This is a work of fiction. The characters depicted here doesn't mean who they are in real life. This is just a work of my imagination. The stories here depicts sex between a older guy and a younger guy, also non-consenual sex. Do not do this in real life. This is just fiction kiddos! F-I-C-T-I-O-N! OK! If you are not old enough to read stories like this you know the drill.

Part I.

Picking kevin's married cherry.

I wouldn't use stalking with how I am trying to fuck the hell out of kevin jonas' sweet tight married virgin ass, i prefer the word studying his moves. Well let me tell you a little about myself first,My name is Dante. I am a 48 year old black single gay man living in Hollywood. Im single but that doesn't mean Im unattractive. Im fairly good looking, muscled and they said i look intimidating because of my size and build. Not to sound arrogant but I have a select few tight boy-pussies i fuck regularly but when I saw these boys singing wearing nothing but the tightest pants I've seen I knew right there and then that I needed, yes i needed to fuck those tight assed singing boys. Hey they were practically begging to get fucked and be bred by a real man like me. So I slowly and surely hatched a plan to do so. I started my research with their names of course! I found out that they are the Jonas Brothers, a group of singing brothers. Oh man that made everything better! I've fucked twins before and that is one fucking hot encounter which deserves a different story. So going back to the brothers, damn brothers and supposedly straight brothers! I've also found out that they are all wearing this stupid purity rings which again made my world a perfect place! God knows how roughly i fucked this australian model that night!

So I've been following them for a few days now, trying to make out their schedules. I wasn't sure still who will get the honor of getting their virgin ass fucked first when the news that Kevin, the oldest brother will be getting married. Then i thought "Hey! I have the perfect wedding gift for you dearest Kevin!". So I focused all the planning for the special gift Kevin will be receiving on his wedding day.

It has been more than 2 weeks now since I started focusing on Kevin Jonas alone. And today I am extremely horny that I needed to have even just a touch of that sweet ass of his. He was alone today going inside a secluded coffee shop after his morning run. "This might lead to something" I thought. So I went after him inside the coffee shop.

30 minutes before... "Hey you guys joining me for a jog?" Kevin shouted to his sleeping brothers. "Uhhn" said Nick. "I guess that means no to you" Kevin said followed by " What about you joe?" "What are you even doing awake at this hour?" Joe asked his oldest brother. "We need to lose those calories we had last night! Haha! " Kevin replied. With that he went out alone for a morning run.

"woah! I guess that would be enough for today. Got to have my coffee now" Kevin thought and went straight to the coffeeshop he went to every after run he did in the morning.

"Cafe americano, To go please" Kevin ordered. "Hmmm so you've got a thing for black eh, hehe" I thought. After Kevin got his coffee he sat for a while (maybe he got tired from the run he just did) So I got to walk outside first. I walked slowly and when i knew he got out I started to put my plan into work. I turned abruptly and I perfectly bumped into him throwing my coffee and his in the process. "Part 1, success" I thought. "Oh, geez Im sorry mister I wasn't paying attention to where Im going." Kevin pleaded. "Oh sorry boy My Bad really" I said trying to fake a worried look. I took out my handkerchief and started wiping the stains in his crotch "Part 2, well done! Hehehe" Kevin just froze while i was wiping his crotch and when i looked at him he was as red as a tomato and he started stuttering "O-oo-h me-eester tha-that's fi-fine really, you don't have to do that" Kevin started feeling a stirring in his groin "Oh fuck i can't get a hard on! Not in front of this man and specially not while he's wiping my shorts! Kevin started to panic with that thought so he tried diverting the situation by saying "Let me get you another coffee" Kevin pleaded. I refused saying it really wasn't his fault but the hardening virgin dick wasn't left unnoticed by me. "Oh please let me get you another one" Kevin said. "heh what a sweet kid you are kevin boy, i bet your tight virgin ass will be sweeter!" I thought. "well if you insist boy" I replied. "Why does he keep calling me boy?" Kevin started to get irritated with the black man in front of him calling him boy like he is just a small kid. "Damn im 22 Years old! And im getting married already!" Kevin thought.

Inside the Coffeeshop Im still thinking as to how nice that hardening cock of Kevin would taste. While we were waiting for our coffee I started chatting him up and he told me that he was getting married soon. "Really?" I asked feigning shock "you look so young to be getting married!" "Well Im 22 now so I guess that is old enough" retorted Kevin. Sensing irritation I decided to play him "Well at 22 you sure have a biggie down there haha!" I said laughing. "Oh we-well I-I" He stammered. "You don't have to be shy boy with a weapon like that you shouldn't be ashamed at all!" I countered "Nice ring" I said. "Oh this is a Purity ring. It means I am saving my virginity until I get married. My brothers and I decided to keep our virginity till getting married. Well we are trying to be good role models to children, you see..." Kevin trailed. "What?!?" I said cutting him off "you haven't had sex yet? Well I would say you are a rare kind nowadays" Kevin looked pleased when I said that. "That's why you in a hurry to get married huh?" I said teasingly. Kevin blushed a cute shade of red and said "No. Well I love her and.." "Cafe americana and Caramel Macchiato for Kevin" the barista shouted cutting Kevin off mid-sentence. "Oh good that's our coffee!" He exclaimed. We walked outside and I thanked him for the coffee once again and said that I'll be seeing him around. He nodded and said sorry once again. "what a sweet boy. Soon you and your brothers will be my Boys" I snickered at the thought.

It has been a few weeks after that coffeeshop encounter with Kevin and It will only be a few days until his wedding day. I've already made a plan as to how i would be fucking his tight virgin ass and im just fool proofing everything. Hey I have to be sure that everything will work out just the way i planned it and if taking Kevin's cherry ass would be successful i bet taking his brothers' will be as well!

On the day of his wedding Im half excited but nervous as well i have been waiting for this day and i haven't jacked off or had sex for a week now. Im saving my daddy batter for this special day and I can't wait to breed Kevin Jonas' ass! I was just waiting for the right time for me to put my plan into action and after all the festivities I found my opening to attack a very tired and tipsy and very much married Kevin Jonas.

I saw him walking alone outside the reception hall so I took this opportunity to take him. There's nothing much better of an opportunity than this I thought. Drunk, tired, Floating in cloud 9, Hormones surely raging waiting for his big night all pumped up to have his virginity taken tonight. Well as of having his virginity taken tonight I can assure him of that!

"Hey!" I greeted him. "O-OoH He-eey!.... waI-iit ho-oow d-id yo-ou get here?" He dazily asked."That doesn't matter now, does it boy?" I retorted. "wha-at?" He asked. "I'll take you to your room. You need to rest now boy." "No. I-Its my We-weeddding Ni-ight! I-I..." "You are coming with me!" I barked at him. He just stared in disbeliefa little shaken and kinds losing a bit of his drunkeness. "wha-at?? He asked. I didn't answer him I just stared at him and dragged him to the villa I rented within the hotel where his after party was happening.

After we got in my room I made him my special drink so that I could do the other parts of the plan. "here, drink this. It wil help you to sober up" handing him the "special drink" and making sure he gets all of it. After a few minutes he started dozing off so I started cuffing him in the bed and went straight to the reception hall where his new bride is.

"Uhm excuse me? Are you Mrs. Jonas?" I asked Kevin's newly wedded wife. "Yes. Who are you?" The unsuspecting bride asked. "Kevin sent me to tell you that he is doing something special tonight so he will see you tomorrow." I lied. "What? This is our wedding night? Where is he?" He shouted. "What a bitch. Can't wait to get your sloppy pussy fucked ain't you?" I wish I could tell her that but I said "He said it is a surprise for you" I said smiling. "Oh ok well I guess I could live with that." She said "HeHe I can't believe you fell for that bitch. What a pussy!" I thought as I was walking away back to my room smirking.

Back to my room. I looked at my prize for all the hardwork I've been doing these past month. Now he's here almost prepped up to take my fucking 9 beer can thick black daddy cock. I started getting ready having removed my clothes and wearing my leather daddy outfit. And playing all the camera I have set up inside the room to take all what is going to happen tonight. I would love to relive this night over and over.

I walked over to him and splashed his face with water. He awoke with a jolt and started coughing. "Hey there pretty boy!" "wha-at? Why are you doing this to me?" "Oh you look so cute baby boy. And tonight you are all mine" "What? What are you talking about? They are gonna look for me and they'll find you! And you are going to jail! Don't you know who I am? I am Kevin Jonas!" "Oh I know you pretty well. I've been following you and I've been waiting for this night for the longest time now and now all will be well boy!" "They will be looking for me!" "Oh I just told your newly wedded wife who i could tell can't wait to get her pussy pounded that you my boy is doing something special tonight and that you are preparing a surprise for her. So no nobody will be looking for you tonight! You are all mine baby!" "No please what are going to do to me?" "Hmm Let's see. I plan on ravaging your tight body and most of all fucking your tight married virgin boy-pussy! Hahaha!" "what?!? Im not gay! You can't do that to me! NO Please someone help me please!" "Hehehe You can scream all you want boy no one is going to find you here I've rented this secluded villa for this special night boy. All for you!" I started taking his remaining clothes off, I took a pair of scissors and cut his formal shirt and started unbuttoning his pants when i decided to just cut a hole in his crotch. I then ripped his underwear and started fondling his virgin cock and much to his dismay it started hardening. "No don't touch me you old dirty man! No please stop it!" I then shoved his ripped calvins in his mouth gagging him a bit. His muffled screams just made my black daddy cock harder. "now now pretty boy as much as you try to stop me the more it excites me. Hehe Look at my big black daddy cock all hard and glistening with my daddy cum just for your sweet cherry!" "MMMmPh HemMPH MeeH!" "You'll just get tired with resisting. If I were you I'll just enjoy it... which im sure you will before this night ends!" Kevin was struggling so hard and he was shaking his head left and right frantically which made things a little bit harder but much more satisfying for me. So I flipped him over tore his pants until his bare bubble butt is exposed and I started spanking him until his boy butt was so red. "HmmPH! HmppH!" through his muffled screams. I could see tears straining from his eyes so I grabbed his curly hair back and said "You like that bitch huh? You like daddy spanking your cute boy butt? What a tease you are boy! You'll get what you deserve tonight boy. You're going to be my special boy pussy from now on! You understand?" without getting a response I screamed "boy do you understand?" He just nodded his head and I wondered just a few more and this boy will totally be under my control.



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