For the last three months I spied him, sitting with his backpack between his legs and leaning back, eyes closed. The ten-minute ride from when I got on the train until he got off was the best part of my day, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. As creatures of habit he was sitting in the same spot, or close to it, every time. Of course I chose a spot that provided the best view without drawing attention. I could sit and look at him, as if in that daze people have when leaving work, and take in his beauty.

He was about twenty, short dark brown hair, pale skin of a guy who wasn't outside in the sun all day and these amazing lips. They had a natural red color to them that was intoxicating.

It wasn't easy to tell what his build was under the jackets and sweaters of a cold spring but I could tell he was trim in the waist and a nice stocky build of a young man who was no stranger to physical exercise of some sort. I would imagine him playing rugby or wrestling or swimming naked in the crystal clear water of a lagoon. Until his stop came and he left. His exit would vary, sometimes he would walk toward be to the door, other times away from me. Each was a gift allowing me to check out his bulge or his ass. Unfortunately his pants weren't always tight. A young man such as he should be mandated by law to wear tight pants or jeans. When they were, the bulge was appealing and his ass, mouthwatering.

The week of finals for the college students came and he wasn't on the train. It was a long week. The Monday following was the first truly warm day of spring and people shed the jackets and heavy clothing for tee shirts and shorts. For gay men such as myself it was the start of lusting season. Beautiful men wearing clothing that would show off their bodies for the next three months or so, allowing gay men to lust after them. It should be an official sport. They could make it a catch and release activity.

Back to that Monday. When I got on the train he was in his spot again. Shorts and a tee shirt. He was stunning. He didn't have any tattoos or scars, not much hair on his arms or legs. His tee was loose, draped over the torso of a young stud. His shorts were baggy, hiding the treasures he possessed but teasing with firm calves. He was leaning back, his head resting against the window, eyes closed. His stop came and he remained. Was he asleep? I was tempted to call out to him and wake him, but didn't want to reveal my close attention to him. My ten-minute ride watching this gorgeous youth last eighteen minutes, when the train reached my stop.

That night I thought about him as I stroked my cock; His beautiful lips around my shaft as my hands running through his dark hair.

Entering the train on Tuesday I didn't see my young hunk. Deflated I sat down and rode the eighteen minutes to my stop wondering if I had seen the last of him. The term was over and his schedule could change so his ride home, or wherever he was going would be different.

Waiting for the train to pull up I stood at the same place on the platform and boarded the train and my eyes lit up. There he was! Sitting in that dreamy position, head back, body relaxed, backpack between his feet. His shorts weren't quite as baggy and he was wearing a tee that was snug. That wonderful twitch that happens to your cock signaled I was turned on. I love when my cock twitches. His eyes were closed allowing me to gaze at him. His chest rose and sank with his breath. As it raised the fabric of his t-shirt stretched just a little bit. If I was closer I am sure his nipples would be visible. His stomach was flat. His arms were solid. He was surely an athlete at one point. Maybe he played on a team now? The train slowed as it reached his station. How could ten minutes go by so quickly? Adverting my eyes I looked out the window while keeping him in site. I had to see him walking to the door, see his taunt body while moving.

The train jerked to a stop. He opened his eyes, leaned forward and reached for his backpack. Standing up with the grace and strength of a racehorse he turned toward the door only a few feet in front of me. His snug tee was not quite a second skin, but damn close. I couldn't resist turning my head toward him. I couldn't resist scanning his body, looking at his bulge. He turned toward the door. Before I could turn away he looked over at me. His eyes met mine. I was busted. He caught me. I felt my face become warm. The doors opened. The next thing he did was smile at me.

I looked down as fast as I could, embarrassed and guilty. What was a man my age doing? Forty-five years old and ogling a young hunk, being caught, busted, and left to deal with the shame!

Waiting for the train the next day I contemplated riding in a different car to avoid seeing him and try to save face. The train pulled up, I stood still, and the desire to see my dreamy young stud was too great. Alas my worry was for naught. He wasn't there. Had I seen the last of him? That thought stayed with me all evening and all day while at work. Was he gone? Would I see him again? Would a new young student equally as attractive take his place?

The last hour of work was terribly stressful. The anticipation grew, co-workers noticed and asked if I had something special planned. I pawned it off on being an amazingly beautiful day and a Friday and I was looking forward to the weekend. My heart was beating harder as I stood and waited for the train. Trying not to peer into the windows as it pulled in I looked at the ground. Walking on the train I tried not to look around for him, but I did. Taking my seat in the usual spot I felt my heart sink. He wasn't there.

It was a long eighteen minutes to my stop. The thought that he was gone left me feeling sad. I knew I would end up surfing the Internet for porn. Seeking a site of young men in various stages of dress, hoping to find one that looked like my dream man. Stepping off the train at my stop I didn't feel the excitement that had been with me al day. The beautiful weather meant little as a consolation prize. Walking slowly toward the platform exit my gaze was toward the ground. A pair of legs, shorts, just like he wore on Wednesday came into view. I looked up. He smiled. I looked behind me to see whom he was smiling at; there was no one there. Looking back he smiled again.


He spoke to me! I stopped walking a few feet from him unsure of what to do.

"I'm William." His voice was young, not too deep and terribly sexy in an innocent way.

"Kenneth." My ability to think was faltering. One word was all I could manage.

"Kenneth, I like it. You have been watching me. I noticed it a while back. But you never said hi."

Busted, completely and totally busted. "Sorry William. I didn't mean to, please forgive me."

"You didn't?"

"No. Well...I will take a later train. It wasn't right." I started walking. The guilty feelings swept over me.

"Wait. Kenneth. I'm not upset. I...I was...I thought that maybe you were attracted to me."

I stopped. He wasn't going to allow me to escape. I turned to face him. "William. You seem like a very nice young man. My behavior was inappropriate. I won't be bothering you in the future."

"You weren't bothering me. Not at all. But I am still curious if you attracted to me."

"Yes William. You are attractive. I find you attractive and I couldn't help myself. I'm sorry."

"Stop apologizing, please." William took a step closer to me. I prepared to move away quickly incase he was planning on striking me. He took another step. "Kenneth. I find you very attractive. I have been riding that same train, same car, same time all term wondering if you were interested in me."

Mind racing I looked at him. His brown eyes were clear and sparkled in the sunlight.

"You are interested in me aren't you?"

It was impossible for me to deny it so I didn't say a word.

"Kenneth. I find men your age very attractive. I find you very attractive."

My mouth dropped open, just a little bit. Was this young man possibly gay? Was he really interested in me?

He stepped closer and nearly whispering he spoke. "I would love to follow you home if would have me."

My cock twitched. Still looking in his beautiful brown eyes I began to smile. My gaze moved to his red lips. Then down to his strong neck with his soft skin. His white tank top was snug, his shoulders broad, and his chest solid. Was he really asking to come home with me? Was he possibly interested in being naked with me? Was I really facing the opportunity to touch this beautiful young man?

"It's not far." I smiled and began to walk. He could leave. He could jump me. He could follow me. The choice was his. A moment later he was walking next to me. We walked in silence until we reached my place. Fumbling with the keys I opened the door and we entered. My heart was racing. What did he want?

Putting my things down and taking off my suit coat I asked if he wanted anything to drink. Pouring us each a glass of water I walked back to the hallway to find him missing. Turning I found him standing in my living room. Young men his age are stunning. The youth, their energy, their beauty, their mere presence was captivating. Handing him the glass of water I wasn't sure if he wanted to sit, to talk or what.

"Kenneth. I am rather nervous. I'm not a virgin. I've had sex with guys my age but never with an older man. When I realized you were watching me I became excited thinking that maybe you were interested in me so I made sure to take the same train home each day. But you looked away every time I looked at you. I want to be with you."

His words were spellbinding. If he was lying he was doing an outstanding job but his voice was so earnest, so convincing I found myself believing him. He put the glass down and pulled off his tank top. As the skin of his belly was exposed I gasped. Smooth, flat, he had abs; damn youth don't realize how lucky they are to have abs like that. A slight trail of hair just peeking above the waist of his shorts. He raised the fabric slowly until his chest was exposed. Smooth, firm and perfect. His nipples were small and pert, aroused. His movements were executed with confidence and ease. He dropped the tank top on the floor.

Staring at his body I felt mine begin to tingle. He reached for the front of his shorts, unbuttoned them, unzipped them and let them fall to the floor. His boxer briefs were a dark blue and he was clearly aroused. He walked to me and reached out. His touch was confident, strong yet gentle. "I want you inside of me." He whispered just inches from my ear before his lips moved to mine. That was all it took. My arms were around his solid body, his skin soft, warm. He tasted sweet, like pear. His kiss was confident. I wanted to be inside of him.

My hands moved over his back to his ass. Damn. Like the abs the young men don't know how a firm tight young ass with soft skin is a true gift to be enjoyed. Left hand slides up to his shoulder and along his bicep, squeezing. His arm moves off my shoulder and he begins to undo my tie. In a moment he is unbuttoning my dress shirt as I explore his ass with hand and his chest with the other. Our kiss continues and the pace builds. He finishes with the buttons and I pull my shirt off. He reaches for the lower front of my t-shirt and pulls it out of my slacks.

Our kiss breaks as I pull the tee off. His hands are immediately on my chest. "Damn! I have never felt such a furry chest. It is so sexy. I love it." He says as he caresses my chest. His hands slide down to my pants and he opens them. Dropping to his knees he pushes the pants down, slides one hand up my leg while reaching for my cock still covered in my briefs. "Hairy. Do you know how sexy a hairy man is?" He exclaims as his hand closes in on my hard cock. "Guys my age, no hair or they shave off the little they do have. Hairy guys turn me on."

He leans in and kisses my cock through the fabric of my briefs. I moan. He may be young but he isn't new to cock. He reaches into the waistband and pulls it down releasing my hard on. "Nice! You have pubes! Fucking love it!" By the time the words leave his lips he has them kissing the underside of my cock. It springs up, bouncing at the thrill of his mouth so close to being around my member.

I reach for his head to steady myself as he begins to suck on my swollen cock. The excitement of not only seeing my young stud again but speaking with him, having him in my home, having him half naked and sucking on my cock is a mixture that is almost too much to handle. I want him. I want to touch him, feel him, suck him, and fuck him. I want to show him how sex can be with a man who has experience, years of experience. I may not have the body of a twenty-year-old athlete but what I do have can't be found in a gym or genetics. It comes from practicing and exploring sex, for years.

Not wanting to shoot my load into his mouth I pull out of him and smile. His eyes, those beautiful deep brown eyes are sparkling, smiling, as are his luscious red lips. "Stand up." I command him and he listens. I pull him in to me and kiss those lips. The taste is as sweet as I imagined mixed with the faint taste of my own cock. My hands explore his body as we kiss. Skin so soft tightly covering muscle, it's almost magic. Leading him into my bedroom I turn to him and begin to remove my tie and shirt. His erection is trapped in his boxer briefs. As I look at his crotch he slowly removes them, releasing a nice size cock. He has trimmed up his pubes and his balls are smooth. His cock is just the right size to easily swallow its entire length.

He smiles at me. "Anything you want I will do, just cover it."

"Not a problem." My smile is undoubtedly huge. Pulling him to me we kiss again. I turn until the bed is behind him and push him back on to it. Crawling on top of him I begin to explore his youthful body.

Guys claim to have sex for hours and I believe them as much as I believe they have nine inches. A lot of boasting and seldom true. After forty minutes we have both exploded, cum all over his chest and abs. I like it up, savoring the taste of clean young sperm. Is it my imagination that young sperm from a man his age tastes better? Relaxing on the bed he turns his head to me and smiles. "Thank you. A real man is so much better in bed. I think you may have turned me off guys my age!" He laughs a little. "My classes end later on Fridays this next term. I would love to come home with you, have you teach me." He pauses as my mind bursts into fireworks. "If you want to." Looking at him I see his eyes actually look fearful I will say no.

"Fridays would be wonderful."



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