Man i hate this job sometimes. It's not always easy picking up after athletes. They can be dirty sometimes. It's the first week of school so right now their in the football season. My name is Elijah. I am 16. I stand 5'7' and weigh bout 126. I had to choose an elective at my school. My counselor talked me into signing up to be the water boy/assistant to the players And s***t. i'm brown skin wit brown eyes and long hair. it's long enough for braids but i just wear it in a ponytail. I'm gay but a lot of people don't know. In fact the only person that knows is my best friend David. We dated for like a week during the semester after a little experiment but we liked being friends better than boyfriends. So anyway, the football just finished practice. These Niggas gettin in the showers And s***t and undressing. Poppin each other wit the towels. Some of them just walk around naked. I always have to hide my D***k when i walk in because it gets hard so damn easily. As the locker room clears, i begin picking up towels and cups And s***t. There's only 3 of us left in here. it's me, the quarterback Maurice, And the wide receiver Deangelo. Deangelo just finishes his shower and walks over and hands me his big towel he just dried off wit. 'Here you go Shawty' He's 5'9. light skin. 145. curls in his hair. green eyes. sexy abs. And from what i've seen a nice size D***k. I would love to get a hold of it. He walks over to his locker butt naked. I catch myself watching him put his boxers on. Hmmm i wanna swallow him so bad. As i feel myself gettin hard i finish pickin up the other towels. When i start to walk off he speaks, 'Yo Shawty. Don't you hate walkin round lookin at all of us in here'

'Yea, i try not to look at you ugly stinky boys tho'

'Ugly And stinky? Now you hurt my feelings Shawty'

he says. i was hard the whole time we spoke. Good thing i had those towels in my hand. I just laugh at his comment And walk off. I walk down a few rows of lockers lookin for Maurice. I reach his locker. He's sittin down naked jacking off.

O s***t. He was kinda turned the other way so he didn't see when i turned the corner. damn he was fine. He was 18. 5'10. Bout 175. i think he was mixed. He had braids too. I stood there for a movement. He was strokin his D***k with his left hand and rubbin his nipple wit the other. His D***k was so fat. What i really wanted to do was go over And just get on my knees in front of him but i knew he didn't get down at all. The quarterback? Hell no. I know this Nigga was gettin all the p***y. He let out a low moan as if it felt good. Ugh! i wanted to help so bad. O well. I don't want him gettin all upset wit me so i just walk off. Hopefully he'll put his own towel in the towel bin. He hasn't even taken his shower yet. Hopefully he will by the time i finish mine. I see Deangelo walkin out the locker room. I go to step in the shower. I usually take mine when everyone is gone. i know me i'll be tryin to wash and tryin to hide my D***k at the same time. As i'm washin Maurice ass walks in the shower. He gives me the what's up nod. I nod back shakin like crackhead. His D***k just swangin as he grabs some soap. He had the fittest body i have ever seen. Muscles, abs, butt. man everything was just so tight and firm. He stands bout five feet from me. I turn around to avoid gettin hard. i close my eyes and just wash. I finish my shower and walk to change clothes. I open my locker and grab my phone. new message from Deangelo. [DON'T BE TRYING TO EYE ME WHEN I'M NAKED. I'MA TELL YO MAMA. HA HA HA.] I reply [YOU'RE SUCH A GEEK. I DON'T WANNA SEE THAT LITTLE THING YOU HAVE ANYWAY] I have known Deangelo now since like elementary school. he's only a year older than me but we're in the same grade. He got held back in kindergarten. I've spent the night at his house before. But nothin has ever happened. I've seen his girlfriends. So beautiful. He used to tell bout what they'd do. He knows I'm A virgin though so i had no stories to tell him. [HOW WOULD YOU KNOW? YOU BEEN LOOKIN? JK. YO YOU SHOULD COME THROUGH WHEN YOU LEAVE] I reply [OKAY SIR]

I get to his house like twenty minutes later. He just got this new football game and wanted to play. He needed said he needed somebody he could beat, so he told me to come over. But i'm actually beating him. He looks at me and hits me in the arm. 'Yo don't think you tight Shawty. i'll get you next game' He says laughin. He stands up. O my! I could see his D***k print through his basketbal shorts. Nice. 'You want something to drink?' he asks. I nod my head yes. I glance around the room. Football s***t everywhere. Posters. A little football pillow. A few trophies. He's won mvp like twice since middle school. He plays very well. I turn around towards the door and see his big brother walk by. Whoo!!! Now that boy was fine. He wasn't light like Deangelo but he was so sexy. Those eyes, Those lips, That deep voice, That body. He was like perfection. He was 18 and a senior. A basketbal player. 6'2. Don't know how much he weighed but i've been over here enough to see there's very little fat and plenty of muscle. Mm Mm good. Deangelo walks back in with some CapriSun. 'Ew' I say makin an ugly face. He replies, 'That's all we got Shawty so either drink it or shove it up yo ass' We both laugh. I knew this Nigga was playing. He Aint crazy. He looks at me, 'What time you leave the gym?'

'When I started replying to yo message.'

'Was Maurice still there?'

'Um, yes. Why you asking questions, Shurlock?'

'I gotta make sure you're behaving.'

'What? Boy please. You ain't nobody' i say with a smile.

'I'm more than you think. But anyway, you ready for this trip next week?'

Coach always takes us on the trip the beginnin of the year. It's for a whole weekend. It's for us to bond and get to know each other. I'm glad i get to know. He says it's because he wants the players to see me as a teammate not just a waterboy and assistant. I answer, 'Yea i guess. You?'

'Hell yea Nigga. I'm bout to get into some chick. Aint nothin like fresh p***y!' he says laughin. He reaches his hand out. 'Ya feel me Nigga?' I dap him. 'Already Nigga.'

I stayed playing the game wit Deangelo for a long time. I felt so comfortable around him. He's the one i come to when my family and everything be trippin. I walked out his room and thru the living room. Saw his brother sittin on the couch. Mm i wanted to go sit right on his lap. I've really been craving D***k lately. I don't know if it's just because I'm a virgin but damn i wanna know what it feels like. But i'm only 16 so no rush. I open the door to my house. walk in and look at the clock. 10:12 pm. I hated bein at home. Especially nights like this when my moms wasn't home. That means it's just me and my step dad. I walk thru the living room. Empty liquor bottles over the floor. ugh. I turn the corner *BOOM* I run into him. 'Where you been Elijah?' he says. His voice was so deep and powerful sounding. He was 27 my moms was 38. Yea i know - Cougar. He was 6 feet even. Very muscular. Brown skin. Big hands and feet. He would be so sexy if he wasn't so damn mean. I pick myself off the ground. 'I was at Deangelo's'

'This late? What was y'all doin?' he says grabbin my arm and pullin me to my room.

'We was just playing games. Ow!'

'Better be all y'all was doin.'He puts me in my room. and closes the door on me. He's on the outside. I'm inside the room. I yell to him. 'Can i get somethin to eat please?'

'No. You should have been here on time. Take yo little ass to bed'

I hear him walk off. and i feel my eyes water. I had such a great time wit Deangelo and come home to this s***t. I dress down to just my draws and climb in the bed. My phone vibrates. It's a text message. I open it. It's Deangelo. [YO GOODNIGHT SHAWTY] I smile. and reply. [THANX :)]





[GOODNIGHT. SEE YOU TOMORROW] I turn over on my stomach and fall asleep.... I'm awaken by the sound of my room door opening. My step dad walks in. holdin a bottle. He sits on the bed. I just lay wit my eyes close. i feel his hand go up my leg and rest on my ass. He squeezes it.

*BUZZ* The alarm is goin off. 630. I jump up. Get dressed. Brush my teeth and run out to meet David. My best friend. He picks me up every morning. I get in the car. He can tell somethin is wrong. 'What's wrong?' he asks.


'So now you lying to yo best friend Nigga?'

'Just tired that's all' I turn and look at the window. Lucky me. It's raining. I try to hold back my tears. See my step dad hasn't raped me or forced me to do anything. He just feels on me while i'm sleep. Or while he thinks i'm sleep. I'm afraid to tell my moms. i know she wouldn't believe me. Its not like he does it every night. Only when he's drunk. Believe me I am in no way tryin to justify what he is doin or even sayin it's okay. I don't like him doin it. And how could he do that to my mama. That's the main reason why i cry. My mama has been thru a lot and she doesn't deserve a man like this. I shoulda let Deangelo come over last night. But we would both get in trouble and i would have definitely wanted him to hold me. I feel a tear roll my down my cheek. I wipe it before David says anything. We pull into the school. We walk in together. Both just quiet. I know he knows something is wrong. I hate to lie to him. We both go our separate ways. I walk to my locker and open it. I'm reachin inside to get my book when someone picks me up from behind. 'What the hell? Put me down'

They lower me. I turn around. It's Deangelo. I smile. 'What are you doin retard?'

'Did i scare you?' he says smiling.

'Um no. but nice try. where yo girlfriend?'

'ha ha. Shanice? She busy having my baby' we both laugh. That's the girl i know he is so in love with. I think she has a boyfriend though. Deangelo says they have an open relationship. They bell rings and we both walk to our classes. I have first period with Maurice. He's always so quiet. I sit next to him. He gives the what up nod. He had the sexiest lips ever. Bein here at school made me smile. The teacher walks in. Mr Drexel. Math teacher. He walks to his desk and opens his folder. 'Surprise Quiz!

Well i think i failed that quiz. O well. The bell rings and leave class. Maurice gives smile and says he'll see me later at practice. I go to a couple more classes and now it's lunch time. I walk to the caf to meet David. He's in the lunch line i walk up to him. 'What up Bestie' i say grabbin my tray. 'Starving! Nigga i'm so hungry'

'When are you NOT hungry?' i say laughin. 'And you're so skinny. where does it all go?'

He grabs himself and says 'It goes to my D***k!'

'Ew!' I push him and we walk to our table. I remember our first and only time messin around. We were both scared but yes i remember that monster D***k. For us to be so young that Nigga was hangin. We just made out and felt on each other. He nutted when i jacked him off. kinda quick but i guess he was too excited. We always sat by the window on the left side of the caf. As we're sittin down my favorite wide receiver comes out of nowhere. Deangelo was such a boy. He had his t shirt with his basketball shorts saggin and showin his boxers and his backpack on his shoulders. Once again i could see that D***k print thru the shorts. Hopefully he didn't see me lookin. Mm i got somethin he can definitely receive. He sits down at the table. 'What up Niggas'

he says reachin for my food.

'Um excuse me. you better get yo own' i say hittin his hand.

'O it's like that Shawty?'

'Yea it's like that' I smile. it's somethin about him that always just seems to make me happy. maybe i'm just crushin. David says, 'Y'all ready for y'all trip tomorrow?'

'I don't know about Shawty over here but i'm ready' Deangelo says rubbin his hands together. We talk a little more and go to our next classes. School is out and now the team is practicing. i get a call from my moms. 'Hello'

'Hey baby. I'm callin just to check on you. How was school?'

'It was cool. How's work?'

'Stressful, but i'll be fine. i'm working late again tonight. See if you can stay with D's since y'all Leavin for y'all trip in the mornin'


'Alright. Love you sweetheart'

'Love you too mom'

The locker room is slowly becoming empty. Once again it's just me, Deangelo and Maurice. I have my pile of towels in my hand. Deangelo is getting dressed. and Maurice is back in his corner. Deangelo walks up to me with just his boxers and shorts on. 'You still spendin the night tonight?' he says. His nipples were so sexy. I wanted to jump on him and start lickin them. 'Yes Nigga. i'm comin thru. I'ma go home and get my clothes when i leave here.'

'Ight then. Well i'm bout to bounce. holla!' he tosses me his towel and walks out. I throw the towels in the bin and start to undress to take my shower. As i'm bendin over to take my calvin klein underwear off, Maurice turns the corner butt naked and walks up to me. His D***k just swingin and hangin. It was even fat while it was soft. I pull up my pants and cover my D***k. 'Yo, you got some extra soap?' he says. I reach in my bag and give him some. He walks and gets into the shower. i continue to get undressed and walk to the shower. I make sure i stand about five feet from him.. i begin to wash my body. I feel a hand on my booty. I turn around. 'Maurice? What you doin?' he has his D***k in his hand strokin it. 'Sh... Don't say nothin' he grabs my face and starts kissin me. My D***k is so hard. I almost nutted from just his kiss. He grabs my ass and pulls my body towards him. I can't believe we're makin out. And he is actually rubbin my ass. I could feel his fat ass D***k against my stomach. He pulls away. 'Do you wanna suck my D***k?' he says. i dont say a word. i just get on my knees start sucking his D***k. I'm so scared. what if someone walks in on us? Did Deangelo really leave? I had no idea Maurice even liked boys. Has he ever done this before? I've never sucked a D***k before. I really wanted Deangelo to be my first. i know he not gay tho. I felt his D***k throb even harder. He was moaning and s***t. I could barely fit in my mouth. He pulls out and walks off. 'What's wrong?' I ask.

'Nothin. Just wanted to see if you was gay.'

I didnt know what to say. I dont get it.

'That's right Nigga. Who's the King?' Deangelo says as he gets up and does his victory dance. He just whooped my ass in this video game. 'I told you I'll get you Shawty.' He says still dancing. He had on cookie monster boxers and some black basketball shorts. No shirt. I tried not to stare at his amazing body and that swingin D***k as he danced. It was like 1 o clock in the morning. We in his room. 'I'm glad you finally beat me. I was starting to think you wasn't a real football player' I say laughin. He says 'O little man got jokes?' and punches me in the arm. 'Yea, and little nuts can't play football' i laugh even harder. As i stand to stretch. He pushes me down on the bed. I'm sittin there and i see him reach in his shorts and his D***k out in my face. 'My nuts ain't small Nigga' he shakes it up and down and puts it back in his shorts. He laughs and walks to his closet. As he walks away. i give a little smile. O my! It looked so good. Why he gotta tease me like that? Damn. and why this Nigga gotta be straight. ugh. O well. While i sit there tryin to hide my hard D***k. He walks back to the bed with a towel and boxers and another pair of shorts in his hand. 'I'm goin to take a shower'

'Please do. Cuz you stink. Shoulda took one earlier like i did Nigga'

'Suck one' he says and walks out the door. I say to myself, I'll be glad to. I hear him say somethin to his brother in the hall and walk to the bathroom. I hear the bathroom door close and lock. Damn i have to piss. I stand up. wait for my D***k to go down. good thing they got three bathrooms. I walk down the hall to the bathroom next to his bro's room. The door is cracked just enough for me to see him but he can't see me. The room is dark. I just see the light from the tv. I told you earlier this Nigga is sexy as F***k. He's layin on his back on top of the covers. Nothin but boxers on. He has his hands behind his head. His abs and nipples look so sexy. He has a tattoo on his chest. I told yall, sexy. I see right hand move from around his hand down to his D***k. OMG

I felt my d***k getting hard as i watched him rub his d***k thru his boxers. One hand still behind his head and the other on his d***k as if he was saying 'i don't have to jack off if i don't want to but i'm bored and horny.' he was so laid back wit it. Then he took his hands and pulled his boxers down a little bit. just pass his booty. It revealed his monstrous d***k. had to be at least eleven! and it was as fat as my wrist. Damn. I reach down in my boxers and start playing wit my d***k. I want him to F***k me so bad. He look like he would F***k me hard and rough too. Mm Mm. I see him turn towards the window and grab his lotion. Man that ass was so tight smooth and firm. You could tell he worked out. He grabs the lotion and pulls his boxers off completely and throws to the door. He squirts some lotion in his hands and starts strokin his d***k. He's laying flat on his back. Eyes closed. head tilted back and both hands on his d***k. He starts to make low moaning sounds. I turn toward the bathroom where Deangelo is in. I still hear water from the shower. I could hear him in there talkin to his self. I smile and turn back toward his brother's room. He's not in the bed no more. Where did he go? i can only see the bed thru the crack. Scared, i go into the other bathroom next to the room. i really had to pee now. Trying to pee wit a hard d***k ain't easy. I finished and wash my hands. i tremble as i open the bathroom door. The hallway is dark. I look to the right and see his bro's door completely open. what the F***k? I hurry up and walk to Deangelo room. Still in the shower. Nigga must be jacking. I step in the room and climb in the bed. Face down. Then i hear the room door close. I turn over and sit up. I can't see. The room is pitch black. Damn. Deangelo tryin to play a game. Scared i lay back. I feel a hand rub up my thigh and start rubbin my d***k. I'm hard as F***k! They pull my body down towards them and climb on top of me. 'Deangelo? Stop playing Nigga' They kiss my lips. Damn.'I'm not Deangelo, I'm Derrick'...His brother!



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