then rammed it home.

I felt like I was at a Mets game in front of 50,135 people performing the sex act of my life. Ben said, 'Oh Billy, stick that hard cock of yours inside of me and come in my ass.' After a few minutes of fucking Ben and Wildly kissing each other like two dogs in heat, I popped my hot smelly cock out of Ben's ass and we started jerking off together. We kissed passiontely. It did not take long for both of us to pop our hot creamy loads in the moonlight in a back alley off of Congress Street in Portland, Maine. This was a hot scene. Upon debarkation from our tryst, I said to Ben, 'See you around.' He just winked at me and said, 'Thanks Billy, I needed that.' I walked home in the cool, crisp Fall air. I felt relieved that I had achieved my mission: going for a walk after being sick and getting laid by my friend, Ben Dover.



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