'shes fine too but i want you'. Lloyd smiled as the fans screamed his name.'man i love dallas' lloyd said as he walked backstage into his dressing room, lloyd pullled off his shirt as he walked into his room when he felt arms wrapped around him he almost jumped to the roof when he felt the arms around him.'that was a great show baby' lloyd turned around and saw the person who had his arms around him..it was Yung Berg. Lloyd and Berg have been dating for a couple of months on the DL since they both know they would mess up their image if people found out they was dating. 'Thank you i did it for you baby' lloyd said as he kissed berg. 'you look so sexy with that shirt off how bout you let me see the rest off you'? 'i dont know bout that i gotta get ready to go in a few'.Lloyd felt berg push him unto the couch as berg stood over him.' come on now you know you want this as much as me its been what...six months since you had any dick'?Lloyd knew he couldnt lie he has been lustin for berg dick for a long time. Lloyd stood up off the couch and unbutton his pants smiling at berg as he licked his lips.'thats it baby take it all off' berg said as he stripped off his shirt.Lloyd pulled off his pants with his boxers and threw them across the room.'damn i forgot how sexy you was' said berg as he walked to the door and locked it.'hehe all for you baby'.'why dont you lay yo sexy ass down for me'?Lloyd didnt need to be told twice as he layed down on the couch with his legs hangin off the edge.'mmm i hope that ass is still sweet for me' berg said as he knelt down to lloyd's ass.lloyd begin to relax as he felt berg's tounge slide in his ass.'oh shit!' lloyd gasp as berg got deep in him swirlin his tounge all in him'shit baby dont stop'.berg pulled his tounge out of him replacin it with his middle finger'dont worry baby i aint berg said as he pulled off lloyd shoes leavin him naked in his socks.'fuck!!!' lloyd yelled out as berg slid his finger in him deep touchin on his prostate.'that right baby scream for me'.'berg slid his finger out and stood up pullin his pants off watchin lloyd stroke him self.'come here baby let me feel those lips wrap around my dick'.lloyd crawled over to berg wrappin his hand around berg's dick strokin on it before swallowin berg's dick half way.'shit your mouth feels good swallow all of it' said berg as he pushed lloyd into his pubes.Lloyd felt berg's head poke the back of his throat as berg moved him back and forth face fuckin him. lloyd pulled off of berg for air kissin and suckin all on berg's head.'shit i forgot you can suck a dick stop before you make me cum'. lloyd pulled off smilin at berg'sorry i just love the taste off your dick you know the musky smell off your pubes on my nose'.'well dont worry baby i got somethin you really goin to love' berg said as he reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a bottle off lube.'oh i guess you knew what was goin to happen today huh'?'yep' laughed berg as he lubed up his dick and lloyd ass.'you ready baby?'.'hell yea!'.berg kissed lloyd 1 last time as he slid his dick in lloyd slow and hard.'damn' lloyd grunted in pain as he felt berg tryin to squeeze his big dick through his hole.'relax baby you know i wouldnt hurt you'.lloyd sighed before sayin ok.berg start pushin his 8in inside lloyd.'aight baby im in i wont start till your ready ok'?'ok' grunted lloyd as he layed there tryin to get through the pain. a few minutes past as lloyd felt the pain been replaced with plesure.lloyd closed his eyes and let out a quiet moan which berg knew lloyd was ready for him.berg grind inside lloyd slow and hard pickin up more speed each time lloyd moaned.'OH GOD!!!' lloyd yelled out in plesure he had forgottin berg knew how to make him scream.'yeah baby you love this dick dont you?'whos yo daddy huh? tell me' berg yelled as he pushed himself in lloyd deep pushin so much pressure on lloyds prostate.'AHHH YOU BERG YOU MY DADDY OH GOD!!!'.lloyd could feel himself gettin ready to cum.'oh shit baby im...mm ima cum soon!'.'mmm fuck me to baby when i say now i want you to cum with me ok?'.'mm ok' berg pushed against lloyd's prostate 1 last time before he yelled out'NOW!!'lloyd screamed at the top off his lungs as he cummed and felt berg shoot his load in him deep.'shit' said berg as he felt the last bit off his load shoot out.'damn that was good'said lloyd.'hehe i know and baby i know i havent said it much but...i love you'.lloyd felt tears come to his eyes when he heard berg said that.'i..i love you to'. berg wipped the tears from lloyd eyes as he kissed lloyd passionally and long still inside of him.lloyd was in heaven he had his man with him and he knows he loved him..boy lloyd was happy he thought the kiss would last all day till he heard a knock at the door.yo laddy come on bro the bus fin to leave us.'shit i gotta go' said lloyd as he jumped up and put on his shirt.berg put on his boxers and pants.'where you goin now? asked berg as he put on his shirt and coat.'im headin to atlanta for my bday party then im headin to new york to do 106 and park' said lloyd as he slipped on his shirt and shoes.'aight ill see you in new york hopefully' said berg as he walked to the door and unlocked it.'hopefully....''love you'.'love you too see you in new york'.'ok' said lloyd as he walked out the room. berg followed behind him.lloyd ddint look back all he did was walk to the tour bus knowin that he will see berg again.as walked onto the bus his phone ranged when he looked at the name he gasped.....it was wayne....his ex

to be continued

also on a side note ill have the next part for welcome to my sex room finnish soon so dont worry ;)



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