The story begins a week before Matt and Jon are to begin graduate school at a major university in a southern state. Matt arrives first followed two days later by Jon.

Jon's mother Mary and Father Jon, Sr., help their son unload his boxes in room 569 of the graduate dorm. Jon, Jr. introduces his parents to his new roommate. Following a brief conversation, Mary and Jon, Sr. leave for their trip home.

Matt is a former university tennis singles champion and is entering graduate school majoring in chemistry.

Jon, Jr. is entering a graduate program in public policy after getting his bachelor's degree in political science. He was a four year letter man in soccer at his previous university.

Matt stands 6' 2", weighs 170 pounds, blond hair with deep blue eyes, has a rock hard body with strong arms and legs/thighs. He is of Danish ancestry. He has a big smooth slick 10" cut cock with a large cock head and over sized balls.

He has been dating his girlfriend back home for 4 years and they plan to marry after graduate school.

Jon stands 5' 10", weighs 150 pounds, light brown hair and brown eyes, solid rock body with super cute muscled biceps and rock hard abs. He is of Italian ancestry. He has a beautiful hairless 7.5" cut cock with a thick shaft.

They spend the afternoon getting to know one another. Near dinner time, Matt takes Jon to the university cafeteria. They spend the evening learning about each other and their years growing up and college days.

Over the next few weeks they become the best of friends as they share the same interest in music, love computer games, discover that they both have liberal political views, love sports and have a fondness for southern foods.

Jon is a virgin Gay man. He has fallen in love with Matt but keeps it a secret because Matt is straight and has a girlfriend. He lust after Matt and when alone in his room, he often masturbates dreaming of being fucked by this hunk Matt.

After a couple of months, Matt suggest to Jon that they take a drive in the country on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Matt insist on driving his car.

Several miles out of town Matt turns onto a deserted dirt road that goes to the top of a mountain over looking a beautiful valley and lake. He parks the car over looking the valley. He turns on some soft rock music that they both love.

Jon noticed that Matt takes off his shoes and lowers his seat back. Jon decides to remove his shoes to rest his feet on this hot day. Soon Jon is shocked and delighted when Matt takes a foot and begins to rub it against one of Jon's feet. Soon Matt starts moving his hot foot up Jon's leg and lands on Jon's now swollen rock hard cock.

Matt starts pressing hard against Jon's erect bulge. Next Matt unzips his own pants and pulls out his huge erect 10" cock. He then takes one of Jon's hands and places it on his cock and says: "Jon, I now you are shocked but since I met you I have started lusting after you. You are so gorgeous. I think you are making me gay. I want you so bad. I have been planning this trip for weeks. Please love me and fuck me and let me fuck you."

Matt unzips Jon's tight pants, pulls out this gorgeous 7.5" leaking cock and starts jacking it off. They are both now jerking each other off as their hands are wet with precum. Soon Matt suggest that they each lick their own hand clean so they can taste each others seed. They both love the taste of their buddies cum.

Matt reaches over and starts kissing Jon's soft thick lips. Before long, he slips his hot tongue inside Jon's watering mouth. They kiss hard and long as spits runs down their chins and onto their shirts.

Now so horny and lusting after each other they move to the back seat, lower the seats, take off each others clothes until they are completely naked with both cocks thrusting forward, throbbing and leaking gobs of precm.

Matt has them move into a 69 position as they begin to kiss, lick, spit and suck each others cock head. Soon they are going all the way down on each others cock, playing with the huge balls and soon they are fingering their partners asshole.

They rotate between sloppy cock sucking, sucking on the partners balls and finally begin eating their mates man pussy. It is a session of wet and sloppy as well as noisy oral sex fucking. The car seats are now wet with their bodies sweat, spit and cum. The car is filled with sexual odors. They are in total heat for one another.

After many minutes of sucking, Matt goes up to Jon and begins devouring his mouth with deep kisses as they taste all the juices produced from all the sucking and licking.

They both are so rock hard and near a climax. They pause as Matt says: "Jon, buddy, I have to have that man pussy of yours. I know how to drill a hole with my huge boner as my girlfriend can testify. I so want my red hot cock all the way into your beautiful pink ass. I have lusted after this ass ever time I have seen you shower back at the dorm. I have shot huge loads watching you shower. Now I want the real thing. Oh, you beautiful bitch, you are now my slut, give my that ass. I want you to be my bitch. Your ass belongs only to me."

Jon is so horny and excited he almost comes but he needs more sex first. His first time is beyond his wildest dreams and with the man he lust after ever day.

Matt places Jon on the seats on his back. Matt goes to the glove compartment and gets a bottle of lube and bright red condoms. He has prepared for this day.

He lifts Jon's legs up on his broad shoulders, spreads Jon's legs far apart, lubes this pink man pussy, puts on the condom, lubes the condom and begins to rub his monstrous cock up and down Jon's ass crack. He pushes his cock under Jon's balls and goes back and forth getting Jon ready for a wild fuck. Jon's crotch is now soaked with juices both lube and precum.

Jon moans and says: "Oh, my master, I want your cock so bad. I have wanted you to fuck me since the first day. Be gentle. I cannot take all that huge cock but give me what I can take. Oh, FUCK ME, OH FUCK ME! I want you so bad, please master give it to me."

Matt is s turned on that he starts entering his long awaited buddies ass. Jon is so horny and eager that he is shocked when Matt is able to plunge all the way into his deep ass with one thrust. Soon Matt is rapidly thrusting in and out over and over. Jon's wet ass has opened up. Matt can feel his large wood rubbing the soft walls of Jon's ass and rubbing over the large prostrate. They fuck for then longest time as both are in a total erotic bless.

After some time, Jon says: "Oh, buddy, I feel your cock head swelling, your balls are rising up on my ass and balls, and my ass is grabbing your cock. You are going to come." With that Matt, yells, "Oh yea, Oh Yea, I am comming. Here it is. Oh I feel so erotic. The bursts feel so good."

Matt is spent. He pulls out, takes off the condom and dumps his huge cum load down Jon's waiting throat. Jon devours his buddies cum. They kiss and share this huge white thick semen. They are in love.

Matt takes a large blanket and places it on the ground outside the car. He instructs Jon to get down on the blanket on his back. Matt lubes Jon's cock, puts a condom on Jon's hard cock, lubes his own ass and moves on top of Jon's cock. He drives his ass down hard on the waiting cock. Soon Jon's entire cock is deep in Matt's ass. Matt rides this wet swollen cock like riding a bull. He comes up and down on the virgin cock while Jon pushes his ass upward. The sloppy hot fuck last for at least 10 minutes. They both are breathing hard, moaning and panting to catch their breath. They look like two dogs in heat.

Soon Jon yells: "Buddy, I cannot hold it any longer. Oh, Yea, here I come. OMG, I have never had such a huge ejaculation. I must be spilling a gallon of cum. Oh, it feels so good. When spent, Jon has Matt pull off. Jon takes his condom off and puts it up to Matt's noise to smell his leaking cum and condom. Matt is so turned on that he begins sucking the cum out of the condom. They kiss and once again share the cum. They know how each buddies cum smells and taste.

As they drive back to campus, Matt gives Jon a sexy smile and says: "Baby, I love you so much. I want to spend my life with you. I will write my girlfriend tomorrow and end our relationship. You are my lover from now own. I am still so horny that when we get to the dorm, I want to fuck that beautiful pink ass again. You know it is now mine."

Jon is so turned on that he reaches over and unzips Matt's pants and plays with the now growing cock again. He jacks off Matt all the way back to campus. Wild sex awaits them at the dorm.



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