"Of course, come back in here after school." The words had echoed inside my head. His dazzling smile left me standing there until I was all alone in the gym, late for my next class. When I got there, it didn't matter. The class blew by, as did the next few until the final bell rang, and everyone was let out of school. I texted my mom telling her I'd be home late because I was making things up that I'd missed from the day before, when I'd sat down all day, missing school, wondering if it was just the beer Mr. Phillips had drank at my birthday party that drove him to kiss me that erotically. My mind was still suggesting possibilities, but the alcohol excuse was the primary excuse my mind had came up with. I walked into the locker room, making sure nobody was in there, and looked at the end of the locker room to make sure the window that showed into the teacher's room was clear as well.

After double-checking one final time, I slipped off my jeans, my coat, my shirt and my boxer briefs. I zipped open my backpack and took out a silk black jockstrap Mr. Phillips had given me at my party, as a joke to show everyone. Unfortunately, he had been the only one to show up. I looped the strap around my feet and pulled them up my legs slowly until they hugged my glutes tightly. I fit my 8 inch flaccid meatstick into it as I had done the night of the party after he gave it to me. I pulled on my yoga tank top and my sweats. After I had dressed, I put away my clothes and shoes and walked to the mini gym behind the gym in my socks.

When I opened the door, the lights were dimmed, but that was usual, because we always did yoga in yoga class when the lights were dimmed. Mr. Phillips was in his black sweats and a tight white tank top that clung to his thick-muscled chest and rock hard abs. I walked to the spot in front of him and sat down there, facing him directly, as he was sitting down too. He smiled his 250-kilowatt smile and walked me through the stretches, casually correcting me if I sat too close to my feet, if I overstretched, or if I simply did the wrong stretch while I was paralyzed by his good looks.

"Alright, now that we're done with the stretches, lets get to what I was teaching while you were gone." he said. I nodded and looked him directly in his dark blue eyes, focusing on the small gold specks that were also hidden around the blue.

"And what were you teaching?" I asked him, standing up shortly after he did.

"Well, we started the cobra after we had perfected out downward-facing-dogs," He told me. "So you'll have to show me your downward-facing-dog."

I bent over and touched the ground, with my feet pointed forward and my hands around a foot away from them. I couldn't see Mr. Phillips because he was behind me, but after observing me for a few minutes, he came up behind me and pressed his pelvis to my ass and bent down, reaching over my shoulder to adjust my hands.

"You should keep your hands at just he right angle, or you might sl-" He started, and then I slipped, and fell flat on my stomach, and he fell on top of me.

Now was my chance to see if he was able to remember what happened at the party, and if he meant it. I just had to count to five, and if he was still there..

one.. He shuffled a bit on top of me, making me aware he was still on top of me, that there could still be a chance.

two.. He slid his hands out from under me, making a trail with his fingers to the back of my neck.

three.. His hand slowly rubbed down my back, making my spine tingle and my muscles relax.

four.. He clutched my waist and lowered his chest onto my back.

five.. His head craned over my shoulder, his nose softly nuzzled my ear, his goatee tickled the side of my face, slowly arousing the tool in between my legs.

His hands started to explore my body, sliding to my chest and down to my abs and then started to roam lower. I rolled out from under him, suddenly aware this was happening faster then I thought it was in my mind. I sat with my legs angled in a position to hide my boner. He stood up, chuckling.

"My point exactly." He said. I laughed along with him too, but it was fake. His eyes and smile were making me uneasy, and he sat down next to me. "I'll give you a pass on this one, but I'm not going to get this into a habit, and neither should you. We didn't get through everybody on the downward-facing-dog today, actually. So tomorrow you'll learn our next pose. You're dismissed now."

I didn't move, and as he stood up, I grabbed his wrist. "Wait, can I actually learn it? Just to be a bit ahead of the others."

Mr. Phillips thought for a moment, then flashed his smile again and sat down. He laid down on his stomach, pulling his legs so far around his feet were at his waist. I mimicked what he did, at an attempt to do the exact same thing. Mr. Phillips pressed his hands on my back, to push me down more.

We must've practiced, made jokes, talked, and compared our muscles for hours because when I looked at the clock, it was already six o'clock.

"I should get home, my parents are waiting."

"I'll see you tomorrow then, have a good day."

I started to walk towards the gym, then I stopped. "Maybe we could do this often? I liked hanging out with you."

"When you finish school, at the end of the day we could stretch and talk in here."

I nodded at his suggestion and waved goodbye. After changing back into my clothes, I drove home and thought about Mr. Phillips. How I could keep him. That was, if I could get him. Then I remembered: He brought his favorite student out of all seven periods with him to his cabin in Colorado, next to a lake, with nothing around the lake for around ten miles. He brought them for the whole winter break, which was in three days. So I waited until friday, enduring test after test after test. Finally, it had turned friday. Usually everybody knew who Mr. Phillips was going to bring at the beginning of the day, but nobody knew anything at all. Nobody knew anything all day, and he didn't announce it at fourth period yoga. I wondered all day who it would be. He told me I was his favorite student before, but he was drunk, I was pretty sure. I wondered after school in the locker room, while I changed into my jockstrap, my sweatpants and my tank top. I wondered about it as I walked to the mini gym, I wondered about it afterwards in the school showers and when I wrapped a towel around my waist. I walked into Mr. Phillips' office.

"Alright Mr. Phillips, I'll see you after break-" I stopped, staring, my eyes wide. Mr. Phillips was naked, and I barged in. And as if things couldn't have gotten worse, my towel dropped from my waist so I was naked too. In my high school, we didn't get naked when we changed, we usually just changed in our underwear.



I picked up my towel and wrapped it around my waist, then I kept staring. His body was perfectly shaved, with no stubble or hair on his chest. His abs weren't clearly indented in his skin, but were clearly defined enough to know they were there. His pecs stood out amazingly, his nipples slightly perked at the amount of cold air in the room. His V-line led down his hips and separated his cleanly shaven muscular thighs. In between his thighs was his dick. Which was around eight and a half inches long, and flaccid.

"I'll see you after break." I quickly said and turned around as my towel fell again. I picked it up, held it against my crotch, and started to waddle out.

"Wait. Tomorrow morning maybe you want to meet at the coffee shop? If you want, you can bring a packed bag, because I'm going to my cabin in colorado, and maybe you want to come with me?"

I turned my head. "I'd like that." I said, and I went to go change and go home to get ready for the trip.

The next parts will be in a new series called "Winter Break"




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