College graduation finally arrived. When they called 'Clint Davis', my dad, Tom, turned to the guy next to him in the front row and said 'Thats my son,' proudly. Dad had just retired from the Marines after twenty years of service as an officer. He was only thirty-seven. I'm twenty-two. I was born with dad was only fifteen.

My mother gave up all parential rights when I was born but my dad refused. My mother's family totally refused to acknowledge my existance. My dad's family however took me and raised me. At seventeen, my dad joined the Marines and traveled the world. When my grandparents were killed in an auto accident when I was fifteen, Dad requested stateside duty to finish raising me. We were more like brothers than father and son.

Dad had kept himself in shape and he and I worked out together in our home gym. We were both extremely well built, muscular, well defined abs and pecs, hairy, and were told that we were both damn good looking.

Due to the training dad han received in accounting while in the Marines, he had taken a job at a large accounting firm. He tried to get me on but there was a policy against hiring relatives of employees. Unable to fine employment in town, I decided to follow dad and join the Marines. He was so proud.

I entered basic and it was as tough as dad had said it was. I made friends with all in my platoon except one. His name was Eric Schmidt and he was a blone of german decent. We to was well built and muscular. Whenever we went somewhere on base on Sundays, he'd refuse and stay in the barracks. He seldome spoke to any of us.

Toward the end of basic, I had had enough. One Sunday just me and him were in the barracks. I looked at him and said, 'Look Eric, if you want to be an ass that's your business, but we have all bent over backwards to be friends with you and you snub all of us. What's your fucking problem, man?'

'Clint, I'm sorry. My parents are from the old country and that is how they were raised and how dad raised me. I really want to break the cycle, but I'm not sure how.'

'First treat others with respect. Second get off your ass and join the rest of us. Start slow, but do it. You just might be surprised.'

He looked at me then said something that shocked the hell out of me. 'Would you like to go to the PX and see what's up and get something to drink. My treat.'

'Sure. Let's go.'

The other guys in our platoon that were there were shocked to see us walk in having a conversation. We each grabbed a soda and one of the guys sais cautiously, 'Would you like to join us?'

'Yes, I'd like that,' Eric said. He apologized to the guys and explained to them what he had told me. They all accepted his appology and said that they would help in any way possible. The ice was broken so to speak and he became friends with all of them before the end of basic, but Eric and I became exceptionally close. He, too, had an accountng degree and he and I were sent to training school together. Our friendship grew and we became closer.

After training we were both assigned to the Finance and Accounting Division at Camp Pendleton. When we were assigned to base housing, we asked if we could room together. They agreed.

A few months later, I could tell something was bothering Eric and I asked what it was.

After a long pause, he said, 'Clint, I don't know how to say this without ruining both our friendship and my career.'

'What the fuck are you talking about? Nothing will ruin our friendship. Spit it out.'

He looked at me and said, 'Clint, I think I might be gay.'

'No way man. What makes you say that?'

'Well bac in basic, if you remember, I always showered after all the rest of you. I liked looking at you guys naked and was afraid that if I showered with yu I might pop a boner.'

'Hell, Eric, we all did in the showers at one time or another.'

'Maybe so but I wanted to feel a bunch of the other guys cock, yours included. We both sleep nude and sometimes at night I will stand at your door and look at your nude body and get a raging boner that I have to go jerk off. Please don't be mad at me.'

'Mad? Hell man I consider it a compliment. Why don't we go naked here in the apartment. Maybe that will help you get over it if yu can see it all the time. And as far as our friendship goes, I don't care in the least if your gay or bi. You will always be my best friend.'

'You think going nude will help answer the questions have?'

'I don't know but it's worth a try. I like going nude.'

I stood and stripped off my boxers and threw them aside. Eric smiled and did the same.

'You can look at me all you want. I don't mind. Besides, you've got quite a bit to look at also,' indicating his soft seven inch thick cock. He smiled. I walked to him and gave him a friendly hug. That pulled his trigger. He began getting an erection. 'Don't worry about it,' I said.

Seeing his cock grow to about nine inches gave me a boner for some unknown reason. 'See, it happens to all of us.'

We went about our business and lived nude. The erections were not as frequent and sometimes when they did happen we'd jerk off together.

A few months later, one saturday night we went to the enlisted mens club on bse and got plastered. We managed to stagger back to our housing and once nside we stripped. Then it happened. Eric grabbed me and pulled me to him and began kissing me, forcing his tongue into my mouth. For a few seconds I resisted, but something came over me and I began to eagerly kiss him back. Our hands began to explore each other and soon we were stroking each others cocks.

Eric led me to my room and laid me on the bed. We kissed some more and he changed positions. Suddenly, we were in a sixty-nine as he said, 'I have to see what it's like.' With that, he began sucking my cock. It felt wonderful. I turned my head and his hard cock was only an inch from my mopouth. I finally admitted that I was curious also and began sucking him. We sucked like hungry dogs. Before long we both climaxed and after gagging some both swallowed. I found for some strange reason, I liked the taste. When it was over we looked at each other and Eric suddenly got up and went to his room. The next morning while drinking coffee we were both silent.

Finally, I said, 'Eric, we can't just ignor what happened last night.'

'I know. I've been thinking about it all morning. I'm sorry I more or less attsacked you last night. Can you forgive me?'

'There is nothing to forgive. If I hadn't enjoyed it I'd have slugged you. But I loved that kiss and was really enjoying it. I never thought I'd say that. Then when we went to bed, I enjoyed that even more. After talking with you, I had become curious also. Eric, I enjoyed what happened.'

'Clint, you don't know how glad I am to hear you say that because I enjoyed it also. I want it to happen again, but will it?'

'I hope so,' I replied as I walked to him and took him in my arms. We kissed. Before long we were back in bed and after another sixty-nine, we lay quiet, holding each other and carressing each other's body.

After about forty-five minutes of silence I looked at him and said, 'Eric, I think we're both gay.'

'Yea, I do too, and I'm happy about it.'

'So am I, but things cannot change in the office. No looks, no casual touches, nothing.'

'Oh, I totally agree. It won't, but wait until I get you home and behind closed doors.'

Laughing, I said, 'We'll see who jumps who.'

We had daily sex, and as much as we enjoyed a hot sixty-nine, we found that we really liked watching the other suck the others cock, so we began sucking one at a time with the recipiant watching the other swallow his cock.

After a while, Eric came in with a small brown bag. I asked what he had. He smiled and said, 'You might call it a gay instruction manuel.' He showed me a gay DVD movie. 'Let's see what they do?'

We popped the DVD in the player and settled on the sofa cuddled together. We watched as the guys in the movie kissed, sucked, ate each others ass, fucked other in the ass, licked each others arm pits and sucked each others toes, and came on each others asses and faces.

'Want to try any of that?' Eric asked.

'Yea, all of it eventually.'

That night we ate each other's ass, and really got into it and began finger fucking each other. the next night when we were ready to climax, we shot our loads in each others faces. Then we decided to try the fucking.

'From the looks on their faces it hurts,' I said.

'I talked with guy at the adult store and explained that I was new to the gay life. He said that it does hurt for a short while then the pain turns to pure pleasure. He said eventually, there is little pain upon insertion. He said to open it up some using yur fingers.'

'Who goes first?' I asked.

'I want you to fuck me. I also bought some lube.'

We went to his bedroom and I lubed his ass and my cock. He said the guy told him to start out with fingers as we had been told. After a while I asked Eric if he was ready.

'As ready as I'll ever be. Take it slow please.'

'I will,' I promised. I began my insertion and as the head of my cock popped in Eric let out a yell. I quickly covered his mouth and asked if he wanted me to stop.

'Fuck no, just let me get used to it being in there.'

I held still and after a few minutes he said the pain was better and to continue. I did, going a little deeper with each forward thrust. Before long I had it all in him.

'You've got it all. How's it feel?'

'I Feel full but it awesome at the same time. Now fuck me like they did in the movie. I did and the more I fucked the more he said how great it felt and that he wanted to feel me explode in his ass. I soon granted his wish.

Out of breath, I collapsed on his chest and kissed him. 'Man it was fucking awesome when you shot. I could feel it spraying up in me.'

After a few minutes, I said, 'Now, my turn.'

He then repeated what I had done to him. He was right. After the pain subsided it was fantastic. We both decided that we thought we'd like getting fucked once we got used to it. It got to where we'd sixty-nine before work and fuck after work on a daily basis. By the end of the week, we were doing everything that we had seen done in the movie.

After six months, we applied for a two week leave and it was granted. Since his family had all passed away, I told him that since we were practically lovers he was coming home with me.

'Why don't we become lovers?' he asked.

'Is that a proposal?' I asked.

'Well, yea, I guess it is.'

'Then I accept, lover.'

We kissed befor grabbing our bags and heading for my car. We arrived at the airport and I remembered that I haddn't called dad. I called and when he answered I said, 'Hey dad. How'd you like come company for the next two weeks?'

'Fuck son I'd love it. I've missed you. When will you be here?'

'Uh, we'll be there in about four hours. We're at the airport now.' I gave him the airline and flight number.

'Who's we?' he asked.

'I'm bringing my buddy Eric with me. I wrote you about him.'

'Great. I'll be waiting at the airport. Right now I have to make a quick run to the grocery store and stock up. I love you, Clint.'

'Love you too dad. See you in a few hours.'

Dad was glad to see us and insisted on taking us out to dinner that first night home. After dinner we drove around town showing it off to Eric. Eric was sitting behind me and every few minutes he'd goose my ass with the toe of his shoe under the seat.

'Well, I'm going to bed. It's ten here but you two are still on pacific time. For you it's only eight. Don't stay up too late.'

After dad was gone, Eric looked at me and said, 'Should I stay in the guest bedroom while we're here?'

'Fuck no. MY lover is sleeping with me. I plan on telling him about us tomorrow.'

'What do you think his reaction will be?'

'I have no idea, but I don't think he'll kick us out.'

We went to bed a short time later and had a sixty-nine, a slightly noisy one.

The next morning dad was up when we got up and had breakfast almost ready.

As we ate I looked at dad and said, 'I hope we didn't wake you last night. We got to horsing around some.'

'Well, I did hear some strange moaning last night.'

'Dad, look, I have something I need to tell you.'

'What's that son?' he said calmly.

'Dad, I'm gay and Eric is my lover. I hope you won't hate me for what I am.'

'Son, I had already figured that out. I knew it when I peeked in on you this morning like I used to do when you were younger. When I saw you two sharing the bed I knew. I wondered when you'd tell me.'

'You're not upset?'

'Fuck no. I'm glad and happy for you two, because you see, I'm gay also.'

'What? How? When?'

Dad began his tale. He said it happened when he was stationed in England when I was about eleven or twelve. He said that there was a corporal in the unit that had the hots for him and every time he got close he'd get a boner. Dad said he decided to invite him over for dinner one night and after the corporal got there dad would get close to him and watch him get a boner. Dad said he asked him straight out if he wanted to have sex with him. He said the corporal denied it but dad told him that it would be their secret and that he was horny and if the corporal wanted to service him he'd like that. He said the corporal did and before long they were servicing each other, doing both oral and anal. He said that he restricted activities on base but knew where to go to find other guys. He said that it had been hell keeping it a secret from me all these years.

'Are you seeing anybody now?' I asked.

'As a matter of fact I am. He's thirty-three, five years younger than me. He's six-three, brown silky hair, beautiful green eyes, hairy built body and a damn nice piece of meat between his legs, and hot as hell in bed.'

'Is it a regular thing?'

'Oh yes. I had to call him today and tell him we had to cool it for the next two weeks. He stays here about four nights a week.'

'What's his name? I'd like to meet him.'

'His name is Mike Carter.'

'Dad, does he make you happy?'

'Oh very much so, son. I'd like to have him for my lover but I didn't know how to tell you. Now I don't have to worry about it.'

'That's right. Dad, I want you to be happy. You're still a young man. When can we meet him?'

'Let me see.' Dad went to the phone and dialed.

After a few seconds dad said, 'Hi baby, it's me.'

There was a pause then dad said, 'Yes he and his friend made it in fine. I've told him what a good friend you are and he wants to meet you. When can you stop by?' There was another pause then dad said, 'Great, I'll start a fresh pot of coffee.'

Dad hung up and said that Mike would be here in about fifteen minutes. He started the coffee and just as it finished I saw a state highway patrol car pull into the drive and a gorgeous hunk of a man step out of the car.

'Dad, is that Mike?'


'Why didn't you tell me he was a state cop?'

'You didn't ask.'

Mike walked to the door and knocked and dad yelled for him to come in. When Mike walked into the kitched, dad walked up to him, kissed him and said 'Hi baby.'

Mike froze, not knowing what to do or say. Dad laughed and said, 'It's okay. They know everything. Clint came out to me this morning, so I decided to come out to him.' Dad introduced me then said, 'This is Eric, his lover.'

Mike began to loosen up and I told him, 'Mike, dad has said how happy you make him. That's all that's important to me.'

Mike pulled dad closer to him and put his arm around him and said, 'Clint, you don't have any idea how happy your dad makes me.'

'Look, dad said that you stay here quite a bit at night. Don't stop because we're here, please.'

'You sure?'

'Yes, I'm sure and you know, it's a fucking turn on to me to think of dad having sex with another guy. This might be crude, but I'd love to watch it.'

Dad and Mike laughed and dad said, 'Fuck, I'd like to watch my son get it on with Eric or you Mike.'

Mike blushed and said 'Maybe so but I think it would be hot to watch a dad and son go at it.'

'Me too,' added Eric.

'Hey guys, let's cool it and just see what happens. Mike, why don't you come back after work and stay the night?'

'I'd like that,' Mike said.

'Dad, isn't there something you wanted to ask Mike?'

Dad shot me a look as Mike asked what it was.

'Mike, now that everything is out in the open between Clint and I, would you consider being my lover?'

'You better fucking believe I would. I've been hoping for this.' He grabbed dad and kissed him passionately. Eric and I kissed them both and congratulated them.

Mike said he had to get back on patrol and left saying he'd see us later.

Dad said he had some errands to run and left after telling us to behave. I shot him the bird and he laughed.

After he left, I looked at Eric and said, 'I can't believe that my dad sucks cock and gets fucked. I really would like to watch that.'

'Maybe so, but I 'd really love to see you and your dad get it on.'

'Well, for right now why don't we get it on.'

We went to the bedroom and stripped and soon were fucking each other. Afterward, we showered and stayed nude. When dad returned he looked at us with a shocked look on his face and said, 'What the fuck?'

'Dad, we live in the nude at home and want to do it here. Why not join us. Mike can do it too when he gets back. We're all gay so what does it matter.'

'Guess you have a point son.' Dad went to his bedroom and when he returned he was completely nude. Eric looked at dad's cock then at me and said, 'Now I know where you get that hunk of meat you plow me with.' We all laughed.

That evening when Mike returned he didn't knock but walked straight in. When he saw the three of us nude he froze. Dad laughed and said, 'Go get comfortable, baby.' When Mike returned nude, dad kissed him and said 'I love you.'

'And I love you too,' Mike replied.

I looked Mike over and said to dad, 'If I didn't love Eric so much, I'd fight you for Mike. He's a fucking stud horse.' Mikes cock was a good eight inches or more soft.

We ate dinner and settled in the living room. Earlier, I had seen Eric and Mike talking quietly and wondered what was up. In the living room, Mike quickly sat next to Eric on the love seat, leaving the sofa for me and dad. After a few minutes, Eric and Mike began making out as dad and I watched. After a couple of minutes, Mike looked over and said, 'I guess you two will have to get it on or get left out.'

I looked at dad as he looked at me. I reached for his cock as he reached for mine and our lips met. Our tongues explored each others mouth as our cocks grew harder. Soon we were on the floor in a sixty-nine, hungrily deep throating each other's cocks. Soon we both climaxed and tasted each other's hot loads for the first time. As we recovered, we noticed Mike and Eric watching us.

'Well, you got your show,' Dad said.

'Only part of it,' Mike answered. 'Now we need to see you two fuck each other.'

I looked at Mike and said 'Later, but right now I want you to fuck me. How big is that thing hard?'

'Just over eleven inches,' dad answered. 'I've measured it.'

Dad tossed some lube to Mike and said, 'Go for it.'

Soon, I had Mike's huge cock buried balls deep in my ass as Dad fucked Eric. After a while dad and I decided that we had to have the other up our asses. First I fucked dad then he fucked me. Eric and Mike stroked as they watched. Before we went to bed, each one of us had sucked the three others, and fucked and been fucked by theo three others.

Mike moved in with dad the next day and we helped him settle in. As far as his coworkers knew he was renting a room to save on expenses.

The two week leave went by all too fast. However Dad and Mike visit us as often as possible and we visit them. None of us mind our lover having sex with the others. We all know who loves who. The rest is just sex.

Well, that was five years ago. I'm still in the Marines but Eric didn't reenlist. We are still together as are Mike and dad. Whenever we're together the sex just gets better and better. I'm considering not reenlisting on my nest tour and Eric and I moving back in with dad and Mike and becoming one happy orgy having family.




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