We had been friends for as long as I can remember. Well, "friends" probably wasn't the best word for it. Underlying everything, from casual conversation, to sports, to hanging out was this silent, intense competition. None of us realized it at first, because it had been so subtle. I'd make a cocky remark after owning John on the basketball court. Alan would try to make me look stupid in front of a group of cute girls. But it was never like this. That July before our first year of college saw the tension explode, as if the summer heat had lit an insatiable fire in us.

It all started with a phone call from John.

"Hey, what's up, douchebag?" I answered.

"Shut up dumbass." He responded. "Still cranky ''cause I schooled you in baseball this morning?"

Usually, baseball is a competition between two opposing teams, but when it came to me and John, things were a little different. We didn't have any formal agreement, but the person who scored the most for the team got bragging rights until the next match. Earlier that morning, John and I carried our school's summer team to a stunning victory... and John wouldn't shut up about it. In any case, "schooled" was an overstatement. He'd only gotten in one more point than I had, and I told him so.

"Yeah, but you're forgetting the 8th inning you little shit. Remember? Who was it that hit that stellar homerun, with bases loaded? I basically scored 4 points for that."


"Anyway, Theo, I didn't call you to talk about how amazing I am."

I roll my eyes. "That would have been a conversation full of lies anyway, unless, maybe, they redefined ''amazing' to mean a tool who still wets himself in the middle of the night."

That was enough to get him riled up. I could tell he was flustered on the other line. "You bitch! You and you're stupid pranks don't count for shit!" He clears his throat. "Anyway, as much as you're pissing me off, there's a bigger bitch that needs to be put in his place."

He was obviously talking about the third member of our group, Alan. I had to admit, he was grating my nerves as well. Alan recently decided that his last goal before he went off to school was to "fuck every slut in Maple County." And damn me and John both if he wasn't successful. He kept rubbing it in our faces too. I had just called him 5 minutes before the phone call with John to ask him to hang out.

"Naw, dude. I'm fucking." He said. I could hear it. The bed creaking, and unreserved squealing from some girl whose voice I faintly recognized. Alan himself was out of breath but he managed to say, "listen, maybe you should try getting laid. Take it from someone who's done it a thousand times: it's awesome. Guess you'll just have to settle for your butt-buddy John."

He didn't say anything after that, so I assumed he was going to hang up. But he didn't. That asshole probably did it on purpose too. I continued to hear the sound of wild sex on the other line and Alan was being overly vocal, probably trying to push my buttons.

"Damn bitch, that pussy is so tight! Better than any of your friends... FUCK yeah."

It pissed me off that that actually did push my buttons. Even worse was that I was turned on. I could feel my boner pushing up against my shorts. I hung up the phone. Alan had been doing that for a month now; every time the three of us went out to do something, he would find some girl to take home with him, and he would rub it in our faces. To him, this put him ahead of both me and John, and he never ceased to let us know.

So I wasn't really surprised that John was calling me to say we needed to put him in his place, because we did.

"What's your plan?" I asked. John wasn't known for being very smart, his plan was probably just to fuck more girls than Alan.

"Don't sweat the details, Theodore. I've got it all worked out. You just make sure you're at my house at 7 tonight okay?"

At his house? Maybe I gave him too much credit. I was now thinking that John's plan was to whoop Alan at Madden or something.

Regardless, I had nothing better to do. I recently broke up with my girlfriend Ashleen and although I didn't want to admit it, I was still hurting. Maybe if I was over her I'd be glad to fuck around like Alan was, but I just wasn't ready for that. I was glad to do whatever John had planned; maybe owning Alan at Madden 11 was just what the doctor ordered.

We got off the phone with our usual jibes and snips and I threw myself on my bed. The clock on my nightstand read 5:10 PM. I still had two hours before I had to be at John's and I had nothing to do until then. I heard the sound of Alan fucking like a whisper against my ear. Shit. I was still turned on from that conversation. That girl really did squeal like a slut...

I moved my hand down to the fabric over my bulge. God, I was horny. I hadn't touched myself like this in a while. I was so used to getting it regularly that I hadn't needed to jack off. And after Ashleen and I broke up, it was like I forgot how. I was ready now though, I could feel the heat radiating from my body and how every part of me was begging for release.

I pulled my shirt up over my body and threw it to the side of my bed. I touched my body in all the places I liked my girlfriend to touch. First I rubbed my neck, and worked my way down to my chest, felt the prickles of light blonde hair there until I found my hard nipples. Tweaking them sent an electric shock through my body, all the way down to my already raging hard-on.

I moved my hands down more, feeling my hard body that I spent hours a day working on. The sun was beating down on me so my chest and abs were shining from a light sheen of sweat. Damn, I was sexy. How could Ashleen ever want to break up with me? I played with the trail of dirty blond hair that crept its way down to my shorts. I followed it down with my fingers until I found what I was looking for. Little Theo eagerly throbbed when my hand wrapped around it. And I couldn't take it anymore.

I lifted the front of my shorts and loved the line of precum sticking from the tip of my cock to the hem of my shorts. I whipped those bad boys off and went to work on my cock. Jacking off then was better than I ever remembered. I was there sweating in the heat of the sun, furiously jerking my cock and moaning as loud as I dared.

I put one hand behind my head and continued to pump with the other, really admiring the work I was doing. My cock was perfect. I knew it. It jutted up proudly at 8 inches, cut, with a pink head glistening with precum. The slick noises that it made, the friction between my hand, cock and precum, and the heat started to put me over the edge. I started to lose it. My moans got louder. Until I felt that familiar pulsing and my cock started to spill its seed all over my body.

The spurts seemed endless. One in my hair, another covered my lips and then the rest shot again and again on my glistening chest and abs. I kept pumping even after the fountain settled into a dribble, and then reluctantly stopped after my cock started to protest the rough treatment. I collapsed and just laid there in the sunlight as the cum started to lose its thick white consistency and started to run down my body. I fell asleep in the comfortable afterglow of my rough jackoff session.

The next thing I knew I was getting a phone call. "Where the fuck are you?" was all I heard when I picked up the phone.

"What?" I said in a haze of sleep, rubbing my eyes. I looked at the clock: 7:20 PM.

"I've been calling you for the past 10 minutes. What the fuck are you doing?" It was John.

"Sorry dude. I'll be there as soon as I take a shower."

"Hurry that shit up. Or I'll come over there and beat your ass to a pulp." He hung up.

I snapped into action, and damned myself for letting him get the last word in before hanging up. I took a quick shower, making sure to get the dried cum out of my hair, dressed quickly and headed out the door. It was evening now but the sun was still blazing, just a little lower in the sky. John's house was only a couple of blocks down so I took my time, in fact it felt good to make him wait on me. I enjoyed the feeling of the warm wind drying my hair and the domestic silence of our suburban neighborhood.

John's house was a little bigger than mine. Probably because he had four siblings and they needed the space, but he always claimed it was because his dad made more than mine. It was definitely nice though, and I loved coming over. He had a huge front lawn, perfect for playing catch (or tag when his little brothers and sisters were concerned.) And in the back was the best pool in on the block. He had plenty of friends come over for pool parties regularly.

I rang the front door and it opened almost immediately. John grabbed me roughly by the arm and pulled me inside. "Bout time you showed up, Theo. Little snot's been pissing me off even more than usual. But I've got something for him."

"And what's that?" I asked.

"No worries. We've got the whole house to ourselves. No one will hear him scream!" He started to laugh maniacally. I just scoffed.

We went down to the basement which John basically had to himself. Alan was already there, sitting on the couch and picking at his nails lazily. Just the sight of him was pissing me off too. He had this conceited air about him lately, like having loads of sex made him more mature than everyone else. He looked up casually when we came down. "Like I said, let's make whatever this is quick. I've got a meeting with two cheerleaders later if you catch my drift."

"Right..." John replied. He went up to Alan and placed a heavy hand on his shoulder. "Ready to have some fun?" He asked us both.

"Yeah, whatever. Now get your hand off me homo." Alan said. John didn't move.

"So, since you've been acting like a little bitch lately, I figured it's time to treat you like one."

Alan raised an eyebrow and looked up at John who was smirking. "And how do you think you're going to do that, hotshot? You can call me a bitch all you want, but this bitch has got the ladies lining up to be with him."

"Uh-huh. Well, that won't be happening anymore." John said. "From now on, you're not allowed to be with any of those girls."

"What?" he scoffed.

"Bitches don't get to have sex with other bitches. No, bitches beg to have sex with real men, like me."

I started to feel uncomfortable with where this was going, but I figured John was kidding. I wondered how far he would take this.

"So, bitch. Beg me to let you suck my cock."

"What the fuck? Hell no!" Alan said. He tried to stand up, but John held him in place. I hated to admit it, but Alan wouldn't be able to struggle away from John if he tried. John spent the most time out of all of us at the gym and it showed. We were all in pretty good shape, but John had us beat when it came to muscle. The guy was ripped. His bicep flexed as he held Alan down.

"You want me to suck your cock you dumb fag?" Alan laughed a little. "I should have known. You're probably jealous of all the girls that get a piece of this, huh?"

John slapped Alan hard across his face. "Shut up bitch."

Alan was furious, he tried to get out of his grip by slumping down on the couch, but John just jumped over the back and pinned him down on the cushion. His crotch was right on Alan's chin and he moved it up and down slowly. "Yeah, you like that huh? You must like it since you're a little bitch. Come on, beg me for it."

"Mmmff, no you sick homo! Geroffame, asshole!" Alan struggled to say.

I laughed nervously. "Hey, John, lighten up. The guy can hardly breathe." I pointed out. Alan's face was turning red.

"I won't ''lighten up.' This isn't some joke. I'm tired of this bitch and I'm gonna put him in his place. You should be helping me."

"Why should I be helping you?"

"Yeah!" Alan chimed in. "Theo isn't some sick freak like you. Help me get this fag off me."

I started to move in to do just that but hesitated when John slapped Alan even harder, this time across his cheek. I could see this was going to get out of hand if I didn't stop it.

"You're not gonna help him, Theo." John said.

I sneered. John was strong but he wasn't so strong that he could take both of us. I started to reach out to pull him off Alan.

"Alan's been sleeping with Ashleen." He blurted out. "Did you know that? Bastard was bragging about it when he came over. Said he was banging her while he was on the phone with you earlier today."

What the fuck? That's all I could think. When I replayed that conversation with Alan in my mind I realized that the girl's voice sounded familiar. That...bitch! Maybe he really deserved to be humiliated. I wasn't going to let him suck my cock, and I was pretty sure John wouldn't either, but just to have him be willing to do it. Fuck, he'd never be able to live that down.

Cheeks red, I slapped him hard across his face too. He started to tear up then. "What the fuck? You bastard! My girlfriend?!"

"She's not your girlfriend anymore!" He took a breath and got a little less belligerent. "I wasn't going to tell you, dude."

"Fuck that! You really are a bitch. And John's right. Bitches suck cock."

Alan went ballistic then when he realized it was two against one. He started to flail around but we just laughed. He couldn't move with John pinning him there on the couch. He kept at it until he tired himself out. Big mistake on his part.

I moved up to his face, and as I did, John moved back to sitting on Alan's stomach. I unzipped my pants. "What're...what are you doing...dude?" He said, wheezing.

"You're gonna suck my cock, and you're gonna love every moment of it."

I pulled my big slab of meat from the slit in my boxers with some effort and slapped it across Alan's face. Fuck. I wasn't gay, but I was turned on. Whether I was willing to admit it or not, my cock was swelling up every time I hit his face with it. When precum spilled out I wiped it off on his face. This was getting out of control but I couldn't stop myself.

It was the fact that we were always competing that drove me forward. Here was one of my lifelong rivals, completely at my mercy, so dominated that he had to sit there and let me hit him with my cock on his cheek, his eye, his chin.

He yelled out in defiance against this treatment but unfortunately, my cock hit the inside of his mouth when he was screaming. It felt so good that I wanted more. Fuck all the pretense. I was going to ruin him. He was always trying to one up me whenever he got the chance, but he went too far when he fucked Ashleen and had me listen to it. God, I wanted to wrap my hands around his neck and choke the life out of him, but I realized there was a more enjoyable way to choke him.

"Help me lift him on all fours," I said to John. He was happy and maybe a little surprised to hear this but didn't object. When he got up, Alan tried to take that moment to bolt, but we both grabbed him and held him in place.

"You know, he doesn't quite look like a bitch does he? Maybe if we dress him up like one, he'll fit into his part better." John said.

His idea of dressing Alan up was to strip him naked. I got a sick pleasure out of ripping off his clothes. I made sure to ruin everything I touched so he wouldn't be able to wear it again, tearing his shirt as I took it off and being rough with the zipper of his pants so it jammed. When we finally got his clothes off, I had to admit I was impressed. Alan had been working harder than ever on his body and he was cut in all the right places. He was still a bitch.

John pushed him down so that he was up against the arm of the couch. His head was positioned perfectly to take my cock, which was harder than ever. I was going to fuck the shit out of his mouth until his face turned purple. I promised myself that then and there. When I moved in closer, though, Alan shut his mouth so tight I could see his jaw straining. It didn't discourage me though. This was just another way to keep him from breathing. I took two fingers and squeezed his nose shut.

The guy was stubborn though. He opened his mouth when he finally decided that he needed to breath, but he siphoned the air through clenched teeth. I made eye contact with John and he seemed to read my mind. He started to slap Alan's ass, so hard the sound echoed off the basement walls. First, Alan teared up, then he finally opened his mouth, wailing. "Please, sto—"

I plugged his mouth before he was able to finish. "Fuck yeah, bitch. That's what you want isn't it?" I pushed as far as he would let me. I had to admit, the guy had a great mouth. It was warm, slick and he had the presence of mind to keep his damn teeth out of the way. I kept pushing in because I had a goal in mind. I could feel the head of my dick find something a little tighter: the back of his mouth. It started to bend and make its way down his throat. Finally, before I could get all the way in, I met resistance and he gagged. His saliva ran down his mouth.

"You really look like a little cockslut now, gagging on that dick!" John jeered from behind.

My mind started going hazy from the pleasure. It'd been a while since I got head, and for some reason, this was some of the best I had ever gotten. Maybe it was because the act of dominating Alan made it hotter than usual. I pulled back until the head of my dick was sitting on his lips. Then, I thrust in fast, getting in even deeper than before. I skull fucked him like that for some time, putting my hands on his head and grabbing at his thick black hair, forcing him forward as I thrust my way into his mouth even further. Stretching out his throat was sending me over the edge, but I didn't want this to end yet. I pulled him in on my cock until his nose was squished in on my pants. For the most part, he had successfully taken my entire dick in his mouth. I held him there and at first he didn't complain, he was probably glad that the assault on his throat had stopped for the time being.

"Look up at me." I demanded. He did, his green eyes found mine, full of tears and soft with fear. I worked up a good glob of spit onto my tongue and spit in his face. "You're a complete bitch, now. It's been a long time coming too, how does it make you feel?" I asked.

He mumbled something with my cock deep in his throat. I could tell he was starting to lose air. He moved, a little a first, and then started to jerk around wildly as his face went red. He looked around wildly as he tried to pull away from me. I held him there firmly and said, "Look at me bitch, or I'll keep my cock in there forever." He obeyed, defeated. But he was still jerking sporadically and started mumbling.

I loved the feel of his throat working my cock as he tried to speak. The humming felt so good that I was half tempted to keep him there so I could feel it even longer. I finally pulled back just enough for him to breathe again but I didn't pull all the way out.

"You were wrong about one thing," John said. I hadn't noticed, but he had been undressing as I was choking the daylight out of Alan. His perfect body was on display. Sculpted chest and abs and thick arms that were hold either side of Alan's hips. His large cock was sliding up and down between the mounds of Alan's ass. "Alan, hasn't finished his initiation yet. But don't worry, he'll be a complete bitch soon."

I knew what was coming, and I felt bad for the guy. John's dick was pretty big, not quite as long as mine, but it was thick. I almost told him not to put that monster in Alan's little ass, but I was still overcome by ecstasy. I decided to strip off the rest of my clothes too; it was getting hot down there in John's basement. Besides, with my pants out of the way, Alan would be able to fully enjoy my cock.

As I withdrew my cock from his mouth to pull down my pants, Alan yelled out. "Please guys! I'm fucking sorry, okay? Just don't do this, I'll do whatever you want!..."

"You look fucking pathetic." John said. "And you're getting what you want. Stop pretending that you don't like this. I saw you getting hard while you were sucking on Theo's dick. Who's the sick homo now, bitch?"

There was nothing left to say. Alan tried to plead with me with his eyes as I approached, but it only made me want to ruin him even more. I pushed my cock into his mouth, and this time he didn't fight it. What a bitch. I bet he was really enjoying this, but was trying to save face. I started to fuck his mouth in earnest.

On the other end, John grew tired of sliding his dick on Alan's crack and instead, pushed his way into Alan's tight ass. I made sure to have my cock deep in his throat when he screamed out so that I would get to feel every vibration of his vocal chords working. It was amazing. We got into a rhythm. I was fucking Alan's sweet, slutty mouth, and John was going to town on his ass, and from his comments, it must have felt just as good.

"Fuck yeah. Tight little ass. You love this don't you, bitch? God DAMN, this hole is good."

We must have fucked him like that for a good 20 minutes. Our rhythm was broken when we heard a phone ring. I recognized the obnoxious song immediately and knew it was Alan's phone. I decided to answer it. I reluctantly took my dick out of his mouth, his saliva trailing from his mouth to my cock.

The caller ID read: Ariel. I recognized it as one of the cheerleaders from our high school. She was a hot blonde with a perfect body and a nice rack. "You're going to answer this call and say you can't have sex with her." John smirked when I said this.

"B-but..." Alan stammered.

I hit answer and put the phone on speaker. John smacked Alan's ass when he didn't answer right away. "Hello?!" He squealed.

"Umm, hello? Alan?" Ariel replied.

"Hey...um," he bit his lip. I glared at him. "I can't...have sex with you tonight."

"What the hell? After all that?...Why the fuck not?" She asked.

"I'm just...busy." He said lamely.

"Do you know how many guys want to get with me? You better be doing something really important."

"It is really important!" He replied quickly. "It's just that, I'm...AHH..." Before he could finish explaining, John rammed into him, making him yell out. I decided to follow his lead and start fucking his mouth again, setting the phone down so Ariel could hear him squirming between our two dicks.

"What the?..." she said, shocked. It took her a full minute to hang up after that.

Damn, that felt good. And it made me want to complete his humiliation. I wanted to cum in his mouth and make him swallow all of it. We started to fuck him wildly and lost our rhythm. The three of us started moaning in ecstasy, Alan more muffled than me and John. I began to lose it.

I started thrusting my dick in as far as I could and then taking it out and pushing in again. Then, I felt my dick erupt in his mouth. Cumming in a mouth was something I'd always wanted to do, and it seemed fitting for a bitch like Alan to take it. I knew I was a heavy cummer but I didn't let up. I kept spurting in his mouth until he was filled and even then continued to cum. It was one of the best and longest orgasms I ever hand.

"Swallow it, bitch!" I said, between my cries of pleasure. Reluctantly, he gulped it down. My cock was still semi-hard so I decided to continue thrusting slowly.

John wasn't far behind me. "Fuck, dude. Ariel's probably pissed huh? But look on the bright side, you finally get what you always wanted, you little bitch."

He started slapping Alan's ass and humping sporadically until he yelled out and dumped his load in the cockslut's ass. To my surprise, Alan came right then and there, on John's couch. He never touched himself—John made sure of that. He must have really enjoyed this after all. John continued to work Alan's ass long after coming, making sure to seed him as deeply as possible. When we finally pulled out, Alan collapsed, wordlessly, humiliated, on the couch. John rolled him off so that he fell to the floor with a low thud. "On the ground, bitch." He smirked. And we gave each other a high-five.

I wasn't completely sure how I felt about what had happened, but I knew one thing: the three of us had been in an endless competition for dominance, but after that night, only two of us were still in the running.


Thanks for reading my first erotic story! I will probably continue this series and hope to hear your ideas and suggestions about where I should go next! I love comments and emails. Shoot me one at [email protected]

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