Team sleepover

by B0tt0m4t0p

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Next Monday

So Monday morning Peter got up to go to school, as soon as he got there he was looking around for Ricky. He doesn't see him anywhere. He hoped he was alright. Peter really didn't care that much about the queer little dork. He did however have one hidden talent. So Peter thought it might be a good idea to keep a leash on him so to speak, in case he gets horny. Also to make sure he was not upset about Saturday night.

Peter did not see him till practice. Well the end of practice. Peter had just finished stripping out of his uniform standing naked in front of his locker when he saw Ricky in the equipment room. Peter pulled his sweat soaked jockstrap back on and walked into the equipment room. Ricky was kneeling down placing something in the bottom of the cabinet.

Peter walked up behind him, reached out with one hand and leaned on the cabinet with a little extra force. The bang startled Ricky, he spun around on his knees at eye level of Peter sweaty jockstrap and junk. 

“Got anymore towels?,” Peter asked.

“Hey Peter, yeah.” Ricky answered. Nervously looking into Peters in the eyes. Peter smirked at him. He pointed up over his head without breaking eye contact. Peter could not tell what he was thinking, likely nothing at all he thought. Peter suddenly thought that he looked pathetic, weak, just a little faggot to be used by real men. Just like he and the guys had done on Saturday night.

Peter looked up, breaking eye contact with Ricky, turned slightly and reached for the towel. Peter grinned to himself as his sweat soaked jockstrap brushed against the right side of his face, as he had planned, then turned more to reach the towels grinding his crotch across Ricky's face. Yeah Peter thought he would let me do anything.

Peter looked down, Ricky was still on his knees looking up at him. Peter was half chub and stiffening quick, he wanted to yank down his jock and start fucking Ricky's  mouth right here. He  hooked a thumb under the waistband and then another thought hit him. 

Peter leaned down, his face next to Ricky's, his lips next to his ear. Peter whispered “Look like you worked up a sweat also.” Dropped the towel in his hand on the floor between his feet. Reached up for another this time Peter shoved his crotch into Ricky's face not pretending it might have been an accident. Grabbed a second towel. Leaned down to Ricky's ear,”last stall” Peter said forcefully. Turned and walked to the locker room showers with a towel over his shoulder. Peter paused and looked back. Peter could see Ricky watching him. Peter turns the corner out of his view and heads to the last stall, steps in, pulls the curtain and waits.

Peter could hear the guys finishing up as he stood in the shower stall. Peter had not started the water he was waiting in his sweaty jockstrap for Ricky. A couple of minutes went by when a hand reached through the opening of the curtain and slowly pulled it open. 

Ricky was standing there with a towel wrapped around his waist. Peter grabbed the towel and pulled him into the shower stall. He started to speak but Peter put a hand over his mouth to silence him. Peter pushed him against the side of the stall and put his arm on the wall above his head. Sweaty pit right in Ricky's face. Peter yanked off Ricky's  towel, his cock rock hard. 

Ricky stood there back against the wall naked, Peter ran his eyes over Ricky's  thin smooth body, now he was hard as a rock. Peter threw his towel over the side of the stall. Removed his hand from Ricky's  mouth. He grinned and started to speak again. Why would he not shut the fuck up? Peter grabbed him by the throat this time, choking off his words. His grin faded, slowly. Ricky kept his eyes locked on Peter, his arms hung at his side. He was doing nothing to fight back to defend himself. 

Peter squeezed Ricky's throat a little tighter, his face changed with the look of fear and apprehension. Peter was cutting off his air and Ricky did nothing to stop it. Without another thought Peter leaned forward and kissed him. Ricky kissed back. Peter let go of his throat, he gasped and inhaled deeply not breaking the kiss. 

Peter pulled back half a step and let go of his throat, Ricky had a hopeful, needy, almost desperate look in his eyes. Peter knew that he controlled him. No, Peter thought I owned him. He grabbed a fistful of his hair and pulled Ricky's  head down to his crotch, forcing Ricky to his knees. Peter thrust his crotch against Ricky's face.

Ricky stuck his tongue out licking Peter's jockstrap.”Suck the sweat from my jock.” Peter hissed. 

A rage was building in him. This sissy little bitch on his knees sucking on his jockstrap like it was candy, he was so pathetic. He let guys use him and did nothing to stand up for himself.

In a blind rage Peter ripped off his jockstrap and shoved his hard sweaty cock into Ricky's mouth. Ricky gagged and choked. Peter thrust his hips pushing his cock into Ricky's  mouth while he forced his head down on his cock.

Ricky's hands gripped Peter's thighs but he did not push away. As he choked snot and spit flew from his bright red face. Peter thrust deep into his throat and held there. He could feel the panic start in Ricky, the difficulty breathing was starting to show. 

Peter pulled his cock out of Ricky's  mouth with a quick jerk. Ricky fell forward gasping for breath. Peter stood over him, waiting for him to catch his breath. When he looked up at Peter he shoved his cock back into Ricky's mouth, and started fucking his face. 

The sounds coming from little Ricky did not sound human. The grunts, gags, choking sounds, it was nothing like Saturday night. He did not try to stop Peter, or beg for him to slow down. So Peter fucked his throat harder and harder. He wanted to see how much Ricky could take before he begged to stop.

Tears ran down his bright red cheeks. His face was covered in snot and drool. So fuck it Peter added a bit more, he thought and spit on his forehead watching it run slowly down his face right between his eye, hanging off his nose.

Peter was so close he started driving his cock deeper, he wanted it as deep as he could go when he nutted down Ricky's throat. No chance to spit out anything. One last deep thrust Peter grabbed the back of Ricky's head and pulled him closer as he thrust forward into Ricky's throat, holding his head so tightly Peter could feel his teeth on the base of his cock. 

Peter's  body shook with each shoot of cum that erupted in Ricky's throat. He was breathing so hard and fast trying to catch his breath. Slowly Peter released his grip on Ricky and let go of him, as his softening cock dropped out of Ricky's  mouth. 

Peter turned on the shower and stood with his head under the water. Ricky got up off his knees and waited behind him, just standing there. Quickly Peter washed up and moved past Ricky who was still waiting to shower.

Peter dressed and started gathering up the few things he had in the locker room when Ricky walked out of the showers and back to the equipment room and continued with his work. Peter watched him for a minute, and started to feel his cock stirring a bit. He turned and walked out of the locker room and left school for the day.

The next day Peter saw Ricky a few times during the day, Ricky would give him the slight smile. Peter gave no reaction to it. None of the guys on the team had mentioned Saturday night, so Peter had not mentioned the repeat performance yesterday in the locker room. 

At the end of practice Peter saw Ricky in the equipment room cleaning up like normal. He went to his locker and stood there for a minute thinking.

Peter stripped out of his uniform and gear, wrapped a towel around his waist and turned  toward the shower, then paused, grabbed his dirty jockstrap from his locker and walked to the equipment room. 

Peter paused at the door. No he did not care what the rest of the team might think, he decided as he walked in and shut the door behind him. Ricky jumped with the slam of the door. After seeing Peter standing in the doorway, only a towel wrapped loosely around his waist, he smiled and walked toward Peter.

Once in arm reach Peter grabbed Ricky by the shoulder, spun him around facing the metal equipment table and pushed him over it, face down bent over the table. Peter held him down with one hand on his back. Ricky turned his face to the side offering no resistance. Peter dropped his towel to the floor and kicked it aside. Took his dirty sweaty jockstrap and pressed it against Ricky's face.

Ricky breathed in deeply as Peter stood over him. He even opened his mouth and was licking the jockstrap. Peter was getting oddly turned on watching Ricky. His cock was stiffening quickly. Peter reached down and yanked Ricky's shorts down to his knees then pushed them to the floor with his foot. 

Ricky pushed his ass back towards Peter. He knew what was coming Peter thought, he wanted to be fucked like a little bitch. Peter spit into his palm and robbed his cock. Ricky was looking back over his shoulder at Peter. The eager look on his face, Peter grabbed Ricky's cheeks and spread them apart and spit into the crack of his ass. 

Peter took his jockstrap and stuffed it into Ricky's mouth. Rubbed his rock hard cock up and down Ricky's ass lubing his hole with spit, added more for good measure. Then he leaned over Ricky, the full weight of his body pressed down onto him. Peter felt for Ricky's hole and pushed. At first Ricky's tight little ass did not want to yield. 

With one more hard push Peter felt Ricky's ass give way and he slid in. Ricky's whole body tensed up and he pulled away, or tried to. Peter just kept going deeper and deeper till his cock was fully inside Ricky's ass. 

Peter leaned down to Ricky's ear and whispered to him, “You know what you are?” Peter pulled his cock back almost all the way out then thrust hard back deep inside Ricky. “You are a hole. A hole for my cock. A hole for me to dump a load in. Do you understand?”

Ricky nodded his head. He understood perfectly well. Peter body weight pressing down on Ricky pervented him from moving  as Peter began fuck Ricky's ass hard and as deep as he could. Ricky would grunt sometimes whimper at each penetrating thrust. Peter was getting more turned on with each whimper Ricky made. He stood up right holding Ricky's thin hips with both hands and jackhammer away.

Peter reached down and grabbed Ricky's cock. Rock hard, Peter  knew he loved this, loved getting fucked. So he thrust as hard as he could. Ricky started to worry that the sound of Peter pulverizing his ass would attract attention, but he could hardly breath, let alone ask Peter to stop.

Peter could feel himself close, he slammed into Ricky faster and faster. Then in one deep hard thrust Peter exploded. Peter grunted and cried out with the intensity of his orgasm, his whole body tensed up his muscles almost locking up on him. Then he collapses back on Ricky. Breathing deep fresh sweat drenched his body. He pulled out and stepped back and slumped into the chair in the corner. 

After a minute Peter caught his breath and got up, grabbed his towel. He playfully slapped Ricky's ass as he was still leaning over the table. Ricky stood up. “Do you like me, Peter?” He asked with kind of sad eyes.

Peter threw his towel over his shoulder and headed to the door. “Yeah why?” He casually replied. Turned around and grabbed Ricky's ass, sliding a finger between his cheeks and inside him in one move.”And I really like this.” Ricky twisted away but not enough to get away. Peter fingered his ass a little. Then pulled his finger out and walked to the door, opened it and started to head to the showers when he turned back. “ Have the house to myself this weekend if you want to come over and hang out Friday night?” The walk into the shower.