After only two months of marriage Harry Loomis realized he had made the biggest mistake of his life. Marrying Margaret Applegate was only the latest in a long line of life events that he regretted after the fact, and silently cursed himself for once again, not having the backbone to stand up to the women in his life.

It all began with his mother, who raised him with her mother, in a large rambling Victorian. His father died before he was born, and he was constantly reminded by Mrs. Loomis that she felt abandoned and would never forgive her husband for dying so young. The circumstances of death were always murky and some days Harry would wonder if his father ran away or killed himself to escape such a wretched woman. God knows, Harry fantasied about doing either one. His days and nights growing up were filled with school, church, and household chores. He learned at a young age to cook, clean, and do laundry. He made sure that the coffee was hot when both his mother and grandmother rose in the morning and their tea was served promptly at 4:00 PM every afternoon.

Harry grew into a tall, thin man with a jagged jaw and thick, wavy brown hair that he assumed came from his father since it was not the color of the females in his family. From age 13 he had to wear thick glasses and would be actually be considered handsome if it were not for his posture that betrayed his height and desire not to be noticed.

When it was time to consider a career his mother decided that bookkeeping and accounting would be a good career choice although Harry would have liked to remain in a scholastic arena with a career in teaching. But Harry was a dutiful son and received his training in accounting, and knowing the wife of a textile factory owner, Harry's mother obtained a position for him in a nondescript department where Harry dealt more with ledgers and numbers than people.

A few months ago Mrs. Loomis decided that she would like to be a grandmother and began the task of finding a suitable mate for Harry. Mrs. Loomis belonged to the local Fine Arts Ladies society and had made the acquaintance of a kindred spirit of bullying. Mrs. Applegate, a large woman of almost operatic proportions had a daughter who was ready to carry her gender's desire to emasculate husbands to the next generation. It was settled, then, and several weeks later Harry Loomis became a blushing bridegroom.

The wedding night was a disaster. Harry was a virgin whose despite his mother's best efforts and admonitions had a habit of giving into his desires on almost a nightly basis. One advantage, Harry mused, was that he did the laundry no one else had to see his stained sheets. He had no idea if his bride approached the marital bed with such innocence, but it really didn't matter in the end. As Harry entered his bride, the excitement of actual physical contact resulted in Harry shooting his load rapidly. Margaret was not impressed and informed her husband that they will only have conjugal relationship when it was the best time for conception and no other times. As quickly as it had begun, the honeymoon was over.

For Harry Loomis, accountant and new bridegroom, life resumed its normal schedule of desperation. There were the duties at home before he left for work, and the schedule of chores Margaret had planned for him. Work mostly consisted of endless columns of numbers, and the clicking of his adding machine.

On a particular Saturday, Harry was sent into the city to pick up some clothes that Margaret had bought earlier in the week. Harry dutifully parked the car and walked into the dress shop to retrieve Margaret's purchases. He knew that he had to get home as soon as possible so he could work on the cakes his mother had promised she would bring to tomorrow's church luncheon. Gathering the packages Harry heard the clap of thunder and looked out the store windows to witness a summer storm. Harry decided to outrun the summer storm but just a few stores down the street realized all he was going to do is get further soaked. He made the decision to duck into the next store on his right to catch his breath and wait out the rain.

As Harry rushed into the store the first thing that caught his attention was the smell of cigars. The aroma was at once foreign and attractive. Harry had always been fascinated by cigars and the men who smoked them from a young age as one of those scents denied him by being raised in a world of women. He listened as the three men talked. His mind ached as he realized he had been denied the camaraderie of men.

Louie acknowledged him from behind the counter and invited him to stay and wait out the rain. Louie offered him a cigar and Harry stumbled out the words that he had never smoke a cigar before. The two other men chuckled and said there was no time like the present and Louie presented with what he said was a mild cigar, referring to it as a panatela.

Harry placed the cigar in his mouth and was entranced with the taste of moist tobacco. He struck a match and did was most first timers do - inhaled. The strong acrid smoke filled his lungs and immediately hacked and coughed. The others chuckled, but in a friendly welcoming way, not the cruel ways Harry had been mocked by the other boys when he was growing up. Louie demonstrated that one puffs, not inhales.

The other two men introduced themselves. One was Ralphie, Louie's brother-in-law and the other one was named Chuck. He was a broad shouldered man about 40 with thinning blonde hair and gray blue eyes. He wore a white shirt and gray slacks. Harry noticed immediately his strong handshake and a flush in his crotch when their eyes met.

The three men continued their conversation that centered on politics and sports, two subjects Harry were inept to participate in. This further created in Harry emotions of alienation and jealousy. This is what was missing in his life. His life had been man less and the rage against his mother and his wife grew. Harry relished every word like a child being presented with his favorite dessert.

The conversation turned to Chuck's business. Chuck went into a long monologue and Harry learned he ran his own construction business. Chuck went on to complain that he had to fire his housekeeper who also doubled as his bookkeeper because of her skimming money out of the business and what he considered total incompetence. He complained that he had no patience or skills with that side of the business and it would take months to clean up her mess.

'Maybe I can help,' blurted Harry who was almost as surprised as the men when he finally spoke. 'I am accountant by trade and I would be happy to take a look at your books and see what I can do.'

Chuck was impressed and grateful for Harry's aid. He also noticed that Harry was becoming more comfortable with his cigar; his posture was getting straighter and rolled his cigar between his fingers like a long time smoker. His eye contact with Harry was direct and Harry felt he was blushing. At first he was afraid the men would see him turn red then became more concern they would see the growing bulge between his legs that excited and scared him.

The sun came back out and Chuck made arrangements to pick up Harry at his home tomorrow afternoon. It worked out great for Harry because he wife would be at the church social all day tomorrow, leaving Harry his only few hours of peace.

Harry returned home that afternoon and fulfilled his household duties and spent a sleepless night. Alone his bed, his wife had insisted on separate bedrooms, images of Chuck puffing on his cigar filled his head. Harry felt his dick coming alive as his mind wondered into fantasyland and jerked off several times during the night, each time his load shooting more intense as his fantasies with Chuck became more vivid.

The next day Chuck picked up Harry and drove him to his house in the next town. Chuck commented on Chuck's clothes that they were kind of fancy but Harry had been well trained that Sunday meant Sunday's best. Harry was dressed with brown slacks, bone sport coat and a bowtie. Chuck reassured him that he was not mocking Harry but simply commenting on his clothes and he did look pretty smart. Chuck slapped Harry on his knee and Harry began to feel the emotional excitement. As he got out of the car his only hope was that Chuck would not notice the hard on in his pants.

Entering Chuck's house he could see it was a nice house but in need of a good cleaning. His mind started a mental checklist of things that could be done to improve the living conditions - new drapes, slipcovers for the sofa, etc. - and then he caught himself. What was he doing? He was alone with this handsome man he fantasied about and all he could think about was friggin' drapes? Where had his manliness gone?

Chuck brought him into his home office and the piles of papers and forms startled Harry. Chuck sensed his shock and admitted it was pretty bad, and while he had a good amount of business his business could be more of a success if he had a better method of keeping records and accounts.

Harry sat down at the desk and began to look at the pile of papers. Invoices and bills piled with no sense of order he realized Chuck was right about taking weeks or months to put all of this in any semblance of order. As Harry examined the papers he heard Chuck tell his story about never being married and knew construction but not business. Harry had not noticed however, that Chuck had taken one of his favorite cigars out of his humidor and lit it.

The aroma first entered Harry's senses and then he saw the blue smoke trail across the room. He tried to concentrate on the paperwork but had to fight the feelings that were erupting inside of him. Then he felt Chuck standing behind him, his body pressing against him, the smoke and heat of Chuck's cigar enveloping him.

Harry swung around and came face to face with Chuck. Their eyes met as their chest made what was at first an accident contact. But neither flinched nor moved away. Their eyes locked. Chuck exhaled on his cigar and planted a strong wet kiss on Harry's lips. Harry had never experienced a kiss like that and felt his entire body swept up his passion. Harry's hands rubbed Chuck's chest and clumsily unbuttoned his shirt revealing a hairy chest and well preserved pectorals. Chuck was more aggressive, clutching his large cigar in his mouth, ripping off Harry's bowtie and the buttons off of his shirt as he attempted to match Harry stroke for stroke. Harry's smooth body registered with Chuck a delightful grin that this young man was responding with the eagerness of a virgin about to approach the nuptial bed.

With one hand Chuck pushed the piles of paper off the desk and flung Harry on his back. They were both kissing wildly as Chuck unbuckled Harry's slacks and pulled them down, smiling at the large engorged cock. He wasted no time in stroking Harry's shaft, the stroking being matched by Harry's moaning. Harry's cock had never been touched by someone else and he surprised himself that he liked it! He wanted it! The newness of the experience however led to a quick shooting of cum that was wide and forceful almost two feet in the air over the head of both men. Harry had never experienced any climax like that and he could barely catch his breath went Chuck turned him over on his stomach.

He felt Chuck mount him and Chuck's hands massaging his buttocks. Harry's breathing was heavy and he heard Chuck reassuring him not to be afraid. Harry the thud of Chuck's pants dropping to the floor and felt Chuck's dick slowly entering. God, it did hurt and the dick moved into Harry's ass inch by inch. It had to be huge thought Harry as he screamed when he felt the insertion becoming more rhythmic. The slapping noise of flesh against flesh filled with the room, mixed with Harry's screams and the filling of the room with smoke from Chuck's cigar.

Chuck bit down on his cigar as his load shot out. Harry felt the cream of semen filling his ass, shot after shot, until Chuck's flaccid penis slowly withdrew. Harry slowly rose from the desk and faced Chuck. Harry was covered with sweat, his glasses long knocked off, his shirt and pants torn, while his ass leaked Chuck's juice. Chuck stood before his newest conquest, his chest moving up and down from his heavy breathing, his penis glistening.

Harry sighed, 'I need a cigar.' With that he fainted and was caught by Chuck's strong arms. Chuck gently caressed Harry's cheek. For the first time in his life Chuck felt the urge to protect someone.

Harry never returned to his house. Margaret was humiliated that her husband would embarrass her and cause scandal by disappearing. The police search turned up nothing. No one, neither his employer nor his mother ever heard from Harry again.

A few weeks later Chuck drove his pickup truck into the driveway after a hard day at the construction site. He unlocked the front door and entered and smiled as he saw Harry and gave him a welcome home kiss. Chuck noticed how Harry smiled more frequently each day, a smile that was one of peace and contentment, that rare smile that comes from finding one's true niche in life.

Harry and Chuck walked arm in arm to the living room and Chuck commented how nice the new drapes looked. Harry was very pleased at the compliment as Chuck in his favorite chair putting his feet up on the ottoman. Chuck noticed the lightness in Harry's steps over the past few weeks as he walked over to the liquor cabinet and poured Chuck bourbon and retrieved a cigar from the humidor. In Chuck's eyes Harry looked lovely with his bow tie and shirt and flowery apron.

Harry handed Chuck a drink and placed the cigar in Harry's mouth, taking out a lighter and flaring up the cigar. Taking a deep draw and exhaling, Chuck asked, 'Are you happy?'

Harry grinned. 'Very.'



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