I was putting my things back in my locker when I saw him. In the showers was one of the hottest guys I have ever seen on campus. His back was to me, he had broad shoulders, a powerful back, a perfect ass and his legs were like tree trunks. He had olive skin that seemed flawless. His hands washed away the shampoo from his jet black hair, his arms flexing with each movement showing off his biceps. I was mesmerized by then. He then turned around facing me, the water cascaded down his sculpted chest that were accompanied by equally sculpted abs. He had a light dusting of hair across his chest and made its way down his body ending into a happy trail. My mouth dropped at the sight of his dick. It was about 6 inches soft, thick, and he had a nice set of low hanging balls that were kept trimmed. My cock twitched and I was forming a small patch of pre cum on the front of my boxer briefs. His face was that of a Greek god, a perfect square jaw, high cheek bones, and the most amazing green eyes I have ever seen. I don't believe in love at first sight, but I do believe in lust at first sight. I had to turn around and face my locker to hide my more than obvious erection. So many thoughts ran through my head, god the things I would do to him, the things I would let him do to me. As I was lost in my thoughts I hadn't noticed he left the showers until he walked right up next to me. Of course his locker would be next to mine, he had his towel draped over his shoulder and still had water running down his body and hair. He flashed me a smile and I froze. That damn smile, took my breath away. He opened his locker and while he wasn't looking I got a closer glimpse of his cock, gathered my things and quickly left the locker room.

Here's a little about myself. My name is Daxton Wright and I'm 20 years old in my 3 year of college. I stand 5'11, have blonde hair, steel blue eyes and I am 175 lbs of lean muscle. I'm not "yolked" like some of my friends would say, but I look pretty damn without a shirt. As for my dick, I feel like I'm well equipped. I'm 5 inches soft, cut and when I'm hard I'm a good 7.5 inches. I worked damn hard to get the kind of body I have and I proud to put it on display. I've been out for about 3 years and life couldn't be better. Since I started college I dated a guy here and there, but never anything serious. Sure I wanted to grind my body against that Greek God in the locker room, but I would really love to wake up next to someone every morning.

It has been a week since I saw that Greek God in the locker rooms, and I was in the library closing it up. I work part time here to help pay my way through college. I had gotten a scholar ship for football, but my first year I tore my ACL and can't ever play again. The school graciously agreed to cover my classes but I have to buy my own books and necessities. Buying my own place set me back too, sure it was a studio apartment, but it was nice to have my own place.

I had just locked up the library and was looking forward to starting my weekend. I was about to head down to the basement to put away some books when I heard the front doors jiggle. I went to go see what was up and I stopped right in my tracks when I saw him. There he was behind the glass, the Greek God wearing a white V-neck, mesh basketball shorts and flip flops, with a book in his hand. He waved the book in the air, pointed at the door and flashed that damn smile. My heart melted when he flashed that smile. I walked up and cracked the door open, I asked with an overly friendly tone,

"Can I help you?"

"Yeah, I know it's late, but I forgot to turn this book in and needed to check out another book for a paper that's due tomorrow morning. I was hoping you could help me out."

"Sure man, no problem, would be my pleasure."

I let him in to the library, took his book and asked him what he needed. He dug out a piece of a paper from his pocket and handed it to me. I went to the computer, looked up the history book, found it and had him follow me.

"So who's your professor?"

" I have Carrol....she's a bitch"

"Oh man I feel for you, I've had her before, not my favorite professor"

" Seriously....hey man thanks for helping me out. I appreciate it"

"Yeah man, no problem"

We got to the section and the book was on the top shelf. I got myself the nearest ladder and slowly inched my way up the ladder. I grabbed the book and made my back down to him when I heard a snap. One of the steps cracked and had sent me falling backwards towards the floor. I was expecting to hit hard ground but was surprised when he caught me. In that small moment, everything felt right all of the sudden. He was warm, and I could smell his cologne, it was woodsy with a hint of spice that intoxicated my senses. His arms were big, strong yet gentle. It seemed as if he held me forever though it was a second or two.

" Shit man are you ok !?"

"Yeah I am...fuck that ladder..."

I realized he was still holding me when I pulled myself away. Our eyes met and I saw something in his eyes. It was like he was genuinely concerned about my safety.

"Ummm thanks man, I could have died there haha"

"No problem man, it was my pleasure"

There it was again, he flashed that damn smile. Man was I captivated by that damn smile. I put the ladder outside and we went to the front desk, and I checked the book out for him. He thanked me one again for helping him out and I thanked him for catching me. I walked him to the front door of the library and watched through the glass as he walked away. He looked over and flashed that damn smile, and he disappeared into the night.




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