The man walked onto his backyard patio to work on his tan. He was a magnificent specimen of a man with a very muscular body worthy of trophies at body building contests. In all, he was a quite a sight to see; six feet three inches tall, dark brown hair, ruggedly handsome face, broad shoulders, with a big chest and big lats tapering to a very narrow waist, very well defined six pack abs, large biceps, muscular thighs and tight, firm butt cheeks. He stripped, spreading a towel to lay down on a lounge chair, naked in the sun. Moderately hairy, he had a light covering of brown hair on his arms, legs, butt cheeks and the upper part of his chest as well as a short trail of hair running down from the navel, pointing the way to his shaved pubes and genitals. His ass crack also had a small trail of brown hair. It surrounded his butthole like a halo, creating a natural bald spot that left the skin surrounding the puckered opening bare for about a half-inch all around. His genitals relaxed in the sun and his balls slowly slid between his legs. He was nicely hung with a 5 inch soft cock, 7-and-a-half inches when hard, with a nicely sized ball sack.

After lying in the sun awhile, he became aware of someone walking across the lawn toward him. Looking up, he saw it was an alien being walking toward him. The alien was not a frightening creature. He was humanoid and except for his greenish-grey skin very human in appearance and not bad looking; tall and slender, tight bodied and muscled like a swimmer. He also had a very large bulge where human genitals would normally be located. He wore no clothes and didn't appear to need any.

The man wondered if the bulge meant that the alien was well hung. In his mind he heard "I don't have genitals like your species. What I have is familiar, but very different." The man was surprised, and thought back "You read my mind? Who are you and why are you here?" Immediately, the alien responded "Yes, I read your mind; on my planet we are all telepaths. It is how we communicate. I am here as a traveler in need of something." Then he went on to explain "On my world, our species has a requirement for certain fluids and proteins. Due to long term evolutionary changes, our bodies stopped producing these fluids countless years ago. We have searched the universe for other species that could provide for the loss and have found a number of species to fill our need. However, your planet is special. Males of your species are an excellent source of the substance we need. We require it for nourishment and to maintain our general health and well being. My body is currently very low on this substance and needs replenishment before my health declines."

The alien looked over the man's large chest, big pectorals and large biceps, muscular thighs and tight gluts and found him to be an ideal candidate. He needed a strong bodied male with strength and endurance to generate enough fluids to satisfy his bodily needs. He thought to the man "Do you think you could help me out?" The man thought back "What would I have to do?"

The alien responded "I'll tell you exactly what has to be done. First, your body will need to be enhanced and fed a special diet to give you extra energy and stamina as well as an increased ability to produce what I need. All you have to do is just lie back, relax and enjoy the experience while I milk you and collect all your seminal fluids." The alien continued "You will find it very enjoyable and not painful at all. However, I'll have to restrain you throughout the session to prevent any sudden movement or involuntary jerking which could injure one or both of us. Would you be willing to do this for me?" The man responded "I'm not sure. I'll need some time to think about it." The alien said "Take your time, I'll wait while you to decide."

He considered it for some time, wondering to himself, "What on earth does he mean when he says enhanced, being fed and all my seminal fluids?" He hadn't had any sex for a while and thought this just could be the sexual release he needed. Milking had always been enjoyable and had normally been some guy slowly edging him and then either sucking or jerking him off. But he really had no idea what the alien was planning. After considering the pros and cons, he cautiously responded "OK, I'll do it, but only if you promise me I'll be OK when it's over." The alien answered "I promise. I may be a bit intense, but it will be an enjoyable milking and you will be fine and completely unhurt when the session is over. Additionally, I will leave you with a gift in return for your gift to me." "What do I have to do?" asked the man. "As I said, just lie back and relax. Let me take care of everything." the alien said. The man was quiet for a moment and finally responded "OK, let's do it." The alien pulled a lawn chair up close to the foot of the man's lounge and sat there facing him. The alien then spread his legs wide, fully exposing the big bulge to the man's inquisitive gaze.

As the man looked at the alien's crotch with a curious interest, the bulge quietly split open, revealing a large pouch. Inside were what appeared to be a dozen or more soft penises. The shafts were greenish-grey with pinkish colored heads and in all proportions looked just like any penis he had ever seen. They actually were tentacles. The shaft of each tentacle was moderately thick and had vein-like ridges along its length. Every shaft ended with a bulging pinkish protuberance shaped exactly like the head of a human penis. Instead of a urethra though, each head had a horizontal slit which turned out to be the lips of a mouth, very moist inside with no teeth and a lot of small wriggling appendages. As the alien had said, they were familiar, but different. As he watched, several of the "mouths" opened wide, showing they were capable of opening almost 180 degrees.

The alien must have had independent control of each tentacle's length and action because six of the tentacles suddenly lengthened and snaked out to grab the man by the forearms, ankles and thighs, wrapping each tentacle around a body part. They pinned his arms, elbows bent, up above his head. Next they lifted his legs bending his knees and pushing the bent legs up until his thighs were touching his torso. He then spread the legs to each side about as wide as they could be spread. This completely immobilized the man and raised his crotch to a working level for the alien, making the cock, balls and butthole fully exposed and completely available for the work to come.

The man was so stunned by the sudden restraint that he didn't notice another tentacle snaking toward his mouth. The tentacle's pink cockhead gently pressed on his lips. The man gasped in surprise as the alien tentacle gently pushed into his mouth. The tentacle and its head expanded slightly and filled his mouth to the point where he swallowed involuntarily; pulling the penis-like tentacle further into his mouth and allowing it to slide about half way down his now opened throat. Surprisingly, he had no gag reaction, but he was completely unable to speak or call out. The tentacle's mouth opened a bit and began to secrete a special diet combined with chemicals to accelerate his testicular metabolism. It steadily pumped the cocktail of special carbohydrates, proteins, and alien chemicals down his throat. These would supply his body with everything it needed to perform in the imminent ordeal. The chemical components were quickly absorbed by the mucous membrane of his throat, while the remaining "super food" was delivered directly to his stomach, where it was quickly digested, ready for his body's use.

Next, three more tentacles snaked their way toward the man. Two of them opened their moist, pink mouths, each one softly grabbed onto one side of his ball sack. Both mouths expanded slightly as they sucked in the sack and an entire testicle, holding one of his balls gently inside each mouth. The third tentacle pressed the lips of its cockhead on the man's own cockhead and then suddenly sucked in the man's cock, swallowing it down its "throat" in one gulp, ending up with the tentacle mouth wide open and flat against his pubic area; the cock's full length firmly fixed inside its throat. The man thought it odd to see another cock swallow his own.

All three mouths were surprisingly warm and felt like they were lubricated, not just moist. The wet warmth gave the man an instant hard-on and the tentacle on his penis fattened as his cock swelled inside its throat. The man could easily see the obvious bulge his cock made inside the alien tentacle. The alien made a soft moan of pleasure as his tentacle almost doubled in width from the man's erection. This was sexually exciting to the alien; his tentacles were very sensitive, especially the moist lining of the throat. At this time the warm, slick interior of the throat started to excite the man and his hard cock began to ooze a lot of pre-cum fluid. The alien tentacle could taste it and confirmed the alien's feeling that this man would turn out to be the ideal candidate he had been seeking.

The alien's body really needed a large quantity of semen. Feeling the man's genitals, he realized that at their current size, the man's cock and balls simply didn't have the capability to produce and deliver the volume he needed. In order to create that much semen, they would have to be made large enough to generate that kind of volume. So the three tentacles began a process to enlarge them.

They secreted a short lasting sedative to prepare for the next step. The alien sedative quickly permeated the skin, numbing not just the skin, but the full genital area including the entire penis and both testicles. The three tentacles eased their grip slightly, giving the appendages inside room to move around while working. Appendages in each mouth lengthened, unsheathed short hypodermic-like spikes at their ends and began inserting them over the entire surface of the ball sack as well as up and around the full length of the penis and its head, injecting a special growth chemical evenly into all surfaces. When the skin of the ball sack began to enlarge; the appendage spikes that were surrounding each testicle lengthened, all of them piercing the sack and evenly injecting the same growth chemical directly into each testicle. The appendages then sheathed their spikes and gently massaged the testicles and cock shaft while the growth chemicals did their work.

As the testicles grew larger in the ball sack, the tentacle mouths stretched out to keep the growing testicles fully inside each mouth while keeping their gentle, warm pressure evenly on each testicle. When the man's penis was about half way to its final size, several of the appendages at its base lengthened and worked their way from the pubic area up the penis shaft to the man's cockhead. They located and pushed into his urethra hole, sliding down the entire length of the urethra while injecting the chemical growth cocktail along the sides of the tube. This would enlarge the tube enough to give it the means to deliver the huge volumes of semen that would have to flow through it. The appendages then retreated to the pubic area and the tentacle on the penis restored its warm grip. The alien waited for the growth cycle to rapidly finish.

Nothing but gentle touching had been felt by the man; the sedative had done its work and would wear off as his genitals enlarged. While the genitals rapidly increased in size, the alien was experiencing sexual excitement of his own as his tentacles were stretched to provide accommodation for the growing genitals. He breathed heavily, tightly gripped the arms of the chair, his eyes rolled back and his head rose slightly in pleasure while his tentacles swelled to keep up with the man's growing cock and balls.

As the sedative wore off, the man began to feel the tentacles covering his genitals and the warmth of the three tentacle mouths there. He enjoyed the feeling and began to get excited. All the while he watched the tentacle on his cock in fascination. As his penis rapidly grew to its full, new size, the tentacle grew fatter and the length of the swelling increased as the cock grew longer and moved further and further into the throat of the tentacle. The alien had injected enough chemical cocktail to double the size of the man's genitals, fully enabling them to generate and deliver the large quantity of seminal fluid he would need.

While the genitals quickly approached their final size, another tentacle reached out and placed its wide open mouth against the man's nicely puckered ass lips, warming and moistening the manhole as well as the taint and ass crack on either side of the hole. The warmth would help his hole loosen up and open more easily. In a unique style of rimming, all the appendages gently massaged his ass lips and the surrounding area until the sphincter relaxed enough to allow them to probe inside. Then the appendages secreted a special lubricant around the ass lips and inside the slightly open hole. The tentacle lifted from the hole and its mouth closed, forming itself back into its cockhead shape and gently pushed its way into the man's well lubricated and relaxed butthole. The man whimpered softly. Once inside the hole, the mouth moved the short distance to the man's prostate where it opened wide again and placed itself over the gland. The man started to squirm when he felt the extra warmth on his prostate, but the alien restrained him firmly. The appendages began massaging the prostate.

Simultaneously, several activities began to happen; the tentacle shaft in his ass started to pulsate, rhythmically stretching and relaxing his butthole and sphincter. Also, the appendages on his ball sack began massaging and stimulating his enlarged testicles. While this was going on, two other tentacles snaked out toward the man's big pectorals, opened wide and warmly covered each areola while their appendages tweaked and massaged his nipples. Flexing his big body in extreme pleasure as his throbbing manhole, prostate, nipples and balls were all being stimulated, the man groaned loudly and squirmed.

That groan was like the starter's pistol at a track meet. It signaled all the appendages at the base of the penis, on the testicles, prostate and nipples to begin massaging and stimulating their charges even more vigorously. In addition, the tentacle on the penis began to rhythmically suck on his newly enlarged organ, while the tentacle in his manhole adjusted the timing of its pulsations to match the sucking action on the penis. The man began moaning in extreme pleasure. That moan soon turned into a long whining moan that grew louder and louder as the man approached orgasm. All of a sudden, the man's big muscular body flexed and tensed, his back arched and he experienced the most explosive orgasm ever, shooting an enormous amount of cum - the biggest load of his life. The alien held him firmly in position as he also experienced a lot of sexual pleasure and made an audible gasp; feeling the man's asshole clamp down on his tentacle and the turgid cock throb as the man shot stream after giant stream of hot cum into the sensitive interior of his tentacle's throat. The man's astonishingly large ejaculation was so big it made a bulge about the size of a baseball inside the tentacle shaft. The man watched in awe as the bulge of cum moved on its way along the tentacle until it entered the alien's body. The alien seemed to be enjoying the load of cum because his body twitched in pleasure as the bulge moved along the sensitive interior of the tentacle and into his body.

The alien tentacles then started massaging and sucking in earnest. By now, the man was moaning softly as all six of the tentacles on his genitals, prostate and nipples worked furiously to keep him in a constant state of sexual excitement. Soon after cumming he was surprised to find he was hard and throbbing again. He could feel the tentacle down his throat continuing to pulse as it fed his body's needs for sexual performance. It felt like a large cock that was repeatedly pumping loads of cum into his gut. Shortly thereafter, the man came again and watched as another bulge formed and started moving along the tentacle. Every few moments the intense stimulation would give him another orgasm. This happened over and over and over again, all the while he watched in amazement as a string of cum bulges formed and moved along the tentacle to be absorbed by the alien.

He began to understand the effect that the alien "food" being pumping down his throat was having on his body's stamina and ability to ejaculate. He had never been able to cum so much and so often. The alien was experiencing sexual pleasure of his own as each cum bulge approached and entered his body, showing it by tensing his body, opening his mouth to breathe heavily, arching his back and throwing his head back. After more than 35 intense orgasms, the man was exhausted and drained dry. The alien was feeling just as sexually exhausted; however, he let the tentacle on the penis suck a few more times to make sure the very last drop of cum had not been wasted. They both slumped back and rested while their strength returned.

The feeding tentacle stopped secreting and slowly eased itself up the man's throat and out of his mouth. At the same time, the tentacle on his prostate closed up and eased its way out of his butthole, planting a small, tender kiss on his ass lips before both tentacles retracted to the pouch. He thought to the alien "Wow! What a fantastic experience. I never thought milking could be so intense and yet feel so great. I'm exhausted and totally drained, but really enjoyed it and feel fine, just like you promised." The alien responded "Thank you. I am filled up on fluids for the first time in a long while. I could taste your semen as you pumped it into my tentacle. Your fluids are some of the best I've tasted on any planet and will be particularly nourishing and good for my body. I'm completely satisfied." The alien continued "Occasionally I travel this way. When I do, would it be possible to get together with you for another session? " "Sure," the man responded, "any time you are here. I would love a repeat session, so just look me up."

As the tentacle eased off of his cock, he saw its new size for the first time and stared at it in stunned silence. Then the remaining tentacles detached themselves, released the man and retracted into the pouch. The pouch closed, re-forming the big bulge. The man sat up, reached out and lovingly stroked the bulge; the alien smiled and seemed to like the sensation. Then the man asked "So, what do you do with all that cum? Is it all food?" "No." the alien replied, "My body stores it and uses it as needed. You have been most generous with your semen. The seminal fluids you just gave me will last me a long time. The proteins will be used to augment my regular diet, while the fluids contain chemicals, vitamins and minerals vital for keeping my body healthy. When the supply gets low I'll have to replenish them again. I look forward to getting together again some time." The alien paused a moment and then continued with "Unfortunately, I must be on my way." He reached out and gave the giant cock a friendly squeeze and said "Keep this big thing safe for my next visit. Thank you again, but I really must go. Good bye until next time." The alien then stood up, turned and walked away. The man watched him go and hoped the alien would return soon.

After the alien left, the man's genitals were tender and his balls were aching from all they had been asked to produce. Inspecting his cock he discovered it had grown from 5 to 10 inches long when soft and a full 15 inches when hard. Its length when hard reached all the way to his knee and, when standing straight up his torso, could easily be kissed or licked with only a slight bend of his head. When hard, the shaft of his cock was slightly under 4-and-a-half inches wide and its new circumference was 14 inches, about as big around as his forearm. He realized the cockhead was so big he would never be able to get it in his or anyone else's mouth; also noticing the urethra hole looked a lot bigger than he remembered. He thought to himself "Damn! This thing is big." and continued with "Any guy who can take this will probably have to be seriously into giant dildos, large butt plugs or fist fucking."

He then turned his attention to his balls. The ball sack now measured a full 7 inches wide by 4-and-a-half inches front-to-back and was hanging down almost 7 inches, resting against both of his thighs. Each testicle had grown to the size of a tennis ball. The ball sack took up so much space behind his big cock that it pushed the cock prominently forward, making it a great deal more noticeable than before the enlargement. The whole cock and balls package hung about two thirds of the way down the length of his thighs. He realized that his genitals would normally hang like this from now on and privately wondered how low they would hang in hot weather. He tried to cup his balls in his hand, but found that they now needed two hands to cup them fully.

This massive genital package gave him a remarkable clothing bulge. His jeans bulge drew a lot of attention, especially when he wore no underwear and just let everything hang down a pant leg. The embarrassingly large bulge was most apparent when he wore speedos; even large sizes could barely contain his enormous genitals. But his bulge was just as impressive (and almost obscene) in any kind of underwear. In warm weather his balls would hang below the leg of plain cotton boxers. His cock and balls were clearly outlined and completely apparent in most sporting gear such as jock straps, anything with a genital pouch, all body wear made of lycra/spandex and any other snug or tight fitting shorts or pants. Posing suits for bodybuilding contests would have to be custom tailored. He was constantly reminded of the alien's own bulge Later, he discovered that the alien chemicals had also become a permanent part of his body chemistry, enabling him to shoot huge volumes of cum for the rest of his life. This surprised many of his sex partners when he shot enema-like loads up their ass; their manholes leaking cum for quite some time afterward. A few partners figured out how to take a load orally, by putting about half of his cockhead into their wide open mouth. Most of them would still choke and gag on the giant load, though.

This entire genital enlargement and body chemistry upgrade were permanent changes. They are the gift the alien had promised.

Fortunately this wasn't the only time he was visited by the alien. A number of times the alien returned and they made arrangements to get together for a milking session to replenish the alien's needs. As time went on, the man learned that the alien enjoyed foreplay; especially having his bulge fondled and having the penis-like tentacles inside stroked, sucked and played with. The alien reciprocated with erotic foreplay of his own by stroking and massaging the man's huge, muscular body and genitals. He would also have several of the tentacles use their appendages to tickle and intimately fondle various parts of his massive body, paying a lot of attention to those areas he felt important for generating the man's seminal fluids; the man's cock, balls and butthole. This excited the alien and made him anxious for the session to start; it also got the man hot and ready for all the upcoming activity.

After all the foreplay, the man's cock would be rock hard and prepared for the session. The alien would restrain him, extend and place two tentacles on his ball sack, whimpering softly as each cockhead mouth strained as it stretched around one of the man's huge balls. One of the alien's favorite parts of the session came next. Another of the tentacle cockheads would open, stretching its mouth around the man's huge cockhead and then sucking in and slowly swallowing the giant, fat cock, sliding down its entire 15 inch length. The alien softly moaned as his tentacle's sensitive throat stretched all around it. Next he would make sure a tentacle was in place inside the man's throat and another securely placed inside his manhole on the prostate. Finally, he'd set the other tentacles in place and begin the milking activity. These later sessions only required the alien to feed him and milk his fluids. No further enlargement of the genitals was required for them to continue producing the huge volumes of semen he needed.

Each subsequent milking session increased the man's endurance and added more alien chemicals to his body chemistry. With each milking session the time of each session increased as well. Over time, the man was able to perform more and more in a session, increasing the number of ejaculations with each session. Eventually he could ejaculate more than twice as much as he did in the first session, cumming a record 85 times in one session. However, in order for him to perform at that level and ejaculate so many times, he required the "super food" diet and testicular metabolism accelerators the alien fed him for his body to have that much energy and endurance. Once the alien left, the man's libido would quickly return to a relatively normal level.

A side benefit of the alien gift was the cumulative effect of tentacle feedings on his body chemistry. He eventually reached a point where he was perpetually horny. Many days he found it necessary to masturbate several times to satisfy sexual needs the alien chemicals demanded of him. He didn't mind these sexual demands at all, because they served as a constant reminder of good times with that alien.

He never did forget the alien and looked forward to each infrequent visit.


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