Ron Duncan never in a million years that he would screw around behind his boyfriend's back. More less, even entertain the thought, but it happened.

He was standing outside the Dunkin' Donuts early Monday morning texting Matt, his lover of three years, that he loved him and to have a good day before jetting inside the shop to grab a large coffee and two honey buns.

That's when he flipped the phone shut, was about to turn around, when the tall figure in black slipped through the trees in Wyatt Park on the other side of the avenue.

Like I said, it was early, about 5:30 in the morning and the world was still waking up. The avenue was fairly empty with only a few cars slugging along.

And the sky, an amazing soft blue, still milking through the trees where the tall figure loomed.

For a second, Ron was startled. Thought of a giant bat watching him.

That's because the tall figure was wearing a long black coat, partly open with the shadow of his long dick swaying around.

* Lets cut to the chase because I'm horny. ...stoned too and fucking hard like a rock.

The figure stepped out of the trees and placed himself in the center of the wood for Ron to see.

Then dropped back his coat and swished his hips around, waving and slapping his cock in the air as he put his hands on his hips, watched it for awhile, then looked back up at Ron and shrugged for him to come over.

Ron just stood. In awe. Eyes once sleepy, now wide and alert. He felt his little dick thump in the crotch of his dress pants.

He tried to look away, looked around casually once or twice to see if anyone was watching, but his blue eyes immediately went back to this man's amazing cock.

At one point, somewhere in between, the cock magically stopped moving and stuck strait out hard demanding his attention.

Ron blushed around that point and knew that he was caught.

The figure was going to have him.

Then finally, impatient, the tall scarecrow stepped out further and pointed his finger at Ron and said,

"Hey you. Come on. Get over here...

He waved.

"Come on. Move that ass."

Ron stepped off the curb and slipped his cell phone in the back pocket of his slick ass.

* Okay. Hey....I'm fucking horny and high and going to jump a few minutes later. ...let me hit my Rush first....

The tall man pushed Ron around. Mumbling shit and smacking his ass periodically as he shuffled him into the woods.


"Like that?"


"That ass getting smacked. Come on. Turn around and keep moving. We got stuff to do."

Before he turned back around Ron caught the man's thin hard face, sideways, eyeing up his crack and blowing wind out of his mouth like a whistle.


The Tall creep woofed.

"Get that ass good."

He smacked it.

Ron yelped out.

After another few minutes of nasty grunts and smacking ass, he stopped Ron by a lake hidden somewhere under the trees and said...

"Get down boy. You're about to be fucked up."


"Fuck you up. Blow up that ass white smoke and watch your eyes water as it comes out of your mouth"

The sicko dropped his coat with his long veiny arms then stepped closer to Ron as he kneeled him down on his knees.

"Look at that. Goddamn. That's a big dick."

Ron whispered, suddenly not afraid, just lifting up that long muscle and squeezing it tight like fruit, making sure it's ripe.

"Want it."

"Hell yeah."

"How bad"

"Really bad. I mean, I would be devastated to walk away from something like this, or, fuuuuck, wake up and realize it was only a dream."

"Yeah? Well I can assure, this is no dream. You'll remember this for the rest of your life"

He gently moved Ron back as he stood, arched open his legs, and motioned for him to suck his cock.

It was time.

"Slowly at first. Take it slow. Don't be greedy."

"Ok. I'll try not to. It's so big..."

Ron's phone drops out and hits speed dial as it lands on the ground.  It rings his lover Matt.



The stick man says, grabbing the back of Ron's neck and slapping it around, hitting into his eye and nose.

Ron arches up , closes his eyes, and woofs down the cock making a girly sound somewhere at the end.

He looks up, eyes watering, and gasps at what he sees.

The man staring down, eyes a blazed, blowing a stream of white smoke out his mouth like a pipe, engulfing Ron. Wrapping him up in one white milky blanket.

"Yeeeeeeeah! Take it all!"

The devil blew.

The white blanket slithered up his ass and pealed off his pants in long strips. Ron's asshole puckered out hard like big pink pussy lips, fucking flapping and waving for the smoke to feed inside his flaps.

The smoke shifted into little arms, spreading open Ron's hole as a dozen or so white fingers of mist appeared in front, opening his dress shirt and playing with his nipples.  as

Ron cried out, dropping the devil's cock out of his mouth as the ghost hands,  fingers and arms, spread open Ron's ass like a pig about to be baked.

* here comes the twist guys, hang in there because I am so fucking high that smoke and the smell of fresh poppers linger comes the twist.......

As Ron is lifted up from the ground, he is placed slowly over the devil man, still blowing smoke out of his mouth downwards, now sitting back like a king on a large gray rock.

Ron's lover, Matt, finally answers the phone.

"Hey?  Ron?  Everything okay?  Aren't you at work yet?"

Matt adjusts his ass down firmly on the large rubber ball and plants his feet to the floor.

Slender tall naked white man, with his ass plugged to the handle of an exercise ball.

"Ron?  You there?"

As Ron bounces up and down on the big devil dick, he cries and screams and gasps and babbles things only a madman would..

"Take me with you! T-take....Take Me with You!! P-lease."

White steam blowing out of the lizard's crack, um, I mean, throat.

"I Love You! god, help me! Somebody....he's....he's....killing me!!"

Matt gets a little impatient on the phone and reaches back to make sure he didn't shit himself and then smells his hand.

Shitty a little.

"Ron? What are you up to? I'm in the middle of something."

Ron collapses on the devil's lap and falls against his chest, white steam smoking out of his ass like a rocket ass he holds onto the creature's biceps.

The thing leans back, then suddenly, sucks in his breath, causing Ron's body yo evaporate into the mist and back into his mouth.  

The smoke clears. The sun beams through the trees as the tall man wipes his lips and slips back on his long coat.

"Hello? Ron? ...fuck it. Call me during lunch."

Matt snaps the phone shut and tosses it on the dresser and then turns his body and ass toward the figure standing near the window in the bright morning light"

"We have time. He wont call back till lunch. Bring that bad thing back over here."

The tall figure steps in front and drops his black coat.

"Yeah. That's it. Treat me good with that big thing"

Matt gobbles down the cock and twirls his ass on the rubber ball.

"You have no idea how good I'm going to treat you."

White smokes comes out of his mouth.


man with Pipe


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