It had been a few months that I hadn't shaved my head and it was time to get rid of my hair again. It would be even better if I could find someone to do that job on me and having some fun with a nice guy getting my head shaved, being fucked and me fucking that guy as well.

So I posted a request for a professional barber in an internet forum for headshaving and asked for a private session including gay sex. I soon received an answer from an interested guy and we met a few days later in a pub to talk our session through.

When I met him I saw a great looking guy with long black hair and we started talking about details and finally we fixed a date for our session in his barber shop. It would be on a Sunday morning to have the whole day.

On that Sunday I went to the barber shop and saw that all blinds were left down and a sign in the window said "Closed". I knocked at the door and the barber opened and let me in.

We both took our cloths off and the barber sat down on one of the chairs and said: "Before I shave your head I want you to wash my hair." - "Ok," I said "but then, please stand in front of the sink and bow down with your head. I've got a special idea how to do it."

He then bowed down and I took the hand shower and wet his long hair. I felt my dick getting thick and hard and applying the shampoo to his hair I pushed my dick into his ass and started to fuck him and shampooing his hair.

After a while he said: "Now, keep your dick inside me and don't move". He came up with his head full of shampooed hair that he could look at himself in the mirror. To my big surprise he took a shaving knife and started to shave his long hair off from his head. I pressed my body tight against his body and took his dick in my hand and started to masturbate him.

The guys head needed some more shaving and I applied shaving cream on his head. He took a Headblade razor and shaved his head now with one hand and masturbated his dick with the other and I started fucking him again. We both had our orgasms nearly at the same time and he caught his sperm in his hands and rubbed it into my hair while I caught mine and gave his clean shaved head some extra after shave with my sperm.

No it was my turn to get the proper treatment and I sat down in the barber chair. The barber got a long chain and started to wrap it around me. "I would like to be able to masturbate while you shave my head" I said and after my hands were down at my dick he continued to put the chain around me but looking carefully that I could still use my hands.

Now he pushed the chair back that my head was over the sink and started washing my hair. I felt the warm water running through my hair and then the shampoo came and I started masturbating my dick. When my hair was full of shampoo the chair back came up again and I saw my shampooed head in the mirror and my dick got bigger and harder in my hands.

The chair was turned round then and the barber made me bow my head forwards above the sink and started rinsing my hair. When this had been finished he put me upright again and my long wet hair covered my eyes and face. He took a towel and dried my hair roughly.

Then a drawer in the table under the sink was opened and out came some curlers. The barber put my hair in curlers and after this was done he applied the lotion for a permanent wave. I had never before given a perm and I got very excited about it. My head then was put under a translucent cover that I still could see the curlers in my hair.

Now the barber was standing in front of me masturbating his dick and I did the same with mine. He ame for the second time and a huge shot of his sperm splashed all over my naked body.

After some time the the lotion for perming my hair had done its duty and the barber now made me stand in front of the sink taking the curlers out of my hair and fucking me up my ass at the same time. I masturbated my dick again and when all curlers were gone he made me bow over the sink and washed my hair again. This then was the time for my second orgasm and I shot my sperm under the sink while the barber was still fucking me.

Now I was put under a hood dryer until my locks of hair were dried and now it was my turn to get up behind the barber and fuck him with all the chains around my body, touching his shaved head with one hand and grabbing my curled hair with the other.

After some fucking time I sat down in the chair again and the barber got a clipper out of the drawer and put on the longest guard. He went all around my head with the clipper and cut my hair a bit shorter.

"Is that short enough?" he asked. "Oh no, it has to become shorter!" was my answer. And so he took the next smaller guard and did the same procedure again. Now my hair was cut down to about two inches and I could still see the curly hair on my head. "Is this short enough now?" his question was and my answer was the same than before. The next guard of the clipper again took some lengthe of my hair away and now only one inch was left. The same question and answer came again and now the guard was on the lowest position.

I could see my curls now diappear and after this round of the clipper the barber touched the stubbles on my head and said. "This should be really short enough now!" and my answer again was "No, not alt all. Take it all off now." He removed the guard from the clipper and now I felt the metal blade of the clipper taking all my hair off down to the skin.

I had masturbated my dick all the time and my dick started feeling sore from all the rubbing but I couldn't stop. "Now I need the finalk touch - shaving cream and razor blade" I said. "Yes, my friend, it shal be how you command" the barber answered and my head was covered with shaving cream and then the nice cold blade of the razor blade shaved my head clean.

Now the chains was taken away from my and I could feel and touch my shaved head and while I did so the barber fucked me again and I masturbated my dick again. When I felt his sperm shooting up my ass my own sperm came on my shaved head and after that we took turns. I fucked him and touched his shaved head while he masturbated his own dick.

In the meantime it had become late afternoon and we hadn't realized that we had spent more than six hours together. We got dressed again and kissed each other's shaved heads and went out for a good meal.



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