The man slowly drove his car into the parking lot of the state park, an area criss-crossed with hiking trails and a known cruising spot. It was Friday at 4:30 pm on a warm September day. There was only one other vehicle there, a battered red Jeep CJ. On the hood of the Jeep sat a teenager - perhaps a student at the local university. The man felt short of breath. His heart had already been beating fast, and now it was pounding.

He was married, 42 years old, and had a prestigious job, but a voice inside him kept prodding him to seek out another man for anonymous sex. How often had he fantasized doing this? How many times over the years had he jacked off with these thoughts swirling in his brain? He had driven into this same parking lot twice in the past month, once finding it empty and another time with too many men milling around. Both times he had left without even stopping the car; returning home to wait for a time when he could be alone with his gay-porn collection, to lube up and jack his straining cock, to probe his rectum with a battery-powered dildo as he watched videos of men sucking and fucking; closing his eyes and imaging himself with another man as a powerful orgasm washed over his body; spraying cum all over his chest and belly.

He pulled his car into a spot 50 feet from the Jeep. He looked straight ahead, trying to will his heart to stop beating so hard. Then he glanced over at the youth, who was staring back at him with a bemused smile on his handsome young face. He was blond and tanned, perhaps 18 or 19. He wore a tee shirt with the bottom half torn off, displaying a flat and muscled abdomen. The shirt said 'Varsity Lacrosse' across the chest, but whether it was high school varsity or college, he couldn't tell. A pair of tight nylon running shorts showed a half-inch of jock strap extending above the waist band. The man looked away quickly, his chest pounding. 'Go on; do it! You know you want to!' said the voice in his head. He looked back, and the young man, was now standing beside his Jeep, his fingertips casually brushing up and down across the front of his shorts. He tilted his head in a signal that said 'come on over', and the man was incapable of refusing.

He got out of his car and walked over, almost in a daze.

'Howzit goin', dude?' said the youth.

'Pretty good; how about you?' replied the man, his voice catching a bit as the words came out.

'Not bad, but I need to ask you a favor. Could you spare a little cash for my college fund?'

The man was puzzled at first, but then noticed the sarcastic smile. 'How much?' he asked.

'Oh, I think $40 would do ok in the short run.'

The man fumbled with his wallet and pulled out two 20s and gave them to the boy.

'Wanna take a walk?' asked the teen.


They walked into the deserted woods and the teenager said 'well, what do you want to do?'

The man was speechless for a few moments, but finally blurted out in words that tumbled over themselves 'I don't know. This is the first time I've done this! I'll do whatever you want.' ('Oh God! That sounded so fucking lame!' the voice inside his head added.)

'Don't worry, dude. I've done first-timers before. You just let me be in charge. I have a feeling I know EXACTLY what you want.'

The young man turned off the path and headed through the trees; the man followed along behind. About 200 feet from the path, they reached a clearing with the late-afternoon sun streaming in. 'OK, dude; strip nude and let me see what you've got.' The man was wearing khakis and a polo shirt ('informal Friday' at the office), and he peeled these off quickly. Standing there in in his boxer shorts, under the watchful eye of the youth, he felt his dick growing stiff. 'Come on; take 'em off. NOW!' he said sternly. And the man responded as the young man knew he would, quickly pulling off his undershorts and then looking down to see his 6-inch penis finish its rise to a full erection.

He stepped close to him, reaching out to stroke the man's cock. His other hand traced a line from the man's belly, to his chest, up the side of his neck to his hair, and then across his cheek. He brought his middle finger to the man's mouth and, as expected, the man opened his lips to lick the finger tip, and then suck on the finger. The man closed his eyes and drank in the sensation of the stroking hand on his cock and the finger in his mouth.

'Good. Very good' said the teenager, stepping back and then walking around behind the man, letting his hands wander over the man's butt, then reaching around his body to again stroke his cock and to gently squeeze his balls. His nylon-covered crotch began to grind against the man's naked butt, and the man gasped with anticipation. The teen whispered in his ear 'I think you should call me master, and I'll call you slave. That sort of sums up our situation here, doesn't it?' The man nodded his head in agreement, unable to form words, barely able to breath, his heart thundering in his ears.

Pulling back away from the man, and removing his shorts, the teen said 'Turn around. Now, slave, it's time for you to show me what you can do. Get down on you knees. Crawl over to me. That's it. Now lick my cock through the jock. Don't use your hands. Let's see how well you can please your master.' The man knelt before the lean, well-muscled blond teen and stared at the bulge inside the pouch of the jockstrap. His penis was positioned so it was pointing up, and appeared to measure about 6 inches. The man brought his tongue to the material and began to lap at it like a dog, wetting it with his spit and quickly discovering that the dick was just beginning to become erect. In fact, the attention of the man's tongue was causing it to lengthen and push up on the white cloth pouch. The man used his lips to suck on the cock head through the wet cloth as the teenage dick rose up to its full 8 inches.

'Good work, slave. Now pull down the jock using just your teeth, and careful that you don't bite me or I'll smack you.' The man went to work, pulling down one side a bit with his mouth, then the other. When the sides had been worked down, his teeth pulled back at the center of the waistband and let it slide down over the powerful erection. With an inch and a half of thick cock exposed, the man's lips and tongue went to work pleasuring the teen. After a minute of intense oral stimulation, the young man grabbed a handful of hair and pulled the man's mouth away. 'Not so fast, slave. You aren't through with the jock yet.' The work went faster now, and in a couple minutes he was stepping out of the damp jockstrap as the man knelt waiting for further instructions. He toyed with the subservient man, slapping his face with his teenage boner, keeping it just out of reach of the man's hungry mouth.

'Let's put that tongue to good use. Lie down on your back.' And as the man lay in the meadow grass, he straddled his head, facing the man's feet, and said 'rim my asshole, slave.'

'Yes, master.' The man spread the lean round ass cheeks and began licking his hole, probing with the tip of his tongue. After a few minutes, he shifted so that his balls were offered for the man's worshiping mouth. Then his hard 8 inches was poised at the man's lips.

'Tilt your head way back and take my dick into your throat.' And the teenager slowly fed his long cock into the man's open throat, held it there, and then pulled back, only to push back in. His walnut-sized balls bounced against the man's face on every in-stroke. Fighting his gag reflex, the man struggled to please his handsome master, and willingly accepted the uncomfortable face fucking. The teen reached down and grabbed hold of the man's hard cock, jacking it roughly, and making the man moan with pleasure (or as much of a moan as he could make with a long, slender cock sliding into his throat.)

'You know, slave; much as I would like to shoot a load of cum into your gullet, I still need to fuck your virgin asshole. Now get up on your hands and knees.' And as the teen stood up, the man scrambled into position, his ass raised up and wiggling in eager anticipation. 'Not so fast, slave. I think I need to warm up that ass first.' Crouching down, he reached between the man's legs and grabbed the loose skin of his scrotum, above his balls, so that the man's nuts were squeezed tight at the bottom of his fist. He brought the palm of his other hand as hard as he could across the man's ass cheeks, eliciting a muffled yelp.

'I want to heard you thank me after each spank, slave.'

(Smack) 'Thank you, master.' (Smack) 'Thank you, master.' (Smack) 'Thank you, master.' He stretched the man's balls even harder and the spanking was turning the man's butt a bright shade of red.

'I think that's warm enough.' Reaching over to his discarded pants, he pulled a single-use packet of KY out and lubed his cock. Rubbing his cock-head around the man's anal opening, he pushed in slowly, a little at a time, so as not to injure the man. He needn't have worried. Years of self-pleasuring with a dildo had prepared the man to be fucked hard by the 8-inch erection. With a hand holding each side of the man's ass, the teen increased the speed and force of his fucking, pulling the man's hips back as he pushed his cock forward.

The man was in a daze of pleasure, feeling every sensation he had ever fantasized about, being dominated and fucked by this young blond stud. 'Oh! Yes! Uh! Uh! Yeah! Fuck! Fuck! Uh! Yeah! Harder! Uhhhh!'

He was ramming him now; full-length strokes to the hilt; his balls slapping just below the man's stretched ass hole. 'Oh yeah; here it comes! Ahhhhhh; shit!' Cum flooded from the boy's cock, deep into the man's rectum, pulsing spurt after spurt. The teen's body trembled as the orgasm waned, and then he lay across the man's back, his cock buried deep in the man's love tunnel as he caught his breath.

'Good work, slave. Now roll onto your back and jack yourself off. You've earned it.'

The man lay on his back and began masturbating his dick with a passion. The young man knelt down beside him and ran his fingers around the man's slippery red ass hole. Holding four fingers together, he fucked them in and out of the man's hole, as the man pulled his legs up and kept jacking furiously. In a minute, strings of cum shot from the man's dick, the first hitting his face, as he continued to pump until the last drop had oozed out. He gasped for breath, exhausted but utterly satisfied.

The two stood up and silently began dressing. As they walked toward the path, the man broke the silence.


'Hey. My pleasure, dude. Come around here again sometime.'

And they parted without another word.



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