I had just turned 21, and my buddies and me went to go hit the bars. There were all these sexy young girls there, each of whom I wanted to fuck for hours. I hit on a few of them, and got every one of their numbers. I was used to this, being the sexy jock that I am.

I was completely trashed by the end of the night, so my roommate, Brad, and me called a taxi to take us home. It was a miracle we made it up all three floors to our dorm room. Josh told me he was going to bed; I wasn't tired yet so I popped in a porno. I was rubbing my self off when I felt something on my shoulder. I turned to see Brad's 11 inch hard on was lying on my shoulder. I looked up at him and he had a smirk on his face as to say, 'yea, go for it stud.'

I took in his monster as far as I could as he moaned, I must have been doing something right. 'You sure this is your first time Dan?' Brad asked me. I moaned as yes as I continued to slobber over his cock.

'Let's take this to the bed.' Brad suggested.

I got up and he pulled me by my throbbing 9 inch dick. Brad pushed me on the bed and started working my dick. He went up and down my pole like a pro as he rubbed my pecs with his left hand and felt my steel abs with his right. I admired his jock body as his head bobbed up and down. Brad was 6'2 and 240 pounds, all muscle. I gazed down at his blue eyes and ran my fingers through his short wavy brown hair. His face was chiseled like a Greek Adonis, as was the rest of his body. I didn't have a bad body myself. I was 6'0 200 pounds, all muscle. I had rock hard abs and a bubble butt that was admired by the whole senior class, and apparently me roommate Brad. Brad pulled of my dick and crawled up to kiss me. Our tongues wrestled for power over another. I loved the feel of his stubble on my face. He looked into my gray eyes with a look of lust. He wanted to fuck me, and I wasn't sure if this was the best idea. Brad was the first guy I'd been with, normally I was doing the fucking.

Brad pulled away and we got into the 69 position, with me on my back. His pole was going deeper into my mouth, and I was beginning to be able to swallow him. Brad was now rubbing his stubble against my hard-on and it felt so good. He then spread my hole and started to eat my ass. This new sensation felt amazing, my cock was springing up and down. No girl had ever done this to me or was ever willing to. He rubbed his chin stubble on my puckering hole and this got me going. Then he unexpectedly stuck a finger in my ass. I jumped at this and protested.

'Hey dude, what do you think you're doing?!'

'Relax, I promise it'll feel really good, you'll wonder why you've never tried it before.'

Brad then shoved his monster back in my mouth, which was now leaking precum, and returned to fingering me. After my ass got used to it, he stuck another finger in, and then another! He then got up and said it was time.

'Time for what?' I asked.

'I'm gonna fuck you Dan.'

'C'mon, you're gonna like it. Besides, I fuck Kyle all the time and he doesn't complain.'

He then reached into his night drawer and pulled out a condom and a bottle of lube. After he was suited up and I was lubed up, he placed his cockhead at my asshole. He asked me if I was ready, threw my legs over his shoulders, and started to push in before I could protest.

'Push out as I'm pushing in. There ya go, just like that. Dan, your ass is so nice and tight! We're gonna have a lot of fun this semester!'

How many times was he thinking we were gonna do this?! I thought to myself.

It hurt a lot for the first few minutes as my ass was adjusting to his huge dick, and he finally got it all in, to my surprise, and just held it there. He moaned before he started working a slow rhythm on my ass. It was starting to feel good, and I was moaning with pleasure.

'See, I told you you'd like it.'

He was pounding my ass in and out like a jackhammer. He would go balls deep into my tight virgin hole and then pull all the way out, then he'd ram it all back in in one quick motion. His face was contorted with an animalistic pleasure as he fucked my tight ass. He pulled out and told me to get up. He laid down on his back and told me to ride his dick. I sat all the way down, and then got to business. I rode his dick up and down up and down up and down. Our moans of pleasure filled the night as I rode Brad's monster cock. He grabbed me by the waist and was pulling me up and down on his dick. My cock was bouncing up and down, and was throbbing. Then I thought it would be really nice to plow this Greek Adonis.

I got up to his disappointment, and pulled out a condom. He grinned as he seen what I was doing.

'You wanna fuck me stud, go right ahead.'

I applied some lube to his puckering hole and put the condom on. I started pushing my dick in his hole. It wasn't that resistant, apparently this wasn't his first time. But his ass felt good all the same. There was nothing like fucking a nice hole, and Brad had a nice hole. I pounded his ass like there was no tomorrow.

'Oh yeah, fuck me harder Dan! Harder! Faster!'

'Your ass feels so good Brad, I'm getting close!'

'Faster! Deeper! HARDER!'

'You like having a cock up your ass don't you?'

'Fuck yeah stud!'

I grabbed his dick and jacked him off in sync to my fucking.

'Fuck yeah, don't stop! I'm gonna cum!!! Guh, uh uh uuuuuuuuuuuh FUUUCK!!!'

His monster snake started shooting ropes of cum; he was shooting buckets of cum all over the place and his abs as his ass spasmed. My cock couldn't hold out any longer. I pulled out and pulled the condom off and exploded all over his stomach. Spurt after spurt, I just kept shooting my load.

I leaned over to kiss him, and he scooped up some cum with his finger and stuck it in my mouth and continued to kiss me. We were tasting the mixture of our sweet salty cum. I went down to clean the mess on his stomach and around his shrinking monster. It lay flat across his belly, covered in cum. I licked it all clean and saved some on my tongue, and went back to kiss him.

'That was fucking amazing Brad!'

'Didn't I tell you? You sure can take a cock man.'

'We gotta do this again! Soon!'

'All right Dan, you seem pretty eager after your first cock.'

'Well, you have a nice body and tool, who could resist?'

'Let's go clean up in the shower...' Brad said with a hint in his voice that sounded like showering wasn't all that we were gonna do'



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