Taking the big one I had always dreamed of having a huge cock up my ass. The biggest I had before was about nine and a half inches. Then I met Samuel. He was hung like a horse. When he was hard he was twelve inches long and thick as a beer bottle. And did he ever know how to fuck. He could bring unbelievable sensations of pure pleasure to me. And he was quite good looking too. He had wavy blonde hair and a nice six Pac too. Here is a picture of him and his huge cock. He knew he had a pleasure tool that could satisfy my every lustful fantasy. I met him a few weeks ago . He was jogging in the local park and I could see his man rod swinging in his sweat pants. I was at the time sitting on the park bench at the side of the pathway. I couldn't help but stare at his crotch and the huge basket he showed. Well I guess I stared a bit too long because he came to a stop and approached me. The sun was low in the horizon as it was early morning. As he strode towards me I could see his cock in his sweatpants. The sun was behind him and it showed the silhouette of his hanging pole. I looked at it again. Then I looked up into his face. He had a big smile on his face and his Blue/Green eyes twinkled as he looked at me.

When he reached me he spoke out in a hot sexy deep baritone voice. "Hey there, it seems that you found something that you like. You want to come back to my house and have a closer look? I think you will like what you see."

HE reached down with his hand and tugged on his crotch fluffy it up a bit. He stuck out his other hand to shake mine and said "The name is Trevor, pleased to meet you."

I eagerly took a hold of his hand and shook it replying to him, "I'm Dex, and yes I would love to come back to your place and get a closer look at your package."

Trevor pulled me up out of the bench and put his arm around my shoulder and led me down the path towards his house. He was a bit taller than my five foot ten inches. He was about six foot tall. It felt great to his masculine arm around me. His touch sent tingles throughout my body. It only took about ten minutes to reach his place. When we got there he opened the front door and ushered me in. Then after he closed the door behind us he spun me around and planted a big kiss on my mouth. His tongue parted my lips and he began to tongue wrestle with me. I loved it. He dropped his hands to my butt and squeezed it affectionately. After a few moments he stopped the romantic kiss and led me over to the couch. Then he reached down and dropped his sweatpants to the floor, opened his plaid shirt to expose his fine chest and then sat on the edge of the couch with his cock dangling down in front of him. It looked magnificent.

"Can I touch it Trevor? Feel and fondle it." I pleaded of him

"Sure go for it dude, Play with my dick and get it nice and hard." Trevor told me.

I went over to him and gentle took the throbbing pole in my hand. It was glorious. The excitement was building up in me. I could hardly believe my luck of meeting this hung stallion. Then Trevor lay back on the couch and told me to Taste him. I obeyed him immediately. I climbed on the couch over top of him and planted my mouth on the tip of his cock. Damn it was big. I could hardly rap my mouth around it. I took as much as I could into my throat and Trevor let out a low moan of pleasure> I slurped and sucked his growing cock; it just kept getting bigger and bigger. Finally it was at its full girth of twelve long hard inches. I sucked him as best as I could. But he was so big. I was almost gagging. Then Trevor bade me to stand up and strip for him. I obeyed him.

When I stood before him totally nude he looked up and down my body admiring it. He nodded his head and spoke out, "You sure are in fine shape Dex. Turn around I want to see your firm butt."

I obliged him and turned around with my back towards him. Then I bent over and put my hands to my butt cheeks and spread them exposing my tight hole.

"Nice, Nice" Trevor remarked. "I think I will enjoy using that pretty little hole of yours. You think you can take this man rod up that fuck chute of yours?"

"I can certainly try. I've never had as big as you before but I am very willing to give it a go. "I eagerly answered him with anticipation.

He patted the seat beside him and urged me to sit down . I went back to the couch and sat down beside him. I could feel the heat and warmth of his manly body next to me.

Trevor then said, "Let's get high. He reached into the drawer of the small table at the end of the couch and took out a big fat joint. He lit it and took a puff then handed it to me. I imitated him and took a long drag of it. Wow this was good stuff. Trevor was running his hand up and down my back. I was trembling with excitement.

When we finished the joint my head was spinning and I was really high. I felt good.

Then Trevor gently pushed me down onto the couch on my back. He reached into the drawer again and took out a bottle of poppers saying to me, "Here sniff these, it should help you to take my cock easier.

He handed them to me and then I took s few deep sniffs. As my head started to spin more I raised my legs up in the air and spread my hole inviting him to come on in. He Reached into the drawer again and took out a tube of KY lubricating jelly. He uncapped it and placed it against my ass entrance. He pushed in about 2 inches and then squeezed out some of the gel. My ass filled up with it. Then he put the tube back on the table and reached between my legs with one of his hands. His finger found my fuck channel. And he inserted it in right up to above the knuckle. I was quivering with enjoyment. Then he pushed in another finger to open me up a bit more he spread them and twirled them around inside of me. Next in went the last two fingers. He had all four of them in my butt. He spread them wide apart getting me listened up. Getting me ready for his huge cock. He had them inside me to about four inches, twisting and turning bringing me all kinds of pleasure.

Finally he smiled down at me and said, "I think that your ass is ready for my cock, it's all nice a lubed and warm. Do you want my cock now?"

"Oh yes Sir Trevor. Please take me, I am yours. Make me your fuck toy. " I begged him with earnest. Then Trevor pulled out his fingers and I took another couple of sniffs of the poppers. He placed the bulging head of his cock against my now moist asshole and then without hesitation started to push it in. I thought he would rip me apart but I was so excited I hardly noticed the bit of pain as he entered me. Slowly but steadily he pushed his cock in me going deeper and deeper. Spread my ass wider than it had ever been stretched before. HE didn't stop until his massive balls were lying against my ass cheeks. HE was all the way in. I was in heaven it felt so good.

"Are you Ok?" Trevor inquired of me.

"Oh yes, Trevor, I feel great. Your cock belongs in me. Please use my hole. Fuck me like a dog in heat. Fuck me hard. Please." I pleaded. A Trevor then pulled his cock almost all the way out to the tip and then he rammed it back in. HE did this over and over again. He was stretching my hole to the limit. I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. His big balls were slapping hard against my ass cheeks as he thrust with all his power. I was becoming his fuck toy. I wanted nothing more than to serve this stud.

He had a lot of stamina. He just kept fucking me for a good hour; I never wanted it to end. Then he switched tactics.

He pulled his cock completely out of my ass and rolled me over onto my knees so he could fuck me doggy style.

My asshole stayed wide open for him. He just leaned forward put his hands on my hips and entered me easily. He was plunging deep inside of me. Pulling all the way out and then ramming back in. Over and over again. Another hour went by. He was sweating profusely and it was dripping and splashing all over my back. I was in total ecstasy. Then he let out a deep man roar and exclaimed in his hot sexy baritone voice, "Oh fucking damn, Dex I am going to shoot my load. Take my sweet ambrosia. And with one final deep plunge he rammed to the hilt and his cock started to vibrate and pulsate in my bowels. Then he shot. It felt like bullets HE just kept gushing, filling me up with his hot sweet juices. He came in buckets and it was running out my ass and dripping down my legs. His cock was all the while pulsating deep inside of me. Then I too began to shoot my load. Orgasms of pure delight traveled throughout my body. It was truly glorious.

Then Trevor collapsed on top of me with his man cock still deep inside me. We lay that way for a long time, both of us panting trying to catch our breath. Then Trevor pulled out of me and lay nestled against me with his arms wrapped around me. I was so content.

He nibbled on my ear and whispered, "Dex that was wonderful. You have one hell of a nice ass. I hope I will get to use it again."

I reached down to my ass and felt my hole, it was still wide open. He had made me a Fuck toy. I stuck one of my fingers inside and felt the moist cum filled channel.

"Are you kidding Trevor, I have never been fucked like that before, it was truly stupendous. My ass now belongs to you. Anytime you want it, it is yours for the taking. I will never be the same. Your huge cock has possessed me. I have become yours and yours alone. No one else will ever satisfy me like you have. Please be my mate." I begged him endearingly.

Trevor tilted his head back and let out a loud joyful laugh. "Yes Dex, you are mine. Your ass is mine. I am never going to let you go."

Then with his arms still around me went fell asleep. Content in each other's embrace. A new life had started for me. I at last was complete.



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