"Whoa, sorry man. I didn't mean to bump into ya," eighteen year old Damon

murmured as he bumped into a tall man walking by him in the gym's hallway.

"Hey, no problem kiddo," I said admiring Damon's short stature and well

defined abs. "Nice abs you got there. Work out here a lot?"

"Thanks man, I'm up for a football scholarship, gotta keep in shape ya

know," Damon smiled.

"Really? Well congrats, that's great. You know I played football too. If

you have time you could stop by and I could show you some pointers for

attracting scouts," I smiled.

"Wow, that'd be great. My parents they support me, but they don't really

know much about getting football scholarships," Damon said.

"Hey, you got some time. I could give you a ride to my apartment then bring

you back here," I asked.

"I got a couple hours before my folks pick me up, that'd be pretty cool,

I'm Damon," Damon stretched forward his long arm and shook hands with me.

"Cool then let's go," I said extending my long hairy arm.

On the way to my apartment we made small talk about women, school, and

mostly football. I continued to admire Damon's nice physique and his

innocence. The two shortly arrived at my place and made their way up the

two flights of stairs to my apartment.

Inside the apartment everything was tidy and upon the mantle a football was

nicely placed. Damon quickly admired it. I continued admiring Damon and his

nice body.

"Wow this is cool, what school did you play for?" Damon asked.

"Oh don't worry about that, want a drink?" I questioned.

"Oh, I'm too young to drink, but I'll have some water," Damon laughed.

"Oh, ok," I smiled. I walked over to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of

water. I walked back over to Damon and handed him the water. Damon took a

long gulp. I watched intently.

"Thanks man," Damon said.

I smiled then said, "Come with me, there's something I want to show you."

"Ok," Damon followed me excitedly.

I led Damon into the bedroom. "Here, we are Damon," I smiled "I have a lot

to show you."

Damon feeling uncomfortable began to back away, but I grabbed him. I held

him tightly and whispered, "You will enjoy this relax."

Damon relaxed, unsure of what I had in mind, but curious. I led Damon to my

bed and sat Damon down. "Take your clothes off," I said in a calm voice.

Damon didn't move. "Take your clothes off." This time I spoke a little


Timidly Damon obeyed, "Yes sir."

"Good boy," I smiled as Damon began to disrobe. I stepped over to this

bedside table and pulled out a large dildo. Damon grimaced. "Shhhhh," I

whispered. I then stood Damon up showing his large penis and nice firm ass.

I then bent Damon over. Damon giving in to the allure of my dominance bent

over obediently.

"Now Damon, I'm going to be gentle, but if you disobey me, I won't be so

gentle." I rubbed Damon's firm young ass.

"Yes, sir," Damon quickly whispered.

"Good boy," I smiled and bent over and began licking Damon's ass. At first

Damon tensed up, but quickly gave in. I continued licking Damon's nice ass,

biting his cheeks, grabbing his balls. Damon moaned and I knew he would

enjoy my new toy. I raised himself up, lubricated my eight inch dildo and

slowly stuck it in Damon's ass. Damon moaned and shook, but remained in


As I placed the dildo further into Damon's ass he felt my cock growing

harder. I needed it to be sucked by this young boy. I stuck the dildo into

Damon's ass and left it and began to take my own clothes off. Soon my seven

inch thick cock pointed right at Damon's ass. I quickly turned Damon over

and shoved my dick into Damon's mouth. Damon subdued by my dominance sucked

me hard. I shoved my dick further into Damon's mouth making him gag, but

made my cock throb.

I continued fucking Damon's mouth. "Suck my dick whore," I moaned. Damon

sucked harder. My dick throbbing he removed it from Damon's mouth and

shoved the boy back on his stomach. I needed to feel my dick deep inside of

Damon. I removed the dildo still lodged in Damon's tight ass and shoved my

own dick deep inside of Damon. Damon moaned loudly and began moving up and

down my thick dick.

I smacked Damon's firm ass rubbing my hairy stomach against Damon's back.

Shoving my dick in and out of Damon. "You know Damon, you are such a fine

young man," I moaned.

Damon groaned loudly. I, enjoying Damon's obedience pulled my dick from

Damon's ass and offered my own ass to Damon. Damon shy at first stuck his

penis into my ass and began moving in and out. I moaned and moved my ass up

and down Damon's penis harder and faster. Damon groaned and quickly came

quick into my ass, leaving my ass dripping with Damon's hot cum.

"You came fast Damon," I smiled. "You must be enjoying this, but you must

be punished for cumming so quickly." I then pushed Damon onto the floor and

began pissing onto Damon's stomach and dick. Damon moaned, but allowed me

to have my way with him.

I then turned Damon back onto his stomach and buried my raw dick deep into

Damon's ass. I fucked Damon hard and fast. Damon moaned from the shock of

me fucking him so hard. I, enjoying the pain I was giving Damon felt myself

about to cum. I quickly pulled my dick from Damon's ass and flipped Damon

over. "Open your mouth," I demanded.

Damon obediently opened his mouth and I fucked his mouth hard. My dick

pulsated from the pleasure and soon released his cum deep into Damon's

throat. "Swallow it," I demanded. Damon obeyed and swallowed all of my cum.

"Lick me clean," I demanded once again. Damon obeyed and sucked my dick and

balls clean.

"Ok, now let's get you back to your parents, you are such a good boy," I


Damon quietly dressed and followed me downstairs to my car. In the car no

one spoke on the way back to the gym. As I dropped off Damon I said, "You

do know I'd like to do this again."

"I was a virgin, thank you sir," Damon smiled.

"Ahh, well you are welcome, again next week?" I smiled.



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