I had been playing soccer for 4 years before I had moved and had to change clubs. I joined the Red Valley Royal's Reserves as their new attacking right-midfielder and started for them after only two training sessions. I was known for my burst speed with stamina to match and my quick feet but was by no means the team's star player.

That role fell to Bradley Foyle, or Brad as he preferred. The man was a superstar but at only 22 suffered a serious calf injury and never could stand up to the pressures of the top level again.

But now at 24 he dominated the lower leagues. Every move he made was with supreme confidence and control and his passion oozed from him during every match. He was a striker and won the club and the leagues golden boot every year by at least a dozen goals.

As well as being a god on the pitch he was a stud off it, his lightly tanned face highlighted by his jet-black hair never failed to get him covered in ladies.

Despite his sporting ability and striking good looks he was still the nicest man you would ever meet, never got angry or was cold with anybody.

So anyway one night in training we were having a small-sided match against each other, without the normal mucking around as we all knew that the next match would affect our finishing position for the season and if we would make finals or not, and all of a sudden as I was dribbling past Brad he swung out a foot completely missing the ball and connecting with my inside thigh with a dull thud.

The shock went through my entire body and I fell to the ground.

"Oh my god J.D I'm so sorry" exclaimed Brad.

"Jeez are you alright that was a pretty hard kick" another team mate asked.

"Don't worry guys I'll be fine. I think that I should just rub some ointment into it and call it a night" I assured them.

"I'll help you" offered Brad wrapping his powerful arm underneath my armpits and lifting me to my now only good leg.

With Brad's assistance I hobbled into the change rooms and lay down on the bench.

"Where is your ointment?"

"It's in my locker over there".

I covered my eyes with my forearm and waited for Brad to give me the ointment. I got the shock of my life when Brad returned and instead of handing me the ointment had squirted some on his own hand and began to gently massage the inside of my thigh.

"Brad you don't have to do that I can manage myself" I said sitting up and looking at him.

"I want to make it up to you for doing it to you in the first place" he replied.

As I lay back down and let Brad sensually rub my thigh a thought came into my head "Brad would never hurt somebody like that. He has complete control of his body, I've never seen him miss a ball like that in the entire time I've played here".

All these thoughts in my head added up to one thing "Brad is coming on to me, he must be gay that's why he is did that and that's why he is massaging my leg right now". I was so happy with the conclusion that I'd reached after having spent countless night staying late to watch his cute butt get out of the shower and how many times I had almost tripped over the ball when I looked into his gorgeous eyes.

Without looking up I said "You now it's actually hurting a bit higher up"

"Oh ok" said Brad slowly raising his hands to right up underneath the pouch of my briefs.

I removed my shorts "It will be easier without them".

"Yeah you are probably right".

Brad continued rubbing and rubbing until I was sporting a semi-hard on. He brushed his hand up against the underside of my cock through my underwear and I let out a small sigh.

"Oops sorry" Brad said with his trademark cheeky grin on his face.

I'd had enough of the games so I sat up grabbed Brad's hand and placed it squarely on the pouch of my briefs.

"J.D w-what are y-you doing?" stuttered Brad.

"Nothing yet. The question is what are we going to do now?" I replied audaciously.

After my blunt move (for the first time ever) I saw Brad lost for words. He just kneeled there staring at me with his mouth open trying to speak.

"Well why don't we start with you getting up and locking the change room door?" I said and Brad got up locked the door then returned to the same position with his hand on my cock seemingly with his confidence restored.

"I know what I want to do now J.D" and without waiting for a response he lowered his lips around my now rock hard dick.

"Oohhhh yesssss....suck it....ohhhh god your mouth feels so good".

I really got into when he worked my cock down into his throat and even started to raise my arse up to meet his downward strokes.

It really didn't take all that long before I fired a half dozen ropes of cum into his mouth.

"Well what do you want to do now?" asked Brad after swallowing a mouthful of my cum.

After recovering from the best blowjob I had ever received I managed to utter "I want you to fuck my arse with that awesome cock of yours".

Brad grinned from ear to ear at my suggestion but when he went to lift my damaged leg to get access to my rosebud I let out a groan of pain.

"Hmmm maybe this isn't such a good idea" commented Jason as a look of concern spread across his face.

He saw the look of disappointment cover my face so he smiled and said "Don't worry J.D I can think of something that will be just as good".

He seductively removed his shorts and top and hopped up onto the bench hovering his arse above my cock for a few seconds before slowly lowering himself onto me.

"Ohhh jeezus....your arse is so tight"

"And your dick is so hot".

Brad continued to ride himself into ecstasy on me and the slapping sound of his arse cheeks hitting my thighs made me even harder, if that were possible.

Brad didn't last very long with my abusing of his prostate and he squirted out a thick load of cum onto my chest. Seeing this opened the flood gates and I filled his arse with cum.

"That....was....amazing" said Bead in-between gasps.

"I know let's do it again soon".

"How about after the game Saturday?" he asked.

"Sounds good".

We both got up and dressed and he helped me out to my car. Before ducking inside a leaned in and whispered in his ear "On Saturday you have to fuck my arse though". We both grinned and I got in my car and drove home looking forward to the weekend.

Match Day.

"'s the 82nd minute hear with the scores tied at 1-1 the Royals need to score one more to win the match and make the finals" spoke the commentator on the radios voice.

One of our players tackled their forward and the ball rolled out to me. I turned ran at their defender and beat him with a simple step-over with knock ahead really just by having some speed left in the tank this late in the game.

"...he has the ball out wide on the right hand side he crosses the ball in and Bradley Foyle rises up above the pack to glance the ball INTO THE BACK OF THE NET! GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAALLLLL!!!!!!!!!"

We all crowded around Brad piling on top of him and hugging him but as I went to raise up off him but he pulled me back in "Don't think that I forgot our deal J.D. After this we're leaving and I get to fuck that cute arse of yours" he whispered giving my arse a playful pinch.

It took me a second to regain my composure but when I did I quickly and secretively brushed my hand against his crotch and replied "Don't worry I haven't forgotten. In fact I'm looking forward to it".

We held on to win by a goal but almost added another when Brad got a chance on the volley from a rebounded shot but unfortunately he hit it with too much curve and it crashed off the post and back into play.

After the post-game celebration I caught up with Brad "Can I offer you a lift to my place?"

"You certainly may" he replied following me to my car.

He barely had the passenger door closed when he put on a pouty face and said "You made me miss that last goal".

"What me?" I said with mock innocence.

"Yeah you. Do you know how difficult it is to hit a volley like that with a hardon?"

I laughed almost the entire way home but when we got inside I barely had time to say "So should I give you the tou-" before he cut me off by pressing his mouth into mine almost violently.

I was so surprised a scarcely noticed him taking off his shirt and unbuttoning mine until he lowered his head and started to gently bite my nipples.

"Mmmmmm" I groaned with pleasure. Brad just looked up at me and smiled.

I removed my pants and then stood Brad up and did the same to him and gently began pawing the front of his briefs.

"Hmmm feels like you're ready for me" I commented, continuing to play with his cock through his jockeys.

"I was ready for you the second I laid eyes on you" said Brad as he stared into my eyes.

I seductively stripped off my underwear before doing likewise to Brad and then grabbed a bottle of lube and covered his cock until it was nice and slick. I then shoved back onto the couch and backed my arse back onto him and although Brad wasn't overly long he was really thick and I felt his girth almost tearing my arse in two.

Once I had taken in all of Brad I couldn't help but let out a moan of that was a mixture of accomplishment and joy.

"Sounds like you're enjoying yourself" Brad whispered into my ear.

"Ohhhh you are so thick my arsehole is tearing apart"

Brad started to grind his hips 'round and around in my arse.

"Alright stud I'm ready now fuck me"

Brad started to fuck up into me as I rode down into him.

"Yesssss your arse is so tight"

He pounded me for over half an hour before he started shooting his hot cum into my intestines and this set me off and I shot ropes of cum up onto my chest.

I lay back into Brad and he snuggled in behind me wrapping his arms around my chest.

After that we basically never left, Brad moved in and we continued together as team-mates and lovers.

--------------------THE END----------------------



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