It was a Friday night and I had worked late, trying to get my company's inventory all totaled. The storms outside seemed to be getting worse, so I decided to head home before any roads began to flood.

Because of the tax break, I had located my warehouse about twenty miles outside of Dawson. My home and property were half way in between the two.

Shortly after pulling onto the highway, I came up behind a leather clad biker on a nice Harley. By his slower speed it was obvious he was having trouble seeing in the downpour. For some reason, I decided to take my time and stay behind him. I'm glad I did.

About a mile farther down the highway, I saw his front tire suddenly jerk and turn to the right. The bike began to lean to the right and lay down. the Biker quickly pushed himself off the bike and began rolling down the highway following his sliding bike.

I quickly stopped and jumped out into the rain. Running up to the driver, I asked, "Are you okay?"

Removing his helmet he said, "Yea, I'm okay. Nothings broken, but I don't think my bike is drivable."

"Well, the main thing is that you're not hurt," I said looking him over. He looked to be in his late twenties, maybe early thirties and was very handsome, but with his leather jacket and all I couldn't tell how he was built.

He began looking for his cell phone but it was no where to be found.

"Fuck!" he screamed. "I can't even call for a wrecker.

"Hey settle down," I said. "We'll work things out."

"I'm Josh Granger," he said, "and sorry about my language, sir."

"Josh, nice to meet you," I said and offered my hand. "I'm Mark Stevens, and as far as the language don't fucking sweat it. Fuck is one of my favorite words."

Finally, he smiled.

"Look, if you call a wrecker out this far and in this weather, you'll pay triple the regular rate."

"Maybe so, but..."

I cut him off.

"I've got some tie downs in my truck. Together we can load your bike in my truck and get it secure and take it to the dealer in Dawson tomorrow. As for tonight, you can stay at my place."

"Thanks, but I can't impose on you like that."

"If it was going to be an imposition, I wouldn't have offered. Let's get busy and get out of this rain." We were both soaked to the skin.

We got his bike loaded and secure and climbed into my pickup. As we drove I asked if he was from the area.

"No, sir. I live over in Taylorville. I was on my way to Dawson. I have a job interview there tomorrow afternoon"

"What kind of work do you do?"

"I'm a diesel mechanic. the interview is with the Kenworth dealer there. If I get it, it will be a nice increase in pay for me, but with my bike out of commission, I don't know how I'll get there."

"First off, Josh, stop calling me sir. We're damn close to the same age. And as for your interview, what time is it scheduled?"

"One tomorrow afternoon."

"You'll be there," I said.

Shortly we reached the drive to my property. After turning off, he said, "Where the fuck do you live, out in the boonies?"

"Kind of," I said with a laugh. "My property runs a mile and a half along the road and just over a mile deep. I cleared an area in the center and built the house. I like the solitude and privacy. No neighbors anywhere close."

"Nice," he said

We pulled up to the house and I hit the remote to open the garage. Once in, I closed the door. we got out and he grabbed his duffel bag.

"I wonder if any of my shit managed to stay dry," he said.

"Let's get inside and you can check."

Once in, I led him to the den and told him to check his clothes. He did and found everything soaked. "Fuck! Nothing is dry."

"Here, give them all to me, including what you have on. I'll get everything in the wash and you can hit the jacuzzi. Your going to be sore as hell and maybe that will prevent some of it."

"What will I wear?"

"Hell, nothing. I'm sure you've been around other guys when you were nude either in school or the military. Besides, you ain't got nothing I haven't seen before."

"Maybe, maybe not," he replied with a slight smile. I wondered what he meant.

I went to start the washer and when I returned he was on the glassed in porch, already in the bubbling water. I got his clothes started and went to my room and stripped out of my wet clothes. Grabbing two towels and throwing them over my shoulder I went out to join him in the hot jacuzzi.

As I walked up, I noticed him quickly look me over then look longer at my cock. I wondered.

Seeing his very muscular hairy upper body, I quickly got into the water before my cock began stiffening. This guy was turning me on.

I noticed he had tattoos on each upper bicep and one on his upper left pec. That was a turn on also.

As we relaxed in the hot bubbling water, we talked and I found out that he was raised in several foster homes and at eighteen when he was out on his on, he joined the Army. He said that where he was trained in diesel mechanics. After four years he got out and went to work.

After a while, I asked if he had eaten. He said no, so I suggested we go into the kitchen and make some sandwiches.

I stood and dried off then tossed my towel aside. He looked at me funny.

"Josh, I normally live nude but if it makes you uncomfortable, I'll put something on. I love being nude. That's why I bought this property."

"Hey, it's cool with me. I enjoy nudist resorts and love going camping on vacation and find a place where I can go nude."

I went to the kitchen and began pulling the makings for Hoagies out of the fridge. Hearing him enter, I turned. He was still nude and when I saw him I exclaimed "Holy Shit! Fuck Josh is that thing real? How fucking big is it?"

TO BE CONTINUED.................



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