The feeling of confusion, fear, exhileration, and helplessness. These are the feelings I had the first time I was sexually assaulted by my younger relative.

Please don't misunderstand me, I am glad that it happened. I found out alot about myself that first time. I had to admit alot about myself and my inner feelings.

Let me tell you what happened, maybe some of these feelings will surface in you. It is hard to remember everything precisely, but I will try.

My younger relative and I were very close growing up. He was about 14 months younger than I and he would experience growing pains right after me, if you know what I mean.

I had just started changing. My privates were growing at an alarming rate and hair was starting to grow all over. Muscles were expanding all over my body. I have always been very athletic and it was showing.

The girls at achool noticed. I was very shy, and some of the girls I had grown up with could not seem to keep their hands off of me. They would find any excuse to touch my arms and chest.

This scared the hell out of me. I was shy to the point of being a phobia. I would blush and find some excuse to get away from them. Of course, I would have a raging hard on I was trying to hide as I walked away.

I had also noticed lately that when I woke up, I would often have a raging hard on and would have this liquid leaking out of the end of my dick. I had not had an orgasm yet and did not know what it was, but it did not hurt, so I chose to ignore it.

My relative and I often spent the night together. We would be assigned to baby sit his infant sister while our parents went to social events.

We always slept in the same bed, usually on the back porch screened in area. We always pretended we were camping out. We had everything out there, a refrigerator, a TV, toys, etc.

I had noticed a change in him lately. He, to seemed to be finding excuses to touch my body. He was always grabing my arms and rubbing on them. I just shrugged it off and took for granted it was just some sort of show of friedship.

As I said, we often stayed overnight. But this night was to be totally different.

We got his sister to bed and went to the back porch area as we always did. He seemed to be in a hurry to get to bed this night. Ususaly, we stayed up and watched late movies. But he wanted to go to bed and he stripped down to his underwear and jumped into bed.

Thinking he was tired, I too stripped down and crawled into bed. He immediately moved next to me saying he was a little cold. I allowed him to snuggle up next to me for warmth.

After a few minutes, I drifted off to sleep. I had played baseball earlier and I must have been tired myself.

I woke up sometime later. I had that feeling I get when I wake up with a hard on, but this felt different. Someone was touching me and it felt really great!

I was still disoriented not realizing at first exactly where I was at. Then it dawned on me where I was and I realized this was my relative doing this. I was kind of in shock and I remained still, feighning sleep.

I could not see well, but the moon was full and I could make out some of what was going on. Apparently, he had managed to take my underwear off without waking me. He to was completely naked.

He was on his knees, kneeling next to me. He had my dick and balls in his right hand gently fondling me. He was fondling his dick and balls with his left hand. He was kind of slow rolling his head around and seemed to be enjoying himself immensely.

As my eyes adjusted to the moonlight, I could see, he too, had started to grow. His dick was nearly as big as mine. Apparently, he was going through puberty at the same time as I.

As I lay there, all kinds of emotions were going through me. I thought, is this supposed to happen. Aren't girls and guys supposed to be doing this, not guys and guys? The confusion was intense. But it felt so good, I did not want it to stop.

Suddenly, I felt that liquid seeping out of me again. I just knew he would stop as soon as he felt it. Instead, he rubbed all over my dick and he started stroking up and down my shaft.

I did not realize it, but he knew I was awake. He must have been able to see my eyes open in the moonlight. He spoke. He said,"I hope you aren't mad at me. I don't know why, but I just had to touch it, as he wiggled my dick,"

Again, I was stunned speachless. I did not know what to say. I had let him do it and he knew it. So protesting now would seem fake.

He then aske if it felt good? Finally, I decided to talk. I said, "yea, it feels great. When do you start changing?"

I could feel the tension leave him. I think he was frightened of my response to all of this. He said, "a few weeks ago. My dick is three times as big as then."

While we were talking, he never stopped playing with my cock. It was feeling better than it ever had before. It was throbing and seeping precum,as I later discovered, like a small fountain.

He asked me to touch him. I thought about it and decide to try it. I was very excited at this point and felt a need to do something.

I had never touched another persons privates, so I know I was pretty awkward at it. I first grabbed his shaft and started slowly stroking him. It felt odd from this angle, everything seemed backwards. But it felt warm, soft, and somehow exciting.

It dawned on me, I was enjoying giving him pleasure. I could hear low moans and again his head was rolling around.

Suddenly, I felt this overwhelming pressure building up. I started gasping for air, I layed back and started hunching against his hand.

Then, it happened! My first orgasm. My dick started pumping creamy sperm all over the place. He pulled back as if startled. I could not stop and I did not want to stop. It seemed like it lasted forever and I felt totally out of control of it.

Finally it stopped. My stomach was covered with cum. He was giggling and looking at all of the cum.

He said, "I guess I did something right, look at all the cum." This is when I learned what cum was. Seems he was being schooled by one of his older uncles

He told me of all the things his uncle was doing with him. He told me how he knew how to suck a guy off and how his uncle was screwing him like a girl in the butt. He explained how he loved it and had dreamed of me often while he was doing it.

His uncle had recently moved away and he missed this. He knew he wanted me and finally had built up the nerve to try.

He told me he had not had an orgasm yet, but he too had been having precum lately. He then asked if he could screw me, thinking he may be able to cum too.

I was a little frightened. We talked for awhile about this. He explained how he would put KY jelly, which his uncle had provided for him, on his dick and my butt. He did admit it might feel a little uncomfortable at first, but the trick was not to tense up and it would slike right in, at least that was the way when his uncle screwed him.

Finally, I agreed to try. While we were talking, I had become hard again and I found the thought of being screwed, exciting.

He did as he said, after prepairing us both, he put me on all fours, positioned himself between my feet, and placed the head of his dick against my anus.

I felt his start pushing. I could feel my anus start to open. I guess my anus automatically pushed back. He explained, I had to concentrate on not squeezing shut or it might hurt.

On his next push, I force myself not to tense up. He slid right in. I felt a little uncomfortalble at first. It did not hurt though. I could feel his red hot dick inside me. Slowly, he began fucking me. He was going in and out. I could feel a tingling, warm sensation as he did.

I felt him grab my dick and he started stroking my cock as he fucked me. I was going crazy from all of the different sensations I was feeling.

It did not take long. I felt him get really hard and he started fucking me real hard with strong lunges. He was stroking my cock faster and faster.

The I felt it. He was cumming in my ass. It felt really great. The warm cum splashing inside me.

He fell on my back and held himself inside me. He started stroking me again and after a little while, I came all over the sheets. His being inside me made this orgasm way more intense than the first one.

Wow, what a night! I hope you enjoyed this. By the way, this is a true story.




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