Talking in His Sleep

By : A. Williams

     My name is Mason Spence and this is my story about my best friend in high school, Luke Parker. I’m not sure where to start, so I guess I’ll start the first day we met each other.

     It was the first day of tenth grade and no one acted like they were happy to be back at school. I was only happy about the fact that I was now able to drive instead of taking that god-awful cram packed stinking old school bus that seemed to always break down.

   As I parked my mothers’ old 69 Ford Falcon station wagon that sunny morning, I noticed some new students hanging out around the front entrance. Two girls and one guy, damn I thought this school doesn’t need any more girls. The student population at Grant High was eighty seven percent female already and for a closeted gay guy like me, the pickins’ of the thirteen percent male students was indeed limited.

   I stepped out my mom's old Ford Falcon station wagon, polished the toes off my black boots on the back of the pants leg of my tight Levis. I shook my long black curls out of my face and slung my worn black leather jacket over my shoulder. I grabbed my backpack and heaved a heavy sigh, two more years in the boring place I thought.

    I walked to the main entrance and the new guy nodded and said “Mornin’, nice boots man.”

   He was tall and lean, blonde and blue eyed. He was handsome alright and I nodded back but did not speak back to him. Bells were ringing and homeroom was calling and I just made it into class and took a seat before the last bell. Looking around I thought, same old stupid group as last year.

    A few stragglers came in and the teacher warned, “Because it’s the first day I will let you in tardy. Tomorrow the door will be locked at last bell. You have all now been warned. Hold on Mr. Parker, come back to my desk please.”

   The new guy, the one that spoke to me at the front door, turned and headed back to the Teachers desk. There was some exchanging of papers and then, “Class this is Luke Parker, a new student here at our school. Please make him feel welcome and help show him around. Mr. Spence, please raise your hand,” she said.

   I did and she told Luke to take a seat beside me. When he sat down I could smell his cologne and it was very nice and manly. “Hello, I’m Luke and you are?” he asked.

    “Mason, Mason Spence,” I replied without looking his way. That was all that was said between us. The bell rang and we were off to the next class.

   This Luke fellow and I seemed to have every class together before lunch. He ended up sitting next to me in every class. I didn’t mind, he smelled really good and was not talkative, which I liked very much.

   At lunch, I sat at my usual table for two alone like I always did and I noticed Luke did the same. I figured he was like me, a loner. So I left him alone. After lunch I only had one class with Luke and he sat next to me again. Finally the long boring day ended and I headed for the old station wagon happy to be free.

   The first three months of that year went so slow. But Luke and I were neck and neck for top scoring students in all our classes by the end of the first quarter. Come to find out, he was as smart as me. But I knew next to nothing about him, so one day at lunch I joined him at his two person table.

     “Hey Mason, glad you joined me,” he said without looking up from the book he was reading.

     “How did you know it was me Luke?” I asked as I started to eat my burger and fries. At least the food was good at school.

     “Your smell is how I knew it was you,” he said smiling and taking a bite of his own burger, his nose still buried in his book.

    I smiled, I knew his smell very well too and liked it a lot. “I’m ahead of your scores by two points. I know I will leave you in the dust by the time the final report cards come out.” I said boastfully.

     “Ooohh really, you want to put your money where your mouth is Mason? I have fifty bucks that says you are so wrong,” he laughed his eyes now fixed on mine.

“You’re on my man.” I said quickly loving the challenge.

     That’s how our friendship started and Luke did take my fifty bucks. His score was 97.8 and mine was 97.6. That Bastard…hahaha. That year we became best buddies and were always together. We were like each other’s shadows and loners no more because we had each other.

     That summer we tagged alone on each other’s family vacations. Our parents were happy that we both had a friend. They felt we were growing up and becoming more social but in reality we were still loners. We only socialized with each other. However, the parents gave us more freedom and we took full advantage of that.

     We never dated any girls and by the end of our junior year I was beginning to wonder if Luke was gay like me. He had never said anything nor did anything to make me suspicions but the lack of female companionship for two horny teenage boys was telling.

    That summer for my eighteenth birthday present, the parents gave me a full camping set up. A two person tent, chairs, a grill and everything you needed to go with it. I had bought Moms old station wagon last year and it was perfect for hauling my gear.

     I called Luke, “Hey Buddy, want to go camping for a week? The parents just gave me the full set-up for two for my birthday. Let’s get away and drink a few Bud Lights and chill. Do some fishing and swimming,” I asked.

     “That sounds great Mason. Let me work on the folks. When do you want to leave?” he asked.

“How about we leave this coming up weekend?” I countered.

“Sounds great to me. Let me see what I can do on my end Buddy,” he said happily.

     I knew the perfect spot for us to go camping. The old Millers’ farm down on route twenty–nine. It was very secluded, full of large oak trees and had a clear water spring fed pond full of trout. The pond was great for fishing and swimming.

   Later that week when Luke and I hooked up to go mountain biking, he gave me the good news. “The folks said we could go on the camping trip Mason. Mom has made some cookies and brownies for us to take along. She even made some of her famous homemade coleslaw and potato salad for us,” he told me excitedly.

    “Great buddy! You know I love your moms cooking. I got some dogs, beans and chips to take along with us and Mom said she would buy some more stuff for us to eat. The weather is supposed to be perfect for our trip. What do you say, I thought I could pick you up around six on Saturday morning?” I asked him.

“Sounds go to me. Is Sam buying us the beer?” he asked.

“Already done my friend, in the cooler and ready to be iced down,” I said smiling.

“You never fail to impress Mason,” he said shaking his head and laughing.

    “You know it!” I boasted. We parted ways and headed to our respective houses with a high-five and promise not to be late Saturday morning.

    In bed that night, I thought about our trip. I had been noticing changes in Luke that were making me a bit frustrated sexually. Like the way his shoulders had broadened and the way his body had muscled up.

    What was really driving me crazy was he had let his hair grow out some and it would fall into his beautiful blue eyes. He had a way of tossing his head to move his hair out of his eyes that made my cock twitch.

    Before I knew what I was doing I had my rock hard eight inch cock in my hand and was fantasying about us sleeping in that tent together. His good smelling body all warm beside mine, hot skin to hot skin touching and rubbing together. The smell of our arousal was really my own pre-cum leaking from my cock in my hand but the fantasy seemed so real. I moaned his name. “Ooohh God Luke,” as my cock fired again and again.

    Maybe…just maybe I thought as I came down from my orgasm. Just maybe this trip would bring us closer together. I could only dream of the day Luke and I could be intimate. God how he had my heart and deep desires without knowing it.

    Luke was indeed on time, ready for our trip. Early even and I was ready to get on the road. We loaded all his stuff in the back of the old station wagon and headed to the local convenience store for ice.

     We sang loud and out of key to the songs on the old radio. We were already enjoying getting away and being on our own. Two free young men ready for an adventure, loners but together as we always were.

     It took about an hour to get to the farm and Luke was impressed as I pulled up under the huge oaks next to the pond. The perfect place to pitch the tent and set up camp.

     “Damn Mason this place is great. Like I said before, you never cease to impress me. I love it, let’s unload and get settled,” he said tossing his hair out of his eyes and making my cock twitch. 

     We unloaded all the gear and got busy setting up the tent. We gather wood for a fire and Luke was singing and laughing all the time. After setting up, we went fishing with purple worms for bait, the wiggly rubber ones.

      “I have never been a good fisherman. I always seem to sling my bait off the hook as I cast out,” he said as we walked to the pond with our rods and reels along with the tackle box.

    “I can help you with casting Buddy, it’s not that hard. You just need to know how to flick your wrist.” I said hoping to be close to his back and ass with my arms around his body. We found a good place and began to get our bait on our hooks.

     Once we were set I laid down my rod and said, “Here Luke let me show you how to cast out, you stand there and relax. Let me get behind you and show you the motions you need to make. Ok?”

     “Sure, thanks for the help,” he said as I walked behind him, my cock already on the rise. I took his right arm with my right hand and slowly slid it down to his wrist. My left hand went around his small waist and rested on his tight abs. I thought I heard a small moan from him but was not sure of it. I moved my head on his shoulder, my mouth close to his ear. God, his hair was so soft on my face. I pressed my body into his and moaned quietly myself.

I felt Luke tense up and said softly in his ear, “Relax Luke and let me show you.”

     “Show me what? Ooohhh yeah….yes, how to cast,” he said a little breathless not seeming to remember why he was in my arms. I showed him the motions a couple of times before we casted out the line. It ending up perfectly by an old tree trunk half exposed in the deeper part of the pond.

     “Great job Luke, got it now?” I asked reluctantly letting him loose and walking away to get my own rod.

    “Yes Mason, I think so and thanks,” he said bumping his rod and reeling along trying to entice the fish to bite.

     We fished in silence and two hours later we had six rainbow trout and two largemouth bass, plenty for supper. We headed back to camp and cleaned our catch, putting them on ice. It was still early but I wanted an ice cold Bud Light and a joint or two of some really good stuff I had snuck along for us. After all we were all alone and on our own, so why not?

     It was getting warm so I pulled off my shirt, kicked off my boots and socks. Then barefooted, I grabbed four beers from the cooler as I watched Luke pulled off his t-shirt and move his chair closer to mine. We both sat down and I fished my stash out of my pack-back.

“Lookey…Lookey. What do you have there?” Luke asked grinning from ear to ear.

“A treat my dear friend and it’s some really good shit.” I said lighting the large joint.

I passed it to Luke, “Go easy man, it’s some potent shit.” I warned.

    We passed it back and forth talking about how quite it was out here and how relaxing it was. We finished the joint and cracked open our first beers. We kicked back and enjoyed our high.

    Then out of the blue, Luke started to laugh. “I got a joke Mason, ready?” he asked still snickering.

“Go for it man,” I said smiling and hoping it was indeed funny.

“Why is air and sex alike?” he asked me.

I thought but had no response, “Don’t know, why?” I asked.

“Because you don’t miss it unless you’re not getting any!” he said waiting for my response.

    It took me a minute to get the joke. Then all of a sudden it was the funniest thing I had ever heard. I busted out laughing and couldn’t stop. Luke joined in and we were both leaning on each other and holding our hurting abs. I’m sure the pot had a little something to do with our fit of laughter.

     When we calmed down some, I took a swig off my beer and said, “I wouldn’t know….haven’t had sex yet.”

    “I know the feeling Buddy, me neither,” he said cracking another beer and adding, “Light up another Mason, let’s keep the party rolling.”

     And that’s what we did….PARTY! Before we knew it the sun was starting to set and we lit the camp fire. We made a rack for the fish to cook above the fire and sat back to let them cook.

“Mason, you really a virgin?” Luke asked

“Yep, sorry to say. You too?” I asked already knowing the answer.

     “Sure am,” he replied and changed the subject. We ate all the fish, Luke’s moms’ wonderful potato salad and a bag of chips. When we were stuffed and satisfied I stood.

Stretching I said, “I’m ready for bed, how about you?”

“Yep, let me piss and I’ll be right there,” he said standing and walking into the woods.

     I entered the tent and stripped naked. I wanted Luke beside me, so I fixed the sleeping bags into one large bed and climbed in. Pulling a sheet over my lower half, I waited for Luke to come in.

“Wow you got the bed all fixed, thanks man,” he said undressing.

     I tried not to stare but could not help myself as he lowered his jean shorts and stepped of them. He adjusted his cock in his tight silky boxers and zipped up the tent. He lay down on the make-shift bed and I turned down the lantern. We both lay on our back in silence. I could hear Luke’s steady breathing and feel his warm shoulder touching mine. I wondered if I would get any sleep tonight but I didn’t really care, I had plenty of time to sleep later.

“What do you want to do in the morning Mason?” he asked bring me out of my thoughts.

“Don’t know. How about a long hike and then a swim to cool off?” I asked.

“Sounds great to me. Nite Buddy,” he said rolling on his side away from me.

“Good night Luke,” I said missing his touch already.

    It did take me awhile to fall asleep but it finally came and sometime in the middle of the night I was awaken by Luke’s voice. At first I could not understand what he was saying. It was mostly moans and a “Yes” and “More” here or there. Then I heard my name, “Mason” and then “Please don’t stop.”  I was suddenly fully awake and moving closer so I could hear what he was talking about.

     I could see he was asleep and obviously dreaming as well as talking in his sleep. Luke continued to moan and whimper and then “Manson kiss me.” I decided to do something to get more information.

 “Kiss you where?” I asked

“On my lips please.” Luke answered, still asleep.

“How long have you wanted me to kiss you?” I asked.

“For years,” he answered.

    My heart was beating wildly and my cock was on the rise. This was too good to be true. I continued my line of questioning.

“What else do you want me to do Luke?” I asked holding my breath.

“Touch me,” he said.

“Where?” I asked

“All over,” he said

    The temperature in the tent was on the rise or maybe it was just me. I was so turned on it was all I could do to resist the urge to reach out and rub his body. But I knew if I did he would wake up.

“Can I touch your chest?” I asked.

“Yes,” he answered.

“Can I touch your abs?” I asked.

“Yes,” he answered.

“Can I touch your cock?” I asked holding my breath.

“Please… yes,” he answered.

     I stopped asking questions and gave him a chance to sleep deeper. I didn’t want him to remember any of this, I wanted to keep it my secret for now. He rolled over facing me and sighed. He was so handsome in the soft glow of the lantern. I wanted so to kiss his lips but didn’t. Instead I rolled over and scooted back against his warm body.

    Still asleep, he reached over me and with his arm and pulled me closer. “Make love to me Mason. I want you so bad,” he murmured in my ear still asleep.

     Now that I knew how Luke felt, I intended to do just that and lots more on this trip. I lay in his warm embrace enjoying the feeling of his body so close and his breath on my ear. My mind began to wonder and I came up with a great ice-breaker for tomorrow. I snickered to myself about my idea and eventually Luke’s even breathing lulled me back to sleep.

     I woke to a strong sun and the smell of coffee brewing. I felt for Luke but I was alone in the sleeping bag. My need to piss was the real reason I struggled to wake up fully. I left the tent, shielding my eyes to the sun and stumbled to the oak for that much needed piss. When I sat down by the fire, Luke was there with a fresh cup of coffee.

“Thanks man,” I mumbled.

“You look like you need it,” he laughed.

“That bad?” I asked taking my first sip of the hot strong brew.

“Yeah, that bad,” he said smiling and sitting down next to me.

     We drank our coffee in silence as we listened to the sound of the woods. It was already warm and the sun felt great. There was a slight breeze that would wash over your our bodies every now and again. All and all it was the perfect morning for our hike.

     I finished my coffee, refilled my cup and looked over at Luke. Now that I knew he wanted me…us, I was having a hard time keeping my cock under control. I thought talking might help my ragging erection deflate.

“Let’s eat breakfast before we go hiking. You get ready, I’ll cook.” I said.

     “Sounds good buddy. Be back in a few,” he answered as he stood and walked off toward the tent.

     I scrabbled some eggs and made some more coffee finishing just as Luke came out ready to eat.

“Smells great Mason, I’m starving. Thanks Buddy,” he said digging in.

     I walked to the tent to get ready for our hike. I had to or I would have thrown Luke to the ground and fucked the hell out of him right then and there. Hell fire, this was going to be a torturous morning for me, I had to get myself under control. I came out ready to go and shoved a few bites of eggs in my mouth.

     “Ready to roll Luke? We should get going before it gets too hot,” I said needing to get moving.

     “Sure buddy, all set,” he said walking off in the woods with me on his heels. We hiked for about two hours and came upon a huge lake. The lake had to be five acers with a sandy beach type entrance and clear blue water about shoulder high at the deepest part.

“Damn, we should have brought our fishing gear,” I said.

“This looks perfect for our swim, I know I’m ready for a dip. It’s hot as hell,” Luke said.

I thought about my plan and said, “I think skinny dipping is called for,” as I started to strip.

     I was surprised that Luke followed my lead without question. Soon we were running into the cool water butt ass naked, laughing and cocks wagging. God he was beautiful, a big blonde bush above that six inch soft cock. My plan was coming together perfectly.

     We swam around for a little while and then Luke stood up in a shallow part on the lake. The water about waist high, so I could not help but notice the water dripping down his sexy body as he slung his wet hair out of his face. I stood and walked to him, staring deep into his eyes.

     He saw me coming and stood still intrigued by my stare. I stopped inches from his body and leaded over and whispered in his ear, “I know the secrets that you’re keeping. When you were talking in your sleep, you told me you wanted me. Wanted me in every way. Luke I want you too.”

     I leaned over, took his face in my hands and kissed him softly. He moved closer to me, wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled us close together. Luke licked my lips and I opened them for our tongues to meet.

     The sparks flew as we swirled our wet hot tongues around each other’s. We grabbed each other’s heads and pressed hard into that first kiss. We ground our hard cocks together as we moved to the sandy shore on the lake.

     I laid Luke down gently on his back, “Make love to me Mason. I have wanted you for so long,” he begged.

     “I need to taste you first Baby. Let me suck you and eat your perfect ass first,” I said swallowing his hard nine inches.

“Ooohhh fuck yes. Feels so good Mason,” he moaned loudly.

     His cock was all I had dreamed it would be and more. I loved the feeling on his thick pubic bush on my nose and his pre-cum was so sweet. I bobbed my head on and down his luscious shaft as I ran my hands over his smooth chest and hard nipples. He had his hands on my head and in my long black curls.

     “God Mason, your hair is so soft. Your Mouth feels so hot and wet. Please don’t stop,” he moaned.

     We were both enjoying our first sexual experience and I wanted his cum in my hungry mouth in the worst way. I had no intention of stopping until Luke had erupted in a mind shattering orgasm.

     I didn’t have to wait too long because Luke soon yelled, “Ooohhh….I’m gonna cum …..Yes!” as he tighten his grip on my head

     I felt him tense all over and felt his hot salty cum hit my tongue and slide down my throat. Again and again his cock fired and I gobbled up all that precious liquid. I cleaned his dick as he came down from his orgasm.

     I crawled up and kissed him deep, sharing the taste of his cum with him. “Damn baby your cum taste so good. Now roll over and let me taste that sweet ass,” I said smiling.

“Mason I am all yours for the taking,” he said rolling over.

     I brushed the sand off his beautiful full ass, spread his butt cheeks for a smell and my first taste. I inhaled deeply. He smelled clean and ready to eat. I licked his crack from bottom to top over and over again as he moaned, “Uuummm,” beneath me.  I pressed my thick tongue into his hole and moaned deep. I almost came just tasting his ass. Yes…It was that good.

     “Yes eat me. Get me ready for that hard cock of yours. God I want it so bad!” Luke moaned out.

I could not wait any longer, “Are you sure you are ready baby?” I asked.

“Yes Mason, please go slowly but I need you inside me,” he said.

     I spit on his ass and worked in two fingers, then three.  He was moaning and begging for my cock so I spit on my rock hard cock and lined it up to his hole. I pushed, piercing his sphincter and sliding in about two inches as I felt Luke clamp down from the pain.

     “Relax Baby, I’ll wait. You tell me when you’re ready.” I said holding my positon and rubbing his back hoping to relax him. God he was tight, like a virgin should be. I knew I would not last long once I started fucking him.

“God Mason, your cock is huge.” Luke said panting and starting to relax.

     “Do you want me to stop Baby? I can pull out and we can try again later?” I asked concerned, not wanting to hurt him.

     “Hell no! Don’t you dare pull out, I’ve dreamed of this for years. Push slowly Babe,” he said determined that we continue.

     I pushed in inch by inch slow and steady until my balls rested on his. I lay down on his broad back, my lips to his ear, “God Luke … your ass is divine Baby. So smooth and hot.” I said licking his ear.

     “I feel so full Babe, we’re one finally … in all ways. Fuck me and make us cum hard.” Luke said.

     I pulled out slow and pushed back in slowly. God I was in heaven and feeling so much pleasure. As I made love to Luke, I whispered in his ear, “I’m glad you are my first. You feel amazing. You mean everything to me. I want you always Luke.”

All he could do was moan, “OOOohhh….Yyyeeesss…Uuuuummmmm.”

     With my cock never leaving his ass, I flipped him over on his back. I wanted to kiss him as we made love for the first time. We locked lips as I continued my slow thrust. I was surprised that I was able to hold off my orgasm but I wanted, no I needed, Luke to cum first. His pleasure was more important than mine.

     I had to admit then and there in the middle of my ecstasy that I loved Luke deeply.  So I broke the kiss and screamed out for the whole world to hear, “I love you Luke, with all my heart and soul. Cum for me!” as I continued to make sweet love to him.

     He moaned out loudly as his hard throbbing cock spattered all over both of us, “I love you too Mmmmason, for aaaaa thousand yearsssss and a dddaaayyyyyy.”

     I felt his ass clamping down over and over as his cock fired off. And that sent me over the edge into a pure bliss that I had never experience before, deep in his sweet ass. It made me go weak all over and I collapsed onto Luke’s body still feeling the after-socks of my explosion. We were all sweaty, covered in cum and sand but so damn satisfied.

     We laid there in total silence. Me on top of him, I could hear his heartbeat and feel him breathing beneath me. Then all of a sudden he said, “That’s what I been missing for all this time. Damn, let’s do it again Mason. Right now!”

     I started to snicker and decided to play with him. I jumped up off him, raising my arms and doing my best Dr. Frankenstein imitation. I yelled, “I’ve created a monster!” as I ran into the clear water of the lake.

“Ooohhh you ass! Get back here.” Luke said laughing as he followed me in.

     We played and washed off in the cool water. Then we dressed and headed back to camp. The rest of our trip was spent making love whenever we wanted, as many times as we wanted. In every conceivable position we wanted to try.

     All and all that trip changed our lives forever. I know it may sound a bit odd to all of you but we even had our honeymoon here on old Millers Farm. I bought the place for Luke as a wedding gift and we come here every year for our anniversary.

We have been married for 20 years now, and it’s funny that Luke still talks in his sleep.

Thank you for reading and posting comments on my story.....feel free to e-mail me too..A.


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