I don't even know what happened.One second he was kissing me and the next he freaked out as if he'd seen a ghost. Justin just launched himself out of my room and bolted, before I could get downstairs, he was gone.

Definitely the weirdest night ever. I was running my hand on my neck and I felt it, the bite. "Damn",I said out loud, it wasn't just a nibble. It was a damn bite. I walked over to the kitchen sink and rubbed some water on my neck, it stung. Just when I thought the night couldn't get any weirder, I heard a crash at the front door. I thought it must be Justin, back to explain. But as I walked into the living room, my body froze, limp. I couldn't move. I did not know who this man was, he had a gun.

I prayed with all my strength that may this be a joke, but in vain. The man raised his gun and all I could say was, "please don't". He just laughed, and pulled the trigger. I felt a surge of pain, as I looked down at the hole in my chest. My knees buckled and I fell on my face, I tried to move but it was like the only thing I could control were my eyes. I saw the man step back out and wave at someone, then two more men came in with backpacks and started shoving anything of value into them.

This is why my life was going to be over, because of a fucking robbery. The thugs left once they were done, leaving me there, in my own blood. As the last breaths of air escaped my lungs someone else came in. I thought it was the robbers come back to finish the job, but it was Justin. Pain and shock were obvious on his face but he was thinking, torn between some kind of decision he was making in his mind. Then his face hardened and he bit his own hand. As the blood began to drip down his hand the held it over my mouth, opened my mouth and let the drops fall in.

Everything went dark. I thought I was dead, all I could see was black, darkness. I opened my eyes and there he was, Justin Johnson sitting at my side. He looked like hell. What the hell happened.

"You're awake" he said, sounding almost surprised. And then it all hit me. I was friggin' shot. I looked down at my chest and then I was sure that I had to be dead. There was no bullet wound. " So this is heaven?" I asked, although spending the rest of eternity in this place with Justin, I wouldn't mind. The decor was fancy, beautiful even. The bed felt like feathers. But wait, there was a TV? "You think you're in heaven?" Justin said, his expression didn't lighten for a minute. " Well yeah, how else do you explain all this?" I asked. Now really not knowing what was happening.

"Jamie, none of what I'm about to say is a joke" he began," I'm not human. I was, but not anymore.You died Jamie. But I brought you back. I shouldn't have left you. Shit!". " You're a vampire aren't you", I said, knowing instantly what he was saying, I'd read the books, I'd seen the movies all the signs fit Justin."Yes, Jamie", he said and got off the bed, the next second he was over by one of the windows in what I assumed was his room. I'd never been to his house, now I know why. Justin was just peering out of one of the windows.

I got up to walk to him, my head was still spinning. but as I came up from behind him, my skin suddenly started to sizzle and burn. I cried out in the pain and Justin turned around and shoved me out of the way, out of the sunlight.

My skin was still red, but it was already healing. "So its all true", I said, rubbing my hands which were still a little hot. "Depends on what you've read", Justin said. " How can you go out in the sun? I've been out with you in the daylight hundreds of times", I asked. " My friend, she's kinda a witch. She cast a spell on a ring and as long as I wear it, the sun can't hurt me".

Suddenly, I couldn't stop myself. I drove myself into Justin, kissing him as hard as I could. My body was grinding into him and I could feel his cock rub against me. We were on the floor kissing, groping. He pulled off my shirt and flung us both onto the bed,in the a third of second. He placed his hands on my butt and grabbed on firmly and just slapped it. I screamed out in, what used to be pain, now it was only pleasure. I thought of taking off his shirt and before I knew what my hands were doing, I tore his shirt off his body. His body was even more beautiful now that I could see it like no human ever could. There was more to being a vampire than just the blood. Everything was more amplified, lights, sounds, smells. Ever desire, I didn't even know it was possible to feel what I was feeling inside me as Justin kissed my nipples, alternating between left and right even nibbling on them occasionally. He licked my chest and then moved lower, kissing and licking my stomach and then stopping just above my cock. He kissed and teased me till I literally growled at him, vampire thing I guess. Justin laughed and he devoured my entire 8" cock in one go.

He sucked my cock, like no one ever had.I don't know whether he was this good naturally or whether it was a vampire perk. He licked my shaft and kissed the head of my cock with his beautiful mouth and I swore if I was human I'd bust my nut right there. But I'd already read that increased libido was a vampire thing, guess it was true. Again before I could put action to my thoughts my hands lifted Justin's body and positioned his cock over my mouth. I kissed it, it was the best cock I'd ever seen. The first cock I'd ever seen, with these new eyes. It was indescribable. Damn, vampires were hot. I swallowed his cock as far down as it would go and then he began to thrust, slow at first then at a speed no human could thrust or get face fucked. Then Justin wrapped his hand around my cock.He used the precum as lube to jerk me off. All I could do was moan.He came back up to face me,he smashed his lips to mine and kissed me.

Justin in the flash of an eye, climbed down flipped me and pulled my legs apart,causing my butt cheeks to separate and reveal my pink hole. I looked at his cock and saw for the first time, that it was huge. As he inched towards me, I felt a quiver of excitement right down to my spin.

I spread my hands around the edges of the bed and gripped hard, I heard the wood splinter and embarrassment filled my face. "Its okay" he said and slapped my ass once again. I looked back at Justin. He looked at me, with those big blue sexy eyes. He looked down and gripped his cock and pressed it into my hole. I felt the wet tip touch my hole and slowly slip inside. There was no pain, just pleasure, fucking pleasure. I could feel every inch of his cock inside me, inching further and further. Deeper and deeper into me. I screamed out in pleasure, so much fucking pleasure.

I felt him pull back quickly and plunge it back in, more vigorously than before and I shouted out in pleasure. He did this over and over again.

Justin just kept pounding away with a vampiric speed, "FUCK You have a fucking tight ass! SO fucking tight!!"

I all could say between gasps was, "fuck me"

"Fuck,fuck,fuck yeah!Fuck!! This is good! fuck!"

Justin tensed up and I felt his cock spasm and I knew he was shot his load in me. Justin's cock carried on ejaculating,pushing me over the fucking edge. I shot my load on both of us,shooting cum so fucking high up in volleys,on Justin's chest slowly making its way down towards his cock. Some of it landed on my stomach. Another shot landed on my face and left a sticky trail as it slid down towards my neck. There was so much cum.

Finally, when there was nothing more than drops oozing out, Justin pulled out. He bent over and licked the my cum off my neck and chin,then kissed the cum off my face. I could taste my own cum when he came to my face and kissed me. he flipped me over and onto his chest, we just laid there, panting.

"Jamie, I can't stay away from you now. But I ended your life. You should hate me." Justin said, feeling guilty for some reason. I kissed his chest and said " You didn't end my life. You save it."

And then out of the blue, my throat began to burn with thirst. A thirst that nothing but blood could quench.



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