Tales of a Blackmailer

Chapter 1

Please be aware this story has adult themes and are not for everyone, Please be 18 and over when you read.

It all started because soccer practice got let out early. 

To think none of this would have happened if Coach didn't have somewhere to be. But then again, he was always at it maybe it was bound to happen. Still I like to thank my Coach for helping me fulfill my greatest fantasy...a hunky dad dick deep in my teen asshole.

Let me start from the beginning. It was a hot Friday and Coach let us go home early from practice because he had some things to do. No one was gonna question that. We hit the showers and then headed our separate ways. For me, it was a 20 minute walk from school to home, which I didn't mind as it gave me time to think how I was going to get laid for the first time. 

I'd always been attracted to older guys and some of the teachers were giving me that look. My science teacher was bookish but quite handsome. He liked to give me shoulder rubs at the end of class that were like magic. Sometimes, I wondered what it would feel like to get one after school since they felt so amazing. I could only imagine what an after hours one would be like.

I was thinking of the choices and the teachers I could seduce when I arrived home and saw my dad's car in the driveway. Usually my dad didn't get home until around 6 or 7 from the station. He was  a detective and it usually kept him late. Wonder what brought him home this early.

As I was walking along the side of the house to the guesthouse that I had somehow convinced my parents to let me stay in. Let me tell you, arguing something with a lawyer and a detective is not easy.

 I was going along and passed a window where a flash of naked skin that  caught my eye. I looked back and could not believe what I was seeing. My dad was standing there with his slacks around his ankles and he was banging some redhead like a $5 hooker. Dad was pulling all the way out and slamming into her with full force. The force was so strong that it was sending shock waves through her ample ass that you could see it ripple. I could see them from an angle and from the way my dad was pulling in and out, I could see that he was hung like a horse and his cock looked thick as hell and veiny.

I never thought of my dad in a sexual way. I mean I knew he was a stud from the way he looked. All muscles and pecs and bulges everywhere. His shirts and pants always looked like they were about to burst at the seams.  Also the way women everywhere fawned over him could also explain it if you weren't into looks. He had this swagger about him that drew women to him.Yet seeing my dad pound the crap out of the redhead was giving me a raging boner in my gym shorts. Dad's ass was amazing. Watching it flex and slam was hypnotic. I could feel myself drooling and my thick cock leaking in my pants. It was a great sight.

I eased the window open just a little without making too much noise and could hear her screaming as dad pounded her and grunted about how she better take this damn dick. He pounded her like there was no tomorrow and, from the look of it, he was pounding down her backdoor.

I could hear her screaming that he was too rough, but he just kept slamming the shit out of her even harder. I looked down and felt my boner throbbing in my shorts as this was the hottest thing I had ever seen. Way better than any porno I had ever watched or seen online.  My hot as fuck dad fucking some bimbo with his horse cock. Damn...

I have seen his bulge before, but it looked much bigger at full mast. I pulled my iPhone out of my pocket and started recording it so I could use it as stroke material later. I watched my dad fuck her for about 15 minutes and then he started grunting loud and telling her, "You better take this damn nut" and "Whose ass is this?" She grunted her answers as she couldn't talk much as dad had her ass slammed up against this couch as he was ramming her backdoor. He gave her a couple more thrust and then slid his fat dick out of her ass. I was watching the monster throb and pulse an angry purple until without touching himself he exploded.

 My mouth dropped open as I watched it spew a huge stream. The cum begin to shoot out of his cock and then he slammed into one of her bright red butt cheeks. With all his force he slammed his huge dick back in her ass and she screamed and he roared as he emptied his load into her now pounded to a pulp ass.

 I could see my dad cheeks tighten as he emptied his load into her ass. It was a sight to see as his ass flexed and squeezed as he emptied his massive man load into her abused ass. 

I could see dad was still in a daze as he slid his red, throbbing cock back a little. I watched his thick dick slide out little by little, covered with white cum all around the top. His thick cream was still leaking out of her fat ass.

"Fuck you, Richard!" She screamed as he pulled her ass off his dick and it just hung there still semi hard and dripping his massive load that he just blew into her used and abused ass.

"I thought I just did." He smirked at her.
She screamed and slapped him in his chest and that barely seemed to faze him.

"You're way too rough on me. And you're always trying to fuck my ass like some weirdo. Fuck my pussy!" She yelled.

"And risk getting you pregnant? Hell no." He answered. "You know you love this dick. That's why you come to me instead of your husband. Cause I'm all man with a man dick."

As he said that, he turned around and I noticed it was our neighbor from down the street Mrs. Fields, also one of my mom's closest friends and my dad just fucked her brains out and dropped his load in her ass. 

"I'm done Richard. No more. You're too damn rough on me. I'm gonna be sore for a week and won't be able to walk straight all day. And you fucked me in my ass what the hell! Now I have to go shower because you dumped a huge load in me. Ewwww. I told you to pull out goddammit." She yelled at him as she pulled on her dress. 

"Sorry. I got caught in the moment," he said raising his shoulders.

"Whatever Richard. I'm done. Go find some other women to take your huge massive loads in their ass. Cause I'm through with it," she said as she walked out the door. I could see a wet stain on the back of her dress from his massive load leaking out her ass.The door slammed and dad looked down at his dick that was still half erect. He grabbed it and gave it a couple strokes and said, "Good job junior."

I ducked out of the window and ran around the house and high tailed it to my room.  Once I was in the my room upstairs in the guest house. I threw my book bag down. I was still feeling randy and ripped off all the clothes and stared at myself in the full length mirror.

My 8 inch cock was sticking straight out and throbbing like a hot rod. A pearl of pre cum dripped down and I caught it and tasted it. It was a little salty, but I loved it. I looked at the rest of my body and liked what I saw. I had medium length hair that fell to my shoulders that I usually kept in a ponytail. My body was pretty toned from playing soccer and working out at the gym. I had a 6 pack and nice sized pecs. The best part was the happy trail leading to my crotch and the V leading there as well. It was a hot sight that also turned me on. 

I looked down towards my 8 inch throbbing red dick and mini egg sized balls but my favorite asset was my ass. I turned to the side and looked in the mirror. It was what I learned was called a bubble butt. It was luscious and pushed out from my soccer shorts. It looked like two halves of a honeydew melon that were totally hairless and felt soft to the touch, but became tight when I squeezed them together. I gave my ass a slap and felt my cock surge with more blood. I hopped on my bed and took my phone out and stroked my dick watching my dad slam my mom's friend. Seeing his fat dick slam in an out of her was so hot that before I could stop a shower of jism rushed out of my cock and showered my face and chest with fresh warm creamy baby batter. It felt like a shower as the cum rained down on me from a volcanic load. As I came down from the high and felt the cum dry on my chest a plan started to form. One involving my dad and me and me getting plowed by my father and his massive dick.


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