Caleb and I walked into his apartment. I was nervous. Which is not like me seeing as I am kind of the man in this relationship. I am the top. I'm the dominant one. But that's why I was nervous. We have been together for a year now and having sex pretty much just as long. It was amazing. But I only ever got to feel what it was like to be on top. Not that I minded being on top. I freaking loved it! But I was curious. I wanted to know what it felt like for Caleb. I'm guessing it felt pretty damn good from the sounds he always made. I wanted to feel it at least once. I've never been the bottom. I kind of looked at it as being a rite of passage per se. I know. Stupid right? Not every gay man took it up the ass. There were plenty who only topped. But I think I should still experience it at least once. I was nervous as hell though! I felt weird having to ask him. With him bottoming, it was just assumed. It just happened. The first time we had sex it just happened that way I guess with me being the more dominant one we both just went with the flow. So now to ask him to switch roles felt awkward. What was I gonna say? " hey Caleb can you please fuck me in the ass this time?" yeah cuz that didn't sound stupid. I guess I'd just figure it out when the time came.

" Gale, babe lets go to bed. We had a long day." Caleb said as he faked a yawn. Yeah he wasn't tired. That was his way of saying he wanted some fun time.

" yeah sure thing." I said with a knowing smirk.

We went to the bedroom and as soon as we shut the door I grabbed him by the waist and pulled him to me. My lips crashed against his as we started furiously kissing. Our mouths opened and our tongues battled for dominance. I let him win, which I never do. I think I surprised him because he paused for a second before continuing. I was hoping if I gave him control he would take me this time. His tongue explored my mouth and I let out a moan against his lips. I loved his kisses. We stumbled toward the bed and stopped kissing long enough to pull our shirts off. Then our lips came together again and our bare chests touched. His skin felt like fire touching mine. I could feel my dick get hard through my pants. Caleb felt his hand all the way down my chest and when he reached my pants he grabbed my erection through my jeans. I gasped and moaned into his mouth. He started kissing my neck and he found the soft spot. I let out a moan so loud. He smiled against my skin and continued to kiss down my neck to my chest and licked all the way down as he got to his knees in front of me. He undid my pants and ripped then down along with my boxers so I was completely naked in front of him. He grabbed my dick and began massaging it before he took it in his mouth. I cried out, it felt so good. He went faster making me feel so good. He stopped before I could climax, knowing we both didn't want it to end there. He stood up and stripped of his clothes and we both got into bed. He was laying on top of me and we kissed so fiercely we were panting.

He reached over to the nightstand to get a condom. He opened it and was about to put it on me but I stopped him.

" don't you want to have sex?" he asked me confused.

" of course I do" I said

" well then, I need to put this on you. I'm not going bareback." he said

"ok we will use a condom but I don't want it on me though."

" well how are we gonna have sex with one if you don't let me put it on you?" he asked completely confused.

" I want you to wear it." I said

" but how will me wearing a condom make any sense if you are gonna fuck me?" he asked as if I was stupid. He didn't understand what I was implying.

" because I'm not gonna fuck you." I said

" what do you mean? You just said we were gonna have sex. And now you are saying you aren't gonna fuck me. Youre confusing me."

" I'm not gonna fuck you because..." I felt weird saying this.

" because what?" he asked getting annoyed

" because I want you to fuck me." I said closing my eyes. I was embarrassed.

" wait. What?" he asked

" I want you to be inside me this time. I want to be the bottom. I want to experience the way you feel when I fuck you. I want to know what it's like."

" oh wow! I never thought you would ever ask that. You always seemed to like the top. But if you want to switch tonight I would love to. I've never got to experience that either."

" okay good. Just...go slow okay? I know it's gonna hurt so just be gentle with me." I asked weakly

" of course baby. I would never hurt you. This is your first time I'm gonna go slow. I'm gonna make love to you baby." he said as he kissed me. " well we don't need the condom yet, I have to prepare you first." he said. He moved down between my legs and started sucking me again. All of a sudden I felt a finger at my entrance and braced myself. " relax baby. If you tense up it will hurts." I relaxed and felt his finger go inside me. It hurt a little but I could take it. He started pushing it in and out of me and then he slipped another finger in. It hurt, him stretching me out like that. I was about to tell him to stop when all of a sudden my back arched and I let out a scream of pleasure.

" oh my god what the hell did you just do?" I asked him.

" I hit your prostate. That's a gay mans best friend. Felt amazing right?"

" fuck yes! Don't stop."

He gently took kid fingers and trusted then into me again. I screamed in pleasure. I couldn't take it anymore I wanted to feel him inside me now.

" Caleb, I'm ready."

Caleb climbed up and kissed me. He put the condom on and positioned himself at my entrance.

" just relax baby. I'm gonna go slow okay. It is gonna hurt at first. But it will get better." he said. And then he started pushing his head inside me. The pain was so bad tears started pouring out my eyes. He kissed them softly.

" baby look at me. I'll stop if you want. We don't have to do this."

" no I want this."

He pushed in a little further and it hurt so bad. I don't know how he took this all the time. Once the pain started to go down he pushed further and almost thrusted all the way in.

" ahhhhh. Oh my god this hurts so bad. I don't think I can do this." I cried

" if you want me to pull out I will. But I know you can do this babe. I know you want it. It will feel better." he said as he kissed the tears

" just don't move yet." I said. Slowly I started to relax and told him so. He pulled out a little and pushed back in. Then again. And again. The pain started to go way and pleasure started to take over. He pulled out and thrusted in me and hit that spot again.

" Caleb...oh god please fuck me." I screamed surprising myself.

He started picking up speed and really thrusting into me hard, hitting that spot every time. I thought I had died and went to heaven. I screamed and moaned so loud. I couldn't take the pleasure anymore and shot my load all over us. I didn't know how that happened since I didn't even touch my dick. Caleb came a few seconds later.

" holy shit that was amazing. I've never felt that much pleasure in my life. I came not even touching myself." I said

" that was pretty hot. I've never even don't that. So I'm guessing you liked being the bottom?" he asked me

" hell yes!" I said" no wonder you love it so much. "

" being on top was amazing too."

" so I guess we will be taking turns from now on?" I said

" you bet. From now on we will both get to experience both sides."

" I can't wait."



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