Chapter1: The Interview

The man was bored with life; work, home and family were an endless repetition. His wife decided that she had had enough of him moping about the house and suggested that he find a hobby.

Browsing through the paper that weekend he saw an advert for team try-outs at the local baseball club. He decided then and there that this might be what he is looking for. A bit of man on man contest to fill his leisure time.

Feeling nervous he stands in the line of hopefuls to fill the last position on the team. He reflects that his talents do not lie on the field of play and after striking out three times in a row his eye for the ball was lacking.

The coach bellows the last name of the successful player and all the losers groan and slowly make their way to the car park. The man is doing the same when the captain whispers his name to stay behind for a minute. His attention is captured with the promise of an interview with the coach for a unique position on the team.

The man looks around to see the captain and the coach leering suspiciously at each other, shrugs his shoulders and makes his way toward the two men.

The coach beckons him toward the office and bellows to the rest of the team to 'Hit the showers'.

In the office the man notices that there is a direct line of sight to the change rooms where the boys are all welcoming the new team mates with raucous laughter and a few not too gentle slaps of congratulations. Bodies of all sizes are stripped bare of uniforms and proudly display themselves unaware or uncaring that the man is watching.

The coach explains that there is a need for a 'Moral Officer', which could get the players minds on the game and off their dicks. The man is confused and dizzied a bit by the course of the conversation and surly thinks that he had misheard. He steals another glance into the locker room and sees that most of the players are undressed and sporting half hard ons as they swagger around the locker room.

Adding to the man's confusion the coach continues this strange dialogue with the fact that there is always one player that is exhausted by the attention of the others and therefore is useless on the field. As if to confirm this on queue the coach looks toward the locker room, where the man sees the newest player drop to his knees an take the captains dick into his mouth.

The man stares in amazement as the captain grunts and face fucks the newest member; all around him the team laugh and quickly form a queue behind the captain according to position; Catcher, 1st base, 2nd base etc.

The captain, an impressing 6'2' blonde, sports a shiny cut cock that that gleams with saliva; moves aside for the catcher to position himself in front of the new guy. The captain moves behind his newest piece of man flesh and gently prises the twin globes to reveal his intention.

He groans as the big dick slides into his hole and renews his efforts on the catcher; who's stocky frame a hairy chest is dwarfed by the enormous 9' between his legs. The man is looking on with lust in his eyes as the captain launches his dick deep inside the new man's arse and after a few powerful thrusts roars his climax loud enough to rattle the windows in the office. A smile on his face; he retracts out of the hole with a small plop and strolls off to wash off under a hot shower. The catcher immediately takes his place thrusting quickly as the 1st baseman threads his thin, long dick into the new guy's mouth and deep down his throat.

The man watches in amazement as the entire team is serviced by the new boy and after the last interchange man has been satisfied notices that he is tired but happy. Glancing back at the coach the man now understands what exactly is expected of him as 'Moral Officer' and wonders if he is up to the task; his dick tells him he is.

The coach sees the mix of curiosity and lust in the man's eyes and slowly rises from the desk to show the erection that has been denied satisfaction because of the interview for this valuable position; for , by right, he should have been at the front of the queue as was his place.

The man falls to his knees wanting only to service this powerful man and to do it well enough to be accepted for the position. The coach stoops down to kiss the man deeply thrusting his tongue into his mouth and exploring everywhere. The man goes weak as the strong kiss over whelms his senses; the slight scrape of stubble, the strong lips and probing tongue do more for the man than the soft caressing kisses from women.

With a will of their own his hands explore the uniform clad body of the coach and seek out all the muscled strength within. Tracing patterns over tendon and sinew; exploring thighs and buttocks, the coach gently directs the man's efforts to the straining cock trapped in the fabric.

The man feels the heat emanating from the coach's crotch and as if by magic the material parts and the man is holding onto an impressive shaft, which twitches in his grasp. Releasing the kiss the man plunges forward head first to take the huge piece of meat into his mouth; the taste is not unpleasant. The salty tang of pre-cum mixed with sweat is a delicious blend. The coach leans back to allow the man mobility and accessibility.

Groaning appreciably the coach places his hands on the man's head, guiding him to the rhythm as old as time. The man revels in the feeling of a willing dick in his mouth and wonders if this could get any better. His thoughts are distracted as he feels hands cupping his arse and fondling around, releasing his pants. The man cannot see who is behind him but does not resist to the kneading fingers releasing him from his clothes.

The hands on his head release their grip and the man feels himself being lifted onto the desk. He sees the second man and recognises him as the assistant coach, before his eyes are drawn to the tented jockstrap waiting to be released. The man is arranged quickly on the desk so that his head is over one edge and his legs the other.

Upside down he sees the assistant coach shed his underwear and push his cock toward him; he willingly opens his mouth and a gentle sigh can be heard as his talented mouth starts doing it's magic. The coach is not idle; he has squatted on the other side of the desk and is gently pushing the man's legs apart and with the same strong kiss the man feels his arse hole willingly open. The powerful thrusts down his throat can not mask the feelings between his legs, the coach's tongue deep inside him and he starts aching for the huge cock to invade his hole as it had his mouth only a few minutes before.

The coach, sensing the man's impatience reaches behind him, grasping a novelty bat the players sign for their fans, and pushes it firmly up the man's arse. His cock twitches as the bat impales him and the coach grabs it and swiftly proceeds to suck it into his hot, wet mouth.

The sensation of a full mouth, a full arse and the vacuum around his cock is too much for the man, who, lets out a roar and fills the coach's mouth with cum.

Smiling with satisfaction the coach licks his lips to get the last of the cum and removes the novelty bat from the man's arse hole quickly replacing it with his own stiff bat. He thrusts forward with every ounce of energy and proceeds to fuck the man hard. The assistant coach moans with pleasure as the coach's efforts are thrusting his cock deeper down the willing throat.

A voice is heard and the man can see the captain in the doorway waving his goodbyes; without a second glance at the action he moves toward the exit as though his coach was merely catching up on paperwork, not fucking the new recruit hard enough to make his eye's bulge. The coach responds in grunts as one by one the entire team walks by the office toward the car park.

Coach is feeling the familiar build up of pressure in his groin and with an almighty thrust plunges his seed deep inside the man's well fucked hole. The assistant is spurred on by the release and is tipped over the edge to spray cum over the man's mouth, neck and chest. He quickly dresses and waves his goodbyes as he leaves the office.

The man is covered in cum and his arse is dripping over the desk; he has never felt so wonderfully used in his life.

Chapter 2: Home & Discovery

Calling out his success of the try outs to his wife, he finds her in the kitchen and notices that the kids are in bed. He kisses her deeply and she is slightly startled and aroused by her husband's attentions. Quickly succumbs to his lust.

Pushing her skirt high around her hips he feels for her moist cunt and realises that she is almost ready for him. Suckling her hard nipples he thrusts deep inside her; but not with his cock, but rather a novelty bat he had brought home with him for this purpose. She feels the smooth rigid tool inside her and groans at this unexpected pleasure. He moves the make shift dildo in and out as she gasps and moans beside him. His clothes drop to the floor as she takes over the manual work; bringing herself to a shuddering climax.

Removing the bat from her sticky hole she grabs her husbands' hard dick and guides it inside her. She reaches around to massage his firm arse cheeks to plunge him harder and deeper inside her. Her finger slide in and find his tight butt hole and is amazed to discover it sticky and loose.

She grabs the still moist bat and with one smooth thrust pushes it deep into her husband, so far that for every thrust back the bat impales him deeper and deeper until only a small amount of the handle is sticking out.

Screaming with lust; he is pleased that his wife has touched a part of him he has only recently discovered and grinds to a climax that neither had experienced before.

Weeks go by as the couple explore a new height of passion, the man enjoys being part of the team but is always vague to his wife on the exact position he plays. She decides to surprise her husband by attending a game and heads off that Saturday to the playing field.

She finds the game boring but the natural physique of the players keeps her interested in the obscure calls and signs. The captain is a very handsome man and she feels a little guilty when she finds herself idly thinking what the 3 of them could do together. Scanning the field and the dug-out there is no sign of her husband, so she picks up her bag and goes to look in the locker room for him.

She wrinkles her nose at the smells that permeate all rooms where men gather covered in sweat. In the half light she notices two men wrestling over a third person and jumps back into a corner to watch what is happening.

Slowly she realises that the men are naked and what she took as the normal aromas of a locker room were overlayed with the distinct reek of sex. Her eyes adjust to the dim light and she can now make out the muscled form of the captain. Her dazed mind glances over the ripple of muscles down his back, to his firm buttocks which are covered with fine blonde hair not unlike a peach. His hips are pushing back and forth and a smile plays on his lips as he glances to the catcher who is straddling the bench with a dark head between his legs.

Fascinated and aroused by the scene she wonders who this lucky person is between them and strains to get a closer look. Her hand brushes something on the shelf and she grabs for it before it can clatter to the ground betraying her position. She is pleased to discover that it is a novelty bat; the same type she had used on her husband. Unconsciously she pushes up her skirt and takes it deep inside her.

The man is oblivious to the intruder as he is locked into sexual desire and focussing on the job at hand and the sensations the two men are giving to him. He knows that the captain will cum soon, as he is quick to rise and fast to finish. The weeks on the team had given the man time to learn each player's desires and turn-ons, he was a willing and able student.

Players would enter the locker room after each time they went to bat and depending on the success of their turn, would receive the reward they deserved. The captain had hit a home run so he was entitled to the full treatment from the 'Moral Officer' and after peeling off his uniform the man took his cock into his mouth and teased the underside of the head just the way he liked it. After liberally covering the tool with saliva, so much that his blonde curls were damp, his positioned himself to receive the reward he had earned. The catcher soon entered with a claim of a 'base-hit' and opened his uniform; hauling out his half hard meat proceeded to fuck the man's face.

This is how the woman found the three men but was oblivious to the circumstances and who was in the middle.

She jumps as she hears the sound of footsteps coming down the hall and looks around desperately for somewhere to hide. A towel cupboard provides the perfect place; so she slips in and placing her eye to the keyhole realises that she still has a perfect view of the action. The novelty bat moves comfortably inside her.

Shouts of laughter can be heard coming down the hall as the triumphant team enter the locker room but they are wearing a different uniform to her husbands' team. They had lost and the opposition were here to collect. The captain and the catcher both smile forlornly and gently relinquish their hold on the body between them, unsatisfied erections bobbing as they walk away. The woman muffles a gasp of surprise as the body between them reveals itself as that of her husband and the opposite team circle around him. She decides that she needs to see what was happening before making any rash moves and with the hardness of the bat inside her watches the scene open up in front of her eyes.

Massaging the front of their uniforms, one by one cocks are hauled out into the open and one by one fed into her husbands' hungry mouth. Grabbing a cock on either side the man would jack them into full hardness; the one in the middle would receive the full force of his talented mouth. Taking a shuffle to the right he slowly makes his way around the circle until all the cocks are stiff and shining with saliva.

In the cupboard the wife shifts her weight so that the whole length of the bat is firmly inside her and proceeds to rock back and forwards stimulating her fully.

The men in the circle patiently wait their turn and the man in the middle does not give anyone too much attention, all get an equal share. Of course there is always one exception to every rule and this one came in the form of a burly out fielder who moves forward and roughly punches his cock deep into the man's arse. Gasping with surprise and pain the man roughly pushes the invader back and proceeds to give him such a tongue lashing that he falls back into place, shamed faced.

His wife realises that the man is in complete control of the situation and would not be forced into anything he didn't want. One dick in his mouth, one in each hand and after the team had apologised repeatedly, one deep up his arse. The scene before the woman was an orgy in which her husband excelled. The victors were all on the verge of explosion and stared dumping huge loads of cum all over the man. Cum dribbles down his legs, across his chest and from his mouth and arse. His own cock is hard against his stomach but doesn't allow anyone to touch it.

As the winning team head toward their own locker room to shower and change, the wife hears a new set of voices and sees her husbands team entering. The captain grabs a towel and gently wipes off most of the cum from her husbands body. To the wife it is a tender moment and that is enough to send her to a shuddering climax.

Chapter 3: Home & Party Planning

The woman just beats her husband home only because he stopped to have a beer with the boys and she wonders how she should play this new and exciting development. The front door slams and her husband walks into the kitchen. Without a word he pushes her down onto the table, clears it with one sweep of his arm and proceeds to make hard passionate love to her.

After they both have reached a brilliant orgasm they lay in each others arms and the woman makes up her mind. Propping herself up onto her elbow she looks into his eyes and tells him to invite the team over for drinks, justifying that she wants to meet the people responsible for the change in her husband and for the wonderful sex they were having since he joined the team. He responds that he would ask and the get together is arranged.

A caravan of cars make their way to the man's house on the next night after practise and 12 men enter the house with various types of alcohol. The wife greets them at the door and invites them all into the lounge room. After a few drinks the party starts to get mellow and everyone is sitting around talking in small groups. The woman has her hand on her husbands' groin and carefully rubs through the thin fabric. The man's body responds to the attention and his erection is plainly visible to all that care to look. Confused the man tries to cover himself but his wife takes control and quickly unzips his pants; his cock springs out and before he knows what's happening she has her mouth firmly around it.

The coach is the first to react tot this new situation and quickly alerts his team to the game plan. The couple are swiftly undressed and she feels the hands of 5-6 players fondling her breasts, down her long legs and up into her moist cunt. Her husband is getting the same attention and soon they are in the middle of a tangle of arms and legs. The captain has his head in the woman's lap and the sound of slurping can be heard, the moans from her vibrate around her husbands' cock and he in turn groans onto the 2nd baseman's dick. The man releases that cock from his mouth and rolls onto his wife dipping into her saliva moist hole. He feels pressure from behind and a hard dick enters him; he knows the shape of the dick and sighs as the coach begins to slowly fuck him.

Taking a cock in each hand and one in her mouth the woman can feel the rhythm of the coach pounding away at her husbands' arse, the force pushing him deeper than ever before. She is in a world of cock when the first one explodes over her ample breasts. Her husband licks her clean as he shudders and fills her with his own load, her own climax follows before he finishes. The coach is tipped over the edge and pulls his cock out of the man's chute and sprays a hot load over his cheeks.

The man rolls off his wife and gives his permission for the 3rd baseman to replace his cock in her cunt. He smiles with pride as she takes the new member with ease but is quickly distracted as the captain plugs his hole with his thick cock and the right fielder almost pokes out his eye in his eagerness for a blow job. The couple are unaware who is doing what but are lost in a haze of desire, she looks over to him and smiles pushing him to match the fast pace she is using to give the 3rd baseman his reward.

The spent players sit around naked catching their breath as the couple take all comers. They seem insatiable as cock after cock is fed to every hole. The coach looks on with pride as the woman gives as good as her husband, they made a formidable team.

The woman looks over to her husband and smiles as the pitcher eases his cock into his arse; he is covered in cum and has never looked more alive. She feels the weight of the short-stop as he mounts her cunt, his cock slides into her moist opening, he groans and rocks forward and back almost slipping out of her abused dripping cunt, before thrusting with all his might.

The two men grunt toward climax and spill cum all over the couple. The woman takes the opportunity to crawl toward the coach, who is stroking his cock back into life. The woman takes his cock in her mouth and she sees him smile.

She knows that she has made the team.



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