It all started with a kiss.

CH. 1 – The Business Trips

Walt and I had been married nearly three years. In a few months I would turn thirty-one. Roger and Stephanie moved near us a couple of years earlier so she could get a job and he could work on his Master’s. Roger attended where I was now teaching, and was taking one of my classes, as an elective. Stephanie, a civil engineer, now worked for Walt’s architect firm.

It was not uncommon for Walt, and occasionally, Stephanie to work late. Business was good. Roger came by regularly for tutoring, and for advice in navigating the university’s unusual faculty quirks. He eventually wanted to pursue his doctorate, and maybe teach there.

I earned my Doctorate in Art History in 2010. Rather than being assigned to the Humanities department, I was assigned to the History department. (In most colleges they’d be in the same department.) Roger was studying European history. I taught the Impressionist period, and a small class on the Art Deco influence on architecture.

A wealthy alumni decided to donate an art museum to our campus. Since I was the newbie, I was assigned to help set up the exhibits and meet with the alumni to arrange transferring, and select what art to bring. He wanted to have period artifacts arranged with the art. Since Roger’s area of study was last half of the nineteenth century, his adviser “volunteered” his assistance. That meant he and I occasionally traveled together.

I would often be away for a week or two at a time. Because of this, an aide taught most my classes that semester. Roger didn’t come every trip. When he came, it was usually for a day or two.

Unfortunately, I didn’t anticipate the effect on me……or Walt.

When Walt and I first met, I dragged him to bed any chance I got. He called me his “Little Bitch” because I was always in heat! Unfortunately, as I got closer to graduating, the less often we fucked. And when I started teaching, we fucked even less! I was extremely busy preparing my class itinerary. I loved my work! Walt began to think I loved my work more than I loved him, though he never said anything. With my traveling, we often went weeks without sex. I was so involved with my project that I failed to notice Walt was often too tired to fuck me.

On what was to be the last trip, Roger went with me. We’d be gone two weeks. We had connecting rooms, but never opened the common door. I suspected he and Stephanie had hit a rough patch. He seemed distracted, and very lonely. And so was I.

Roger and I usually ate supper together, reviewed the day’s routine, and then had a night cap back at the hotel. We sat downstairs in the lounge and talked. The talk eventually turned to our respective sex lives. Stephanie had stopped sleeping with him. He suspected she might be seeing someone. I would kiss him goodnight on the cheeks before we went our separate ways.

 I’d started feeling the lack of good sex, myself. Recently, I’d noticed Walt worked late more often. I knew his business was growing, and he needed to work even harder! He often came in too tired to fuck me.

He didn’t even want blow jobs! But he always snuggled next to me. I thought he still felt a little distant, though. I would make everything up to him when summer came.

I did miss Walt when I was away. I missed him terribly. And, even though it was my own fault, I felt neglected. I spent many nights playing with my breasts and stroking my cock while I fantasized his eleven inch cock buried in my ass. I licked a lot of cream from my hand those trips. I even started carry a toy to work my ass!

The last night of the trip, after Roger went to his room, I leaned against the connecting door, trying, but failing, to work up the nerve to ask him to spend the night with me. I wondered if he wanted me as I badly as I now wanted him.

Instead, I snuggled up with a large stuffed bunny Walt bought me my first Xmas with him.


Ch.2 – The Kiss

May 6, 2011

Everything came apart with a kiss.

Roger dropped Steph off at the firm that morning. She would be coming home with Walt, and the four of us would spend a quiet evening together. Walt planned to pick up pizzas on the way home. He called and said Steph was working late and he’d wait on her.

It was an unusually warm evening. Roger and I had a beer and were sitting out by the pool. We could hear soft jazz coming from a neighbor’s yard. After a while, I began dancing to the music. I love soft jazz: it is the most sensual and seductive music I’ve ever heard. Music for lovers!

Sweat trickled down my skin between my breasts. The patio lamps gave my skin a warm sheen. I was feeling frisky and motioned for Roger to join me. Frankly, the music, the dancing, and the longing in his eyes aroused me. It wasn’t long before he was holding me close, my head against his chest, as we danced slowly.

I lifted my face and kissed him. And he kissed back. We kissed for a long, long time. A different station was on the air. I had no idea how long we’d been kissing. We stepped back and took a breath.

“We shouldn’t be doing this!” we both said.

“I know,” we both replied.

But we kissed again. We were still in the same kiss when we heard Walt’s truck pull into the drive. We separated and sat on different loungers, not looking at each other. Looking guilty as hell!

I didn’t run up to kiss Walt like I usually did. I saw his brow furrow. Unfortunately, Stephanie picked up on the wrongness of the tableau. She stomped over and slapped me hard enough to knock me off the seat.

“YOU BITCH!!!!” she screamed. “YOU DAMNED, FILTHY BITCH!!!’

Tears were streaming down her face as she softly cried, “I trusted you! How could you?”

She ran from the patio and we heard Roger’s car as the tires squealed.

Roger looked up at Walt, looked him in the eyes, and quietly said, “I’m not sleeping with Angie. I’m not having an affair with your wife.”

“I know,” Walt replied. “I’ll drive you home.”

I sat on our bed and wept. What was I going to say when he returned? That I wasn’t cheating? That I didn’t have feelings for Roger? I didn’t want to lose Walt. And I didn’t want to lose Stephanie, either! But what about Roger? ‘Oh, what a tangled web we weave!’ (Sir Walter Scott)

I woke several hours later to the sound of Walt shutting the guest bedroom door. I cried, knowing he hadn’t really believed Roger. I pictured Roger laying somewhere, badly beaten.

The next morning, I found Walt sitting on the edge of the guest bed. He hadn’t slept. He wouldn’t look at me. He stared at the floor. I stood quietly in the door, waiting.

“Tell me what happened last night,” he quietly demanded.

I told him everything that led up to the kiss. About the lonely nights away from him. And that Roger never, ever made a move, until tonight.

“I kissed him.”

“He said he kissed you!” Walt said, with a snort.

“Roger’s having an affair,” he said. “I thought it might be you, at first, but Stephanie’s seen him several times with a heavyset blonde his age. She saw them laughing, him leaning on her. She told me she saw them together a couple of times a week. That he doesn’t have sex with her on those days. But when you didn’t rush up to kiss me, when both of you were pointedly not looking at each other, I just knew you and he were……”

Blonde? Twice a week? Suddenly, I knew who he was seeing. And why.

“He’s seeing Patti,” I said.

Walt was suddenly next to me, gripping my shoulders and shaking me.

“You’re lying!!” he growled. “You’re lying again!” (Again?) Then he shoved me away, returning to the bed.

“She’s his physical therapist,” I replied.

Walt looked at me with mistrust. He’d never looked at me this way before. I explained Roger was having trouble with his legs again. I’d been the one to recommend his sister.

Walt came to me again, but I stepped back, afraid of him for the first time. But his features were filled with remorse.

“I’m sorry,” he quietly said. “You didn’t deserve that!”

He sat back down and, looking at the floor, muttered, “All those long trips. All those long, lonely, lonely nights.”

Suddenly, things became clear to me.

“How long?” I quietly asked, very afraid of the response.

“Three months.”

I shouldn’t have been surprised. I’d known he was interested in Stephanie. And she in him. It hadn’t helped I’d traveled most of the semester to conferences and was helping on a major museum project. I was often gone two weeks at a time. I’d made myself distant.

Walt often cut his trips short if I didn’t go with him. He told me he missed me terribly. We rarely slept apart. Until this spring.

“You and Roger were away. And we were both lonely. We’d worked late that night. I took her to supper and dropped her at her home. She leaned over to kiss me before she got out of my truck. The next thing I knew, we were in her bed.”

“Were you planning on leaving me?” I nervously asked.

“No. We were just two lonely people. I like her. I like her a lot. But she’s not you. She can’t replace you!”

I wanted to hate Walt, to feel betrayed, but, I couldn’t. Especially, since I’d come so close to doing the same thing. Many nights, Roger and I shared adjoining rooms. I would lean against the locked connecting door, listening, wanting him, wanting to be held, and wondering if he wanted me. The kiss last night was the only time we’d touched. Not counting the time Stephanie was teaching me how to give better blow jobs and I practiced on Roger. But Walt had given permission for that.

I couldn’t really hate him for choosing Stephanie. Walt had a definite preference for transsexual women. He had even participated in threesomes with us, me in the middle. But I’d only seen him kiss her once, on the cheek.

This time, I held Walt in my arms, comforting him, “It’s okay, dear. We’ve both been fools!”

He looked at me, gratitude in his eyes.

We finally took the honeymoon we never had. For nine glorious weeks, we sailed to Tahiti. I came home with a fantastic all over tan! The sex was great, my ass stayed sore, and I made sure he stayed drained. But the best thing was rebuilding the love we thought we’d lost.



Ch. 3 – Stephanie

October 2011

I had a much harder time forgiving Stephanie. I might have shared Walt with her, as long as it was a threesome! But I was angry because she’d fucked Walt, and I was still angry with myself for nearly taking Roger to my bed!

I hadn’t seen, or talked to her since she slapped me and walked out. I was too damned proud to reach out to her. I’d heard Roger finally left her. She just didn’t believe Patti was his therapist! She justified her affair with Walt with her accusations. Roger had known about her affair, but was giving her space. He never was angry with Walt, and they had become tentative friends, again. But, I was avoiding Roger. I wasn’t ready to deal with what I felt towards him.

Walt and I were drinking a beer on the patio and heard the doorbell. Walt returned with a very different looking Stephanie. She’d dropped a lot of weight. She looked careworn, and older. Used. Walt hadn’t told me about this.

Stephanie just stood there. She had that look I so often had in the past. Ready to run and hide. My heart melted. Stephanie had been my lover and best friend so long I couldn’t turn my back on her, now! Besides, I needed her forgiveness as much as she needed mine! She ran into my open arms and we hugged tightly. Walt wisely left.

We spent much of the night apologizing to each other and catching up. We were going to have to begin anew. We hadn’t slept together in almost nine months. We’d been drifting apart before she started her affair with Walt. Funny, I blamed her for the affair, never Walt! (I’m a jealous, hypocritical bitch.) I finally understood my mother-in-law a little better. I crawled into bed with Walt around three. I didn’t want sex, I needed cuddling. I need reassurance his flame for Stephanie was out! Or at least dampened.

Walt rose early the next morning to play a couple of rounds of golf and to have lunch with some friends. (When he plays well, he comes home very horny and takes my hole in one! Hell, even when he plays badly….) I knew he’d be gone most of the day.

Shortly after he left, I woke to a warm body next to me. Steph had crawled into bed with me, naked.

“Please, may I stay?” she asked. “I’m lonely.”

I snuggled against her back. And soon, both of us were asleep. I woke a couple of hours later to a small hand fondling my cock through my teddy. Then I felt light kisses on my neck. I pretended to be asleep, hoping she’d quit.

“I know you’re awake,” she whispered. “Please, it’s been so very long….And I’ve missed you so!”

I rolled over and soon we were intertwined with each other, hungrily kissing. I hadn’t removed my teddy, but she didn’t seem to mind! She unsnapped the bottom, freeing my cock. One strap had slid down my shoulder exposing my breast.

Steph moved down to take my dick into her mouth. She’d bypassed my breasts altogether. Something was very different. This was no slow, sensual blowjob. This was pure hunger! Steph is normally the top in our relationship, but I suspected she wanted….no….needed to be the bottom today. Like my fucking her would reassure her. I knew, from past experience, that it wouldn’t work for long. But, I needed to fuck her just as badly as she needed me to take her. Maybe I felt I needed to punish her!

It may have started that way, but it soon changed to passion’s flame relit. When I came in her mouth, she kept frantically sucking until I was hard again. She pulled me up and wrapped her legs around me as I pushed my cock into her asshole. She was very tight. She probably hadn’t been fucked in months! She wouldn’t wait for me to lube up. Her saliva on my cock was all the lube she wanted. Stephanie wanted to be fucked hard!

She clawed my back through the teddy. She hungrily kissed me. She was starved for love and affection! Even after I came in her, she kept squirming, ass muscles clenching until I was hard again. Even after I came again, she hadn’t had enough! After we rested a few minutes, she pushed me on my back and sucked me hard again! She climbed on top and rode my like a wild woman. She was stroking her cock hard and fast. I reached up and played with her breasts. They weren’t so full anymore. She’d lost a lot of weight!

After I came, she rolled off, still stroking her cock. She’d not come once during our wild session. She snuggled against me and cried. A little later, she went back to her room. I heard her cry a little more before she fell asleep.


Walt came in a couple of hours later, and I rushed to him. I was still in my teddy. I hadn’t fastened the bottom and I hadn’t placed the strap back on my shoulder. I looked a mess. I dragged him to our room. 

“Please, Walt, fuck me now? Fuck me hard?”

I wanted Walt to take me like I’d taken Steph. I couldn’t explain it. I just needed it. I needed Walt’s big cock in me. He took me twice before I could unwind. In the shower, I told him of the morning’s events. He held me tightly. Then he dropped a bombshell.

“Roger moved in with Patti for a while after he left. We were both wrong. I found out from one of the guys today.”

I was stunned! Not Walt’s sister! Patti?

“They broke up sometime last month. I don’t know where he is, now.”

I didn’t know either. I’d been avoiding him out of guilt. I was afraid I might still have feelings for him! I couldn’t take that chance!


Steph appeared calmer, and a little happier when she joined us for supper. She avoided looking too long at Walt. I knew she still harbored feelings towards him, but dancing around the issue wouldn’t make things better.

“Steph, it’s okay. We’re all still friends!” I said and smiled warmly. 

Tears formed in her eyes as she smiled gratefully. We talked awhile, and she helped with dishes before returning to her room. Walt and I watched TV for a while, then I crawled onto his lap. We kissed for quite awhile. It took a bit, but I finally came to appreciate the long times we'd spend just kissing.

After we crawled into bed, I asked if he’d like a blowjob. He smiled and said tomorrow would be fine. He just held me close as we drifted off to sleep. I only hope Stephanie could get some rest.

The next morning, Walt was ready for his blowjob.


Ch. 4 – Walt

This was turning out to be a beautiful morning. Instead of sitting on the patio drinking coffee, I was laying between Walt’s legs sucking his wonderful cock again. I woke him early to give him the blowjob I’d promised him. I’d sucked him awhile, then he said he wanted me to ride him. I was okay with that.

I straddled him and rocked slowly. He played with my breasts while I stroked my cock. I wasn’t a “novelty” to him like I’d been with earlier lovers. I think of myself as transgendered, but I’ve never been anything but a real woman as far as he was concerned. And he thought the same way about Stephanie!

I was back to sucking him again, now that my ass had been satisfied. Of all the techniques I use, his favorite is when I lay between his legs and look up at him while I take about three inches into his mouth. I stroke the remainder of his shaft with the fingers of both hands. He can see my bottom with my legs bent behind me and crossed. He likes my legs almost as much as my bottom. But what he likes most is to see my green eyes looking at him lovingly.

I make these blow jobs last a long time. It is well worth it when he fills my mouth with his salty cum.

I lay next to him, my head on his chest, and his arms around me. We heard a light knock on our door. I pulled a sheet over my breasts, then called Stephanie in. She wore a light robe; it seemed the days were gone when she and I would go around naked in front of our respective husbands. Walt slipped on his robe and got up. They avoided looking at each other as he left the room.

Damn! They still had feelings towards each other. Things could get nasty…..and quick! I had to do something before I lost both of them!

Walt mumbled something about calling us when breakfast was ready. (Oh, great! Sweet Rolls and milk! That man can’t fix breakfast worth a damn! But I would live with it this morning.) I moved over to make room for Stephanie. She slipped in and we kissed. I didn’t want to fuck right then, besides, my ass was still loose from Walt plowing me.

“Steph, you still love Walt……Don’t deny it. I have eyes. I can see it.”

She started to get up, but I held her hand. She lay against me and sobbed.

“Please, I can’t help it. Don’t be mad. I won’t do anything with him.”

“Babe, I’m okay with you loving him. You don’t need to hide it. It’s safer if you don’t avoid each other. That will only make things worse.”

She smiled tearfully then snuggled close.

We spent most the day working in the yard. Walt worked in his shop while Steph and I worked the flowerbeds. She and I were absolutely filthy and would laugh when we saw the other. Every so often, she’d glance towards the workshop and sigh, but she never went over to see Walt. 

When we stopped for the day, I decided we were too filthy to go inside the main house. Walt had enclosed the outdoor shower so we could use it in cooler weather. We stripped outside and dashed into the shower. It was’ t long before we were soaped up, lips locked together, tongues probing warm, wet mouths. Our hands roamed freely.

We’d been in the shower maybe a quarter of an hour when Steph’s eyes went wide. I turned around to see Walt sitting in a chair and stroking his cock as he watched our little show. He smiled and raised his beer in a salute. I motioned for him to join us but he just shook his head; he’d rather watch.

A few minutes later, we heard a tap on door that leads to the guest house. Walt stood inside, naked. He called us to the large sunken bathtub inside, the one where Steph had videoed me giving him a fantastic blowjob, and of him fucking me. Walt had filled the tub and had the Jacuzzi jets going. He also brought a bottle of wine and three glasses.

Steph and I were soon taking turns kissing him. I wanted to be jealous, but I had to get this worked out among the three of us. But, frankly, it was hot watching my lover kissing my husband! We had him sit on the edge and then gave him a double blowjob. She and I once gave one to Roger when I wanted to learn how to give better head. Walt had never had two women suck him at the same time, and now his tranny wife and her tranny lover were both licking and kissing his shaft, and taking turns sucking his cock head. We both ran our hands along his chest and played with his nipples.

This was just too much for Walt. He managed to cover our faces with his cum. We giggled and he watched as we kissed his goo from our faces.

Then it was our turn! Walt had both of us sit one the tub’s edge. He took turns sucking our small cocks. Stephanie’s eyes were wide with delight! She exclaimed Roger hadn’t sucked her very often! I pulled Walt close and whispered in his ear. He nodded then concentrated on sucking Steph while he stroked me. I came first and moved over to watch my husband suck my beautiful lover’s cock. I stroked my cock and creamed again by the time he’d drained Steph!

But Walt wasn’t through with us. He had us get back in and lean out over the edge, we had to be close enough to kiss. We were supposed to kiss. Steph’s eyes flew wide again ass Walt spread her cheeks and began licking her asshole. She started to pull away. Evidently, he hadn’t done this when they were sleeping together. But she soon back against his face as she surrendered to his tongue probing deep inside her pucker. 

He ate her fifteen to twenty minutes then turned his attention to my ass. He ran his hands all along my bottom as he lavished his attentions on me. Steph took my cock in her hand and lightly gripped it, stroking me with a rolling motion to her wrist. Walt ate me for over thirty minutes and I came twice in Steph’s hand. 

Walt enjoyed his time with Steph, but he showed me were his heart truly lay.

Steph and I prepared a light supper while our newly mutual lover took a nap. Old man!!

As we prepared for bed, I started to ask Stephanie to join us, but a glance at Walt convinced me I shouldn’t. Steph smile and kissed us, then went to her room. Walt pulled me to the sofa and had me sit on his lap.

“That was nice what you did for Steph,” he said. “I just don’t understand why you did it……..I mean…. She’s the closest thing to a rival you’ve ever had!”

I sighed, then asked, “Do you remember when I mentioned to you that Steph told me she loved me?”

He nodded.

“You knew I loved her, too, and told me it was okay as long as I loved you more!” I said.

“She loves you. And you love her, too!” I continued. “The question is who you love most. Me…or her. I need to believe that I’m still first in your heart!”

“I didn’t want her in our bed tonight. Is that answer enough? I need to know that I’m still foremost in your heart, just as you are in mine!”

He paused a moment.

“Angela Nikita Schumann….I still love the sound of your name. I married you! I will give up every single thing I hold dear rather than lose you!”

“You’re stuck with me, Mr. Schumann! And I will never ask you to give anything up to keep me!”

He looked at me a moment and asked, “Can I have a blowjob?”

“I thought you’d never ask!!”

The next morning, Steph hugged my tightly and whispered, “Thank you so very much! I promise I won’t come between you and Walt!”

Walt and I stood there a few minutes watching her drive off. He just held me silently and I leaned against him. I wondered if Steph really would be all right. Walt looked lost in his thoughts, then he grinned wickedly at me.

“Can I have another blowjob, please?”

“As many as you want, Dear, as many you want! Right after you suck me off and eat my ass awhile!”


Ch. 5 – Testing the Limits.

We hadn’t seen Stephanie in a couple of weeks. I suggested inviting her out for the weekend. And maybe….how far the three of us were willing to go.

Stephanie worked a schedule that allowed her every other Friday off. This would be her Friday off. I asked her to come out early.

She showed up around noon. I greeted her at the door wearing nothing but a sheer caftan. My hair was piled on top of my head, a style I’d recently taken to wearing. I was still a little bitchy and wanted her to see my perpetual hickey. We kissed warmly and she went to change while I fixed lunch. She came out wearing a similar caftan I’d laid out for her.

After lunch, I put on some slow, romantic music. Walt had made a playlist of people like Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett. Music to make out by. It was time to teach Stephanie some new tricks. Since, I’ve known her, she’d been the fall into bed and fuck like minks type. The only thing she took her time with was blowjobs, and she was a master of slow, sensual blowjobs!

Nothing wrong with that, but Walt slowly taught me the joys of kissing for extended periods of time. When we finally fucked, the sex was fantastic!

Stephanie and I slow danced a while, holding each other close and kissing. I could feel her cock stiffening between us. We danced for about an hour before we retired to the bedroom. We undressed and lay intertwined, continuing our kissing. We made out until the playlist ended, nearly three hours later. (Sometimes, Walt and I spend the whole afternoon kissing, when the weather is nasty.)

“That was very nice!” Steph said. “Roger and I never kissed that long. We usually kissed like most couples and then we fucked.”

She hesitated, then added, “Walt tried to kiss me more, but I was usually ready for him to fuck me.”

We were still wrapped around each other when Walt came in. He came over before I could rise and kissed me. He then went around the bed and pulled Steph into his arms and gave her a nice, long (Too Long!) kiss before moving back to the door. What gives???? I’M HIS WIFE!!!  I was too stunned to react.

“Steph, would you excuse us please?” he asked. “I need some time alone with my wife.”

Stephanie looked a little crestfallen to be so summarily dismissed. She grabbed the caftan and headed out the door. Walt popped her on her bottom to hurry her along, I saw her smile as she prissed away.

Walt turned his attention back to me and held out his arms. I hurried over and jumped into his outstretched arms. My naked body was wrapped around him. He held me tight and gave me a real  kiss this time! He definitely wasn’t in a hurry to put me down!

When he finally set me down, He handed me his coat and tie. I hurriedly put them away and returned to see him standing with his cock freed from his slacks. I took the hint and knelt before him. I spent the next thirty minutes kissing, sucking, and stroking his huge cock until he filled my mouth to overflowing! I swallowed what I could, then stood to kiss him. I wanted him to share his load with me.

That night, after I’d ridden him awhile, I snuggled next to Walt. He now appeared distracted. I thought he might slip off to Steph’s bed, but he just pulled me closer.

 “Angela, (Uh oh! He only calls me that when he’s extremely serious!) I don’t know what you have in mind,” he said, “But I want you to think on this! We agreed that this bed was ours alone, except by mutual consent! If you want to fuck around, do it in the guest bedroom, or out in the guesthouse. I remodeled it the way it is for discreet playtimes.”

“Secondly,” he added, “I don’t want to do this if you’re going to get jealous and bitchy. You wanted this!”

“I’ll behave,” I promised. “I will let you know if I can’t handle this.”

“Be nice to Steph, whether we all sleep together, or not!” he growled. “No more bitchiness: she can tell you’re not happy with her. She doesn’t deserve your on again off again moods. Just make up your damned mind.” 

I promised. Damn! I hate it when’s he’s right! I snuggled in even closer.

“I love you, Walt.”

“I love you, too. Don’t you ever forget it!” he then tousled my hair and kissed me goodnight.


The next morning was kind of messy outside, so we forego coffee and stayed in bed. I was stretched out between Walt‘s legs, giving him a slow blowjob. I was mostly holding the shaft and stroking it with my fingers while kissing and sucking the head.  He really liked my blowjobs now and asked me a couple of times a week to give him one.

“Morning, guys,” I hadn’t heard her come in.

I felt Stephanie get into bed behind me.  She kissed her way up the back of my legs stopping at my bottom. She kissed and bit my cheeks and tried to work her tongue into my crack. I spread my legs to allow her to probe deeper. Soon her tongue was probing my opening as she worked her spit inside. She then kissed her way up my back until I felt her cock lined up against my ring. She worked the head in and began grinding against me. Steph planned to fuck me slowly.

“”Morning, Babe,” she whispered in my ear as she nibbled the lobe.

I came up for air long enough to wish her a good morning, too! I returned my attention to the cock in front of my mouth. It had been along time since I’d been fucked while sucking cock. I missed this!

Stephanie managed to fuck me about ten minutes, then stiffened and filled me with her cream. Walt suggested he and she switch places. He grabbed his cock strap from the drawer. Looked like he planned to fuck me a long time!

I sucked Steph’s cock as Walt slowly pushed into my ass. Steph’s cream was going to be all the lube I’d get this ride! I could feel every inch as he slid into my ass. I was having a hard time sucking Steph while he was fucking me. I was in paradise! He could fuck me like this all day if he wanted!

He had Stephanie turn over. He wanted to watch me licking her ass, as that marvelous cock of his traversed my ass for nearly thirty minutes. I’d taught him how to find a comfortable pace when he fucked me. He could now fuck me well over an hour, if he chose!

Suddenly, he ordered me and Steph to switch places! Steph was now laying face down on the bed and sucking my cock. Walt worked a little more lube into her asshole, a sign he hadn’t fucked her enough to get used to his size. (Of course, I was pleased, jealous bitch that I am!).  

Stephanie’s eyes widened as his huge cock pushed past her sphincter and slowly traveled down her channel. It had been several months since Walt had last taken her. She hurt. I could see it in hers eyes. It was taking much longer for her to get over the pain. She spat out my cock and grit her teeth.

Suddenly, I felt cheap. I wanted my lover to hurt! I wanted her to no longer desire my husband in her ass! But, as the tears rolled down her face, I knew I couldn’t let this go on!

“Walt! Stop!!” I screamed. “You’re hurting her!”

Walt immediately pulled out and drew her to him, stroking her hair.

“I’m sorry, dear, I’m so sorry!”

My heart fell at this. I felt I'd lost everything. I could now see the extent of his love for her. I didn’t know if I could share him on equal terms. I expected him to share me with her, but couldn’t take it when the shoe was on the other foot. I couldn’t find it in my heart to hate her, though. Walt had wanted me to be a stay at home wife, but I had big dreams. And I let my desires drive an opening between us, an opening my very lonely friend was  all too willing to fill.

I slipped out of our room and sat on the sofa, sipping some wine. I guess I was on my fourth, maybe fifth glass when Stephanie sat beside me. She waited a moment then took my glass and drained it,

“Babe, I’m leaving tomorrow morning,” she said. “I can’t bear seeing the pain in your eyes when Walt fucks me. I don’t want to lose what I have with you. I won’t see Walt anymore. I’m leaving the firm.”

I looked at her in shock. She loved that job!

“Please, don’t go,” I said quietly. “I’ll go.”

She laughed out loud, “You’re a complete idiot! Walt might love me…..Hell… love me! But I no longer love him! At least, not like you do! And I’m certainly not going to come between you!”

My mouth must have hung to the floor. Steph placed a finger my chin and closed my mouth, then kissed me.

“Walt is great in bed. And he filled a need. But I can’t take all him inside like you do. He was showing concern for me like he does for you! You’re a stupid fool if you leave now!”

Stephanie took my hand and led me back into the bedroom. Walt was sitting on the bed’s edge, looking very sad. Steph roughly pushed me towards him.

”You two can be so dumb sometimes. Can’t you just fuck for the fun of it? That’s all threesomes are! Fun! Not romance!”

Walt and I looked at each other, smiled, then started laughing. 

“I don’t know about you two, but I want a cock up my ass! And I’m too stretched for Angie to do a good job, so I guess it’s up to you big boy!”

Steph pushed Walt onto his back. He was limp and having a hard time getting erect again. Steph motioned me over to help suck him.

“Walt, you’re supposed to remove this damned cock strap when you get this limp! Leave it off tonight: we’ll keep you hard!”

We spent about twenty minutes sucking him. Occasionally, one of us would say something funny to the other. Walt began to realize things were going to be okay. We lubed him up very well. 

Steph straddled him and guided him in. She still felt some pain, but not like before! She was only able to take about nine inches of his thick cock inside. She leaned forward to kiss him. Walt wrapped his arms around her and started thrusting up into her. I later learned this was the easiest way for her to take him. While Roger was nearly as long, Walt was easily an inch and a half thicker, with a bulbous head. She did take him face to face some, but not often. It turned out Walt fucked me more in a good weekend than he did her their whole affair!

Walt fucked her about ten minutes then filled her ass with his cum. I started to lick her ass, but she just pulled away. Walt was still rock hard!

“Babe, I’m spent. You need to take over, now.”

Walt wanted me face to face. I wrapped myself around him as he buried that magnificent monster balls deep inside me. He took me hard. I was yelping with every thrust. Damn! I was going to be very sore in the morning!

“This is better than a movie!” Steph exclaimed, while stroking herself.

Walt fucked my hard and fast for nearly thirty minutes before he came and collapsed on me. He was spent for the night. About that time, Stephanie came all over my face.

She leaned close and rubbed her cream over my lips, saying, “I can be a bitch, too! So play nice from here on out!”

She leaned over and kissed me. 

“Walt, go on to bed! Your wife and I have unfinished business.” She ordered.

The next morning, Walt found us tangled together. He slapped both our bottoms hard. He then headed back for his morning coffee.


That afternoon, while Walt was napping, (He’s getting to be an old man: he just can’t handle two young trannies.) Steph and I snuck into the room. Walt hadn’t bothered putting on his sleep shorts. Steph and I just stared at his naked form. Walt is 6ft-2, roughly 210. He works on the projects he oversees as an architect/remodeler. He is extremely fit. What we were really admiring was his thick eleven inch cock!

We both leaned over and kissed his cock. Faster than we could move, he’d grabbed both our heads and held us at his crotch.

“The least you can do is suck me, if you’re going to disturb my nap!”

We had to suck him a few minutes before he let us loose.

“Oh, Honey!” I purred. “When was the last time you had your wife’s cock in your ass?.....Well……that’s too long!”

Walt groaned, then rolled over on his stomach and spread his legs. He used a finger and applied some lube to his asshole. Stephanie and I were like schoolgirls! Walt has such a nice, cute ass, even if it’s a little too hairy! Steph looked on as I prepared to mount my husband.

“You aren’t really go to fuck him, are you?” she asked.

“Damn straight, Skippy!” I replied, then pushed my little cock balls deep into him.

Walt made a big show of being in pain. I slapped his butt then ground against him. Once I got past the idea that wives don’t fuck their husband, I found I really enjoyed fucking him! 

Walt grabbed Stephanie’s hand and pulled her around so he could suck her cock. Steph was speechless! She soon started fucking Walt’s mouth. I managed to fuck him for about five minutes, then filled his ass with my cream. I flat outright refuse to eat his, or any other man’s ass. They don’t taste good! (Funny, I have no trouble eating a woman’s or another tranny’s ass. I guess it’s because I had to do it when Dave was selling me.)

“Your turn!” I hollered at Steph. 

She looked hesitant until Walt started pulling her around tot he side of the bed. Her eyes brightened when she discovered fucking my husband was fun! She didn’t last to long either!


We were relaxing with a bottle of beer after supper. I’d had a little too much to drink this whole weekend. Usually, Steph drinks too much.

I stood up and said, “I want both of my lovers to fuck me……At the same time…..both cocks in my ass!”

“Oh, Babe!” Steph cried. “I’ve done that before. My brothers often fucked me that way. It can really hurt!”

I’d done it a few times before. It hurt some, but I like a little pain. Walt and Steph looked hesitant, but acquiesced to my demands.

Walt picked me up and held me facing him. I wrapped my arms around my neck and my legs around his waist as I slid down his shaft. He bounced me a little on his cock to help loosen me up. Steph had to stand on a step stool to reach my ass once Walt lifted me. She slowly worked her cock into me and held on tight.

Steph thrust up into me while Walt held me. I was stretched farther than I had been in a very long time. The pain was intense and I bit back a scream. Steph only fucked me a moment then pulled out. She had Walt lay on his back and me straddle him. He held me close and thrust into me several times. Steph crawled on top and pushed he way in.

They thrust at different tempos. My ass wall went into overload. After about five minutes, I started coming. And coming. And coming. I felt like I’d creamed a quart! And still the kept fucking me. I kept kissing Walt. When Walt and Stephanie finally came, I creamed so hard it hurt!

Stephanie was the first to pull out. Actually, she fell out. Walt stayed in me as I sat up and rode him to another orgasm. There was a huge puddle of cum on the sheets. We all decided to soak in the tub a while.

“That was great!” Steph exclaimed, “I want to do it again sometime!”

Walt wasn’t so sure, though: I looked very weak. But I smiled and said, “I like to try it again, sometime. I can’t remember when I’ve ever come this much!”

Stephanie went home early the next morning. Walt and I spent the morning discussing the weekend, and our feelings. An occasional threesome was nice, but not something we wanted every weekend. I told him he could fuck Stephanie if he wanted, but I knew he would rarely do so now.


Several months later, Stephanie and Roger reconciled. She explained her new arrangements. He didn’t protest.


Ch. 6 – More Than a Kiss

May 6, 2011

I lifted my face and kissed him. And he kissed back. We kissed for a long, long time. A different station was on the air. I had no idea how long we’d been kissing. We stepped back and took a breath.

“We shouldn’t be doing this!” we both said.

“I know,” we both replied.

But we kissed again. We were still in the same kiss when we heard Walt’s truck pull into the drive. We separated and sat on different loungers, not looking at each other. Looking guilty as hell!

I lied.

We kissed again, but he was fumbling with his pants as I pulled my panties aside. Roger held me against a post and I wrapped my legs around him as he thrust his cock into my ass. While not as big as Walt’s his cock felt wonderful inside me. Too damned many lonely nights. He thrust up into me as I thrust my tongue into his mouth. My little cock was erect between us,

We fucked frantically knowing any moment we could be caught! But neither of us cared! We didn’t love each other, but our needs had been unmet for too long! We both came pretty close to the same time. I was preparing to suck him hard again, but we heard Walt’s truck pull into the drive.

We rushed to different seats, but we fooled no one. Walt could see my hair was mussed more than it should be for such a calm evening. Stephanie saw part of Roger’s shirt wasn’t tucked in, and his zipper was down.

“YOU BITCH!!” she screamed. “YOU DAMNED, FILTHY BITCH!!!”

“How could you?” she cried. “I trusted you!”

I knew Walt knew when he said, ”You’re lying, again!”

I finally confessed to him. I had never cheated on him before. And I regretted throwing everything I’d built with him away because I wouldn’t tell him how lonely I was. And couldn’t see how lonely he was.

Yes, we took that honeymoon. But we were into the third week before we had sex. We both came close to losing it all, but we both decided to fight to regain what we’d lost.

He regained my trust fairly quickly, but I still have a long ways to go. I’d forgotten how his first wife had cheated on him. She left, but I’ll only leave him kicking and screaming all the way!

The last few days, we never left port. We fucked like there was no tomorrow. I drained him, but my ass hurt for a solid week.

I didn’t plan on screwing around on him with Roger, although opportunities frequently rise. Walt fucked Steph a couple more times, but prefers us to be a threesome when he does. The only restrictions he imposes are the ones I impose on myself.

Someday, I’ll again be the wife he thought he had.


Ch. 7 – The Arrangement 

Feb 2014

Roger and Stephanie were back together for almost two years. Stephanie had suffered the most form the affair: Roger had been the first man that had seen her as human. The first to see her as a woman, and not merely as a transvestite whore. Her own family only thought of her as a sex slave, only as good as her ass and mouth. Roger was her first love. Her world had crumbled when she discovered Roger and I had fucked. She’d suspected he’d been with the woman she’d seen with him. Never once did she suspect her best friend and lover would steal her husband. It didn’t matter that she caught us the only time he and I had fucked.

Throw into the mix that she’d slept with my husband when she was at her loneliest. And, though she denies it, she still has feelings for Walt.

The four of us rebuilt our friendship, although it was strained. Roger knew Steph had been fucking me and Walt while he was out of the picture. But, Roger had a brief fling with Patti, his therapist….and Walt’s sister.


The four of us had gone out to celebrate my receiving a promotion. I was now tenured. Walt took us to a very nice seafood restaurant overlooking the bay. Roger was unusually quiet: quiet even for him. He frequently looked over at Walt, who only smiled and nodded. What the hell was going on?? I also noticed him glancing furtively my way. I also noticed that Stephanie was getting drunk. She and I get into more trouble with the guys when she drinks heavily.

A band was playing on the deck outside. Several couples were dancing to slow, romantic numbers. Walt and I hadn’t danced together in quite a while.

“Mrs. Schumann,” (I love it when he calls me that! He’d only recently started calling me that again!) “Would you care to dance?”

Walt went over and spoke to the band leader. Soon they were playing “Unforgetable”, one of my favorites. Tears filled my eyes as my husband took me in his arms. We danced three or four dances. He held me close the whole time. For the first time since my affair, I felt that Walt had finally forgiven me. I snuggled in as close as I could. He let his hand roam down my back and lightly squeezed my bottom when no one was looking.

We had another drink while the band took a break. Roger and Stephanie were acting strangely, but they seemed to be getting along nicely.

“I’ll tell you later, Babe,” was the only reply to my quizzical expression.

The band started playing again and Stephanie pulled Walt to the dance floor. He held her close, but not as close as he’d held me. Roger stood and took my hand.

“May I have this dance?”

The last time we danced, we ended up kissing. Then he fucked me.

I hesitated, but I noticed Walt smiling and nodding his approval. Roger also held me close. While Walt is ruggedly handsome, like Charles Bronson, Roger was movie star handsome, like Dean Martin. I was beginning to feel a familiar want: lust. I wanted him…..again.

Roger leaned down and kissed me. I broke away quickly, but Walt had already seen! I was in near panic! What would Walt think? Walt had seen, but smiled and mouthed, “It’s okay. Go ahead and kiss him.

I hesitated a moment, then lifted my face. The kiss was wonderful! And long! Roger kept his hands above my waist. I enjoyed…no…..loved  his kiss, but I’d rather it had been Walt kissing me.

“May I cut in?” Walt suddenly asked.

As he drew me into his arms, I couldn’t look into his eyes. I was afraid he’d see my desire for Roger. After the number ended, Walt lifted my chin and kissed me gently.

“It’s okay, dear,” he whispered.

He was smiling sweetly at me. No accusations. No recriminations. Only love. I leaned into his chest never wanting this moment to end.

Stephanie had seen the kiss, too. Only she was grinning wickedly at me. What the hell was going on??? What game were these three playing?


Steph sang loudly, and badly, the car ride home. She was very drunk. I glanced in the backseat and saw her stroking Roger’s cock through his pants. Roger shrugged. We listened to a cat screeching the whole ride home.

Steph was holding Roger’s hand as the entered our house. They were going to spend the night. Sleep it off. They would stay in the guesthouse.

“Roger needs a fine piece of ass, but I’m too drink……drunk to be a good fuck. Angie, be a darling and let him fuck you tonight!”

She looked at Walt and said, “I think I’m just drunk enough you can fuck me without hurting me. Take me to bed, please!”

I listened in stunned silence. 

Walt shrugged, then carried my drunken lover to the guestroom. At least he wasn’t taking her to our bed!

He glanced at me and said, “You heard her. What are you waiting for?”

I glared a moment. Who do they think they are? Did anyone care what I thought about this? Don’t I have a choice?

Roger placed his hands on my shoulders.

“Angela, you don’t have to do anything. I won’t be hurt if you say no.”

He hesitated, then continued, “I still think of that night. It was wrong, but it felt right to me. I’ve wanted to have you again, but you have to want this. Steph isn’t as drunk as she pretended. She thought you’d refuse if she was sober.”

“Please don't be upset with me, Roger. I need to think.”

Roger smiled sadly, kissed my cheek, then went to the guesthouse. Walt returned and found my weeping on the sofa.

“What am I supposed to do? What do you want me to do? “

“Whatever you want. Don’t do anything you don’t want to do. I won’t be upset either way.”

“Will you sleep with Steph?”

“Only if you sleep with Roger. I'll take you to bed, if that’s what you want. Or I will leave you alone.”

“Why are all of you doing this? What am I supposed to do?” I cried.

Walt took my hand and kissed me. He pulled me close and let me cry.

“Stephanie thought you might react this way. She wanted you to know she's okay with this. She came up with this plan. And she wants all of us to be comfortable with sharing each other.”

“Are you?......I mean……comfortable with this?”

Walt looked thoughtful and replied, “I don’t know. Where you go, I will follow. I will still love you no matter what you decide.”

He started to draw me to him, but I stopped him. 

“Go on. Fuck that stupid bitch,” I said with a smile. “If she thinks being drunk will keep her from hurting, she's not as smart as she thinks. But she can learn to take all of you: I certainly did!”

Walt hesitated, but I smiled and shooed him away. I sat there about an hour making my decision. I only hoped Roger still wanted me tonight.


Wearing only my teddy, I slipped into bed next to Roger. He was still awake and pulled me into a kiss. Roger doesn’t necessarily kiss better than Walt. Just differently.  This kiss was romantic, not frantic like the one that night. He gently cupped abreast through my teddy. Soon he slid the strap down my shoulder and took a nipple into his mouth, kissing and sucking gently. I felt like a virgin. This almost felt like a first time, though, in a way, it was.

Roger reached between my legs and unfastened my teddy. He took my cock in his hand and lightly stroked it, all the while sucking on my nipple. I held his head close, encouraging him to keep up what he was doing. Nice and slow, that was how he was seducing me, nice and slow. I was now very ready for his cock in my ass. Roger just kept working me gradually to a fever pitch. Only Walt had ever done this before!

Roger only paused from sucking long enough to kiss me and nuzzle my neck. He never stopped stroking my cock. I couldn't take much more of this! I was squirming in anticipation! I wanted him badly, at this point.

“Please, Roger! Fuck me!” I moaned in his ear.

Roger rolled me onto my back. I pulled up my teddy. He knelt between my legs as he lubed his cock. Roger's is nearly as long as Walt’s, just not nearly as thick. I could easily take it. I also remembered how nice it felt inside me the last time.

I wrapped my legs around him and arched my back to accept him into me. I didn’t feel the pain I would normally feel with Walt. Roger slid easily into my channel until he was balls deep. He held himself up by his arms and gazed into my eyes. I smiled up at him. He looked at my one bare breast and leaned down to kiss it. He could barely take my nipple between his lips. I pulled him down to kiss him as he rolled his hips with each thrust. 

Roger slowly fucked me. He wasn’t better than Walt: just different. He managed to fuck me nearly thirty minutes before he filled my ass. He rolled off and held me close. I hadn’t come: I probably wouldn’t without help, but I didn’t care. I felt wonderful!

I managed to suck him hard, then straddled his cock and slowly impaled myself on it. I'd pulled my teddy up around my hips. I started to slide my other strap off my shoulder, but he stopped me. I was straddling ghim with one small breast exposed.

“Please leave it,” he asked. “You look so beautiful!”

Enough light shine in from the other room that I could see Roger’s smiling face. I ran my hands along his bare chest. He fondled both my breasts as I ground against him. I leaned back and braced against his legs. Roger slowly stroked my cock and ran a hand along my hip and leg. I don’t know how long I rode him, but it wasn’t long enough! He pulled me down after I came and started thrusting faster. He groaned as he filled my ass again. 

We fell asleep with me snuggled against his chest, my leg draped over his thigh.


I woke to sounds of the early morning. We had a Stellar’s Jay that hung around our place and serenaded us most mornings. I gazed over at Roger and caressed his chest while I lightly kissed his nipples. I felt him stir beneath me.

“Good morning!” he said.

I went lower and took his cock into my mouth.

“A very good morning!” he continued.

I lay where I could look into his eyes while I sucked him. I may never be as good as Steph, but I no longer got complaints. I stroked him with my fingers while I took almost half his length in my mouth. He moaned encouragingly as I slowly sucked him. He came rather quickly this morning, much to my surprise! Steph complains she often has to suck him over an hour to make him come!

Roger fondled my breast while I snuggled next to him. Last night and this morning were wonderful, but I knew this would end soon.

“This was nice,” he said. “I would like to do this again, sometime.”

“Me, too! Do you think it might be possible?”

He lay quietly. I really didn’t think this could happen again. If not, then I would be content with my memories.


Stephanie and I were sitting on the lounger while the guys sat at the bar.

“You know, we are very lucky to have the husband’s we have,” she mused. “They are very tolerant of our behaviors. Thank you for sharing Walt with me. This was a nice weekend. Maybe we could do it again, someday.”

“I’d like that,” I replied. “We’re fortunate to have each other, too!”

“Love you, Babe!”

“Love you, too!”

Steph pulled me to my feet. We kissed a couple of moments then she pulled me towards to house.

“Feel like……….?”

I answered her with a smile.


Walt and Roger watched as their two tranny wives walked hand in hand towards the guest room.

“Who has the nicer ass?”

“Does it really matter?”

“No…….I guess not!”


After Roger and Steph left. I sat in Walt’s lap and snuggled close.

“Thank you, darling. Thank you for everything!” I whispered.

“Both want to do this again,” I added. “How do you feel about that? Roger was nice, but he's not you!”

“I feel the same way about Stephanie,” he said as he pulled me closer.

“They want to have threesomes. How do you feel about that?” he asked.

“Not if it means losing what we have together!!”


“Walt?” I tentatively asked. “Do you want me to stop seeing Roger?”


“I would like to continue seeing him occasionally.”

He frowned slightly, then said, “We’ll see.”

“Do you trust me?” I fearfully asked.

“I want to….Can I?”

“We didn’t share our thoughts like we should have. I promise to let you know when I’m sad and lonely. I promise to let you know when I really need you. I promise to do my best to be there when you need me. I will not see either Roger or Stephanie again, if you wish. And I will never lie to you again. I will answer anything you ask. I will never go behind your back on anything ever again. And I will always trust you.”

“I love you Mr. Schumann. Let me try to prove it to you every day of the rest of our lives.” 

Walt got up and paced a little, rubbing a hand through his hair, and weighing everything I said. I wanted so much to have what we once had. I would give up my job, my best friend, and my career, if he asked. But, I felt he wouldn’t.

“Angela, what do you want? What can I do?”

“I want to be on my knees in front of you. I want to feel my breasts and cock bounce while you hold onto my waist and ram that cock up my ass. I want to feel it when it hits the end of my chute. And after you come, I want you to pin me face down on our bed and fuck me mercilessly. I want you to remind me with every damned thrust that I’m yours. Claim my ass as the prize you richly deserve. Then I want you to fuck me face to face while I mark your back with my claws! And when you’re exhausted, I want to ride you till my ass is ready to fall off. And then I want to suck you until you can’t come anymore. I want us both so worn out we won’t even think about fucking someone else! That is what I want!”

We sat in silence a little while. It was getting cooler outside. Walt gently picked me up and kissed me deeper than he had in a very long time. And carried me to our bed.

And the rest of our lives? Why…..

It started with a kiss!


Angie K


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