The Ad in the Advocate read........

"Free = Dirty Sex Talk = (760) 555 4629

no calls after eleven p.m."

He felt a surge in his loins, a rush of blood into his cock, making it hard and stiff. A pleasant excitement! "Yeah man," he said as he sat down on a chair and spread his legs. He cupped his balls in one hand and gave them a friendly squeeze. It thrilled him to be naked. "Yeah.

I'd like that," he said as he reached for the telephone. He found a nipple, pinched it between two fingers. The buzzing of the ring sounded only twice.

"Hello?" A question in the tone of it.

"Hi," he paused, not sure what to say next. "You feel like talking?"

He was stroking his cock now.

That depends on what you want to talk about. If you're selling something, forget it," The voice was firm, almost strident. Then a whisper, "If you want to talk about sex, I'm always ready, for that anyway."

"Yeah, me too. I'm hot, man. All horned up as usual, But more right now.

Hot!" He slipped the foreskin back and forth over the bulge of the mushroom.

He arched his back. "Shit I'm hot."

"Why? Why more now than any other time? Something must have happened."

"Yeah, it did. This morning. I was driving home from work. Got a night job, you know. Musta been ten, ten thirty. Nothing gets me more excited than seeing a guy naked. Bare-ass, you know. I love to see a guy with no clothes on.

"Well, you should see me then. I never wear clothes, 'less I have to.

I'm naked now, are you?"

"Yeah," he sighed.

"What do you call yourself? What's your name?"


"Mine's Henry, but everyone calls me Hank."

"Hi, Hank."

"Hello, Joe. ........So tell me about the guy you saw this morning."

"Well, I'll tell you Hank, if I see a guy with his shirt off, sometimes I drive around the block over and over. I want to his nipples and his button. Nips really turn me on. I don't know why exactly, but this guy was working on his lawn and his shirt was off. Shit...." his voice took on a dreamy quality as he remembered it. "Low riding jeans just hugging his buns. A muscle body, too. All tan from the sun. Real lean. I kept riding around the block, slow like, 'cause his back was to me, and I wanted him to see the front of him. Shit! Those jeans were riding so low I could see the beginning of his ass-crack......well, at last he turned around just as I drove past his house. His hands on his hips. He was looking at me now. Yessir, he was one exciting dude."

"Shit, that doesn't sound like much to me......"

"Well wait, Hank, let me finish. I pulled to the curb, nodded my head, put my fingers to my lips. You know, like I was trying to tell him something.

Well, this dude caught on fast. Guess that hadn't been the first time he'd been cruised by a horny queer......."

"You call yourself queer?"

"Sure, that's what I am. With that guy I'm queer as a three dollar bill

......but let me finish Hank, just talking about it gets me hot."

"I guess you got a hard-on?"

"Yeah, I'm stroking too."

"Feel good, Joe?"

"Yeah, Hank. Got to go slow though, so's I don't come. You feel it, Hank?"

"Yes," and Hank poured some slick oil on his cock and slid the palm of his hand over the tip. "Oh man, that feels so good!"

"Don't come, Hank>"

"No, I wont. Not yet anyways. Jeez, I love that."

There was a long pause. Only a grunt and a low groan could be heard now.

They both struggled for control.

"Shit! I nearly shot my wad that time, Hank."

"Me too, but I'm okay now. So the guy walked up to the car. What happened then?"

"Well....." Joe's breathing still came in heavy gasps. Well, he leaned on the door and put his head in the open window. I could smell his sweat, you know, working out in the sun and all. He was smiling. And then he said,'You looking at ME?' Yeah, I say. 'Like what you see?' Yeah. He didn't say anything for a while....just kept leaning there. I kept looking at him. Shit! Those nipples......I tell you Hank, I wanted to suck the sweat off of them so bad...well, he stepped back, away from the door. I could see his body now above those tight jeans.......Oh man!

Slim hips.....long torso, all tan. Nice hair too, black. He put his hand on the bulge of his crotch.....'

"Wait, Joe."


"Yeah, I want to put some more oil on my cock.....Oh man, does that ever feel good."

"How come you got oil, Hank?"

"Well I got a speaker phone so's I don't have to hold it, and I got both hands free. Got my finger up my ass, and stroking with my other hand,

......Jeez I love that. Ah man, that feels good."

"You're getting me hot talking like that."

"You got a big cock, Joe?"

"Seven or eight inches. Seems to be bigger right now."



"I love it uncut like that. If you were here I'd peel the skin back, man."


"Yeah, I'd suck on that slick knob. I'd play with it and lick it and suck it......"

"Yeah man. I'm rubbing the skin back and forth. I wish you were here, Hank. If you were, tell me about sucking on my pole."

"Well I'd take it all the way, deep six, you know, so's my nose is buried in your belly hair. And while I sucked on it, I'd lick it with my tongue.

Oh jeez! You taste good. I can taste your cock cheese just thinking about it."

"Yeah man, keep sucking baby."

"You got cock cheese, Joe?"

"You better believe it Hank, the inside ridge, just under the forekin. You into that too?"

"The dirtier, the better Joe, that's me."

"Oh Shit!"

"Don't come."

"Shit! I got to take a cold shower or something. I almost came that time Hank."

"Hold it baby."


There was a long pause...........

"Shit man, that was close."

"Yeah. So tell me about this morning, you know, the guy cutting the grass, what you were saying before."

"Well he asked me to come into his backyard. Wanted to show me something.

So I got outta the car. I followed him around the side of the house.

I had a hard-0n, pushing my pants out. He turned around to look at it.

'You always this excited,' he asked. Yeah, when I see a pretty guy like you, I said. And then he said, 'Well I'll show you the rest of me, then let's see what you'll do about it,' so he closed the gate....."

"Go on, why're you stopping?"

"Shit, I'm just thinking about it, you know, like I'm doing it all over again. It was real private back there. Lots of hedges and walls and stuff, all green and cool like we were in a park or something. He leaned back against a tree. It was then I noticed he was barefoot. Funny how you see something like that. I was more interested in his crotch with the goddam basket bulging out. Shit, he had a hard-on too. I was real excited, you know. I just stood there looking at him. Shit he was a good-looking guy. Musta been about my age......"

"How old are you, Joe?"


"Shit, you're just a kid."

"Yeah. Anyways, there I was standing there looking at his bare feet, thinking about how hairy his legs might be, and muscular, hard and solid, you know, when he reached to the buttons of his fly an' started to open them. OH shit! I was really turned on now. I pulled my T-shirt over my head and dropped my pants and was naked before he got to the second button.

He laughed. Seemed like he liked looking at me. Christ, he was turned on too.

"He had big full lips and white teeth, and his dark eyes sparkled like flashing fire, and they just stared at my cock sticking out like it was trying to reach his. It felt so good, being naked. A nice breeze rolling all around like it was trying to cool me down. He was to the second or third button, I don't know which, and his jeans started to slip down.

I could see the start of his hair, you know, what grows down there, that bushy pubic hair. I thought I was goin' to faint. I moved my hips a little and my cock just swayed back and forth so nice, and he stuck his tongue out and slobbered it over those big fat lips of his. I lost control, I guess. I just couldn't help it. I fell on my knees in front of him and grabbed his jeans around his legs and tugged them off, down to his ankles.

He wasn't wearing any shorts either, and there it was, that big fat fuckin'

hard=on cock just sticking out right in front of me, begging me to take it.

"Soon's I wrapped my tongue around it, he pushed forward and his fucking cock slid down my throat and he came. I mean great gobs of cum jess spurted into my mouth. Shit!!! I mean I loved the goddam cum an' all, but shit, I wanted to play with it awhile. I figured we'd have a nice long session, but it was all over before I had a chance to get started. Shit!

He reached down to his ankles and pulled his jeans up. All he said was,

'Thanks, I needed that.' So that's why I'm so fucking horny right now."

"Jeez, that's a hot story."

"Yeah. Well there's more, Hank. Would you believe it. When he pulled his cock out of my mouth he just stood there a'holding it, and he said,

'My doctor says I should pee after I let a guy suck my cock,' and would you believe it, with that he pissed all over me. Slimy hot piss went all over. In my hair, face, every goddam where. Shit! I smell like a fuckin' toilet right now."

"Jeez Joe! That gets to me. Nothing I like better'n a load of piss...."

There was a long pause as Hank struggled for control.

"So what are you going to do about it, Joe?" he finally asked in a tight voice.

"What you mean?"

"Well you going to jack off or what?"

"Sure man, what else can I do, shit?"

"You could come over here, Joe. I'm naked and I got a hot horny fucking hard-on too, and there's nothing I'd like better'n licking that piss offa you and sticking my tongue up your ass and eatin' you. I got a bladder full of piss too, Joe, An' nice big fat brown nipples that just love to be chewed on. You want to come over, Joe? I love cock, Joe.

Why don't you come over and bring me your hard-on cock so's I can suck it, huh Joe? Come on over and we'll party. You and me. Let's you an' me get wet. Okay, Joe?"

"Yeah man, I'm ready. Jess tell me where and I'm on my way.......Yeah, yeah, I know where that is. Just hold it for me and I'll be there in ten minutes".........He slammed the receiver into the cradle, reached for his car keys and ran naked out the door........

"Yeah, man," he cried.


Joe Wilson

[email protected]


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