I damn near didn't answer the phone. I was exploring some real sexy blogs - and fuck it -, but the insistent noise of the phone destroyed one's concentration. I had been looking for some super stimulation before I allowed my wank to reach a climax and that ring had destroyed the mood.

Taking my hand away from its duty I snatched up the phone

"Yes! ".I virtually barked down the receiver. "Who is it?"

"Oooooh, Baby. Is this the wrong time? "A voiced purred at me just above a whisper. "I thought this was your wanking hourand as I was in the district, it seemed a pity to waste all that cum."

My mind went into overdrive. Who was this? My brain rapidly going through its voice recognition register trying to work out who this was, and I hit on one name.

"Jack, you bastard. Is this you?"

"Ah, so there are options these days? Which other creatures from your past are you going to invoke? Or are we dealing with a current menu of delights?

The voice was familiar yet this whispering and breathiness wouldn't let my mind latch on to the particular. "Who, the fuck, are you?"

"I'm me, baby. And I'm outside and...."

I put down the phone and went to the door, opened it but there was no one there. Yes it was dark but there was plenty of moon and star light. There was no one in the street and the light from the car park, just ten yards away would have shown up anyone. I went up to the park, there were only two cars. Both empty - I looked.

I went back to the cottage. The phone was where I had left it. I picked it up, almost expecting to here the dial-tone. "Hello?"

"Hey baby, "the voice breathed. "You didn't need to do that. I have come looking for you.

"Who is this?" I was getting paranoid but also intrigued.

"Someone who loves you, baby. Someone who wants you, baby. - And someone who wants you to strip where you stand and then you must turn off all those lights, go up that short staircase and lie on your bed so I can come and fuck you, deep like you love it, baby. You'ld like that."

"Of course I would."

The phone went dead in my hand. I listened to the dial-tone. I knew that somehow from somewhere I was being watched. I could go to the door and lock it and just go on with my life. BUT my cock was standing proud and I was - well if I was honest - more than somewhat turned on. What the Hell - this was something else. I allowed myself a broad grin.

It turned into a smile. I crossed to the main window, threw my arms wide and slowly bowed, before straightening up and stripping off my clothes. I moved round my sitting room turning out the lights one at a time. When it was dark I knew my way and moved quickly upstairs. I entered my bedroom and pulled the string for my bedside low light.

I stripped my bed back and lay down. I heard the front door shut. The fourth stair creaked as usual but then I was suddenly blinded by a high-powered torch. I couldn't see it was total darkness for he turned off the only light I had left lit.

His hands found me. He stroked my body. His strong though gentle hands explored me and I reached out and found wide shoulders and from a sweet peppermint scented breath I sensed his head was near me. He placed his mouth gently over mine and we kissed. He laid himself down both beside and partly over me. He was as naked as I was. His tongue found mine and though it teased my lips it also relaxed me, and we began to explore each other. I could feel his rampant cock against my leg. My own was achingly stiff and pointing ceilingwards.

I ran my hands down from his wide shoulders over firm pecs I stroked the aureoles with my thumb and his nipples hardened, I teased them then sucked on each before returning to our kiss. My hands followed a soft hair-trail that led down across a six pack (or was it eight). My fingers found a soft but curly bush and the root of a cock which was sending out signals of urgency for some action, leaking some sticky pre-cum

I ducked down and there was a sweet tasting helmet forcing itself free of it's shroud and my tongue explored his foreskin.

Meanwhile he had found the lube that I had placed ready and had begun work on my asshole and love-chute with first one then two and now three fingers. I hissed a "yeeeesssss". I wanted him inside me.

"It must be safe!" I cried as I felt those long fingers hit the base of my prostate.

"It never was when you fucked me" he whispered.

"Then it was years ago. I only play safe now" I tried to break out of his grasp.

"So do I, baby. But I am clean and you are something I promised myself all those years ago."

"But you can't have a body like yours - at my age!"

His mouth covered mine and as we kissed I felt all my fears all my questions disappear into a miasma of nothing and his cock slipped up into me as though it was the most natural - and certainly the most wonderful - place for it to be.

He fucked me slowly at first; he was big but not too big; when I tensed my anal muscles I could feel the vein-ribbed steeliness of him. I moaned with the joy and pleasure he was giving me, then he quickened. He used his cock as a wand to create a magical yearning pleasure that lit up my whole being. My own cock was reaching between us and wanting to explode as his dick stimulated my prostate and his body masturbated me. Then I felt him expand and thicken as he plunged deeper and deeper into me. Then came the pulsing, that ripple up the channel of his cock, heralding his release deep within me. A couple of moments later I started to stream forth cum all over him and all over me. How at my age could I cum like this - perhaps it was his own powerful ejaculation passing straight through from his cock and out of mine.

How short is ecstasy - and yet it seemed a lifetime. We held each other, nibbling and loving. My cock shrank back to its shrimpness. I felt his soften and slip from me.

He softly whispered. "I just knew you would still be a great fuck." We kissed.

And then he was gone. His hands no longer touched me. His body was no longer along side me. I reached out but just felt air. "Don't go. Not yet," I begged. I sat up. I searched for him but he wasn't there. I found the lamp and switched it on. I was alone.

Naked as I was I dived off that bed, down the stairs and out of the open front door. There was no one there. I looked around but there was nothing. He had gone.

Whoever you are, whoever you were. If you want to come back, I am waiting.



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