When I was a junior in high school I often fantasized about dressing up like a cheerleader and sucking off the entire basketball team. I would lay on my back and put my legs over my head and jerk off in to my mouth. I loved the taste and feel of my warm sperm in my mouth. One day I was walking home from school and saw a gym bag lying on someones driveway. I looked inside and to my surprise there was a cheerleaders uniform.

I grabbed the bag and headed home. I went straight to my room and stripped off my clothes. I put the skirt and top on and my cock was so hard it pushed out the skirt almost comicaly. I slipped the panties on and that sort of hid my erection, it also felt incredible. Precum was leaking out of my cock and making a wet spot. I looked in the mirror and all I needed was some makeup and to fluff up my long blonde hair. I went to my moms bathroom and put on some lipstick and eyeshadow and poofed up my hair. A beautiful cheerleader was looking back at me from the mirror. I decided right then and there to walk back to school and see if I could find the basketball team. Practice was just ending so I slipped in to the locker room and waited in the shower area. The boys came in to the showers naked and shocked to see a cheerleader waiting for them. All those cocks waiting to be sucked. I got down on my knees and opened my mouth. Without a word they formed a circle around me and started stroking their beautiful cocks. Ten horny sweaty guys with hard cocks surrounding me was better than I had ever fantasized. I took the first cock in my mouth and slid the head down my throat and he started cumming right away. I pulled his cock out so the other guys could see his cum shoot into my mouth. His cum tasted so good. Five or six thick ropes splashed my lips and tounge. The sight of his warm sperm on my red cheerleader lips was too much for two of the guys and they began ejaculating into my mouth. Stream after stream of warm cum landing on my tounge and lips was incredible. The taste and texture of the sperm in my mouth and the sight of all those cocks being stroked made my desire almost too much to bear. Another boy put his cock in my mouth and I started sucking and swirling his beautiful dick when I felt somebody slide my panties down and gently sliding his cock into my ass. It hurt a little but the pressure of his cock in my ass was great. I loved it. The guy in my mouth moaned and started spraying warm sperm all over my tounge. I loved the taste of cum and the feeling of my ass getting fucked. The boy in my ass was thrusting faster and harder and then I felt his sperm shooting in my ass. One of the other boys put his cock in my mouth while another one jammed his cock into my ass. They were both thrusting fast up my ass and down my throat. I felt warm cum flowing into my mouth and I tried to save it in my mouth to savor but was so turned on by the guy fucking my ass that I swallowed it all. The rest of the guys were stroking there cocks in front of my face and began spraying their warm sperm at my mouth. My mouth was full of sperm and I swallowed it and opened my mouth again and it was full of cum again. Over and over I drank their warm sperm. The cock in my ass ejaculated more cum and the next guy jammed his cock in as soon as the last one was out. One of the boys got underneath me and worked his cock in to my ass with the other cock. The feeling of two cocks in my ass was wonderfully filling. Two more guys put their cocks by my face and I started sucking one cock while the other guy stroked his cock and then both boys fit their dicks in my mouth and came streams of warm sperm down my throat. I felt both cocks in my ass cumming at the same time and realised I was full of cum in both ends. My ass hurt when the boys pulled their cocks out and I felt sperm leaking out of my ass. Another boy shoved his cock in my ass and four more guys had their cocks in my face. I licked there balls while they stroked and was rewarded by four loads of warm sperm in my mouth as fast as I could swallow. The guy in my ass was hammering away and the feeling of his cock rubbing my prostate made me cum. I felt my sperm spraying the inside of the skirt. By now the guys were lining up behind me or in front of me filling me up. Hands on my ass and hands on the back of my head as they fucked my mouth and sprayed their warm sperm into my throat and ass. Some of the guys had already cum 2 or 3 times and started showering while the rest of the boys fucked me. One of the guys asked if he could pee on me. I said sure. And he let go with a stream of warm urine into my hair and face and I opened my mouth and tasted some. Not bad but not as good as cum.

He finished pissing in my mouth and two more guys aimed their dicks at my face and stroked till they ejaculated more warm sperm into my mouth. I saved it in my mouth and loved the taste and feeling of a mouthful of cum. The guy fucking my ass started grunting and then I felt jets of his sperm splashing me inside. He pulled out and I saw that all the boys were showering now. So I got up and walked home. When I looked at myself in the mirror I thought I was the most fucked up the ass, pissy, cummy, filthy whore of a cheerleader I had ever seen. I couldnt wait for a re-match with the team.




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