With Josh already in the jacuzzi when I had walked out, I hadn't seen his cock until he joined me in the kitchen, also nude.

Seeing his cock I was shocked and said, "Holy Shit! Is that thing real? How fucking big is it anyway?"

He laughed at my reaction and said, "When you said I didn't have anything you hadn't seen before, I replied 'Maybe, maybe not.' I take it that the 'maybe not' applies," he said. "It's gets a little bigger when it gets hard. The last time it was measured it was just over nine and a half long and five and three quarters around."

"Mother fuck. I've seen some well endowed guys at the gym but definitely nothing like that. I bet you have broads all over you wanting that monster."

"Not really. When they see it once hard they nearly always say that there is no way the will let met me fuck them. So, I usually end up taking them home and going back to my place and jerking off. 'm used to it."

"They won't even suck it for you?"

"Fuck no. So many think sucking a guys cock is gross. I tell them it's not as gross as eating their pussy and they sure enjoy me doing that to them. They get all pissed off over that. Hell, I haven't had a date with a female in over three years."

"Damn," I said. "You just take matters in hand right?"

"Yep, almost daily."

"Hell, you sound like me," I said.

Looking down at my cock he said, "You're pretty well endowed yourself."

"I thought I was until I saw yours. Mine is only seven and a half by three and a half."

"There's nothing wrong with that," he said.

I knew if we kept talking about our cocks and jerking off, I was going to start getting boned so I changed the subject.

We prepared sandwiches and ate then went in to watch some TV. After a while we went to our rooms and to sleep.

It wasn't long before I could hear his fist pounding against his pubic area as he jerked his cock off. I heard a slight moan as he climaxed. I did the same and didn't care if he heard me.

Saturday morning, we were up early. The rains had cleared out and the sun was shining brightly. After a quick breakfast we headed into town to the Harley dealership then to his interview.

At the dealership, they unloaded his bike and took it into the shop for an estimate. Once they had the estimate, they called his insurance company to get an approval for repairs. The only thing Josh was going to have to pay was his five hundred dollar deductible. When Josh asked how long it would take for repairs he was told that hopefully they would have it ready on Monday a week away.

"Mother fuck! Why so long, man?"

He was told some of the parts had to be ordered. He wasn't very happy and hastily went outside to cool off.

When he walked out, I quickly handed the cashier my American Express card saying, "Go ahead and put the deductible on this but don't say anything to him about it."

In a matter of two minutes the deductible was paid.

I Went out to meet him and as I walked up he said, "Mark, may I use your phone?"

"Sure, but why?"

"I figured I'd be heading back to Taylorville right after the interview. But with my bike out of commission, I need to let them know it will be a week."

"Why don't you wait until after your interview and see how it goes before you call."

"Yea, okay."

We left and went to lunch then I dropped him off at his interview. After he went in, I made a phone call.

The manager of the repair department at the dealership was a personal close friend of mine, one of my gay friends.

I called and when he answered his extension, I said, "Hey Greg, this is Mark."

"Hello there. When we getting together again."

"Well, I'm not sure." I told him the story about meeting Josh and I needed a favor.

"What favor would that be?"

"Well, is there anything you can do to influence his interview?"

"Probably," he said. "On all our mechanics that we interview, we have Tractors we use and create problems and see if they can find them. In fact that is what I was just doing. I knew we had an interview today but didn't know who it was.'

"Greg, I'm not sure but I think he might play. His bike won't be ready for over a week and I'm going to insist he stay with me. If it turns our that I'm right, I think you'd definitely like to join us."

"Oh? And why is that?"

Greg loved getting fucked more than almost anything else. "Well, if it works out how would you like a cock over nine and a half inches and over five inches around up your hot ass?"

"Fuck! You're kidding me. Have you seen it for real?"

"Only soft but that's how big he told me it was."

"Man, you know I'd love that up me. Let me see what I can do."

I thanked him and hung up, hoping he could pull some strings.

I waited and shortly after four Josh came out of the interview.

As he got into the truck, I asked, "How'd it go?"

"Good, I hope. We talked abut my experience then they took me to the shop and had me find problems on a few rigs they had in the shop. I solved them all so I hope that's a good sign."

"Did they say when they would let you know?"

"They said that I was the last interview for the job and were waiting to see how i did before making a decision. They said it could possibly be today."

"You gave them my number, right?"

"Yes, I did. It's the only number I had."

I decided we'd stay in town and have dinner, first stopping off for a couple of beers.

As we sipped our beer, Josh said, "Mark, I appreciate all you've done for me but I can't impose any longer. Do you know of a cheap motel close to the Harley shop?"

"Josh, you're not staying at some fleabag motel. You're staying with me and that's final. End of discussion."


"I said it was the end of that discussion," I cut in.

He just shook his head.

We had a second beer then headed for the restaurant. as we pulled into the parking lot my phone rang. I answered and they asked for Josh. I handed him the phone and smiled.

He answered and listened then gave me a thumbs up sign. "Yes sir, I'll be there at seven. Thank you very much. I won't let you down."

He hung up and said, "I got the job. They said they figured I needed to give two weeks notice and then a week to move and get settled. I start three weeks from Monday."

"That's great," I said. "Now call your boss and tell him you can't be back for a week and then when you get back you can give him a weeks notice."

He dialed the number of his boss and told him the situation with his bike.

"But Mr. Jamison, I have no way to get back. I have no transportation until next Monday."

"He listened for a moment then said, "Well, if that's the way it has to be fine, but I was going to give my notice anyway. I got a job here at over twice what you're paying me, so fuck you asshole." Before his boss could reply he he hung up.

"When I told him I couldn't get back he said if I didn't, I was fired."

"Asshole," I said. "I hope you left him shorthanded."

Smiling, he said,"I did, big time."

We had dinner then returned to the house. When we arrived, Josh headed to his room and quickly returned to the den, nude. Seeing me still clothed, he asked, "You going to join me?"

"Hell, yea. I just haven't had time."

While i was undressing my phone rang and it was Greg.

"Mark, Greg. That stud if fucking hot. I was all set to say he was my choice but the way he found the problems on the rigs we had for him, the boss already had his mind made up. Josh got the job on his own."

"Great, and if things work out I'll give you a call."

"You better," he said.

We watched some TV then went to bed. It was obvious Josh was excited.

Sunday morning after breakfast, I asked if he'd like to take a walk and see some of my property. He said definitely. We put on shoes only and headed out.

I had created a long curving path through the woods for walking and enjoying nature. As we walked side by side with me on the right, my left hand and his right hand kept brushing together. I wanted desperately to grasp it and walk hand in hand.

As we approached one area, I stopped and said, "If you look real close, you can barely see a house through the brush. That's my closest neighbor and he's in his eighties and half blind. He has written it in his will that upon his death his property is to be sold to me."

Lifting his right arm, he placed his arm around my shoulders saying, "Fuck, Mark, I'd give anything for a place like this. There is such a free feeling being nude out like this. It reminds me of my camping vacations."

"Well, he has about three times the property I have and just off to the right out of sight is a nice spring fed small lake."

"Damn, I'd give my right nut to live out here."

Laughing I said, "Don't do that. You might need it."

We turned and continued on our way anong the path and he kept his hand on my shoulder for a while, before letting it swing between us.

After a few minutes I decided to go for broke and see what would happen.

As we walked, I reached for his hand and grasped his fingers. After a second or two, he pulled free then interlaced his fingers with mine and held tight. Neither of us said a word.

As we neared the clearing around the house he stopped and turned to me. he looked into my eyes a second then leaned in and kissed me passionately, exchanging tongues.

When we separated he said, "I think we've both been wanting that. I know I have."

"So have I from the minute I helped you off the highway."

"Shall we go inside?" he said.

"Whatever you want," I replied.

By now both out cocks were totally hard and pointing the way. We made it as far as the patio where he turned and kissed me again then slid down and began sucking my hard cock. I was in heaven, not believing this stud was actually sucking me.

After a moment, I stopped him saying, "let's go inside and get comfortable."

I led him straight to my king bed and once there I quickly got into a sixty-nine with him. It wasn't long before we were each swallowing the others sweet thick load.

After another long kiss, I asked when he started with men.

"In the Army. It was during the second week of boot camp and the drill sergeant took a liking to me and began sucking me and having me suck him. I found I liked it. It was a daily thing, then the following week we started fucking each other. I went from being straight to having sex with a guy in just three weeks. After boot camp, I went back to women but found it just wasn't satisfying. Been with guys ever since."

I told him about me starting with my best bud in high school and dated only to hide the fact that I was gay.

Mid morning, as Josh and I cuddled on a lounge on the patio he said softly, "Mark, would you fuck me?"

"Sure, I'd love to but only if you fuck me when i get through."

Smiling, he said, "You think you can take it?"

"I'm going to even if it rips me wide open."

Seconds later I was steadily pumping his ass and he was moaning in pleasure saying how great it felt and it had been so long since he had last been fucked. Soon I filled his ass with my load and he said loudly, "Oh fuck yea. Shoot it all up me. I love it."

After pulling out of his ass, we kissed then I told him I wanted him.

Seconds later, Josh was lubed as was my ass. He began his insertion extremely slowly. :Let me know if you want me to stop. I'll understand."

Slowly, he continued and seconds later the large head popped in and I yelled out. He paused a second then I told him to continue. The pain was intense but I wouldn't let him stop. After about fifteen minutes he asked how I was doing.

"I'm okay. I want you to fuck me and fill my ass."

"Well, baby, you have every inch I've got up your hot tight ass and it feels awesome."

"Hole shit! You really have it all in me?"


"Awesome, now fuck me."

He did and I was in heaven. Never had I had that much up my ass before. It didn't take him long before he began moaning and I felt his cock explode, sending a huge load deep inside me.

We kissed again and later as we lay together in bed, I said, "Josh, when you move to town, why don't you live here with me. You'll have your own room and can have guest anytime you want."

"Would we still have sex?"

"Anytime you wanted," I said.

He agreed and for the rest of the week we had sex several times a day, either sucking, fucking, or rimming. I took off as much time as I could.

His bike was ready and I took him to get it. When he pulled out his checkbook to pay the deductible, the clerk said, "It's already been paid sir."

"By who?"he asked, then turned and looked at me. I just smiled.

"When did you do that?" he asked.

"The day we brought it in," I replied.

The next day, I took off and we left early for Taylorville. Once there, we loaded his clothes and personal items from his furnished apartment into my truck and headed back home.

By evening he was settled in to his bedroom and as we ate dinner I said, "Josh, even though you have your own room and bed, you're still welcome to share my bed any night you want to, without asking."

"Thanks, but you might regret saying that."

"I doubt it."

He began work and after a week I asked if there were any guys there that he thought were hot and would like to get in bed.

"A couple. One is just nineteen and does cleanup but damn is he hot and built. Then there is Greg, the garage supervisor. There is something about the way he looks at me that says he wants me."


"Yea. It's like he already knows I'm gay."

"Hummm," I said.

That weekend we went to a local gay bar for a few beers. several guys were hitting on Josh, and he did invite one home with us for a three way after asking if it was okay with me. I liked his choice and said yes. It was hot as hell watching his huge cock go up the other guys ass.

The following weekend I invited Greg over for dinner Saturday night. All Josh knew was that I had invited a close friend over for dinner and we could stay nude, because he was gay also.

Josh nearly shit when he answered the door and saw Greg standing there. greg stripped and they had a sixty-nine before dinner. Greg spent the night with us and it was awesome. Greg loved Josh's huge cock up his ass.

The accident was just over three years ago and Josh is still with me. However now we are lovers and happier than ever. Josh has insisted that I learn to rind a motorcycle and we spend weekends touring the countryside, and vacations on our bikes going to gay nudist resorts. It's been surprising to me how many gay bikers we meet on the road.

I know Josh and I will be together for years. Every day, our love grows.




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