Asian gay Andy is pulled in to a secret society of gay sex, and mystery as he is unknowingly initiated into the order of the Goblet.

Asian Andy sat on the steps that led to the inside of Matt's apartment, it had

been a couple of months since Asian Andy had met Matt, they shared the same

classes with Professor Higgins, it seems that Matt and Asian Andy where going

to do a sexual performance, for the good professor and some of his

colleagues, Asian gay Andy sat and thought of the meeting with the professor, and

how the professor operated. He certainly used his position for his own

sexual deviance.

It really did not matter to Asian Andy for he loved sex, Asian Andy had been trading

his body for sex for some time now anyway, and it is no different now

except at the end of the ride he would have a degree, he would be

college educated, and he would have great memories of great sex to call

upon for many years to come.

It was not like Andy was looking for anything permanent in a

relationship, he knew he would never settle down to one person, so the

way he looked at it why make one man miserable when he could make so

many happy. Andy felt that there were so many men, so many cocks, and

not enough hours in the day to fuck them all.

On Andy's way over to Matt's he stopped in the local park restroom, and

he waited patiently to help some man get his rocks off, He still had

the taste of fresh jizz in his mouth when Matt walked up the street and saw

Andy setting on the steps. Andy did not realize that man's cumshot had

dripped down on to his shirt.

'Hey' have you been waiting long?' Matt said as he had his muscular arms

filled with bags, he had been shopping for the party that was about to

take place.

'Nope not at all, in fact just a few minutes really!' Andy said as he

looked Matt up and down, Matt was certainly a fine specimen of man, he

had long black hair, and with his Native American features, and slender

yet muscular frame, any man that liked men, would be hard as a rock at

his sight.

'Looks like you already started the party!' Matt said as he looked at

Andy's dripped on shirt.

'What do you mean? As Andy looked down at his shirt, he saw cum

drippings, drying in the sun on his blue t-shirt. 'Oh my God I thought

I got his entire jizz load.' Asian Andy said half embarrassed yet dignified.

'Let's go inside and get you cleaned up; I just heard about the glory

box party, at the Lambda house, I understand you sucked off at least

fifty guys, and had your tight little ass used by several.' Matt said

with a smirk.

Yes, yes I am a slut, I don't think it was fifty, but I did not have sex

for a few days after, and I did have to do some butt exercises to get

it all tight again. Andy said with a laugh.

Matt put his key in the lock of the door, and he opened the door, Asian Andy

had just been to this apartment a few days earlier, he and matt took

care of the professor, on the couch for extra credit, on a project they

were doing together in biology. The professor was so taken by the two

young men's performance with each other that he wanted to have a voyeur

party with Matt and Andy as the attraction. It was not hard for these

two to enjoy each other again. The rules were definite only Matt and

Andy would be playing with each other, while being watched as a live

porn show. Matt and Andy went to work setting up the stage and the

theater in Matt's apartment. There where going to be twenty men,

watching and paying $500.00 a head to be in attendance.

Matt was a Massage Therapist, so he sat his table up in the center of

the room, they had borrowed some chairs from the local church, yes even

the pastor was one of the attendees at the show. Matt hired a couple of

beefcake waiters, to handle the refreshments; they looked really nice

in their bow ties and black thongs, they would wear throughout the

evening. A knock came on the door, Matt opened the door, and it was the


'Hi come on in you guys you got here right on time, we have two hours before the men get here to get this place set up. Andy meet Josh and

Cade, they are the waiters.' Matt said as he motioned the men inside.

Andy looked right away at Cade he was more then handsome he was

beautiful; he had long flowing black hair with dark grayish eyes, his

chest was huge you could see his muscles as they pushed tight against

his thin fishnet muscle shirt that was trimmed in gold, he wore white

Levi's tight at his crouch, showing off a most impressive package

bunched up tight in his packed jeans.

Visions danced around inside of Andy's head, as he thought how nice it

would be to free the cock hidden inside. Then he looked over at Josh,

Josh was a good looking man as well, but not in the sexual since that

Cade was. Josh had a square jaw Andy was sure he would not kick Josh

out of bed, but if it was a choice between having one or the other it

would be Cade. Andy knew that he would have a chance with both of these

men; if not tonight he would put them on his list of men to do, and put

five stars next to Cade's name. The five star's meant that Cade would

be a must do above all men.

'Hi guys, I am glad to meet you!' Andy shook hands with both of the men

it was evident who he was most attracted too; Matt fell into the same

group as Cade.

'Hi' Cutie!' Cade smiled and said to Andy.

Andy blushed when Cade called him cutie; he was glad that Cade felt the

same way as he did, he knew that from the look Cade gave him as he

looked Andy up and down.

'Come on you two we have a party to get ready for, there will be time

for you two to have sex after the party, but for now Andy's little ass

is mine, so get him horny for me.' Matt said as he laughed.

'Yes, yes stop being a little slut, and get your eyes off my man!' Josh

said to Andy.

'Oh I am sorry I did not know you were a couple! He is so handsome you

are a lucky man!' Andy said kind of snidely as he glared at Josh, he

knew he would never like Josh, right then that moment.

'We are a couple at least for now, but you know how the gay life goes

today together and tomorrow someone new!' He said with arrogance as he

directed his comment towards Andy and then looked at josh.

'No Cat fights we are going to make allot of money on this private show,

I need everybody in a good mood tonight!' Matt said.

'Oh but cat fights are so much fun!' Andy said as he glared at Josh.

Cade and Josh followed Matt in to the kitchen as he told them what he

was serving for refreshments, and showed the alcohol area, one of them

would be serving the food , and the other would tend to the drinks. He

also showed them the skimpy outfits they would be wearing for the


It took them an hour to finish setting up, hanging the streamers setting

the lights so they would spotlight the stage; they set the chairs up in

a circle around the massage table. So that everyone would have a front

roll view of the table, Matt had even gotten a rotating motorized

platform, so the table would automatically turn. Matt had an apartment

on the ground floor of an old candy factory so he had the room. One

last thing to do is go around and close all the blinds on the big


Josh and Cade stripped down to nothing in the middle of the front room,

changing into their uniforms. Andy could not help but look at Cade's

naked body as he fumbled to pull on that tight thong and stuff his huge

cock down inside. He looked over at josh, for such a big mouth he sure

had a little cock. Andy wondered if he would need to tell him to stuff

his thong. He decided that he would tell him.

'Josh here is some clean socks to stuff your thong with, Oh perhaps it

will be dark enough that no one will notice that you don't have a

cock.' Andy said with sarcasm.

'That's rude, I have a massive cock!' Josh said somewhat embarrassed as he took

the socks from Asian Andy.

'Yes it is cute but does it come in adult size? Andy said very rudely,

and then he turned and headed in to the room to change into his clothes

to start the show.

'You Bitch' Josh said loudly to Andy as he headed to the room.

Andy turned and unzipped his pants and pulled his stiff cock from his pants

and said. 'Honey I can top and bottom!'

'Ok you two, the party is going to start in about half an hour, so cut

the shit and get happy, nobody likes drama.' Matt said.

'Do I have a small dick?' Josh looked at Cade.

'Well no!' Cade said thinking to himself that it was not the biggest one

he had ever saw, but of course Josh was not much of a top either, as

Andy had stressed.

Thank you!' Josh smiled at the man he called his lover.

Andy found the bathroom and he took off his clothes, and stepped one

foot then the other into the tiled shower, he wanted the hot water to

cascade down on his naked body, he was so looking forward to sex with

Matt, although he would not mind if Cade was to join in and make it a

threesome, but that would leave Josh alone to tend to the guests.

There would be another day for Cade and him; he would make it a point to

make it happen. Andy knew at times he was an utter bitch; perhaps he

had been a little ruder to Josh then needed. Josh just had that look

about him, the look that some queens have as to think they are better

and hotter then everyone, when they really are not, with the fact that

Josh really did not have a very big penis. Andy thought to himself that

cock size is not everything, but a bigger hard shlong did have its


Andy finished showering and he walked back in to the bedroom and he

pulled his tight white underwear on to his perfectly formed ass, he

reached inside of his underwear, and adjusted his cock so it was

standing up, pointing towards his belly button so that when it began to

harden everyone would see his well developed mushroom head, and shaft

pushed tight inside his briefs.

He turned from the bed and stood up; across from the bed was a full

length mirror. Andy stood and admired his body. In the last few months,

since taking the position as water boy for the football team; he had

done wondrous work to tighten his boyish frame in to the manly

proportions it was becoming. He worked out everyday with the football

team in more ways then sex.

He was never going to be tall enough to make the team, as a player, thou

he had made it with the team; several times his hard work was showing,

with his tight pectoral muscles, showing a defining increase in muscle

mass, he would become a short man with virtually no body fat. He

glanced at the beautiful six-pack that he had formed with lots of sit

ups, and crunches and lifting weights with the boys. Yes he thought to

himself that he was certainly turning in to a blonde bombshell hard

bodied man.

'Andy' it's time to come out, the guests have started to arrive, and its

times to get the party started.' He herd Matt say through the closed


'Yes' yes' I will be out in just a minute.' Andy replied to Matt.

Andy walked in to the room in his tight white briefs, prancing around

the room to the center stage, the music started and Andy started a slow

grinding dance, shaking his penis inside his tight briefs, letting the

men see his tight ass. He then lay on the massage table; the high

rhythm dance music was playing in the back ground, it made Andy dance

seductively in front of his audience, he raised his hips off the table

gyrating them to the beat of the music.

He could see that this was a turn on, to the men that encircled the

table. He looked over and saw Professor Higgins rubbing his cock

through his frumpy trousers. Andy started to rub his hard cock head

through the fabric letting everyone see that he was turned on and

primed to give them their moneys worth.

'Gentlemen' can I have your attention for a moment now that you have all

arrived, its time to pay or you must leave; you have been told that it

is $500.00 a head, and most of you have been to my live parties before,

I will now come around and collect payment, remember I only take cash.

No checks credit cards will be accepted, if you do not have cash borrow

it from a friend or leave.' Professor Higgins said to the crowd.

The crowd murmured amongst themselves, as Professor Higgins went around

the room collecting payment from the twenty men, he collected ten

thousand in cash, he would spilt the money three ways with the boys,

The Professor would also allow Matt to get back his costs of hosting

the party, for the food and supplies, and the cost's of Josh and Cade.

'Gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to Andy and Matt they will be

the live entertainment for your enjoyment, remember no camera's of any

kind, None of you were here and there is no record of the event. Let

the games begin.'

Matt came out of his room in his leopard skin loin cloth, carrying a

whip with him, the men gasped as they saw this man, with his long

flowing black hair tied up in some sort of tribal band, his eyes were

cold black, Matt stood over six foot tall he looked something like

Conan from the drawings on the books. The primal sight of Matt even

made Andy gasp; He snapped that whip as if he knew how to use a whip.

'Get On your knees in front of your master!' Matt commanded Andy.

He snapped the whip and the tip of it, barely missed Andy's ass, Andy

lowered his body in front of his master, and he was the slave in this

adventure. He was afraid that if he did not do as he was commanded.

Would his master beat him with the whip? Even Andy was surprised at

Matt. Was this part of the show? Matt had said nothing to him of this,

as far as Andy knew it was gay sex; this twist was something he had not

bargained for, in his acceptance of the nights events.

'Yes' Master I will do as you command.' Andy said to the towering man

that stood above him with his whip, which would sting and perhaps cut,

there was no way he wanted to have scars on his scar less body,

although he was turned on to Matt's forceful way, he really was not

looking forward to being struck with a whip.

'Good little whore!' Matt said as he placed the handle of the whip

inside of Andy's mouth making him suck on the tip of it as if it was

his cock.

Matt then grabbed Andy by his curled blonde hair and, buried his face at

the point on his loin cloth where his cock laid under it, making Andy

lick the animal skin, and tracing his hardening cock through the hide

that covered his cock, the smell of the tan leather that Matt wore made

Andy's cock hard. There he was on his knees in only a pair of white

cloth briefs, everyone could see how hard Andy was, how turned on he

was. To this primal man that empowered him, with his animalistic

behavior. He wanted Matt more then anyone he had ever wanted before.

Andy looked around the room, he saw men taking their cocks out of their

pants, as they watched Matt control him as if he was property. It made

Andy even more turned on knowing that men twenty three other men were

watching him, being used for a slave. It was not humiliating to Andy,

he really enjoyed when a man took control, and he was turned on by men

that acted like men that let their primitive desires out.

'Suck my balls and lick the sweat off my ass!' Matt commanded as he

lifted his loin cloth and pushed his ball sack in to Andy's mouth.

Andy opened his mouth wide as Matt forced his large and well formed

balls in to his wet mouth. Pushing Andy's head further down making Andy

gag for air as he held his head tightly pressed on his balls. Then he

Grabbed Andy and he pushed him back, then he straddled Andy, bringing

his ass up to Andy's mouth, making him taste his sweaty ass crack. Andy

made laps inside of Matt's ass making him moan as he darted his licker

around and around inside his tart hole.

'Ah, Andy, you are a nasty little fuck toy aren't you?' Matt said while

Andy continued to clean the sweat off his ass, and lick his ball sack.

'Yes, I am.' Andy replied with a muffled voice.

Matt then pulled his head up and he made Andy get on all fours, on the

massage table, Matt then ripped his underwear exposing his ass he then

took the whip handle that was formed like the head of a penis, wrapped

up tight with leather strips, and pushed it at the entrance of Andy's

ass hole, the table was rotating slowly around, so all the men could

see all of the action. A spot light from the ceiling was set on the two

of them; the room was dark except for this light that focused on them.

As the table turned Matt forced more and more of this whip handle deeper

inside the depths of Andy's ass. Andy cried out in pain as the handle

went deeper inside. Matt began to turn the handle while it was inside

Andy's little ass, stretching it open and making, Andy Gasp. There was

a box that sat under the table; inside it was one of those strands of

beads and sex toys of various sizes, with lube and rubber gloves. Matt

reached in and he took out the strand of beads, each bead was the size

of a nice cock head. Matt lubed up Andy's ass and started putting one,

then two, then three fingers. When Andy was opened up, he then started

feeding his ass the strand of beads one by, one, they went in until all

six beads was deep inside his ass, with only the string hanging out.

The string was long enough to lay up Andy's crack and rest on his back.

Matt then walked to the other end of the table, leaving the strand of

beads deep inside Andy's ass. He then pulled his loin cloth off

exposing his nakedness to the men that watched. Matt's cock was hard

thick and throbbing, every vain was pumping blood; his cock was dark

auburn red as his skin was. The head of Matt's cock came to a point, he

was not circumcised, Matt's cock looked like the rest of his body

beautiful, and the kind you see in pictures. It bowed up just a bit

with a big spherical head that was designed to give men pleasure and


He latched on to Andy's Hair once again and he pushed his stiff rod in to the

opening of Andy's mouth feeding him the hard pole, Andy responded like the

Cock sucker that he is he expertly took that cock inside, sucking it

from the tip down, taking the length of this nine inch cock deeper

inside gagging a bit as Matt forced more in. Tears welled up inside

Andy's eyes as Matt forced more yet more inside.

The way Matt and Andy worked together was amazing they were in tune,

every time Matt pulled out, Andy's tongue, made laps around the

departing shaft, Matt was clearly dripping pre-cum, Andy made sure he

licked what pooled on his massive one-eyed snake head as it made it's way back deep

inside Andy's mouth, over and over again he pumped his cock in and then

out, faster and faster he fucked Andy's mouth, Arching his back with

every thrust in rocketing his cock over and over slamming his face,

filling him with cock. Building to his first climax, Matt had no

problem cumin once then twice perhaps three, maybe more before the

night was done. These men that paid were going to get a show.

He continued to push his cock in and out, ramming Andy, Andy continued

to take each thrust and rewarding Matt with a good sucking. Andy

grabbed a hold of his cock and he began to pump it with his hands, with

every thrust in he pumped his cock harder, knowing his mouth would soon

taste the cream, the reason to suck his woody dingle-dangle was for the cream.

Andy learned this back in the old neighborhood when he was the

neighborhood cocksucker, lots of guys creamed his mouth. Andy loved

cum, he loved the feel of it, the smell of it, the taste of it, and

Andy could not go more then a day without sucking a cock. One of Andy's

fantasies was to have man after men fill him with cum. Andy thought

about the rules of this party, but he was going to bend the rules, and

for the finale he would lie on the table and let each man shoot off

inside his mouth savoring as much cum as he could.

Matt was fucking his face like a rabbit fucks, Andy was so turned on to

all the men watching him pleasure Matt's cock, his own cock was leaking

cum, and was hard it could explode at any minute without being touched,

Matt pounded his face.

Ah, ah, oh fuck I know I am going to cum mother fucker! Matt yelled out

While he was Cumming he grabbed the string hanging out Andy's ass and

began to pull the beads from his ass, this only made Andy ready to cum

as well. With every bead that Matt pulled out, Andy shot a spurt of cum

on to the table below him, every time hes jizz shot Matt spurt off inside his

mouth, filling him with a huge load of cum. Andy sucked every drop of

cum that Matt shot. They both collapsed with the last spurt each shot,

while Matt pulled the last bead from Andy's ass, they had an orgasmic

climax together. You could hear men screaming out in ecstasy as Matt

and Andy Climaxed.

They lay together for a moment, Matt's cock was still firmly planted

inside Andy's Mouth, Andy continued to lap up what cum he could find on

Matt's Cock. Matt pulled his cock from Andy and walked to the other

side of the table; he then picked up his whip and raised it to strike


With the whip rolled up in his hand he said. 'You little whore your not

supposed to cum until your master tells you too!'

He then stood further away, and snapped the whip bringing it to Andy's

ass that was still sticking up in the air. Andy was surprised how good

the whip felt on his ass, the stinging of the whip made his cock begin

to harden. Matt smacked the whip again; once again it smacked his bung hole.

This made Andy twinge with excitement and lust in his scream, his cock

was growing getting harder, Smack the whip went again landing on Andy's

ass, stinging it again, sending more pleasure to his cock which was

dripping beads of cum. You could clearly see the welts the whip was

leaving on his white skin. Over and over again he welded the whip to

Andy's harassed ass.

'Ah Master that hurts, oh but it feels so good, I don't know its pain

but oh it hurts so well.' Andy said with tears forming in his eyes.

Are you going to be a good slave now? Not thinking of your own pleasure,

but only mine, it pleasures me to see you beg, begging for my cock.'

Matt said with force.

'Oh yes Master I want your cock, please' can I have your cock, please' I

will be good.' Andy moaned in a pleasurable tone, yet fearful.

The audience was clearly enjoying watching this master control his

slave, around the room men were jacking each other's cock, and screams

of lust filled the room, as the two on stage performed for their

enjoyment. This only made Andy and Matt more excited, both of their

cocks were harder then before, Andy's cock was a deep purple, it looked

as though it could explode at any moment, but Andy dared not touch his

cock, if he were to lose his liquid his Master would punish him, so he

resisted touching himself.

Matt then walked over laid the whip down, and reached in to the box and

pulled out a large dildo, he put some lubricant onto the dildo's shaft,

and then lubed up the entrance of Andy's crack. He then pushed the huge

head of the monstrous toy up inside the entrance, you could see the

pain it was causing Andy as he pushed it further in, deeper he pushed

until the cock disappeared inside that white ass, all you could see was

the rubberized ball sack of the toy the entire length of it was stuffed

inside Andy's fudge factory.

Over and over again he pulled the fake cock from Andy's over used hole,

the men in the room could see it pulled in and pulled out. Matt then

would push it in with force, each time making Andy jolt with pain.

Finally he pulled the cock from Andy's ass and laid it on the floor.

'Oh yes you are a good little cock slut your ass is open wide, I am

going to stick my hand inside your bung hole!'

'Yes, oh yes fist fuck me Master'' Andy screamed out.

Matt then pulled a rubber glove from the box, and rolled it over his

hand, he then poured some lube on to his hand, and he pushed four

fingers in the already stretched hole. He then brought his fingers and

thumb together forming a cupped hand he pushed the cupped hand in until

all his fingers plus his thumb was buried inside to the wrist. He

pushed in deeper he was not able to get more then to the wrist inside

of Andy. But he brought his fingers and thumb inside Andy to a fist, he

was able to pull his fist in and out, as the table turned the men saw

his fist going in and out of Andy's ass. With the other hand Matt

latched onto Andy's cock and started to pump it.

'Oh Fuck that hurts, oh fuck, fuck' fuck' Oh' master fuck me

please...please give me your cock...please I need to feel you fuck

me....please...' Andy begged for his masters' cock.

You are not worthy of my cock yet slave, you must drink the goblet of

cum from all these men! Matt commanded.

Professor Higgins then handed Matt the goblet of cum, Matt grabbed his

little whore by his hair and lay him on his back he then straddled

Andy's chest his cock laid hard and firm inches from the opening of

Andy's mouth. He pulled Andy's head up and pushed the goblet to his

lips, he then began to pour cum inside his mouth. Andy began to choke

on the pungent taste of mixed loads as it went inside his mouth; he

gulped and gulped to drink down the sperm, it was the milk of mankind collected

during the first round. This excited Andy his cock was throbbing as he

drank down countless loads of cum blast. This excited the audience seeing him

drink, their, wamr cum. Andy finished the goblet savoring every flavor.

'Oh my god he drank it all!' A voice was heard from the audience.

'Shit he likes cum!' Yet another voice was heard. The audience began to

scream out when do, we get to fuck him, that's what we paid for to use

this little whore! Over and over again Andy could hear statements like

this, was he to be the, cum vassal for all these men.

'Soon, very soon!' Professor Higgins said quietly yet firmly.

Will fuck them both! A voice was heard from the audience.

'Grab the two waiters, will fuck all four of them!' Someone said loudly.

'Gentlemen, Gentlemen have some wits about you, you can't just rape

them, they must agree after all we are Gentlemen.' Professor Higgins

said very firmly.

The two waiters Josh and Cade were pulled up on to the stage, standing

in there skimpy uniform's.

'I am scared Cade.' Josh said with a look of fear in his eyes, he had

not bargained to be used for sex. His huge pole was tenting his thong.

'Josh it will be ok, just close your eyes, and endure.' Cade said


There were fat men, skinny men, ugly men, handsome men, men of all ages

present, all wanting to partake of this hot young ass on the stage. All

four men were dreamy guys, and these average men were going to get a

taste of them. The four men willing submit to being the sexual objects

of the audience.

Two men grabbed Andy, and pushed him to the floor in front of them, the

two men fumbled with their zippers to free their cocks. Andy got a good

look at the men that held him tight, one of them was a fat pudgy little

guy, and he certainly was not the object of Andy's desires. He was

trying to push his little excuse for a cock inside of Andy's mouth,

Andy resisted for it disgusted him, but he opened his mouth taking the

skin covered cock inside. He almost gagged not from the size but the

taste was unclean, it did not take the little pudgy man long to shoot

his ugly cock off inside Andy's mouth. Andy quickly spit the spooge

from his mouth to the floor.

'What you did not like the taste of my, cum, you little slut, now lick

it up off the floor!' The little pudgy man said in a squeaky stuttering


No' I won't, it is disgusting! Andy said firmly.

The other man grabbed a hold of Andy and pushed his face towards the

floor where some of the other mans cum had landed when Andy spit it


'We can do this nice or we can do it mean, it's up to you, whore, do

what you was paid for!' The Taller uglier man said.

He then pushed Andy's face further to the floor, and then placed his

boot covered foot in to Andy's back forcing him down. He told the other

man to open Andy's mouth and make him lick the cum off the ground. Andy

was forced to lick that nasty mans cum from the floor.

'Hold him I am going to cram my big cock up his ass!' The taller uglier

man said to the short pudgy man.

The man spit in his hand, and with Andy held bent over in the strong

arms of the short fat guy. He then felt the man push his cock deep

inside his ass, the man had a big cock, but that is all the man had

going for him. He pumped in and out of Andy like a Ginny pig mates it

was not long until Andy felt the man shoot his cum inside his ass. And

then the man added insult to debauchery by spiting on Andy's back.

'It was worth the five hundred to fuck that little ass!' The tall ugly

man said as he fastened his belt, and tucked his huge dripping cock

inside his ass.

'You should have drank my, cum bitch I feel ripped off.' The short Fat

Pudgy guy said as he too spit on Andy's back.

'You should wash your nasty little pecker, you are just disgusting.'

Andy yelled out at the man as he made his retreat.

'That's better then being a whore!' The man said.

Andy looked around the room, and he saw his friends being just as

humiliated by men they would never look twice at, over and over again

until they had taken care of at least eight men. One by one those men

dressed and left, leaving only their, cum spilled on them or in them.

Andy looked over at Matt and saw that beautiful man being fucked and

forced to suck cock that was worse then what he had just done. He could

see Josh being forced to sit on a big black cock, attached to a huge

obese man, another man was forcing his awful cock inside of Josh's

mouth. He looked over at Cade, who had some guy's fist up inside his

ass, while another guy forced fed him his prick. Another eight men came

on the stage and fucked them, and made them suck them. Over and over

again the four men were forced to suck and fuck nasty men. They had

taken care of two groups of eight that left four plus the professor.

After all the other men, had dumped and left. Andy could see five

figures setting on the couch in the darkened room; they could not make

out their faces or their features as they sat in the dark. The five men

stood up and walked to the stage. One of the men was Professor Higgins,

The other four Andy did not know, but they were certainly better

looking men then the ones before. They were all tall muscular yet older

men, then themselves.

Ok boys go clean that stench off of you, we have saved the best for

last, it certainly was a good show, we made good money and our comrades

left very satisfied for their money spent, you boys will be compensated

well. One of the men said to Cade, and Josh, and Matt

Andy they paid much more then five hundred dollars you will receive five

thousand dollars, and a scholarship from our secret society. Andy you

are our newest boy, you have drank from the goblet of the order, just

as Matt has, Josh & Cade have.' Professor Higgins said with a smile.

'Dang is this like a fraternity initiation?' Andy said kind of


Kind of, but you see we host parties for men, very rich men and we have

to change the players often bring in fresh meat, that's you Andy, I

hope you will enjoy your time with us, now sign here and you will get

the full scholarship after all education is important for your future,

and every party you participate in you will get between five to twenty

thousand, depending on the attendees

'I am game, but I am never touching that fat pudgy guy again, he was

disgusting!' Andy said and meant it.

'Ok we wont ask that of you, in the future. Now go take a shower and

clean up well so you can have sex with the league. I think you will

enjoy us much more then the ones you just had.' Professor Higgins said.

'I know I did not cum, and I do need to cum!' Andy said.

After the four boys cleaned up they returned to the living room to find

the other five men naked and engaged in an orgy on the floor. Professor

Higgins had a big cock shoved up his ass and was sucking on another,

while another man greedily sucked on the professor, while that man had

a cock pushed up his ass, these men had fucked before they were very

familiar with the other's body. Yet the four remained nameless, just

cocks and ass.

Soon the boys found a place to shove one's cock in to, soon all nine men

were fucking and sucking there was not an empty ass, or cock for very

long as soon as one pulled out someone else went in, over and over they

switched partners, until every ass had been fucked by everyone, and

every mouth had all nine cocks inside it at least once.

Andy found him self riding a huge cock, it was Cade's cock shoved up

inside of him, he also had Matt's cock in his mouth, Josh was hungrily

chewing on his cock, and jacking on his own cock, the other five men

stood around them with their dripping cocks, jacking at the scene of

four young men, enjoying one another. Over and over again Cade's cock

pushed deeper into Andy, Andy responded by sucking harder on Matt, Matt

fucked his face greedily, while Josh sucked harder and Harder on Andy,

while he continued to beat his own cock. Over and over cocks slammed

in, and out, cocks were sucked harder, men were jacking harder. Josh

was the first to shoot his wad, it landed on Andy's Leg, at that moment

Matt shot off inside of Andy, and Cade tightened his legs and pushed

his cock further in, and shot off inside of Andy's ass. This made Andy

cum inside of Josh's mouth. This all happened within seconds of each

other. The other five Gentlemen shot cum all over the four boys on the

floor. By the time the Orgasmic conclusion everyman had shot within the

same time frame. Cum was every where josh was doing his best to lap up

as much as he could. Finally the men pulled themselves from each other,

totally spent from the sex. It was an end to a very sex filled night,

they all fell asleep with drying cum on there bodies. The other five

men dressed and left the boys sleeping and the money on the table.



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