A friend of mine told me he was outraged that I would write about a sexual encounter with a doctor. He's a doctor. He prides himself on never having had a sexual episode with a patient. I'm glad I'm not a patient of his because he's terrific in bed. He was complaining about a story I wrote detailing a tryst with an English doctor, right in the doctor's examination room. He claimed I did a disservice to the medical profession. We got into a real heated discussion about it. Then I asked him if the story turned him on. He admitted it did, but immediately said "but". His point is that patients shouldn't go into doctors' offices looking for sexual encounters. They'll be disappointed, the doctor will be annoyed if he senses a come-on, his annoyance will be felt by the patient, the patient will get embarrassed and annoyed, and no one will feel good about it. He feels as strongly that doctors shouldn't look at patients as possible sexual partners for the same reasons. Professional ethics and common courtesies should insulate both doctor and patient from the need to field sexual advances.

His point is valid and I agree with him. I told him that even though I've had a number of sexual encounters with doctors, I have never gone looking for them, never expected them, and was always surprised when they happened. He looked skeptical and said he doubted I ever had more than that one encounter in England he was complaining about. So I told him about a time I had when I went to Rio de Janeiro on business. As I related the story, he got to rubbing his crotch. So did I. Then he got more excited and opened his fly saying "got to give 'im some air". So did I. He got to stroking his meat real slow and easy as he listened to my lusty adventure. So did I. Eventually, we both got so excited I couldn't finish the tale, being unable to talk with my mouth full. When we were lying in each other's arms afterwards, he said, "You know, Jack, you ought to write a story about that sexy Brazilian doctor. I'd like to read it." So, at a doctor's request, here it is. But remember, these things don't happen when you go looking for them to happen.

Heat and humidity in Rio can be very difficult to adjust to when you first arrive. This seems particularly true in January and February, when it's winter in North America but summer in Rio. When I left New York it was dark, 15 degrees F. and about 35% humidity. In Rio, it was sunny, 90 degrees F. and 95% humidity. I felt I had walked into a wall of steam. I exercise routinely and sweating is natural and easy for me. But in such high humidity, and in such unaccustomed heat, sweat does not evaporate, and in no time I looked like someone had dumped buckets of water all over me.

The car didn't have air-conditioning and had been sitting in the sun waiting for me. Traffic was tied up and unusually slow so I didn't cool down. By the time I arrived at the small, exclusive hotel, I was ready for a cold shower in an air-conditioned room. But the hotel didn't have air-conditioning. Most of the time, in Rio, constant sea breezes keep you quite comfortable, but on the day I arrived the breezes were turned off and the hotel lobby was like an oven. As the porter turned to ask if I'd follow him, he discovered that I was about to pass out. He caught me before I hit the floor, but I don't remember it.

I woke up in a fog. I didn't know where I was. I was in a white room, looking at a white ceiling. I felt cool. I was lying down, on a flat narrow table. I was naked. Someone was stroking my body gently with a cool, moist cloth. It felt wonderful. The cloth was now on my thigh. I raised my head to look down at it. I was astounded. The only thing I could see was my giant erection staring back at me. I wanted to get up.

A firm but gentle hand was placed on my chest, quieting my movements. "You lost consciousness." It was a quiet, low, masculine, lightly accented voice. I looked up. My breath was taken away. I was looking into the dark, green eyes of an incredibly handsome, dark-haired young man about my age, now leaning down towards my face with a concerned look. He smiled at me. My heart melted. As he looked into my eyes, the cloth in his hand moved up my thigh and, in passing, lightly brushed against my scrotum erotically as he glanced down at it. It caused my erection to throb. Then it moved onto my hip and up onto my stomach. His eyes looked back into mine.

"Uh, umm, where am I?" I asked. It sounded like a cliche from a movie, but I had no idea.

"I am your doctor," he responded. "You are in my clinic, in your hotel."

"I see." I paused, wondering what was going on. "Tell me, doctor, why do I have a hard-on?"

"What means 'hard-on'?"

"Er, this. Here." I put a finger on my cock. It was rock hard, stiff above my belly.

"Oh, yes. Erection. Oh, you call it 'hard-on'. I see. You were dreaming. It is normal." He gave me a reassuring smile.


"Yes. Please be not embarrassed. You suffered from the sun. The hotel manager brought you here. This is my private clinic. I take away your wet clothes. I bathe your entire body with cold water to hurry down the temperature. I turn you over, twice, to cool also the backside. You are heavy, with no fat but much muscles. Now, when I turn you, you are sleeping. It is a very good sign to me. Then, as I bathe your scrotum, your penis begins to enlarge. I watched as it grows. I was amazed. Your scrotum is so large that I think it is swollen from the heat. Then I see your penis enlarging, and I realize that you are most well equipped. Your wife must be happy?" The last was asked as a question. He watched my eyes, a tense expression on his face.

"I'm not married, Doc."

"I see." He looked relieved. "Then tell me. When is the last time you had sexual release? A relief of the tensions?" He smiled confidently.

"Well, let's see. It's been several days, what with preparing for this trip and everything. I sort of let it go."

"What means 'let it go'?"

"Sorry. I meant that I did not, er, make an effort to have sexual release."

"I see. You should not 'let it go'. Tell me. You make what effort, normally?"

I lifted an eyebrow.

He grinned, still wiping me with the cold cloth, now at my chest. "May I be honest with you, er Senhor ... uhm, uhm..." He didn't know my name.

"Call me Jack, Doc."

"Yes, thank you. Jack. May I be honest with you?"

"Of course."

"Because I have here my clinic in the hotel, you were brought to me. I, a doctor, know you suffered the heat and I know to help you. But in my normal practice, I especialize in the sexual dysfunction. Couples come to me with many problems. I try to help. Sometimes it is necessary to study the functioning of the man's sexual organs while he is asleep to see if he is able to have the erection and to see if it is, let us say, normal. You understand?"

"Gee, yes. I see. Well, Doc, are MY sexual organs 'normal'?"

"Oh, no, Jack. Not at all." He gave me a wicked grin.

"They're not?" looked at him in surprise. "What's wrong?"

"Oh! Nothing! They are perfect! That is why they are not normal. They are perfect. Do you understand?" He became animated and excited as he spoke.

"Not exactly."

"'Normal'," he said, stressing the word, "is smaller than you are. Here," he said, sliding his palm under my balls and lifting them, "these are very large testicles in a big scrotum. That is why I think it is swollen from the heat, when I undress you." I put my hands behind my head to help look down at his hand and my balls. He didn't remove his hand. It felt very warm against the coolness of my skin.

"Oh, here, let me give you a pillow for your head." He slid his hand away, caressingly I thought, and propped a small, hard pillow under my head. I put my arms back at my sides. I felt his body press against my right arm. He continued bathing me, now sliding the cloth on my abdomen and stomach in a wide arc around my erection. We were both staring at it.

"Why doesn't it go down?" I asked, softly.

"Hmmm. I don't know. When the sleeping male patient has the erection and wakes to see the male doctor or male therapist at his side, he has rapid deflation of the tumescence. This penis is as stiff as when you are asleep." He seemed to be talking to himself, almost.

"It was stiff when I was asleep, Doc?" I asked quietly, hoping to catch him off guard.

"Yes, it was," he replied without thinking. "Very stiff."

"What do you do to test for stiffness?" Again, I asked as quietly as I could.

"I lift it. Like this." He put his right hand on the center of the shaft and gripped the cock. It had been quivering above my belly, not resting on the flesh, very aroused. He pulled it upright, almost pointed at the ceiling. It was even harder now. Then he slowly began a firm jacking motion. "The skin moves so smoothly," he whispered. "No wonder I'm so hard," I thought, "he's been jacking me off in my sleep."

"That feels wonderful!" I sighed. "Your hand feels good."

"Yes. It feels wonderful for me, too. You like this?"

"I love it." We both watched the hand pump my stiff shaft, under the dark red cockhead.

"Yes, I love it too. But many men will not let me touch them like this."

"You can touch me any way you like, Doc. It feels terrific. The cool bath has made me feel like a new man. But, Doc, you know if you keep that up, I'll shoot all over the place."

"Do you mean reach orgasm?"

"Yes, very quickly."

"Excellent! It will give the necessary relief of tensions. I want to see it. You will, what you say, come?"

"Yes, come. I will come if you keep doing that."

"Yes. Come!" he repeated as he anticipated my orgasm. His strong hand had great technique and persistent rhythm. He began lengthening the stroke, pulling the cockskin up onto the deeply flanged glans, over the meaty, broad edges, then pushing down until the hand jarred my balls and pulled the skin at the cockhead tight. His other hand left the damp cloth and circled around my cock to cup my balls, lifting and rubbing the tight sac, which tingled with excitement at the touch. The movement brought his head close to my cock. I groaned.

"He is beautiful," he said, eyes growing narrow as he stared at the lengthy moist slit at the tip of the fat head. A drop of liquid had formed magnifying the opening. The head had become fully engorged and a very dark crimson. "He looks ready."

"Yes," I agreed, shifting my hips, pumping my cock up into his loving fist, urging a speeding up in the rhythm of the beat.

His head was drawing even closer as he stared at the enflamed cock. The droplet of liquid grew much larger and began to slide down the shiny surface. His tongue stretched out and lapped at the moving bead of precum. I gasped as the hot, moist tongue slid against the meaty, sensitive cockhead.

"It tastes good," he said as he turned to look at me, his cheek almost touching my cock. "I want to take you in my..." He saw the smile and nod of agreement from me, turned his head back to my cock and kissed the smooth, shiny knob. He sucked and pulled the entire glans into his hot mouth, hand still pumping rhythmically on the shaft. I kept jabbing, trying to get more of the cock into his suctioning mouth. My body suddenly moved onto that plateau of mindless ecstasy where all time stops, every nerve cell tingles, and waves of pleasure surge throughout one's being. My body went rigid. "Now!" I warned.

He increased his efforts dramatically. Suddenly, shot after heavy shot of sperm filled his mouth. He swallowed and sucked for more. More and more spurts of cum erupted into that hungry, eager, hot mouth. I moaned and pumped until I was emptied. He swallowed all of it.

He straightened up, took the cool cloth and bathed and cleaned my stiff rod. He was gentle and thorough. "That is fantastic! Now, it will help you to rest. You must rest for a time to overcome the effect of the sun," he said with authority. He covered me with a light sheet and left on only a dim soft light in a corner. "I will return to check on you later. Try to sleep. Now that you have relief of sexual tensions, you will rest more comfortably." He smiled into my eyes, again. His handsome face put me at ease. I felt at peace. I fell asleep immediately. I had a wonderful rest.

I woke up what seemed like days later. I was on the narrow table. I stretched, pushing down the light sheet. I wondered for a moment if the experience had been a dream. I had a hard-on poking its incorrigible head up towards my face as if saying, "Where's the doc?" I gave it a chokehold to discipline it, but that felt so good I gave it a few strokes.

The door handle behind my head rattled and turned and I slid the sheet over my throbbing cock. I heard someone come into the room and then heard the doctor say, "Ah, you are awake now. You have been..." his handsome face came into view from above my head, looking down into my face, upside-down, as his gentle hands touched both sides of my face, "...sleeping for four hours. It is very good. You are returned to good health. How do you feel?"


"Excellent! A very excellent sign of good health. Oh! Yes. I see the tent pole holding up the sheet. Excellent! Let me take a look." He released my face from the gentle grip and came around to the side of the table where I had first seen him. He looked even younger than I remembered and seemed very alert and excited. His hand rubbed across my chest, over each hard nipple, and then grabbed the sheet and lifted it.

"Oooh! It is new. Fresh. You have much vigor, Jack." Knowingly, he hefted my balls and caressed them. Then he lifted my cock as he had done before, at its center with a firm grip. He began stroking it, jacking it up and down, up and down. He said, again, "The skin moves so smoothly." He looked up at my face. He must have noticed my expression of excitement, of sexual stimulation. "You want to come? Once again?"

"Yes, but what about you, Doc? Do you comr with your patient? I want to see that." He looked startled as I brushed my forearm up and down the front of his body above the belt. The table was too high for me to reach his groin.

"Oh! You want to see?" He dropped my cock and began undressing hurriedly. After kicking off his shoes and pulling off his socks, he took off a light shirt and white trousers and was naked. A very large erection standing straight out, looking wet at the tip, pointed at me. It looked great. I stretched my right hand out towards it, and, as he came in closer, I grabbed his large balls. He gasped, "Oh!"

"You've got big balls, too, Doc."

"Yes. That is why I am surprised when I see you. We look very similar, Jack."

"Yes, we do, don't we. A big cock, too. If it is similar to mine, it also likes to get sucked." I grinned. He eyes got even bigger.

"Yes. Yes! You do that?!"

"I do lots of things, Doc. Lemme show ya'" I leaned towards the leaking cock and lapped at it with my tongue, cleaning the cockhead of the lubrication that was oozing out of the shiny slit. He drew in his breath. Then I sucked in the head and part of the shaft, suctioning with great skill. He gasped again.

"Oh, you can suck. Oh, that feels good!"

I let the cock out of my mouth with a pop. I rolled onto my back again, pushed the pillow onto the floor, and looked him in the eye. "You taste great, but I feel like I'm falling off this goddamn table as I try to get it in my mouth. I want more of it than I can reach."

"Yes, oh, yes."

"Get up on this table with me. That's it, get you knees up there above my head, now lean that big cock down here to me. That's it." He hopped up onto the table and knelt above my head like it wasn't the first time he'd done it. I thought, "He must like his work." As he leaned down, aiming his cock at my mouth, his head got closer and closer to my dick. We were in a classic sixty-nine position. All that remained was for him to complete the connection.

He leaned onto his elbows and awkwardly grabbed my cock in one hand. He aimed it upward. It touched his nose. He raised his head and licked at the cockhead. At the same time, he pressed his hips down and forced his giant cock into my mouth. I sucked and pulled in so much that it pressed against my throat. I put my hands on his hips and pushed him up and away, drawing the cock back from my throat. I swallowed, took a deep breath, and released his hips. The cock plunged into the back of my mouth, penetrated my throat and slid down until I felt cockhair pressed against my chin and balls against my nose.

"Hummm!" I heard him murmur. I felt his mouth descend on my cock until it too was in to the cockhair. I was startled that he handled cock as expertly as I did. Before he had only sucked at the cockhead and pumped the shaft with his fist. Now he held the length of it in his mouth and throat up to the hilt. It has been rare, in my experience, to find someone so skilled in taking cock as deeply into the throat with so little effort. I had indeed met my match in more ways than one.

He backed off to the tip. At the same time he pulled back on his hips and slid his cock out of my throat. He had excellent control of the sixty-nine. But I bobbed my head up, sucking in the mammoth tube and applying tremendous suction He made a noise in his throat and slid my cock back in up to the hilt, his nose against my balls. My hands played with his buttocks and asshole, massaging and penetrating. His hands slipped under my thighs and he pulled me into himself as deeply as possible. We both pumped and pulled, sucked and suctioned, caressed and massaged, working for our mutual pleasure. It was athletic and energetic. But it couldn't last. It felt too good!

He started saying, "Uh! Uh! Uh!" and pulling on my thighs. I knew he was telling me that he was ready to cum in my throat. I said, "Uh! Uh!" and pulled on his thighs, too, letting him know that I was ready. We both backed up to the cockhead and went down a final time to the base, deep in our throats, and began coming, together. Blast after blast. I backed him up and swallowed, catching the diminishing blasts on my tongue. He did the same. He was good. So was I.

He slid onto his side, as, giving him room, I slid onto mine. I kept his cock in my mouth. It stayed hard. He wanted to talk. He was very excited.

"Oh! Oh! You taste good! You suck good! Oh! Jack, I never feel this before. You are so handsome."

I freed his cock and said, "You are handsome, too, Doc. I've been in Brazil half a day and now I will believe all Brazilian men are like you."

"Many are. If you stay here long, you will learn that. We are not like North Americans. Here it is not forbidden to enjoy another man. It is normal. But here men want to penetrate other men in the anus. Not suck as we do."

"Do you like to have men penetrate you?" As I asked his erection throbbed in front of my face. It was an interesting way of knowing his answer would be "Yes".

"Yes," he said quietly. "I love it more than everything." I slid my hand between his thighs, up his backside and rubbed my middle finger around the edges of his asshole, feeling the fine, wiry hair and the rubbery flesh. I poked inward. He drew in his breath as the finger slipped in easily. I slid in another finger and twisted and pushed my hand. He groaned. Then he sucked in my cock, wetting it, getting it very slippery with saliva and semen.

"Move," I whispered. He slid onto his back as I got up on my knees and turned around. I was at the head of the table. He put his knees up. I grabbed his calves and pulled his feet up onto my shoulders, grabbed his hips and pulled him into me. My hard, slippery wet cockhead pressed against the experienced asshole. He shifted his hips, rotating them, forcing the cockhead to exert pressure at the asshole. I pressed forward, still pulling on his hips. I felt him apply equalizing pressure at the lips of his tight asshole until, suddenly, I felt them end resistance and the tip of the cock slowly began the insertion. He drew in a quick breath.

"Relax!" I said quietly. I smiled into his handsome face. He was looking me in the eye, panting. "Easy," I said. "Take deep breaths." I had been taught by experts.

Slowly my cockhead gained complete entrance, passing the tight sphincter, on its way into the rectum. Once that point was reached, the shaft followed smoothly. Suddenly, his hands pushed against my hips. "Wait!" he urged, "you are too big. Take it out. You may hurt me."

Others had said that to me in one way or another. It did not mean that I was hurting him, only that he thought I might. I backed the cock up slightly until I felt his hands relax, and then I pressed into him forcefully, pumping cock in to the hilt.

"Uh!" was all he said. His big balls rested against my groin as mine thudded against his stretched ass. "In," I hissed. "What a hot ass you've got, Doc."

"Yes! You are in! You are so big. It is so good." He tightened his ass and thigh muscles and pushed against my body while his sphincter and guts sucked and pulled my cock. It was like striking a match. Suddenly I became inflamed with passion and began an energetic attack, pounding cock up his ass, pumping into him, jarring his balls and pushing him back. He held on and returned each thrust with the skill of an athlete, as we fell into a hearty, wild, rhythmic fuck. I was conscious of our balls banging into each of us. His cock was rigid, leaking lubrication. I grabbed it in one hand as I held onto the side of the table with the other to secure our stable fucking position. His hands were on the backs of my thighs, pulling me into himself. The quick sixty-nine left us in no hurry to reach another orgasm, so the tempo of the fuck remained well paced. We wanted to give each other maximum pleasure. But we were not being timid about it. We looked into each other's eyes.

He lifted his head up off of the table and strained to reach me. I pressed forward, driving cock in as deeply as it could possibly go, and stretched my head toward his. We kissed, tentatively, then passionately. "Uh, I'm going to COME!" I mouthed to his lips, not breaking the kiss.

"Yes! I COME!" he responded, breathing into my mouth. I felt the tube in my hand expand. Suddenly, we both felt a long spurt of cum sizzle from the fat cockhead and squish onto his chest. Immediately, I came in his tight ass. Somehow, each spurt of cum from him caused a tightening on my cockshaft and sucked out one wild jet of cum after another. It was one of the most uncontrolled, reckless, lusty orgasms I have ever had. He flooded our bodies with his hot semen. Then, he spread his legs wide, lifted his calves from my shoulders and let me fall forward onto him, exhausted and happy. He put both arms around me and said something romantic, I'm sure. It was in Brazilian Portuguese and I didn't understand. But I'll tell you, it didn't take me long to learn. Few Brazilians speak English, so learning their language was important. And the incentives were terrific!


Jack Sofelot


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