Gay, straight and in between, we've all had a crush on someone older. A Coach, A Neighbor or A Teacher.

Mine was Mr. B., the Junior High Math Teacher in our smalltown school.

I kid you not the man was gorgeous. The classic tall dark and handsome. Mr. B. had curly black hair, brown eyes, wide shoulders, narrow waist yadda yadda. He stood about six-two. He had a long square jaw with one of those round dimples in his chin. By noon his beard shadow was in full force. He was a runner, so his body was always long and lean. He was the youngest male teacher at our school, about 24 or 25. Mrs. B was a teacher too. She was young and pretty. The perfect wife for Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome.

Mr. B. must have thought I was the most attentive male student in his class, because I seldom took my eyes off him. I say male student, because all the girls just mooned over him all of the time. It must have puzzled him, that my math grades were so poor. What can I say, Math and I are incompatible. Of course in Junior High I wasn't sure what these strange feelings were. Guys don't get crushes on Guys, right?

I remember watching those full lips as he expounded on concepts that I had no chance of understanding. Watching the way his sleeves rode up to expose the heavy black hair on his arm. Wishing he'd put those arms around me and hold me. Or staring at the little black curl of hair escaping from his white tee shirt, when he loosened his tie and collar on hot day.

I remember inhaling the smell of his cologne, when he leaned over my shoulder to check my work. When he would squat down to show me a calculation, and his handsome face was close enough to touch. The way his pants would stretch across his butt, when he squatted to help someone else.

In High School I still saw alot of Mr. B.. Our Junior and High Schools were in the same building.

I even got to see him naked a couple of times. Our school gave poorer kids an oppurtunity to work for their lunches. My job was to wash and dry the towels for the boys locker room. Mr. B. would sometimes go work out with the weight machines if he had a free period. He'd come back and shower in the boy's lockerroom. I don't think he realized I was there the first time. I heard the shower running as I went to stack towels. I peeked in, and there was Mr. B.. He was covered in black hair from neck to toe. His dick wasn't all that big, but he had the most impressive low hanging nuts. I must have taken a mental photograph of him because to this day I even remember he had a semi heart shaped birthmark on his left butt cheek, that looked like it was sliding into his crack.

Fast forward several years.

It was a busy Friday night at the bar where I worked as a stripper. I was getting ready for my second set of the night when the other guys started buzzing about some hot older guy. Curious I peeked out the door. David pointed him out to me. He sure struck me as familar, but I couldn't quite place him. Then he turned his head at a certain angle, and recognition sparked. OH..MY.. God! Guess who it was? Yeah that's right Mr. B.. At first I was in a panic, I was going to be stripping in about 5 minutes in front of my Junior High Teacher! Then I calmed down. So what!  Like he was going to squeal on me.  He had more to lose than me.

I hissed at Flo, our bartender in the show bar. I pointed out Mr. B. and told him/ her, ( Flo always tended bar in drag!) to send over a bottle of the good champagne. Told her to tell him it was from an anonymous admirer. Mr. B. looked really surprised, and began looking around for the sender. Of course every guy was trying to catch his eye, so that didn't get him anywhere.

Then it was my turn on stage. Whether it was fate or what, I had put on my football uniform costume. The helmet pretty much covered up my face. The whole idea was for the customers to focus on my body with this get up. I had it rigged so I ended up in a jockstrap, cleats, shoulder pads and the helmet. Just a piece of jock meat writhing around, in a sheen of sweat.

I could see that Mr. B. never took his eyes off me. As I danced across the bar collecting dollars bills, in my jock, I kept track of him. When he held up a buck, I sidled his way and crouched down in front of him, knees wide to either side of his shouolders. He kind of self conciously tucked the bill in my jock. I leaned over close as the helmet would allow, looking into his eyes. " Thanks Mr. B."

Such a parade of expressions, marched across his face! Surprise, He knows my name! Confusion , How does he know my name? Consternation, Shit, he knows who I am! Fear, God what if he tells someone he saw me here!'

I pulled the helmet off and grinned at him. I could tell he didn't recognize me at first. Hell, I can't blame him. I looked a hell of a lot diffrent than that runty junoir high kid.

Then I saw the spark of recognition flash. ' Rusty? My God is that you? I thought you were in Art School!' Then the look of consternation was back. ' Look Rusty, you can't tell anyone I was here, I could lose my job!'

I patted him on the shoulder, still crouched there in nothing but pads and a jock. ' Relax, Mr. B., I'm not going to tell anyone, besides' I indicated my attire and the bar, ' Who'd believe me anyway?' I could see he was still rattled. ' Look, Mr. B. wait til after my set and we'll talk! I got to get back to work here!'

With that, I finished up my set, ducked into the dressing room, through on my street gear and went back out to find him. At first I didn't see him, and figured he'd bolted. Then Flo caught my eye and nodded towards one of the back booths. There Mr. B. huddled looking kind of lost and nervous.

He started to jump up when I slid into the booth. I waved him down and leaned forward on my elbows. ' So, what's a nice Junior High Math teacher like you doing in a place like this?' I quipped. Okay, maybe it was lame, but seeing him was a bit of a shock. ' I was wondering the same thing, about you! Why are you taking your clothes off in a gay bar? I heard you were in Art School!' I shrugged, ' I am in Art School, it's expensive, I gotta eat, pay rent, and the money from this job is real good!'

' But stripping? Surely you can find other ways to earn money!' I stretched, watching the way he eyed my body, probably remembering seeing it in just a jock. ' Why? Money's good, it's fun, it makes me feel good about my body, and I like it!'

' But what do your parents think about this' I shrugged, ' Never told them, but it's my life and if they can't deal, well, such is life!'

I paused a moment. ' I'm damn good at it! You didn't seem to mind sticking your fingers down my jock to tip me!' Now, he looked embarrassed, ' That was before I knew who you were, that you were one of my students'

' Look, I'm not your student anymore, I'm a grown man, as you saw for yourself. And everyone of these guys was someone's student once, so calm down, relax and let's talk. So, what are you doing in a gay bar anyway, if it's allright for me to ask? Last I knew you were a married school teacher.'

He considered a moment, then looked at me shyly. ' I've always been gay, just couldn't admit it to myself. I got married to prove I wasn't, but couldn't go on forcing myself to have sex with my wife. She finally got tired of it and left me for antoher guy. That's when I admitted to my self that I liked men, and that's why I'm here, to learn about being gay.'

That rocked me back a little. He was like an almost forty year old virgin! ' You mean you've never had sex with a guy? How do you know you're gay, then?'

' I didn't say I'd never had sex with a guy, just a couple of times, and well, I just know I'd rather be with a man, than a woman.'

He paused a bit. ' But what about your drawing? How are you doing in art school?' I smiled, ' Unlike Math, I'm at the top of my class!' ' That's good to hear...... Um, I'd sure like to see some of your work sometime.'

Oh it was too hard to pass up, I waggled my eyebrows, and tried my best lavicious smirk. ' Why Mr. B. I'd love to show you my.....Etchings!'

His face blanked for a moment, then he chuckled. ' You've become a real smartass, Rusty, It's hard to reconcile you with that shy kid I knew!'

' So,' I said casually, ' How about tonight after I get done?'

I put my hand over his. He almost jerked it away, but then left it there. ' Are you hitting on me Rusty?'

' Yeah, Guess I am, but no pressure. If you want to come to my place and just see my portfolio, that's fine.'

He considered a moment, ' It doesn't seem appropriate somehow, but I really would like to see your work. Just no messing around okay? I'm just not comfortable with that!'

' Okay, I get done here at midnite, I'll see you when I finish.'

I paused, ' Unless you feel like tipping me again!' Then with a laugh I was off to get ready for my last set.

I was disappointed that he stayed in the booth, but I could understand him staying away. When I'd finished, changed and checked out, I went to find him. I could see he was having second thoughts, but I knew if I let him get away, I'd miss one incredible chance to lure him into my arms. I was going to wear him down if at all possible. God, how I still wanted this man.

He had walked to the bar form his hotel, so I didn't have to have him follow me home. We climbed into my battered pickup and headed to my studio loft.

He was very impressed by the loft. It was pretty big. Hey, stripping is good money, and I needed space for my work. He wandered about the room looking at the projects I was working on. I went and dug out my portfolio and sat him down at the table to pour through it.

I was mixing drinks, when I heard him gasp. I looked up to see him looking at me with the strangest face. ' This is me! Is'nt it?'

I wandered over and looked over his shoulder. Shit, I'd forgotten that was in there. It was a print of a painting I'd done using a picture of Mr. B.'s face and my memory of his naked body.

' I leaned over so my chest was touching his shoulder, deciding to brazen it out. ' Yep, that suppossed to be you allright!'

' But' he sputtered,' How do you know what I look like naked?< I never posed for this, You've even got my birthmark on my ass!'

I shrugged, ' Saw you in the boys shower one time, and always remembered what you looked like. Had a crush on you, Mr. B. and never forgot the sight of you in that shower!'

I leaned into him some more and flipped the portfolio shut, taking a deep sniff as I did. ' Same cologne, God I love that smell!' I slid my hand up his arm and cupped his face with it. ' I want to make love to you Mr. B., I've wanted to for as long as I've known you!'

' But it's not right Rusty, I was your teacher!'

' Mr. B., if you didn't want the same thing on some level, you'd have never come here with me!'

I lowered my face close to his, and brushed my lips across his. He started to pull away, but I held his face tight. ' Relax Mr. B., I'm not your student anymore, I'm an adult making my own decision.'

He leaned his head back against my chest. ' Damn, you are definitely not the shy kid I knew!'

He looked up at me as I ran my fingers through his silvering curls. ' I'm not very good at this! ' I laughed softly, ' I am!, just relax and come to bed with me!'

I took his hand and pulled him up into my arms. He was still taller than I was by two inches, but right now I was in control. I gave him and long hug, then loosed him to take his hand and lead him into my bed space.

I stood him next to the bed and started unbuttoning his shirt. I pulled it out of his jeans and pulled it down over his shoulders. With his arms trapped in the cloth I leaned in to run my tongue along his throat.

He was shaking slightly. I ran my tongue down to the base of his throat to swirl it through that black curl that had so tantalized me. Still holding his arms captive, I worked my way through the mat on his chest til I found his brown nipple. I licked and worried it for awhile.

' That feel's so good!' he said. ' Noone's ever done that before!' I smiled into his chest hair and worked my way over to his other nipple.

I glanced up, his head was back, his eyes were closed, giving himself over to the feeling of my mouth on his nipple. As I worked my way down his belly, I pulled his shirt off the rest of the way, let it drop.

When I reached his belly button I began working the buckle of his belt, popped his button and worked down his fly. I licked lower on his belly until my tongue reached the waistband of his whities.

I gently tugged his pants down until his cotton covered cock popped out. I tongued the head through the cloth, tasting the salt of precum that had seeped through.

His hands came to work at my shirt buttons, but I nudged them away. I wanted him naked first.

I lifted his leg to pull off one loafer, one sock, then lifted the other to do the same. I pulled his pants all the way down, and lifting each leg, tossed them across the room.

I knelt back and looked at him, standing there, braced against the bed in nothing but a pair of white jockeys. His cock made a nice sized tent in the cotton. His eyes were closed again, his breathing heavier, his belly and chest moving with each breath. His eyes came open, when I hooked my fingers in the waist band. I looked into his eyes as I slid them off his hips, freeing about five or six inches of slim fat headed dick, that bobbed up and down before me.

Standing I gave him a little push so he sprawled across the bed. I let my eyes drink in his hairy naked bod as I slowly slipped out of my clothes.

Kneeling I pulled his body to the edge of the bed, legs on either side of me. I ran my hands up his furry thighs, until my thumbs rested just under his long hanging balls.

I massaged the tendons there while I leand forward to take his dick in my mouth. He tasted of salt, and smelled of the cologne I loved so much.

As I worked my mouth on his dick he began to squirm. I held him in place and kept sucking. When he was good and worked up, I let his dick slide, and began licking his balls. I worked my arms under and around his legs. He stiffened when I began to push his legs up on my shoulders.

' What are you doing?'

' Just relax, Mr. B., Go with it, if you don't like something, I'll stop.'

He looked worried for a moment, then closed his eyes and laid back. I lathered his balls with spit for a bit, then buried my nose under them, to lick at his taint, slowly pushing his legs higher. When his ass was raised off the bed, I gave him one long swipe from tailbone to balls.

He almost shot right off the bed, but I held him in place.

' God, are you licking my asshole?'

For answer, I took a couple more swipes. ' Oh my God, I can't believe you're doing that! I feel like I should be disgusted, but..... Damn that feels so hot!'

I was tickled, close to forty and Mr. B. had never been rimmed?

I set to licking and tonguing with a vengeance. I'd make sure he never forgot this rim job. By now his ass hairs were sopping wet, and I centered in on his hole, trying to force my tongue inside him. His ass was trying to buck up to meet my tongue.

' Oh I've never felt anything like that! God Rusty, it feels so good. It makes me want something, I don't know, something bigger!'

I knew what he wanted, even if he didn't. At least I knew what I wanted!

My seven inch uncut dick was aching to be buried inside him.

But somehow I knew he'd never taken a dick up his hole before. Don't ask me how, just a feeling. I needed to go slow.

I began to stand up and lean over him, pressing his legs back and his ass higher. I leaned on to his chest and gently kissed his lips, my dick sliding against his wet hairy ass crack.

  ' Mr. B., I want to be inside you, but I need you to want it too.'

A look of concern crossed his face. ' I don't know Rusty, I've never been fucked, I don't know if I can take it.' ' But, God I want to try!'

I smiled and kissed him again. I let his legs back down. This was the awkward part, getting a condom and putting it on. Mr. B. was watching me slide it on my fat dick and was looking a bit worried. I was afraid he was going to change his mind. I knelt back between his legs and sucked on his dick some more to get him worked back up.

Once again I got my shoulders under his legs again and lifted his ass to my mouth. I got him good and wet, managing to get a handful of spit on my cock as well.

I fumbled for the lube I'd taken with me, and really got my dick slick.

Then I pushed his legs back, and laid my dick in his crack. I slowly slid it back and forth across his hole.

Mr. B.'s head was back and I could feel he was tense. ' You gotta relax, Mr. B. or it's not going to work. When I start to push in, you got to push out. It sounds crude, but kind of like pushing out a dump. It'll probably hurt, if it hurts too much, tell me and I'll ease off. Once you get used to me being in there, it'll be easier. Remember, I'll stop any time you want me to!'

Mr. B. squinched his eyes shut, nodded and took a deep breath, then another. I laid the tip of my dick against his quivering pucker.

' Deep breath now, and push!' Mr. B.'s eyes popped open as my cock started pushing into his hole. He groaned and I stopped. ' No Rusty, keep going, I want to feel you inside me!

' ' WE will, but there's no need to rush. Take it easy, deep breaths, let your ass adjust.'

Eventually I worked my way in to my balls.

Mr. B. was trembling. I held myself still and let him adjust.

' God, it feels like someone stuck a log inside me! I feel like I'm going to split open!'

As for me, the whole feeling of having my dick buried inside Mr. B. was almost enough to make me shoot my load right then. I was taking deep breaths trying to keep control, but the heat of his guts was undoing me. I just wanted to rip into him and pound him till he screamed. But I didn't want to hurt him so I kept still.

Then I felt him squirm under me, moving his ass around as if to feel my dick move around inside him.

I let out a shuddering sigh and began to edge back out. I must have hit his gland, because suddenly his eyes snapped open, and I swear he squeaked.

' Oh my God, what the hell, that felt so good!'

As I continued to edge back, my dick kept sliding over that spot and Mr. B. was quivering, eyes wide, his hands digging into my arms. I pulled about halfway out and pushed slowly back in again. He closed his eyes and moaned.

Soon I was pumping long slow strokes in and out of him. His butt was raising to meet my thrusts and his head was twisting back and forth. I could hear him moaning ' Fuck me Rusty, Fuck me.' almost under his breath.

Suddenly he went stiff, his eyes wild, his legs jerking against my chest. I watched his dick jump, then pump strings of cum into the air.

A couple more strokes, and I let out a yell, and rammed my cock in as deep as I could as I felt my load shoot out.

We lay panting sweat soaked, I pulled out of him and scooted us, up to lie on the bed. I wrapped my arms around him pulling him in close.

I nuzzled into his neck, feeling his pulse throb then slow.

After a moment, he sighed and started to pull away.

I clenched my arms around him. ' What's wrong?'

' I suppose I should go, Rusty.'

' I don't want you to go David, I wish you'd stay!'

' You called me David, instead of Mr. B., why the change?'

' I was the Teacher this time, and your homework assignment is to stay here with me tonight!' I laughed and rolled over to pin him down.

' Besides, there's going to be a pop quiz in the morning!' ' A pop quiz?' David laughed, ' What kind of quiz?'

' Why I think I'll let you pop me and see how well you learned your lesson!'




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