Hi I'm Tak I'm 18 years old and myself I'm fit gotta 8inch cock but got abs trying to get some more

My Older Gym Buddie - Story 1

Hi I'm Tak I'm 18 years old I've gotta friend called James he's super hot got abs, a nice shaven hole and a 11 inch cut cock how do i know all this well he tells me about his self like oh i gained 2 inches on my dick over last month. and myself I'm fit gotta 8inch cock but got abs trying to get some more

Anyway so i was sitting at home one day and just being my lazy self, then my phone went off it was James calling he said to me hey coming to pick you up so you can go to the gym i just hung up and got my gym gear. it was after i finished my workout that i went down to the sauna and grabbed my jock strap and just chucked it on to stop me getting hard in or around the locker room. i hoped into the sauna and couldn't see for shit i tripped over some feet and landed right and James soft cock i got up quickly and was just like sorry bro he said all goods , i jumped outta the sauna and saw James fully naked just walking right past me with a hard-on fuck i thought id love to ride that. all of a sudden i couldn't control my self i grabbed his dick and pulled him into the shower and turned it on i bent down and started moving my mouth up and down and his 11 inch hard-on he grabbed me forced me up on to the shower walls turned me round and just like that. i thought he'd left and i was just about to turn around when all of a sudden sharp pain in my ass fuck id never taken a cock this big before he kept fucking me for about 30 minutes before i heard moaning and him say shit I'm gonna oh shit CUM!!!! he shot his load right up my butt he pulled out and started playing with my ass it felt so warm and wet yet fantastic he started to lick my ass and then squirt i just squirted his load of cum from my ass to his mouth mmm fuck he said that tastes so good i got up and started jerking off and then he leaves. Fuck you too i thought .

Bros Who Fucked - Story 2

I just had my epic party and to be honest i was off my face drunk but my brother jordan didnt seem to care lol he took care of me the only way he knew how and that was for him to do the things i needed to do e.g piss when i needed to pee hes the one who would unzip my pants pull my cock out and aim it in the toilet

Any ways so i was so drunk off my face, everyone had left my party except Jordan, Jordan was staying over to take care of me he grabbed my body and dragged it across the floor to my bed he got me fully undressed and put me into bed but when i woke up he was cuddling me i loved this this is what id been waiting 18 years for. i felt his hand move slowly down my abs until he hit my soft cock he started to rub it up and down up and down i moved towards him to kiss him he pulled me in and kissed me deeply and then forces me to lie down on the bed he opened his ass up and then sits right down on my Cock and starts bouncing fuck this feels amazing and shit with out warning and without touching Jordan shoots his load and doesn't stop squirt after squirt after squat it was hot it made me cum inside him he got up and so did i and he lay down with his 10 inch cock still fully hard it was hot i just had to sit down on that then when my ass went sliding on he put something over my mouth and it made me fall asleep.....

To be Continued


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